How To Tame A Polycule

Rhythm and Vines

by LadySunnyBunny

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #multiple_partners #scifi #sub:female #sub:male #Human_Domestication_Guide #Hypnosis

CW: hypnosis, hypnotic triggers, post hypnotic suggestions

Sorry guys for the long wait in updates, brain was not co-operating! Big thanks to my lovely pet for all her wonderful suggestions to prompt me to write again. 

Danae smiled with contentment as she and her family sat round the dinner table. Bonnie had made a lovely lasagna with salad and garlic bread, and the conversation was fun and lively. Kurt was relaxed and content, a state which mere weeks ago would have been unthinkable. Noor and Harley were cheerfully exuberant after their playtime with Alathea, with Noor occasionally stopped midsentence to giggle. Her family, together and happy, was the best thing Danae could ever hope for. 

Harley had happily told her of the playtime the pair had with Alathea and was looking forward to more in the future. Danae was glad they had settled so easily into playing with Alathea, she had engendered their trust with her kindness over their intrusion the other day. This was all to the good, because Danae knew how few people Harley trusted. To have that trust handed to an alien that Danae herself felt more and more comfortable with, would make everyone's lives easier. It was hard to relax when you couldn't trust, so hard, as she knew from personal experience.  It seemed to be a common thing with the Affini to assume control and just take over everything, give few options or even a chance to protest. Danae wondered how many Terrans were now pampered (and probably happy because no other choice would be given), who might've liked the option to take things slow. She appreciated the care that Alathea was taking in making sure that she would be a good fit for the polycule, she especially appreciated the respect she was receiving as the head of her family. Alathea seemed to naturally treat her as an equal unless they were deliberately engaging in play, and Danae was curious to see how this would play out in the long term. She hadn't up to now had many interactions with Affini, but the propaganda they released showed plenty of happy pets without much autonomy at all. Not a life that Danae would choose herself, but given the chance to live in luxury, free from the burden of fear, she could see why many Terrans were cheerfully embracing the lifestyle. She was after all primarily dominant which is why she had her own delightful pet. 

Fear was after all a great motivator, but the promise of being free from it... well history was full of those who made such promises and the hopeful masses who had followed. Sadly humanity was terrible at living up to those promises. Some went in with the best intentions but others used that promise to manipulate and hurt others. The Affini though, well, the Affini were practiced at it. Experts. Danae appreciated expertise. Expertise should be admired and respected, as it didn't make the person infallible but it did lower the chances of monumental mistakes. The Affini were refreshing in the difference of their priorities, their stated goal was, in effect, also their hidden goal. They looked after other species in the universe, kept them happy and safe, in exchange for making pets of those sophont species. They would then spend their lives making their pets safe and happy. That's what you do with pets. Danae knew that like all individuals their approaches to doing so would vary, and the degrees of freedom a floret would live under would vary, but both goals would remain front and center for all Affini. She supposed it was the difference between owning a highly intelligent parrot and a guinea pig. Different levels of care required, except the differences didn't come from the intelligence of the sophont species, but instead from the personalities and individual needs of the floret. 

Danae shook her head, enough musing they had a beautiful plant lady to meet. She was looking forward to this evening, hypnokink was so much fun, and Alathea was bound to bring a whole new perspective to it.  Attracting Bonnie's attention with a wave of her hands she smiled at her.

"Time to get ready lovely girl, we have a scene to get to."

Bonnie smiled, blushed and began quickly clearing the table, while Danae made her way upstairs to pick out her maid's outfit. Danae loved treating her precious maid as a dress up doll and took every opportunity she got. She was going to enjoy putting together the outfit for this evening as she really wanted to show her darling off to Alathea. Bonnie soon joined her as Danae browsed through the maid's wardrobe.

"My Lady, Kurt offered to do the dishes for me so I'm ready get dolled up now," she said with a smile. 

"Wonderful, I think we'll go all out tonight so I can show you off properly to Alathea. I do so love showing you off."


