How To Tame A Polycule

Drug me up Scotty

by LadySunnyBunny

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Noor watched Kurt and Bonnie from the chair in the corner of the lounge curiosity brightening her features. Kurt was... amazingly relaxed. She didn't realise that this was even possible, especially with him still conscious and able to make coherent conversation. These xenodrugs were much more interesting than she had thought, and given that Alathea had grown this for Kurt.... Hmmm what else could she grow? If she grew it then she synthesized it in her body... right? Noor wondered how that worked, could she make any kind of drug? 

Noor had always been fascinated by drugs but was hesitant to try she never wanted to risk addiction, or worse. Safety was always a consideration after all. Kurt was calm, and sensible, and was super cuddly all at the same time... Previously suppressed desires trickled back as she contemplated the possibilities of such precisely controlled outcomes. Noor pulled out her data pad and began to do some research on these xenodrugs, maybe if she knew what to ask for she would be able to find just the thing to try first. 

As she looked through the various sites on different drug classes it was easy to dismiss several of them. Medical drugs with no real benefit for those seeking pleasure. She dismissed the Class Z drugs as being pointless for her along with Classes E, F and G. Class N - Orgasm control? Noor shuddered, not if she could possible avoid it. Where was the fun in that? She didn't want to be forced to orgasm, nor did she want to be denied them. Orgasms should happen when they were going to happen, no interference wanted there. Class B... hmm.... she should warn her Lady about those. They would be bad for Kurt, and possibly just as bad for Lady Danae.

Noor began making notes as each of the drug classes and how she felt they pertained to each of the families limits. She was so absorbed in her research she didn't notice Harley approach her and jumped when they touched her shoulder.

"Eeeep! Make some noise why don't you." Noor glared at Harley.

"An elephant could be doing ballet and you wouldn't have noticed. What has you so absorbed little bug?"

Noor hesitated a little, Harley wasn't exactly the most pro drug person around although they hadn't dismissed the idea when their Lady had asked about it before going to that first meeting with the Affini. They were reserving judgement for the most part, though Noor was hopeful Harley would come around to the idea. 

"I'm looking at xenodrugs... looking into possibilities and things to avoid. The plants make all kinds of fascinating drugs, I thought it might be a good idea to do some research since Kurt has been on them for the last two days with no ill effects." Noor ducked her head and pretended to read more while waiting for Harley's reaction. Harley peered at the tablet she was using and read over her shoulder.

"Class O," they read out slowly, "My word that's gotta be a ride."

Noor focused back on the tablet and started reading the page properly this time. She wasn't sure about these.... she didn't want to erase her personality in pleasure but it might be fun to do if you got diagnosed with something like dementia... wait didn't she read something earlier...Noor checked her notes and sure enough Class L was similar but much shorter term. She flicked through the tablet until she found the page with those on and then handed it to Harley to read.

"I think these are a better idea, if we erase our identities with pleasure we won't be there for each other anymore...They sound fun but not worth being separated."

Harley grinned at her "Too right little bug, nothing is worth being separated from you. The universe decided we should be joined at the hip, so there we shall remain." They lead over to wrap an arm around her shoulders. "Sooo, do you want to go find out if we can try these out?"

Noor nodded vigorously "Yes we should, I think Althea would be willing right?"

"Alright, the other two are happily engaged and our Lady is going to be busy at that business meeting for the rest of the day, let's go ask." Harley pulled her out of the chair and they left the room without disturbing Kurt or Bonnie. 


Alathea heard her doorbell chime and looked up from her work in surprise. She wasn't expecting any visitors until tonight when Danae was going to bring her delectable maid along for some hypnotic fun. Alathea was looking forward to it. It had been a long time since she had made use of hypnotics with a floret. Alathea she would bet her favourite tea that both would be simply divine under her hypnotic control. Danae had been in frequent contact to let her know Kurt's progress on the calming drugs. He was off work for a few days until his system adjusted, but it looked like with a few tweaks the berries could allow him to live a life without anxiety. Alathea was rather proud of her work with those berries, and really they were rather easy to grow. She had a new batch ready for him, and Danae could take them home after their play session tonight. It was proving much easier to look after these Terrans than the initial fluster over the five of them wanting to stay together seemed to warrant.

