How To Tame A Polycule

Boredom and Curiosity

by LadySunnyBunny

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Alathea Kiren 5th Bloom was feeling restless. Since her last floret died suddenly several rotations earlier she had fallen into something of a rut. The Affini were the caretakers of all, but how hard it was to lose such a beloved creature. Her duties kept her busy but she no longer felt interested or challenged by the tasks she undertook. New and exciting roles had been flooding in since the discovery of the Terrans however nothing had particular caught her interest. Somehow it all seemed rather pointless.

She walked slowly through the park nearest her hab unit, enjoying the sun on her vines and the pleasing arrangements of plants and flowers. Alathea's thoughts lingered on her previous pet, they were never far from her thoughts really and oh how she missed their sweet face, and kind nature. Jebi had loved this park, and would often tell her stories of the world they grew up on, and their family life before they became her floret. They had a tendency to roll in the grass, it was amusing to watch especially when Jebi had bits of grass and leaves stuck in their short fur. This place had so many great memories sunk into it, but she no longer felt like she was really living, just existing. 


Alathea had just found a particularly lovely flower bed to sit next to and took a moment to just bask in the sunlight and try not to think when her data pad chimed. Surprised at receiving a call she answered to see an old friend smiling at her from the screen. 

"Ala, how good to see you, you're looking particularly lovely today." Sheera greeted her cheerfully.

"It's nice to hear from you, what occasions this call? I thought you were busy with the latest domestication project?" Alathea queried.

"Well actually that's why I wanted to talk to you. I have been presented with quite a conundrum by one of my agents. Quite unexpected, not something we'd thought about with the Terrans. I need some advice if you have time to talk. You're just so experienced with these sorts of things." The other Affini looked at Alathea with a hopeful expression, her vines winding around her body showing uncertainty.

"I will do my best. Tell me about the situation?"

"We were approached by a Terran wanting to be domesticated. It's so lovely when the other species come to us willingly to be looked after. At any rate she set up a meeting with Aurelia, she brought documents to the meeting, and sent a list of agenda items before the meeting. It was very formally done which is a little unusual for the average Terran looking to become a floret. Well the documents she brought to the meeting were contracts. Contracts she holds with four other Terrans. Four Terrans who belong to her as a sort of family. They are...fascinating, very well written and specifying all kinds of things such as terms of address, or what things are to be avoided." Sheera paused for a minute to gather her thoughts. "The biggest issue we are having is she wants all five of them to be kept together. Five florets for one Affini! Not taken on gradually but all at once."

Alathea was intrigued. "Did she give suggestions for how that may work?"

"Well yes she did. She suggested she might become the floret and the others join her living with her mistress as her dependents." She shook her head, "She also said that she was open to other arrangements provided that all five could live together."

"Interesting." Alathea's vines wrapped and unwrapped themselves from around her as she turned this over in her head.


"Well yes, very interesting. Positively fascinating in point of fact. Can I see these contracts?"

Sheera nodded and typed on her data pad. Shortly four contracts arrived on Alathea's data pad.

"The Care and Feeding of Bonnie?" She read in a wondering tone.

"Yes, they all start like that. Honestly these contracts are nearly as good as our own, the Terran seems to find paperwork enjoyable - it's her job in the Terran controlled district she lives in. She's a contract lawyer."

Alathea took her time reading through the rather elegant document, everything was laid at neatly and clearly. Bonnie's role, her duties, her hypnosis triggers, her trauma triggers, her touch preferences, her preferred form of address, food preferences and allergies, nothing was left out. The last page showed her signature and that of Danae Smith and the date the contract began... nearly 5 rotations earlier by Terran reckoning. She hummed a little, her vines gently waving as she thought.

"Danae seems like a most intriguing Terran."

Sheera sighed, "Yes she does, but how to accommodate what she wants?"

"Were there any other stipulations?"

Another document arrived on her data pad.

Terms for consideration of being domesticated

1. We must not be separated - violation of this clause will violate all other agreements unless negotiated for at the request of one of the Terrans

2. Drug use will be expected and permitted but only by negotiation - please see overleaf for requirements for xeno drugs

3. All pronouns must be correctly used for each Terran - Danae she/her, Bonnie she/her, Kurt he/him, Harley they/them, Noor she/her

4. Each Terran must be given time clear headed and free to spend with the other members of the family - please see overleaf for polycule chart

5. Each Terran who becomes a floret must be given time solo with the Affini if requested

6. The Terrans will be able to maintain their current BDSM/power exchange dynamics - including playtime and scenes, current contracts will be provided for reference

7. Bonnie will require time to be spent looking after the others in her role as Maid

8. Harley and Noor must not be separated for more than 2 hours at a time

9. Danae requires work that challenges her mind outside of the time spent with her Affini mistress

10. All Terrans must have some say in the clothes they wear - eg not forced to wear clothes contradicting their genders

11. All interactions with Affini outside of that with our primary mistress will be negotiated separately

12. The Terrans must be free to pursue hobbies and interests of their own

Danae's stipulations of the drug use were surprisingly not a straight no. Trauma seemed to be the primary reason for avoiding certain drugs, so perhaps this could be worked with. As to the other stipulations... it seemed to be a lot of things all at once. Danae seemed to want everything laid out completely and clearly right from the beginning rather than developing the relationship and making arrangements as they went.

"Hmm, did anything come up in this meeting with Aurelia that hasn't been listed?" 

"Not much more, just elaboration on some of the points. The Terran said their contracts could be renegotiated to make allowances for the relationship with their Affini mistress. She was also clear they would be open to any arrangement that kept them together."

Alathea smiled. "I want to meet her."

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