Alathea was relaxing in her temporary hab unit, and chatting with an old friend, while she waited on the two delightfully adorable Terrans who would be joining her this evening. The friend in question, Solanaceae, was living amongst a wonderfully interesting sophont species that enjoyed highly spiced foods. As a result her foliage included some brightly coloured peppers and fruits that peeped out from amongst the vines. If she ever introduced Sol to her potential pets, she would have to warn her away from touching them without creating vines free of the hot pepper juices that Sol's florets found so intoxicating. An Affini too spicy for Terrans to touch, it was rather an amusing thought - well provided none of the darlings were injured of course.  

"So Alathea, are you really sure about this?" Sol asked doubtfully. "Five florets is an awful lot to take on at once, it would be tricky to ensure that all their needs are met. I mean they will all need love, affection, playtime, direction.... well the list goes on. My two keep my vines hopping constantly to maintain their wellbeing." 

"With any other five, yes I do think that would be too much. Danae and her family though are very unique from most seeking domestication. Danae has done her best to create a happy and safe life for her family. She is already maintaining their well-being and is essentially asking for help for the task, not asking to have the task taken from her. The lovely girl is looking to guarantee her family will never be unhappy. She is simply delightful and it's been difficult for her to do, but her family are for the most part happy. Not as happy as they will be with support from the Affini of course but she should be commended for her efforts."

Sol relaxed and hummed with approval - a habit she had picked up from her current florets, who were rather musical. 

"Well dear Alathea, I do think that sounds like you have made up your mind so I wish you well with your new family. When you're settled in I may bring my pets for a visit." Sol waved a vine and ended the conversation just as the doorbell on the hab unit chimed. Alathea flowed to the door to meet Danae and Bonnie. 


Bonnie was thrilled. So many great things happening tonight, her Lady had chosen her outfit which showed off every curve she had, and she was going to be a little hypno toy for Alathea. Even better her lady was going to be in trance with her! 

As Alathea opened the door Bonnie posed just as she had been told, with both hands tucked behind her back and her chest thrust forward. The pretty pink silky blouse she wore was low cut and gave ample view of her lacy black bra when viewed from above, the tight pencil skirt showed off her softly rounded hips, and her long hair had small braids with silk flowers tucked into them. She felt super feminine in this outfit, and loved that her Lady had taken the time to make her feel as pretty as possible for tonight.

"My, my what a lovely view you have provided for me, you're as pretty as a flower in bloom little maid. " Alathea purred at her.

"Thank you Miss Alathea, my Lady is very talented with dressing me." Bonnie flushed with pleasure at the compliment. 

"Well come in both of you, are you ready for tonight? I am looking forward to taking those pesky thoughts away from you. You'll both be so happy without the need to think for the evening." Alathea ushered them inside, and Bonnie followed her Lady to the now familiar living room, where they cuddled up on the couch together and waited for Alathea to seat herself. Tonight there would be no negotiation as they had already agreed upon the events of the evening. Bonnie's stomach fluttered with anticipation. 

She watched Alathea make her way to the Affini size couch opposite theirs, and as she watched she realised that Alethea seemed to be moving differently... more rhythmically... it was easy to get caught up in watching the rhythm of her vines. Bonnie was so caught up in watching the Affini's movements it took her a few minutes to notice the bright pink flower that was being held directly in her line of sight. The flower had luminescent white specks on each petal, and quickly became a focal point as it was moved closer to her face. Alathea's vine manipulated the flower this way and that slowly rotating it around until the specks seemed to form a spiral. The spiral spun around and around and around, and Bonnie's thoughts followed along with the spiral, circling slowly, then slipped away.... one... at... a... time... 


Danae looked on with amusement as Bonnie was quickly and expertly dropped into trance, with the aid of a new flower that Alathea had grafted onto her vines. The flower had obviously been chosen with care as an easy hypnotic aid. Danae loved seeing her maid's thoughts drain away like that, she was very susceptible to spirals, and it was so fun to make use of them in various ways. How Affini to use a flower as a hypnotic aid though! 

