The Love and Trances of Madison and Belladonna

Donna is Hypnotized

by Cammie Dawn

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Donna is caught by the splash effects of conditioning given to Bella. Madison is entrusted to keep Donna safe.

The scent of lavender filled the air as Donna ignited the stick of incense. She inhaled deeply and began to center herself. Head against the pillow, headphones snuggly fitted to her head and Marconi Union - Weightless - 10 Hour Mix filling her ears she closed her eyes.

Breathe in.

4 - 3 -2 - 1


4 - 3 - 2 - 1


4 - 3 - 2 - 1



Donna did not often meditate these days. When they were discovering hypnosis and learning the ropes there had been a period of time taking scalding hot aromatherapy bubble baths, laying on the bed and blissing out to the sound of a downloaded audio file. These days hypnosis was second nature. Such rituals were not really required should she wish to indulge in trance.

Plus, thanks to Bella’s sweet and submissive tendencies, they had more than enough opportunity to indulge.

But this was not for recreation. This was work.

In the weeks since their DID diagnosis, Clare had been insisting on the importance of establishing intentional communication. Context packets and emotional pangs were enough to provide a semblance of comfort but true healing would only come when communication was normal and natural.

Down. Down. Down…’ she softly thought to herself as the music lulled her and the scent soothed her, ‘Inward. To safety. To comfort. Noticing heavy eyelids and lazy limbs. Feeling calm. Feeling pacified. We know we can so we will. We can so we must. Deeper and deeper…’

The first step to intentional communication was to create a conference space. A safe area inside where the parts could find one another. Leave notes. Reach in and share.

Long ago Belladonna’s first hypnotist, Alex, had built a safe space within their mind that they had all used for visualization scenes. It was still there. Abandoned. No longer the ‘safe’ space that it had been forged as. Donna could see it now. Fragmented and broken, filled with remnants of years and years of hypnotic play.

It was not where Donna wanted to be.

She continued to reach inward. Felt for the sense of safety. The idea which lingered behind thought and sentiment.

There were ground rules for how they would approach it this time. Anything from prior hypnotic relationships carried associations and those associations carried baggage. A safe space could become a reminder of a bad relationship if it were associated with a person. Therefore the new safe space had to be a place only for the system.

In reality her nose wrinkled. The terminology was still too alien and exclusionary. Just thinking it caused parts to stir in rebellion. Donna was barely able to accept the new term ‘parts’, words such as ‘system’ would have to wait for acceptance.

Salmon colored carpet, threadbare from foot traffic and furniture being moved was the first thing to come to mind. A musty odour that felt aged and abandoned but with a hint of cozy comfort. Lazy golden sunlight from a setting sun spilled through 2 story windows with bars on the outside. Pale brown wooden shelves lined the room and in the center was a single round table.

Donna smiled. The nostalgia was starting to set in and the sentiment was the desired one, it was safety.

Decades ago in a room similar to the one Donna imagined there was an adolescent who would bury himself into fantasy novels for as long as the space was open. A small haven between the torments of school and home. A sanctuary.

In her mind, Donna watched as the fantasy books filled the shelves. Both the Terry Pratchett books of their past and the Tamora Pierce books Madison was sharing with them in their present.

These were not real books. She could not pick them up and read them. But she could imagine selecting it from the shelf and running her fingers along the spine. She could feel the emotions and familiarity that the book offered. It was a token that carried sentiment and that sentiment radiated security.

It was a perfect building block. The Library.

Clare's instructions had been to create the space and ensure that it was inviting to each of the parts. No extra work needed to take place other than for a landing area. Over time this space would find use but the first job was to make it and ensure each part knew it was there and for them all to feel at home within.

Donna briefly pondered as to how clients who were not versed in hypnosis handled such tasks. To her it was second nature to reach inwards and build from the imagination. It was not much of an advantage, but it was an advantage to be able to do at least some of the work without help.

Deciding this was enough of a building block to begin with, she focused her imagination on the circle table in the center of the space and thought carefully. For now the space was a library. A memory of a place that the young Ben Brainerd hid for a few hours a week.

The only thing to do now was leave invites.

“-and so I left a book for each part at the table. One I associate with each of them. It is a library after all. It felt pertinent.”

