How To Tame A Polycule

Calming The Puppy

by LadySunnyBunny

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Kurt stood with Lady Danae at the door of a strange hab unit. He anxiously fiddled with the front of his t-shirt, rubbing the soft fabric between his fingers.

Last night he had the most wonderful evening with Miss Bonnie, she had fed him his favourite meal of macaroni and cheese, then they had gone for a walk together in a nearby park. After they got home he was put into puppy space and petted, played with and praised. The evening had ended perfectly with falling asleep cuddled up to Miss Bonnie in her bed. Kurt knew that this was to keep him relaxed while Lady Danae met with the Affini that might take the whole family as pets. It gave him a sense of safety and love that his Lady had planned for him to be looked after so he didn't fret himself into a panic attack. Everyone in his family loved him so much, and in this very scary universe he had the best protectors. 

It had taken Kurt a long time to recover from having Lady Danae arrested, if he thought about it too much he came close to hyperventilating. Kurt knew that part of the reason that they had moved to a completely different planet, rather than just a different city was to give him the biggest reassurance possible that they wouldn't encounter anyone involved in that ugly incident. He did worry he was one of the big reasons that Lady Danae felt the need to put themselves on the hands of the Affini. Kurt didn't know for sure whether this would be a good thing or not. He generally was glad to be told exactly what was happening so he didn't have to panic over choices, but new things were... scary for sure. He hoped he made a good impression, it would be hideous to make his Lady change her plans for him....

"Kurt breathe," his Lady said as she squeezed his shoulder. "Focus on your mantra. I promise nothing bad will happen." 

Kurt nodded obediently and repeated in his head Peaceful puppy is loved, peaceful puppy is relaxed. Peaceful puppy is loved, peaceful puppy is relaxed. Peaceful puppy is loved, peaceful puppy is relaxed. Peaceful puppy is loved, peaceful puppy is relaxed. His breathing evened out and he leaned into the touch from his Lady.


Danae rang the doorbell of the Affini hab unit and waited with her hand on Kurt's should for Alathea to answer. Last night's conversation with the Affini had gone to the early hours of the morning as they discussed everything and nothing, getting to know each other better. In that rather lengthy conversation they had decided on the best way to introduce Kurt to Alathea. Kurt didn't deal well with change, so best to make sure the meeting was as painless as possible. Danae had already given Alathea permission to drug Kurt gently, or to use hypnosis on him if preferred to make this as easy as possible for him. Kurt would need to consent to it himself but Danae felt that with reassurance from her would be enough to decide that it was safe. 


Alathea was looking forward to meeting the last member of the polycule. She had been given a lot of information about how to best keep Kurt calm and was encouraged that Danae trusted her enough to give consent for her to be able to provide some gentle drugs to help him relax. At the sound of the doorbell she glided over to open the door and welcome her guests in. Danae was looking cute as a button in a pink polka dot sundress with black flats and a high ponytail, standing next to her was a very nervous young man. His brown curls were riotous over his head, and he looked so nervous. Alathea thought he was positively adorable!

"Welcome, welcome Danae and Kurt to my temporary home. You are both looking lovely this evening! Come in, come in." Alathea ushered her guests in and invited them to sit on the human sized loveseat that Noor and Harley had used the day before while she took her place on an Affini sized couch. She had already laid out some refreshments, iced tea, lemonade, cookies and fruit slices. "Please help yourselves!"

"Thank you." Danae smiled at Alathea. "Kurt what would you like to drink?"

"....." Kurt looked down at his hands and just shook his head. Danae patted him on the head and poured some iced tea for him.

"Would you like some assistance Kurt? Alathea said that she can provide you with something to help you relax and take away the anxiety." Kurt just stared at Danae in sudden panic.

He just cried out to be petted and looked after, Alathea couldn't wait until she could ensure his continued comfort.

"I promise no loss of time, no black outs, just no more anxiety. You might feel a little dopey afterwards, and very affectionate but nothing more than that." Alathea cajoled Kurt. 