After watching her beloved maid fall into trance, Danae began to focus more on Alathea's movements... they seemed much more fluid, rhythmic, smoother than normal. It was so lovely to watch the flow of vines. She relaxed into the feeling, as she understood that Bonnie wasn't the only one being immediately targeted. As much as she loved being the dominant person in her family it was so nice to drift down, to let the trance take her slowly but surely. She traced her eyes over Alathea's vine in slow contemplation and then gently slipped down to join her maid in trance. 


Alathea drew the two thoroughly tranced women to join her on the larger couch, the better to whisper temptingly to them in trance. 

"Well done darlings, you dropped so easily for me. I'm so pleased with both of you, such eager little subjects." She drawled softly.

"Keep dropping down now. Floating, falling. Let the intoxication of trance take you away and you are cradled in my vinesYou are safe here with me, nothing can harm you. 

If you need to move, to stretch to scratch, you are free to do so, and once the movement is complete you will drop even further for me. You are free to wake up or leave trance if needed, you will always be free to do so. Safety comes first after all."

Alethea's words were uttered as smoothly as possible, manipulating her voice to add complex harmonies that would help keep the darlings securely tranced for her.

"Such wonderful girls, so trusting.

Good girls, who I just know will want to see what I have to show you.

Imagine you are in a vast field filled with beautiful flowers, large and small they tempt you, promising such....wonderful delights.

As you walk through the flowers, you can't resist touching them can you?

Those soft silky petals feel just so good on your fingers. Silky and slightly cool. As you touch them the scents rise from them, mixing and mingling to create a delightful perfume. Intoxicatingly good.

Simply the best thing you have ever smelled, reminding you of all that is good.

Small pink flowers that smell like honey.

Large fragrant roses, but safe with no thorns.

Beautiful daisies, as beautiful as the pair of you.

All those lovely flowers, make you feel so safe, happy, warm, and empty.... the flowers take your thoughts away and leave you giggly, safe and happy.

That's right darlings let the flowers intoxicate you.

You're both doing so well."

Alethea maintained her sweet, dulcet tones, telling them of all of the delights the field of flowers had to offer. Judging from how relaxed their bodies were, and the smiles on their faces the trance was having exactly the effect she hoped for. When she decided they had been in trance for long enough to need refreshments she started to bring them out of trance. 

"Well my darlings it is time to leave our field. Whenever you hear the words passionfruit flower said by me, and only by me, and only when you are safe to experience the effect, you will experience the effects of the field of flowers again.

You will be happy, giggly, and empty.

It will be so hard to think, but if you are safe why would you need to think? 

Thinking will not be needed if I am there with you.

The words passionfruit flower will cause you to return to the effects of the field.

You will feel empty, giggly, and happy.

However the effect will only come into place if I say the words, and only if you are safe to experience the effect.

Alethea began to count them up from trance. Removing the hypnotic edge from her words, she also stilled her vines from the rhythms that encouraged other species to fall into trance. She waited until their eyes were open and somewhat clear before loosening the vines that were gripping them.

"Welcome back darlings! You did such a wonderful job of going into trance for me. I'm very proud of both of you." 

Danae smiled dozily at Alathea, her eyes were somewhat glazed but mostly clear.

"No... thank you... 'Thea... that was.... mmmmm... lovely." Danae slurred and then giggled. "I like your flowers."

Alathea was amused and a little surprised, Danae was giving her the same nickname that Harley and Noor had while they were drugged up. She rather liked it, it was nice to have a nickname, to mean enough to a potential floret for affectionate terms to be evolving. Terrans were so endearing!

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! Now we must look after those lovely bodies of you, I have prepared some juice and snacks for you."

Alathea turned her attention to ensuring that both of her playmates received the correct aftercare. Feeding them small tidbits, she kept them cradled in her vines until they felt clearheaded enough to sit up on their own. She cooed over them, and made sure they were comfortable. Bonnie was quieter than Danae in the wake of the trance but deep sense of happiness seemed to emanate from her. 

Alathea decided then and there that she was not going to give another Affini the chance to bond with these adorable Terrans, they would be hers to look after. She would get the paperwork started immediately, and wait on the final agreement from the polycule to finalise everything. 

Thanks for reading 🙃

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