On her side of the video call, Madison just admired Donna. She was brimming with pride and confidence in a manner that she seldom saw outside of her hypnotic shenanigans. It always warmed Madison’s heart to see Donna in her element like this.

“Okay, well I know you probably used The Immortals for Bella…” Madison mused, “But which did you use for the others? You don’t have to tell me, but I’m interested.”

Donna paused mid-flourish and looked in astonishment at her partner, she was glowing with her own exuberance that often matched when she was trying to solve a puzzle, “I’m impressed you guessed that. I shouldn’t be surprised, but you really do know us well.”

Madison smiled, noting the casual use of plural pronouns slipping into Donna’s speech patterns, "With how she reacted to that first use of Sweetling, how could it be anything else?"

“And that’s the point, really, it’s just like anything with hypnosis. Linking associations and making triggers from them. I’m less leaving a book in this ‘library’ than I am leaving the affection, memories and attachment to the character and the name ‘sweetling’.”

“That’s clever and it makes complete sense.”

Donna sagged, visibly relieved, breaking her confident facade, “Oh thank goodness, I wasn’t entirely certain I was making sense. One of us may have to explain this to Clare at some point and I am not confident I can translate the concept to someone who isn’t involved in the community.”

Madison smiled, in the months since their relationship had began she had noticed a number of small things about each presentation of her girlfriend and how those subtleties changed over time. Donna would never have admitted to anything which would ruin the image that she was fully capable and in control. Little by little the idea of Miss Donna became the simple and known Donna. 

Madison preferred it that way.

“I’ve seen you teaching 101 lessons, Miss Donna. I think you’ll do fine, even if the ideas need explaining.” Madison added. It was good to polish Miss Donna’s ego every now and again. 

A wide grin confirmed that the compliment landed well, “Well I am remarkably good at what I do.” she boasted.

“Mhmm!” Madison chirped in reply, shimmying on the spot, “and brilliant, and devious and so talented.” she added, with a smile.

“Oh praise me more.” Donna husked in reply, enjoying herself dearly.

Madison considered a moment. As much as she enjoyed Donna's pride when she adorned it, she also enjoyed the back and forth the pair had when she decided to make her partner work for it. "Make me." she shot back, a wicked grin upon her face.

Donna recoiled and raised an eyebrow, scandalized by the audacity of such a reply. "Oh you wish me to make you, lass?"


"Very well."

In an instant Donna shot forward so her face took up all of Madison's monitor, her eyes glinting dangerously against the reflection of her webcam. "Focus on me now, my love, eyes on me and only me as you let my voice gently coil its way around your mind."

Madison audibly gasped as the swift change in tempo responded to her bratting smile. In an instant she fell in line with the energy of Donna's words. Donna thrust her fingers up in a forceful motion and a hypnotic trigger rocked Madison's composure as she sat bolt upright. The gesture commanded her to sit at attention and focus. She obeyed.

"That's right..." Donna cooed, riding the momentum of her unplanned induction, "Just like that. Captivated and caught by my gaze as my words relax you and lull you and draw you Down. Down. Just like that. So easy and natural to just continue listening and allowing me to guide you deeper and deeper with every passing moment."

She watched as Madison's features slacked, her eyes hooded and her hypnotically compelled attentive posture slacked. The routine between the pair had become familiar in the months of their relationship and yet no less enjoyable for repetition.

"That's my good girl..." Donna whispered, affectionately, "Drop for me."

On her side of the screen, Madison slumped into trance, sprawling out just to the side of her laptop.

“Oh doing so very well, my love, and now you can just rest at ease, knowing I’m just guiding you down and you can let your attention drift in and out, even as you sit up and look at the camera, knowing I’m on the other side oh so very much enjoying the reactions you give me.”

Madison’s body reared up as her microphone picked up a faint “‘es Miss Donna.

Donna enjoyed watching the way her partner moved while under her spell. The slow and heavy movements. The way her lips barely parted when she whispered replies, the gentle flutter of her eyelids and the slack expression. It was such a picture of what ‘trance face’ should look like and she enjoyed it greatly.

As Madison slid back into position Donna’s attention was suddenly caught. She let out a gentle gasp and then fell silent.

After a few moments of silence, Madison started to draw herself awake. She was a good enough hypnotee to notice the eb and flow of a session and follow along and Donna had gone quiet. She slowly closed her eyes and breathed in. Coming out of trance unguided was not difficult but it did take some reorienting.

