The Love and Trances of Madison and Belladonna

Madison Safewords

by Cammie Dawn

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Donna introduces a new trigger and does some more call and response fun. Madison struggles with compliments.

“Goodness, my dear, you have no idea how much I love you…”

It was date night and Donna was enjoying a stable emotional space and some time to enjoy Madison’s company and get some play in. Madison was in an agreeable mood and filled with love and affection.

The pair had spent an amount of time after their initial encounter at the hypnosis convention giving their affections room to grow. The fear of New Relationship Energy gave them reason to be patient and cautious in how they expanded their portfolio of play and ways of expressing their affection.

It felt like the use of The L-Word had put them on a new plateau and now all of the held back affection was pouring out of the two. Donna was now more cautious than ever that she did not allow herself to become too comfortable and start over-stepping in how she approached the relationship.

“I’m thinking of doing a little fractionation and try some new things with the touch trigger…” she began.

“What were you thinking?” Madison responded, a beaming smile on her lips.

“Maybe something like cupping your chin or forcing you to look at the screen? Like a psychic hold of a kind? Is that something you would be up for trying?”

“Yes please!” Madison eagerly responded, overtly invested.

“Maybe some call and response stuff? Like we’ve done before?”

“I don’t see what you enjoy about it, but sure. I don’t mind.”

Madison always had a way of being blunt and honest when something was not her cup of tea. Donna found the habit to be reliable. She was used to having to over-stretch outside of her place of comfort to meet a partner’s expectations and to know quite clearly when she did not need to do this for Madison helped her decide if something was worth doing or not.

Call and response, however, was something she did enjoy very much. She just ensured that she would always package it with things that Madison did enjoy.

The_List.xls included a list of words that the pair enjoyed. Donna was careful to make sure that if she was going to make Madison say things then she would utilize the words she felt impacted by. If she did not enjoy repeating them then she could still enjoy hearing them.

“I would very much enjoy it, my dear. Hearing you confess how helpless and pliable and biddable and captivated you have become. How weak my words make you? I so very much wish to hear my words exiting your lips.”

Madison shrank at the words and looked up at the webcam. “Please?”

“As you wish, beloved. Is there anything else you wanted to ask for, my dear?”

“No, Miss Donna. That all sounds lovely.”

“Then I shall enjoy myself as I command your focus, beloved.”

Donna’s hands swung into action. She was always expressive with her hands but there was always a sharpness to her actions when she intended to do something hypnotic. Madison had clearly noticed as her eyes began to follow the tip of her finger as she swung it high into the top of the video frame.

“Oh, so attentive, my love…” she husked, savoring the taste of the endearment on her lips, “You know exactly what happens when I capture your attention like this. You just focus and find yourself already slipping into that delightful state where you follow along with my words and yes, my dear, you are following along with my words. It’s inevitable. Don’t fight it. Just go along with it…”

Madison shuddered in delight as Donna’s voice slipped into that heavy hypnotic cadence. Her eyes were locked on and she could already feel herself going along. Rapport was effortless now and consent was freely given.

“Thaaaat’s right…” Donna cooed, sweeping her hand up and down, delighting in how Madison’s intent eyes followed every dip and rise, “Just let yourself follow me as I lead you down… down… and drop.”

With a flourish she pulled downwards and Madison’s head dipped on the other side of the monitor.

“That’s it, very good girl, you’re doing so well for me. Just let yourself go and come back on 3 - 2 - 1, up, up, up.”

Madison drew herself and stretched out before opening her eyes and noticing Donna’s hands back in their fluid motion, pulling her eyes up. A gentle “...ah” escaped her lips as she was drawn in.

“Oh very good, that’s it, bouncing up and down, down and up, following as I bring you right back and you drop.” Donna cackled merrily as Madison drooped again.

“Eyes up, my dear, eyes on me. That’s it. And as you notice my fingers in this position.” she raised her right fist with center and index fingers raised, “This position you can find that kinesthetic feeling of me drawing you up, pulling you upright and focused on me. Just notice me drawing you up like a puppet on my strings, held and forced into focus, feel it now and any time you see my fingers up like this.” she lowered her fist and raised it again and grinned in triumph as Madison’s shoulders rocked back and she let out a distant gasp as the suggestion took hold.

“That’s it and when I lower my hand you’ll just comfortably sag back to normal but as long as I hold my hand up like this,” and with another gasp Madison was drawn up as Donna performed the gesture, “you. Do. That. Good girl. VERY good girl. Helpless and captivated. Entirely in my power. That’s. Exactly. Right.”

She dropped her hand and watched as Madison sagged back to a relaxed posture. She had been feeling remarkably affectionate ever since the L-Word had been utilized and play today was like seeing her through a rose-lens filter. She was just so completely enamored.

“Oh, my sweet, you look so lovely like that… but I think I want to see you glow for me again, so up, up, up. Notice me tap on your bicep.”

Madison sprang back to life, her features elated before seeing that Donna was already making the newly installed trigger pose. With a shriek of confused delight she straightened up under the pull of the invisible force, staring helplessly at the camera.

“Oh that works better than I thought it would!” Donna cackled.

