How To Tame A Polycule

Decisions To Be Made

by LadySunnyBunny

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This is my first time writing about the Human Domestication Guide. I hope you enjoy!

Danae sat behind her desk while the reports flooded in. One by one, territories across the colony planet she lived on were falling to the Affini. The best defense the colony could muster was nothing to the military might of the Affini. Not that the Affini were particularly aggressive, but they were absolutely convinced of the need to take care of all Terrans - for their benefit of course. No ulterior motives of course, she thought cynically. 

She didn't feel any particular regret. Danae had moved here with her family to escape the bigotry and hatred that humanity fell prey to all too often. At first everything had gone well, but once the rather parochial community they lived in became aware of just who were living amongst them, their life had soured considerably. 

She tapped her fingers thoughtfully as she listened to the news, then pulled up a rather special document on her computer. Her expression remained calm as she started typing methodically.


Kurt hovered anxiously outside the office door as his Lady worked away, she had been in there for a couple of hours and had been working nonstop since the latest news had dropped. He didn't like this, he didn't like this at all. He just wanted to be looked after by his Lady, and have her soothe his worries. Kurt didn't know if she could help him this time though, it all seemed hopeless. His biggest fear was being separated from his people and with all the fear mongering and propaganda that was being spread, it felt inevitable they would be torn away from each other once those weird plant aliens got to their district.

Footsteps behind him made Kurt jump and turn around. Miss Bonnie was standing there holding a tray with a snack on it. She smiled softly at him,

"Love, you're blocking the door, and our Lady will need some energy to pull off whatever she's planning." Miss Bonnie was the maid of the house, she cleaned, kept order in the house, and served their Lady as her personal servant. 

"Aren't... aren't you worried?" Kurt stammered.

"Of course. It's hard not to be, but I have every faith my Lady will do her best to keep us safe and all together. Use your mantra, and trust her. If anyone can keep us all together and safe it's Lady Danae." She brushed past Kurt and lightly bumped him with her hip. He swallowed and nodded, then cuddled up to her back for a second without disturbing the tray. Once he had taken what comfort he could from her, he retreated down the hall to the lounge and his puppy bed where he curled up and put himself into a light hypnotic trance by repeating his mantra over and over again.


Bonnie opened the door and walked over to the desk where Danae continued her work, barely noticing the presence of her beloved maid. Bonnie grinned, just like her Lady to be so engrossed in her schemes but not to show any perturbance on the surface. Placing the tray carefully down, she walked around the desk to stand behind her Lady's chair. She grinned and leaned around to hug Danae, long arms wrapping around her body and used her teeth to nip lightly at her delectable neck.

"Brat!" Danae yelped as she was nipped. Bonnie's head jerked backwards at the word and a small moan escaped her lips.

"I needed to get your attention! You were so engrossed in your work you didn't hear Kurt melting into a puddle of anxiety outside the door. Besides you also should take a break and have a snack." She motioned to a tray that contained a healthy snack and a glass of Danae's favourite juice. "It's my job to look after you, just like you look after all of us."

"Oh poor Kurt, the little puppy is just not set up to deal with the galaxy shaking events we are living through. I assume you sorted him out?"

"I sent him to get lost in a mantra. I would suggest my lovely Lady that you might want to give him some care once you come to a place where you can stop." Bonnie canted her head. "If I may be so bold, what are you working on so furiously?" 

Danae started to nibble on the snack, taking small bites as she thought about the idea that had come to her as she listened to the reports. "Well little maid, I think I may just have found a way to keep us all together." A small pause and she nodded at the computer screen. "Affini seem to like contracts yes?" Bonnie nodded. "Well I think I may have written the best contract of my life. I will be making an appointment with the nearest Affini authority. Please let the others know and try to keep them from stressing too much."

Bonnie is taken aback by this but nods. "As my Lady Danae commands."

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