Eyes open, Madison looked at her screen and saw Donna frozen in place, her eyes locked on her screen, lips parted and shoulders sagged.

“Donna…?” she gestured, not fully confident that there had not been a part shift that she was unaware of.

“...yeah…” the redhead responded, voice devoid of its typical confidence and yet, Madison took time to note, still distinct from Bella’s.

Madison had no clue what was happening but could at the very least identify the signs of an entranced hypnotee. She could work out why Donna was in such a state afterwards. “Donna, come back to me, up, up, up on 1-2-3.”

Donna’s eyes blinked and she shook her head, “Sorry about that…” she began, “I was ju—” the momentum of her speech drained until she was slurring her final syllable and slipping back into trance, once again staring blankly at the screen.

Madison’s eyebrows scrunched in confusion. This was not normal in the slightest. “Donna? I’m here. Notice me take your hand.” on her side of the screen Donna’s expression lightened into a gentle smile, “Can you tell me what is happening to you right now?”

“...Silver Crystal…” Donna gently replied.

Madison looked down and noted her choice of necklace. The replica of Sailor Moon’s Silver Crystal that she had captivated Bella with so many times before, including the recent visit. It must have fallen from under her shirt when she flopped during Donna’s induction.

Recognizing the offending object, Madison delicately removed the pendant from her neck and placed it off camera on her bedside table before once again led Donna back to wakefulness.

“You doing okay, love? I’ve never seen you slip into trance like that before. The Silver Crystal wasn’t even a trigger for Bella. I’m surprised it caught you.”

Donna pinched the bridge of her nose. “I’m a little surprised too. I get the crystal being an anchor. Bella was fond of it when you showed it to her at the hotel, so it makes sense she would get trancey when she saw it…”

As she spoke she could feel the familiar Bella-shaped emotions in her heart reacting to this circumstance, excited at the presence of her favorite induction tool. Donna regarded the emotion in her heart and with careful intent she summoned the idea of the library in her mind so she could picture Bella sitting at the circle table with her copy of The Immortals. She couldn’t hear Bella, but she could feel her. The trick was in the finding.

“Well, we are working on being able to share thoughts and emotions…” Donna mused, not entirely sure of herself as she said it, “I think we’re a little too new to the concept to start assigning blame and I’m not ready to tell Clare about our reindeer games.”

“Understandable.” Madison agreed, “But it will be a problem if you start reacting to programming meant for Bella. It’d be bad if any of you reacted to it, really.”

“I apologize for putting you in such a position. Consent is an important topic at the best of times but for you I know safety is a mark of pride.”

“I care about you.” Madison flatly responded, “All of you. Part of that care is making sure that you are treated well and I don’t do anything to betray the trust you put in me. Or the trust Dove puts in me, too.”

“It is appreciated…” Donna responded, feeling too off-balance to embody her typical exuberance.

“We’d best take a minute to talk it over.”, Madison said, “Are you okay to talk now? We can wait if you need to.”

“No, no…” Donna conceded, taking a swig from her water bottle, “It’s best addressed right now. How are you feeling? I did abandon you in the middle of a scene.”

“I wouldn’t call it abandoned.” Madison noted, “More the scene was interrupted. I appreciate you checking in. I’m fine. I promise.”

As Madison spoke she noted Donna’s expression, it was recoiling in guilt and concern. That alone gave her an inkling of where her partner’s mind was dwelling. Donna, specifically, had experience with being abandoned in the middle of a trance. It would have been why she framed her worry in that direction, which gave Madison reason to consider that Donna was thinking about her history with hypnosis.

"We haven't discussed if you even want to be hypnotized, much less by me. I don't want you to think I only see you as a hypnotist if you want to be more than that, but I also never want to make you feel like I expect you to be anyone other than who you are. Especially given what you've told me of Alex.”

Donna’s expression tightened. Inside she could feel Bell’s presence in the library and it took a calming breath to prevent herself from switching out. “You know me so well.”

“I do,” Madison agreed, “and I worry, too. Is this something we need to put aside for now?”

“Everything’s green.” Donna responded, “Just caught up in how much I love you.”

“As I love you.” Madison replied, softly smiling, “I never want you to feel the way others have made you feel in the past. You deserve to be safe and respected.”