“...having fun?!” Madison demanded in mock indignation.

“Plenty.” Donna chimed back.

“Good!” she chirped, merrily, “You should have fun.”

“And you should surrendersubmit… and sink…” Donna growled.

Madison tested the flexibility of her hypnotic binds and continued starring, she was in a playful enough mood to test Donna a bit. It wasn’t good for her character to have her win without a fight every time.

“Oh… I think you’re going to Notice Me command your focus.” Donna growled, inching closer to the camera and allowing her gesture to remain in shot at all times, “Good. Girl. Just like that. You know you can’t resist when I command your attention, command your focus, command your compliance.”

Madison let out a gentle whimper as Donna’s fierce barrage of words barreled over her.

That reaction was enough to redouble Donna’s resolve, almost purring with feracity, she pressed on, “Notice me guide you under my spell. Notice me compel your compliance. Notice me dominate your thoughts!”

That last one made Madison’s eyes roll back with a lingering gasp of breath. Fight had been stolen from her entirely and now she hung on Donna’s hypnotic strings, empty and devoid of anything but Donna’s will.

“That’s my very good girl.” she husked, triumphantly.

The last time she had pushed the ‘Notice Me’ trigger like this she had followed it up with some call and response work. Hearing her helplessly echo any sentence that Donna asked of her. Remembering that gave her an idea of what she wanted to do next.

“Lass, for this scene and only for this scene, when I say ‘Mine’ you can find it natural and normal to allow yourself to respond ‘yours’ without thought or resistance. You can do that for me, can’t you, darling?”

“Yes, Miss Donna…” Madison husked quietly, barely loud enough to be picked up by her microphone.

“Good. Girl.” Donna possessively growled. “Mine.”

Yours…” Madison obediently responded.

“That’s it… just like that. Mine.”


“Oh, loveNotice Me hold you close and stroke your hair…” affection shimmered deep within her soul. She couldn’t believe she had held off using that magical word for so long. Love.

Madison purred into her microphone and lazily mimicked leaning into the invisible touch.

Notice me scritch behind your ears…” Donna added, enjoying Madison’s display, “Mine.”

Yours…” the entranced Madison softly purred.

“Okay, love… let’s bring you back again… 3… 2… 1… Up, up, up. Wide awake.”

Madison perked up though her motions betrayed a sluggishness that proved lingering remnants of trance were still impacting her. Both Donna and Madison knew all too well that there was a level of suggestibility after a certain amount of fractionation and that further negotiation was no longer ethical.

“Okay…” Madison sighed out, raising herself up, “I’m liking this and everything is okay, but I want to clarify… ‘Mine’ is fine and all but like, not possessive mine. Because you have Dove and I have Saph and we share. Right? Right.”

Donna quickly nodded, “Oh, yes, of course.”

Madison smiled and bobbed her head up and down, “Mine in the moment is fine. But just in the moment, right?”

Donna firmly nodded again, “You’re mine and I’m yours but we share our hearts open and wide. When I say that I do not mean I own you, just that in that moment I have you.”

“Yes. Yes good. Yes good!” Madison bubbled, “I knew you understood but it’s good to be sure.”

“No, you did good. Thank you. Thank you for ensuring I am being safe and honest, beloved. I adore you.”

“Adore you too.”

Donna just smiled and enjoyed the sentiment of the moment, but temptation blossomed and she could not help herself but growl out once more “Mine.”

Yours” Madison pleasantly confirmed. “Freely and willingly. Openly and eagerly. Yours.”

With a sharp flick of her wrist she once again pulled her fist and fingers upwards and reveled in how Madison shot up and hissed out as her body was claimed by Donna’s spell once again.

Mine.” she hissed again.

Yours…” Madison inevitably repeated.

Raising her eyebrows and leaning into the camera, holding Madison’s stare across the miles of distance between them she said it again, quieter and more direct this time, “Mine…”

The implication was felt as surely as if the intention was scripted, Madison’s eyes fluttered from the piercing stare and she responded in kind, “Yours…

Donna grinned victoriously, using her spare hand to mime stroking Madison’s cheek as she raised herself higher and whispered firm and soft, “Mine

Madison’s shoulders sagged and her head bobbed a little, “Yours…

Donna’s spare hand moved up and down in fluid motions, rising and falling in a lulling rhythm, “Mine…

Madison’s eyes followed, her voice a faint whisper “Yours…”


Donna lowered her hand and Madison sagged deep into trance once again.

“Shift to make yourself comfortable, my dear, even as you notice me lull you further as I stroke your hair.” Donna said sweetly, watching to see Madison comply and settle into her trance.

“That’s right, beloved. Just like that. Good Girl. In fact, repeat, ‘I am a good girl.’”

With a lazy smile and a distant voice, Madison did as compelled and repeated, “I am a good girl.”

“That’s right… drifting and sinking and knowing just how much I love you. Repeat ‘I am a sweet and helpful toy.’”

Madison paused a little, but the words flowed as requested, “I am a sweet and helpful toy.

Donna wanted so much to just reach through the screen and hold her, all she could do was utilize words and triggers to emulate the connection in the meanwhile, “Repeat, ‘I am loved.’”