Getting up she glided over to the door to see who her visitor might be. When she opened the door it was to see Harley and Noor both standing on her doorstep.

"My, my, I wasn't expecting to see you two quite so soon. I do hope nothing else is worrying you about my continued interactions with your family?" The pointed statement had both of them squirming and Noor flushing bright red. "How can I help you dears?"

Harley cleared their throat, "Uh, we were hoping to have some playtime with you."

"Yes the others have gotten playtime and we want to play too, it's only fair." Noor continued. "We... we were wanting... to try some of those.... xenodrugs." The sentence gradually descended into a mumble that Alathea had a hard time making out even with her superior hearing.

"Hmm did I hear you correctly? You have come to ask for playtime with a xenodrug component?" Alathea clarified expressing surprise at the request.

"Mmmm yes, yes well I was doing... some research after seeing Kurt on them... some of them... seem fun?" Noor was bright red with embarrassment over asking for such a long repressed desire. Alathea was charmed despite the abruptness of the request.

"It's lovely that you have sought me out for something fun. However now, given your history, I have to ask if Danae knows about this?"

"No." This was said quietly in chorus by both of them. They seemed chagrined they had neglected to ask. 

"Well without at least Danae's knowledge I am not going to do anything with you. You don't belong to me yet, and I don't think your contract with Danae takes the existence of the Affini into consideration now does it?" 

Harley and Noor looked at each other, and then shook their heads after a moment. 

"If we call and ask, can we try something then?" Harley asked as they hugged Noor to their side.

"If consent is provided then yes, I suppose I can make time for such a charming pair of cuties." Harley grimaced at the endearments but didn't respond to them directly.


Harley walked a little down the street and prayed that Lady Danae would be able to answer the phone. Noor definitely wanted to try this a lot and they hated to disappoint her. She was a sweet little thing, and she fit under their arm with ease. It was why they called her little bug, because she would snuggle in like a little bug to their side. They dialed the number and luck was with them.

"Harley dear how can I help you?" The words came across the line crisp and clear. "I do hope nothing is wrong?"

"No my Lady, nothing is wrong. Noor and I were wondering if it was possible to have permission to ask Alathea for a scene?"

"You would trust her with a scene so soon?"

Harley took a breath before trying to explain. "Noor has been doing research into xenodrugs. She really wants to try them, enough to ask for the scene... I want to make this work for her."

"You aren't sold on the idea of xenodrugs yet though?"

"No but Noor wants this, and I have to at least try them before I can make up my mind."

Lady Danae sighed heavily down the phone. "Thank you for having the curtesy to ask before knocking on Alathea's door. You have my permission to play with her, do you want me to call to arrange it with her."

Harley squirmed a little then rushed to assure his Lady that won't be necessary. "I think since we want the scene we can ask for it, you don't need to ask for us. We might go visit her now if that's ok?"

"Yes that's fine," Danae's tone was suspicious but she let it go. "I will be home for dinner and then taking Bonnie to see Alathea tonight so please make sure you are both home before dinner."

"Yes my Lady." Harley hung up and then breathed out with relief, thinking needed to happen before not after. They really, really needed to work on that.


Alathea ushered Noor inside while Harley made the call out of earshot. Rather than settle Noor on the loveseat she pulled her onto the Affini sized couch with her, wrapping a couple of vines loosely around her to keep her in place while they negotiated. 

"So tell me little one, what exactly were you hoping to experience when you came knocking at my door hmm?"

"Well...umm... I was looking at the various classes and it seems like the Affini can do almost anything with their drugs, even blending different classes together. That's what you did for Kurt right?"

Alathea was startled, "Well yes, he needed to be kept calm and happy but still keep his mental acuity. I decided that being cuddly as a side effect would be the gentlest option. You really have been researching this haven't you, how adorably clever of you."

Noor blushed at the compliment. "We really want to try something that will be short lasting - maybe an hour or two so we can be home for dinner- but something that heightens our senses, heightens our pleasure.... the class umm L's looked... interesting?"

