How To Tame A Polycule

Waiting At Home is Tricky

by LadySunnyBunny

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The atmosphere in the living room was tense, everyone was on edge waiting for their Lady to return. Bonnie did as she always did, and looked after the others to the best of her abilities putting out the comfort foods that suited each of them, and making sure other soothing things were available to them. She took some time to carefully pet Kurt, putting him into puppy space where he could use the touch to anchor himself. 

Noor and Harley sat next to each other on the loveseat, bickering with each other about what was going to happen on a rather ridiculous show that had managed to grab their attention. Every so often the bickering would drop off, and they would glance nervously at Bonnie, or stare into space, until they rallied and found something else to debate about. It was clear their hearts weren't in it, but it was a semi decent distraction. All four trusted their Lady but well... this was an unprecedented time in history. Bonnie smiled fondly at them as she kept up her rhythmic motions running her fingers through Kurt's hair as he sat on the floor in front of her. The four of them were an odd assortment, and unless you understood the intertwining threads between each of them they didn't seem to fit with each other. 

Bonnie was tall, with long blonde hair, pretty grey-blue eyes and budding breasts and hips. Her hormone treatments had given her a lovely soft face, and a deep contentment with affirming her true gender. She was the most at peace with what was happening. Her Lady had rescued her, and she knew that whatever happened from here her Lady would have done her absolute best for them all. She was fiercely protective of the others and looked like a true Amazon when her ire was raised. 

Kurt by contrast was, well medium in all things. His curly hair, which was on the scruffy side was a medium brown, his eyes were hazel, he was taller than their Lady but not by much and he was decently fit and muscular, but in the way of a runner rather than a fighter. He was generally very anxious, and everyone in their family did their utmost to keep him calm, and happy and stress free. He made simply an adorable puppy, and was so much fun to play with. He was intensely loyal to his people, and incredibly affectionate.

Noor and Harley had come into the family as a pair. Harley had rich, dark skin, and short tight curls that spoke of ancestry from the Earth's African Savannah, they were non-binary and preferred not to be gendered. They had a variety of clever sayings when people tried to guess their assigned gender, and would make anyone enquiring ever regret trying to find out. Harley and Bonnie were of a similar height, and when they went out together made a striking pair. Noor on the other hand was slight of frame, with light brown skin and eyes. She was not pretty, and did a good job of fading into the background... well until she decided to stand out. She could go from girl next door to jaw dropping beauty from one minute to the next... it was personality more than features that made her so. A rather neat trick she had gained to keep herself out of harms way. 

Being a polycule was amazing, and Bonnie loved every minute of it, especially with the power dynamics that played out differently between the 5 people in it. What made their lives difficult was how people reacted to something that was truly none of their business. Some people hated the mixed race relationships, some hated that Bonnie was trans and that Harley was non-binary, others hated their polyamory and some thought the BDSM aspects of their relationship was sick or evil. Bonnie could happily live her life out never dealing with another human being outside of their polycule just to avoid ever coming across someone who judged them harshly again. 

The pair on the couch quit their bickering, and both stared at Bonnie.

"Yes? Did you need something?" Bonnie kept her petting up in the same slow pattern to keep Kurt calm as she asked.

Noor cleared her throat, "Are, are we sure about this? Are we sure the Lady's plan will work?" her words were quiet and drenched in worry.

"I am positive our Lady would never do anything against our best interest. Really, what other choice did she have?" Bonnie sighed and carried on, "At worst we may be split between two Affini that live near each other, from the stories emerging from Affini controlled territory it does appear they cheerfully let their pets play with each other.... not ideal but at least we can see each other still."

"But really it just isn't worth focusing on, we should wait and see. Our Lady will kill to protect us and keep us together... it's not like she hasn't before."

Harley looked down at their lap. "My fault," they mumbled. Bonnie just smiled and shook her head.

"NOT, your fault!" Noor objected strongly grasping their hand. "The courts said so, and if our Lady had not, I would have."

The pair leaned in and hugged each other tightly taking comfort from the embrace.

Bonnie pulled Kurt onto her lap, he cuddled in and they continued to wait for their Lady.

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