I am loved.”

“And know it is true, my dear. I love you. So very deeply. You are so kind and compassionate and beautiful and caring. I could spend so long finding new and wonderful words to tell you how much I cherish you. Notice me cherish you.

The trigger was felt and Madison shivered in delight, she was able to whisper in reply “love you too…”

“And you truly are incredible my darling. Repeat ‘I am wonderful and intelligent and beautiful and compassionate.’”

Madison’s nose twitched and she shook her head, at first slowly but then rapidly. “Yellow…!” she softly called out, her face straining with an effort to fight off something that had impacted her from within.

Donna sprung into action, “Okay, love, let that compulsion fade away. Just relax. Relax… breathe. Let it just flow away.” her blood was on fire from the sudden shift in tempo and she worked quick to stop any panic from taking over how she handled this, “and gently come back, rising to the surface and full awareness, knowing you did nothing wrong and that I am here and everything is accepted and okay… I just want you to rise up, up, up and notice me take your hand in mine.”

Madison took a sharp breath in and pulled herself upright, pulling a stuffed toy into her arms and squeezing it tightly. She had been shocked out of trance by the abreaction but was grateful for Donna’s care all the same.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.” she stated firmly. “Thank you.” she needed her bearings before she could really handle things. Donna gave her the space.

Closing her eyes and squeezing them before returning her attention to the call. “Notice me cuddle.” She took a moment to reorient and ground herself, That was too much. I’ll be okay. Just. That was a lot.”

Donna took a breath in. It was imperative, to herself, that she remain present in the scene. Allowing the Bell shaped impulse to go into damage control would serve only to disincentivize safewording. Donna needed to make sure Madison knew she would not ‘go away’ the moment that something went wrong.

“Would it help to avoid things like that in the future, lass?” she asked cautiously.

“Just be careful about it. The repeating wasn’t bad, it was just… being made to say those things. I didn’t like it.” Madison responded, before sheepishly adding “Can I have a hug?”

“Oh, of course, of course!” Donna hurriedly said, off her footing, “Notice me hold you tightly.

“I’ll do my best to avoid compliments.” Donna said, her own nerves settling.

“I don’t mind your compliments… I’m just bad at compliments in general and saying it was a lot. Please don’t hold back on saying nice things. I’ll let you know if it’s too much.”

Donna nodded firmly, “You let me know now, even. It’s always okay to safeword.”

“I know.” she smiled and breathed in, burying her face in her plush for a moment before continuing, “Thank you. Not just for stopping but for not putting me on the spot or pressuring me.”

“Would you prefer me to go lighter on compliments in future or is there a way you prefer to hear them?” Donna asked. Her affect seemed a little stilted. She was being careful and caring with every word and fighting the continued urge to shift into Bell space.

“I find it easier to accept a compliment that is about something I do, like ‘you do kind things’ than something I am, like ‘you are kind’” Madison responded, every moment lightening up and becoming more comfortable.

“May I frame them in my own perception? ‘I find you charming’ rather than ‘you are charming’?”

“That helps, but I’d still prefer it to be something I do rather than something I am. If that makes sense.”

“It does.” Donna stated resolutely.

“Compliments about things I can’t control just…” Madison continued, trying to find words and realizing that thinking about it was pulling her closer to the memories that had caused her to safeword in the first place. “I have bad connotations with them.” she finally concluded, “I can tell you more… but not right now.”

“You don’t need to justify.” Donna responded, “You never need to justify. Brains can be weird sometimes. Heaven knows I can be a bit weird about trusting when people make commitive statements. It’s why ‘I believe you’ is such an important sentence to me. If I say it then it denotes raw trust. Point being my brain gives the least charitable reads by default as a safety mechanism. Like assume the worst and hope for the best. It sounds like in your case, positive and excess attention is a danger?”

Madison took a breath in and shot it out, parsing out how she wanted to approach speaking to that theory, “Thank you, Miss Donna. Abreactions suck. Brains aren’t fun.”

“I’ve taken it on board, though. I’ll change the way I approach kind words. I’m sorry for pushing you there and bringing you to that place.”

“You didn’t know.”

“But I do now.”

“You do.” Madison agreed, “And I trust you. Thank you. I’ll be okay. I just need a minute.”

Donna nodded kindly, she could feel the warmth returning to the call “Take all the time you need, my love.”

Madison smiled back, before adding “By the way, mine is ‘I know’.”

“Wait, what?” Donna asked, confused.

“You said ‘I believe you’ is an important sentence for you.” Madison clarified, “Mine is ‘I know’. If I say ‘I know’ then it means there’s no doubt. Words are important and to know something is for it to be true. When you say ‘I love you’, the only possible reply I can think of is ‘I know’.”

“Or ‘I love you too’, right?” Donna winked at the camera.

Madison just stuck her tongue out in retort. She was clearly feeling better.

“I do, though. I love you, Madison.”

“I know.” Madison firmly stated, “I love you too.”

“I believe you.”

Thank you for reading! As always comments and feedback appreciated. Follow me on Twitter @Camden_Dawn or Tumblr at MissCammieDawn for future updates and info.

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