Donna nodded, rubbing her bicep. It was remarkable to see the flirtatious hypnotist seeming so vulnerable. “Alex really did a number on me when I was his.” she confessed, “And it’s not your fault he’s on the mind today; don’t blame yourself for that.”

“Oh? What reminded you?” Madison asked, allowing the conversation to flow a little and for Donna to ease into the oncoming discussion of hypnotic boundaries.

“When he worked on us we had a ‘landing zone’. For him it was a place all of Ben’s roleplay characters could live and wait for him to summon them.”

“That sounds a lot like the work Clare has you doing.” Madison noted.

“Doesn’t it just, though?” Donna sneered, her ire aimed at memories of her former ‘Master’, “It was a mountain cabin that was designed to be cozy and house us when we were in trance. There was a time when we could just close our eyes and picture it. The warmth of the fireplace. The worn leather of the recliner. The alpine scent…” she breathed in slowly before shaking her head to reject the memory’s intrusion on the present.

“It’s a good thing you got the practice, even if it’s not something that is a happy memory for you any more.” Madison suggested, diplomatically, “It will help you with something that is yours and will benefit you.”

Donna nodded, returning her focus to the library and taking stock of Bella and Bell there. Where they were sitting. What their attachments and associations are. She would have time to unpack it later, right now she just wanted to maintain the practice of holding the space in her mind.

“I don’t want to be hypnotized.” Donna said, flatly, “For Dove, it’s different, she owns us and she does not really view us as separate like you do. If I go into trance for her then I think it’s okay. But…”

“...I know you.” Madison supplied, finishing Donna’s thought, “So any hypnosis that brought you down would be specific to you. As I said, I don’t want you to think I just see you as a hypnotist, but that also means I respect that you may not be comfortable with trance. Especially after everything you’ve told me.”

“It’s not that I don’t trust you–” Donna began to explain.

“I know.” Madison said, firmly, “You never have to qualify that. I know.”

Donna swallowed a breath and held it a moment, chewing on her next thought, “So I think locking down all suggestions from now on to be part specific is a no-brainer… but I think we should do an extra round of safety.”

“What were you thinking?”

Donna’s posture straightened, revealing some of her typical composure, “I’d like for you to hypnotize me again and ensure I am not hit by any splash damage for suggestions intended for Bella.”

“Or any other parts, if they ever wish to play.” Madison added, intently, “I haven’t had the chance to talk to Ben or Sis about it but I want them to know that I’m open to exploring with them if they ever want to have it explored.”

Donna felt for either of the mentioned parts and tried to see if she could associate any of their emotions for the library. She was met with nothing.

“Noted.” Donna agreed, “But I think it would be better to directly ask me to drop associations with existing hypnotic anchors, triggers and compulsions-”

“Would you like to keep Notice Me?” Madison offered, unable to keep a little bit of longing in her tone, “I like being able to show you physical affection.”

Donna smiled plainly, shaking her head as another comfortable wave of fondness washed over her, “We can keep Notice Me.” she agreed, “I would hate to not feel it when you offered me the kiss of allegiance.”

Madison bit her lip and allowed a blush to rise to her cheeks, “Yes, Miss Donna.”

“But would you be okay taking me back down with the Silver Crystal and shielding me from all other splash damage?”

Madison drew to height and took a breath, her eyes closed. She did this action a lot when she was trying to prevent the emotions of the moment from impacting a weighty decision. It was no small thing that Donna was asking, “As long as you’re sure.” she said, carefully.

Donna did not hesitate before giving a firm nod of resolve, “I am certain. I trust you.”

“I believe you.” Madison smiled, repeating one of Belladonna’s favorite lines, “Then get comfortable, love.”

Madison reached out and hid the Silver Crystal from the camera but made sure it was on hand, “I want to talk this out before we continue. We should treat this as a brand new negotiation. You and I have only ever negotiated play from one side of the watch.”

Donna shuffled into a more comfortable position and obeyed the emotional pang from within that demanded she seek the comfort of Elphie. With the stuffed cat locked in her grasp, she licked her lips and began. A brand new negotiation.

“Would you prefer me to do a full induction or would you rather I use the crystal again or the Notice Me trigger?” Madison asked.

“Crystal but with an induction attached, if possible. I sometimes need a little extra push. Which makes this whole situation a little embarrassing. It’s really not like me to be caught like this.”

