How To Tame A Polycule

Introductions and Pleasantries (Plants like things civilized)

by LadySunnyBunny

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Danae smoothed down her pencil skirt nervously. She was dressed head to toe in her best shark lawyer look for the meeting she had arranged. The Affini had been surprised but eager to meet with her. She was probably the first Terran to read the agreement terms of how they were to be treated by their new overlords a... or well in this case she guessed it would be overladies. She had yet to hear of any males of their species. Which begged the question of how they reproduced but she supposed it was possibly all done by pollen and seeds or budding or something equally plantlike...

All of this was off topic though, brain candy to keep calm. That agreement, it was finely crafted. The best lawyers she knew couldn't have done better and if you looked through it carefully enough, well, you could make your own opportunities. Danae just hoped she could get all of the essential points through, she had deliberately included enough filler requests which she could accede on, which should make the most important ones easier to get. Her years as a contract lawyer should hopefully pay off in this negotiation. If she was lucky she might even get a similar sort of role with the Affini, she had no desire to be a pampered pet with nothing to do. She would quickly get depressed and bored if that were the case. Their big thing was taking care of the rest of the universe right? So the care had to match the "pet"? 

She approached the meeting point, a nondescript building that cheerfully advertised a pharmacy was inside but it clearly had been repurposed. She caught a glimpse of herself in the glass, auburn hair in a precise bun, knee length pencil skirt topped by an ice blue sleeveless blouse and a bolero jacket. Spike heels completed the look, and pre Affini she had been known to strike terror in the hearts of her opponents with her icily professional look. She supposed none of that mattered to the Affini but this was to get her safely to and from the meeting point. Even now dressing to kill kept away those who might otherwise object to this meeting. 


Lia (Aurelia Helianthus) watched the small Terran approach the building, she looked neither right nor left but headed towards the new medical center with a calm but determined look on her face. The Terran - Danae according to her notes, was shorter than average, but appeared to be fully mature with lush full breasts and generous curved hips. How cute she looked! Lia was delighted with her assignment today, it had been such a struggle to get this colony to see the benefits of being taken under the Affini's bud, so having a Terran willingly meet with them, to get the full benefits of the Affini, it was just wonderful! She had to wonder though what had prompted the meeting, after all she didn't look like the typical Terran looking for care. If she didn't know exactly who she was meeting Lia would have assumed her to be one of those who rigidly clung to the idea of Terran Independence. Silly things, once they were properly looked after they would come to see how faulty their reasoning had been.

Lia readied her notes - Danae's household had forwarded her brief through and Lia had made copious notes, and with conjunction with her superior had compiled a list of the points that could be agreed on immediately, those that would need to be declined, and those that needed further discussion. She had been advised that the Terran would be bringing additional documents, and that it would be up to her to negotiate through these. How interesting this all was, she couldn't wait to bring the Terran into the fold, she was just sure this would go swimmingly well. 


Danae was met at the door by a gorgeous Affini, her face held an unnatural beauty that captured Danae's full attention. She quickly shook this off and moved to greet the alien being.

"Hello, thank you so much for being able to meet with me at such short notice. I would have given you more time to prepare but it appears to me that it is a resource with limits right now." Danae held herself cool and professional. Ready to negotiate for the most important thing in the universe - her family.

"Hello, hello. We were very excited to hear from you! We understand that you want the best for your people, let me assure you we want the same!" The Affini practically vibrated with excitement, Danae got the impression that the being was either young, inexperienced or new to this position. "We have read through your proposal with interest but, please do tell me in your own words how we can assist you." The Affini ushered her towards a lounge setting that had refreshments set out. "My name is Aurelia, but please call me Lia."

Danae seated herself carefully, making sure that her clothing was perfectly in place, with not a hair astray. 

"I am, in a different situation to most Terrans you will meet." She paused to take a sip of the tea that had been poured by one of the Affini vines. "This difference has made our lives decidedly more difficult, and earned the distrust, if not ire of many of our peers."

The Affini nods, "Yes we had perceived that surface differences causes many problems with Terrans, really it is ridiculous what your people can find to fight over. Just one more reason you need our care, we need to keep you safe from such antics."

Danae smiled tightly. "Problems we have tried to escape more than once, if nothing else we will be glad to be done with those." Another sip of tea to wet her throat, which suddenly seemed very dry. It had seemed like such a simple idea while in the safety of her home but would this really work? "Perhaps I should explain further, the members of my house and I are in a polyamorous bdsm relationship. Several of us are pansexual, and my beloved maid is transgender. Just one of those alone would be enough to make us stand out and raise the ire of those less progressive, but with all of those traits together, well we can't seem to find a place to belong safely here."


Lia reaches out with her vines, then aborts the comforting gesture as one she does not have permission for just yet. This was just more proof that the Terrans needed the care of the Affini, that it was only right for them to be the guardians of all beings.

"My word, how dreadful that anyone see's an issue with this. I am sure we can find many Affini who would happily take on each of your people. I know you want to make sure each of them is cared for by their mistresses."

Danae holds up a hand, stopping Lia from continuing. "This brings me to my first point. This is absolutely non-negotiable. We are not to be split up. One Affini - or a pair if you have couples in your species who live together, but we must all continue to live together."

Lia just stares at the Terran. How adorable that they didn't want to be split up, but by the vine, how would they be able to accommodate that?

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