"Along with being drugged, what do you want from me?" Alathea was more and more intrigued by the prospect of playing with this impulsive pair. 

"Please, if it would be alright, we would like to be restrained by your vines so we can't move, but so we can see each others faces, and maybe touch hands so we the other is there." Noors face was ducked down and the blush had not yet abated. How delightfully adorable.

"Do you want anything else done with my vines? Perhaps some petting?"

"Yes... yes please."

Delighted Alathea agreed, and they settled in to wait for Harley to join them.


Harley let themselves into the hab unit to find the Affini and Noor snuggled up on the giant couch in the lounge. Noor's face was scarlet but she seemed to be relaxed, Harely decided she must have already negotiated for them while they were gone. 

"My lady Danae has given consent for us to play provided we are home for dinner." They moved closer to the couch and stopped at the edge.

Alathea smiled down at them. "Noor has said you both want to try a sensation enhancing xenodrug, with restraint and petting by my vines. Is this correct? Is there anything you wish to change?

"No, no that's what we discussed on the way over. We... need to be touching at least hands though? Is that ok?"

"Absolutely fine dear."

Harley was suddenly surrounded by vines that lifted them off the floor and deposited them on Alathea's lap. Noor was moved to be next to them and they clasped hands. A new flower they had never seen before bloomed on vines near the pairs head. As the flowers, which were purple and white and somehow resembled passionfruit flowers, opened the most delicious fragrance filled their senses. Harley watched Noor take a deep breath and smile in joy at the indescribable fragrance. Her body relaxed and the vines wrapped around her tightened to keep her firmly in place. Harley soon felt the same reaction hit their body. Every nerve in their body seemed so much more sensitive and they couldn't help but give out a little moan. The vines felt amazing restraining them in place, like the smoothest silk rope that they had lusted over but not had the money to buy. More vines rustled around their bodies and it felt like Harley was receiving a full body massage from the lightest touch. 

With the increased sensation it seemed like their connection to Noor bloomed full as well, their little bug was with them, lost in this amazing sensation, while the Affini made soothing noises at them. 


With the Terrans wrapped safely in her vines and lost in the sensation with each other, Alathea was able to think with amusement on how quickly these two had come around. They were just so sweet with their protectiveness, the minute that they had been assured of their families safety that had all melted away. Such sweet trusting dears, she would just have to keep an eye on them, no one would harm them while she was around. She maintained the blooms, which she had chosen deliberately as once the scent dissipated the accompanying sensation would abate almost as quickly. Using her vines she tested out the sensitivities of both of them, focusing her efforts for the most part on the places that gave the best reactions. Attention was given to other spots on the bodies but the vines returned back to those sweet spots over and over again. This was delightful fun, and she had tried them with something quite mild this time. Alathea looked forward to when she could use more advanced drugs on them, once their bodies adjusted to receiving the xenodrugs. 

After two hours of play Alathea reluctantly withdrew the blooms, and held Noor and Harley close while they recovered their senses. They were adorably mussed and had charming blissed out expressions which was the cherry on the top of the lovely time she had spent with them.

"Thanks... 'thea." Noor slurred, "That was.... amazin'..."

"You're most welcome little one, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself" Alathea cooed to the Terran.

"Mmm yeeeesss, thanks Thea." Harley muttered looking around blearily. "Pretty Miss Thea, Mistress Thea, heh." 

Alathea was bemused at the way the drugged pair were shortening her name.... Thea... well it actually sounded lovely. Especially paired with Mistress, she could certainly get used to that. 

"Alright dears, it's nearly time for you to leave for dinner, I'm going to give you a little something to boost you awake faster if that's ok?"

They both nodded and Alathea placed a berry in each of their mouths. She ensured they swallowed them and made sure their eyes were clear before setting them back on their feet. 

"This was certainly an enjoyable afternoon. You two take care and get yourselves home for dinner. I will let Danae know to keep an eye out for you."

Alathea ushered them out the door and watched their progress down the street. They had both recovered enough to walk normally, and Noor seemed to be bouncing along next to Harley positively exuding happiness. Such an adorable pair. 

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