“You’re doing a lot of work on trying to share thoughts and emotions with the others,maybe that means that some of Bella’s reactions will bleed into you while you’re both present.”

“Then I’m glad that we’re putting up safeties, then. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Madison responded, kindly, “So we’ll use the Silver Crystal and ask you to ignore any hypnotic triggers, anchors or compulsions which you know are not meant for you. The Notice Me trigger will continue working as it ever has.”

Donna nodded along, these measures all sounded sensible.

“I’ll of course make sure that this only applies to me. I know you know that Dove’s programming isn’t mine to touch.”

“I appreciate you saying it, all the same.”

“I care.” Madison assured, not for the first time that conversation, “All of your relationships are all equally important. I never want you to feel like you ever have to justify your dynamic with any of your other partners.”

“I wouldn’t expect them to treat us the way you treat us.” Donna agreed, gratefully, “And for what it’s worth, Madison, we feel the same way about your partners. Relationship Anarchy, right?”

“Every relationship is its own thing.”

“I have no idea how that concept even applies with this whole ‘five-in-one’ situation. You’ve not even spoken to Ben yet.”

“I’ve spoken to him.” Madison quickly said with such clarity that it stunned Donna out of animation, “Back when we first met, all those years ago on IRC? I met him then.”

Donna swished air around in her mouth. Memories of those days were hazy at best. Clare had mentioned that their ‘general forgetfulness’ may be a symptom of their condition and be cleared up with time and treatment. It did not help in this moment, however, “I legitimately think that you would know better than me in that regard.”

“What we have is what we have and we are building on it every day. This conversation is proof. But I want you to know my accepting you means accepting all of you, including the relationships that I am not a part of. It means a lot to me to protect them as much as it means to keep you safe within the context of what we have.”

Donna looked down, unsure of how to even respond to Madison’s maturity and kindness, “We’re so lucky to have you in our life. I hope you know that.”

“I do. Because I’m just as lucky.”

“So, we’re using the crystal, we’re going to make sure I can reject anything I recognize as not for me, it won’t impact my other relationships… I think we have our bases covered? I can’t think of anything more. Can you?”

“I can’t. Would you like a night to sleep on it and see if you think of anything? I want to be careful.”

Donna shook her head resolutely, “I’ll overthink it if we let time pass and if I don’t then Bell will.”

Madison took a beat to consider that point and agreed with a curt nod, “Fair.” she paused a little to let the emotions of the moment pass by and for Donna to be comfortable, “This is an important trance, though. I want to make sure you agree with everything that will happen before we do it.”

Donna withered a little in disappointment but conceded, “You’re right.”

“Can you please give me few moments to write out a script to get my words right?” Madison asked, “It’s important.”

“I agree.”

Madison reached off camera again and returned with a familiar notebook and pen. The very same one that Donna had her write hypnotic lines on just before the visit.

“I’m still here.” Madison assured, starting to pen her thoughts, “I’m not going anywhere.”

Donna believed her. Donna knew.

Over the next few minutes Donna watched Madison as she carefully penned a script. Every now and again she paused to collect her thoughts or doubled back to rephrase something which she had felt needed clarification. Soon enough she lay the book down on her bed and took a photo with her phone.

“And sent.” she announced.

It was her turn to watch as her partner silently engaged in a task. Donna pulled out her tablet and began examining the image, reading line after line. The words were selected with care and offered Donna agency and respect.

“I want to make sure you know that setting a boundary like this is something I appreciate and encourage. I don’t want you trying to be something or someone you’re not. Not for me.”

Donna looked up from her tablet back to Madison, “I feel loved and respected and seen.” she assured Madsion.

“I’m glad.”

“You took a lot of care with the wording. I don’t have any complaints. Maybe add a line to speak to Bella and assure her that she gets to keep everything? I don’t know if she pays attention in these moments but it couldn’t hurt to strengthen the divide by speaking to another part while I’m under.”

Madison picked up her notebook again and added a note to herself, “I don’t like speaking through any of you… but I can make sure that the script mentions we are doing it so I can safely play with Bella. That will reassure her without having to address her directly.”

Donna nodded, “I like that. Thank you.”