Kurt looked at the two of them before nodding his agreement. He looked a little desperate, but Alathea got the sense that it had more to do with the way his mind was racing with anxiety at meeting her rather than at not knowing how to say no. Eventually he held out his hand and Alathea placed a purplish berry in it using one of her vines.

"I grew this berry myself, and if you have any negative reactions let me know immediately and I can flush it out of your system ok?"


Kurt stared at the berry in his hand, a berry to make him feel better? It seemed so strange but really he would do anything for his brain to behave. He hesitantly put it in his mouth and bit down. The berry tasted like honeyed sunshine, and almost immediately made him feel warm. Gradually bit by bit his anxiety drained away, leaving him feeling calm. Exactly as Alathea had promised he did feel a little dopey, and he really just wanted to cuddle up against his Lady. He was still connected enough to feel the passage of time. This was... so so so much better! Kurt had never felt so relaxed in his whole life. He listened to his Lady and Alathea talk and gradually moved his head to Lady Danae's lap and curled his body up on the loveseat. 

He felt Lady Danae's fingers running through his hair as she petted him absentmindedly. This was heaven Kurt thought, why I don't even feel any residual nerves at all! The conversation between the Affini and his Lady was interesting enough to focus his attention on. He loved this, loved just being able to listen and bask in their presence. 

After a while he realised that Alathea's vines had crept towards him, and were now petting his back and stomach further relaxing him. This was... just great... he almost wished then and there that this would never stop.


Danae watched with amusement as Kurt slowly succumbed to the drugged fruit he had been fed. When he moved to put his head on her lap she carried on her conversation and marveled at how relaxed he was without being hypnotized. To test a theory she fed him tidbits as she talked and he ate each little bit without really noticing. When she felt he was fully relaxed she nodded at Alathea, who then moved her vines to pet Kurt's body while she continued to run her fingers through his hair. 

This was going better than she could have hoped for. There would be time later for conversation between Kurt and Alathea, but what he needed first was to know he was safe with her. This was the best beginning she could have hoped for. 

Danae did something she normally didn't do outside of her family, and relaxed herself. She let herself go, let someone else take charge knowing that they were both safe with Alathea. It was a relief to do so. She had been so scared, so worried for so long that she never noticed that she didn't ever properly relax anymore. Danae knew that no one could live in a constant state of defensiveness without ending up hurting themselves. She smiled more, laughed more and made subtle jokes with Alathea. Danae enjoyed the moment, lived in the moment. 


Alathea was beyond charmed. Kurt was sooooo sweet all curled up, enjoying the petting, eating the treats, and full of sleepy smiles. She was thoroughly enjoying her conversation with Danae, who was witty and amusing. Danae she noticed had relaxed almost as much as Kurt had, and without the calming drugs he had been fed. She was positively adorable without the gravity that had accompanied her through her first meeting. Poor dear she worries so much about all of them.

When Alathea used a couple of her vines to include Danae in the petting she was administering to Kurt, the Terran even leant into the caress. Alathea felt that this was clear permission and increased her attentions to both of them.  Danae's hand never stopped petting Kurt's head, and she continued the conversation, however some her responses were a bit slower than before and she gave out the occasional little moan or giggle. 

This was just wonderful!

Alathea continued to pet both cute little Terrans until the small dose of drugs she fed to Kurt began to wear off. She had been watching his eyes carefully to see when they began to clear. Once they did she withdrew her vines, and gently suggested that Danae might want to take Kurt home to relax. 

"You should probably take Kurt home, so he can come back to himself fully in familiar surroundings." She escorted the both to the door, and then gave Danae a small bag with about 10 or so berries inside. "You can take these with you, he may want to try them without me around and see if this dose works in a less stressful situation. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with both of you. I very much look forward to our next encounter."

Danae blushed a little, and then seemed to slowly regain some of her previous reserve. 

"I enjoyed myself as well, and I can tell that Kurt did as well. Until next time." With a smile and a wave Danae escorted her still slightly dopey charge off home. 

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