“I’ll also add a line in to ensure that you’re grounded. I don’t know if I would be able to notice a switch in the middle of the session and if Bella reacts to hearing her name or just looking at the crystal and hearing me intentionally use my hypnotic voice–”

“It’s a good idea. Honestly, I would have expected a switch when I went under before. This is uncharted territory for me.”

“For both of us.” Madison noted, “But we talk through it and find a way to make it work, don’t we?”

“That we do.” Donna sighed with a light grin, “It works out well that way, I think.”

“I think so too.” Madison responded, before laying the notebook down and looking at the camera with intent, “Then are you ready?” 

“I am.”

Madison held up the crystal again and let it catch her ceiling light. The camera did not do it justice but Bella’s memory of it glinting in the hotel was fresh in Donna’s mind and the anchor had as much impact now on her as it had back then on Madison’s sweetling.

“That’s it…” Madison whispered, slipping into her lush hypnotist voice, “I’ve got you.”

Madison had performed hypnosis countless times in her decade-plus of experience and with a variety of partners but she seldom approached her induction with this much delicate care. This was neither kinky fun nor an educational display, it was a display of raw trust and vulnerability.

It reminded her greatly of their first trance together during the convention.

Donna breathed in slowly and watched the crystal dangle on the other side of the screen. Her shoulder slumped and her breathing became deep and heavy.

“Breathe in and out. Let yourself focus on the crystal.” Madison started. Her normal hypnotic patter would have reinforced the sensations of trance, while asking her to associate in with how relaxing it felt to stare and how every breath would allow for it to become easier for her to slide into hypnosis. This trance was not for training a hypnotee to naturally experience depth. So much of the standard routine of hypnosis was in building those connections and here she was delicately working to ensure Donna had the agency to break those associations at her will.

“Let yourself go deeper now, Donna, sinking with the knowledge that you can end this at any time…” she continued, pushing in on the assurances of personal agency, “Knowing that it’s safe for you to engage or disengage as you see fit.”

Safe…” Donna slurred, in a voice so unlike Bella’s hypnotized tone.

“If it would help, you can Notice Me taking your hand in mine. I’m here.” Madison assured. Donna’s entranced smile blossomed and she squeezed Elphie close to her chest.

“That’s it. I’ve got you. You can let go now. Just for a moment. I’m here and I’m not going anywhere and you can stay with me too, just for this time. If you notice yourself switching into any other part you all can let me know and we can check in, but for now it’s okay for you to remain with me in this moment, Donna.”

Donna’s nose crinkled a moment before melting back.

“Are you okay?” Madison asked. She was nervous about the concept of a part switch in the middle of this scene and wanted to take every opportunity to check that the scene was going smoothly. Donna deserved that much.

Green.” she automatically replied, tone undeniably that of Donna “Still here. Safe with you.

Madison’s heart was warmed to be so trusted and so loved by her typically dominant partner. She cursed the distance between them as she continued, she wanted so much to just hold her, “--and you know that choice will always be with you.” she continued, “Whenever I am playing with your shared mind, you can recognize when it is appropriate for you to react to a suggestion and when it is okay for you to let it drift by. Knowing that these suggestions are here to ensure Bella and I can continue playing safely.”

Donna squeezed on Elphie again on her side of the screen, her serene smile still present.

“Notice Me love you, Donna, and everything that we share. And as you Notice Me holding your hand you may remember that the suggestions that you decide to keep will work just as strongly as before, even as you accept the choice to disregard any suggestions you feel would not benefit you.”

Donna visibly relaxed on her side of the screen, Elphie sliding into her lap as her arms fell by her sides.

“There you go…” Madison cooed, relieved that it was going smoothly, “And any time you feel a piece of conditioning that I mean for another part start to impact you, you can acknowledge the fact that it’s not for you. That the Silver Crystal and any other triggers for Bella simply will have no effect on you.”

Donna nodded serenely.

“Good…” Madison sighed, “Then letting those thoughts settle in deep you can come back up at your own pace. Letting all those suggestions sink in.”

Donna lingered a moment before gently opening her eyes. Any fears Madison had about mid-scene switching were put to rest the moment Donna’s eyebrows elevated and a smirk spread across those lips. A Donna expression if ever there was one.

“Well… that went well, I think. Can you show me the crystal again so I can confirm?”

“Of course, love.” Madison responded, holding the chain up and letting the crystal shimmer towards her webcam.

Donna regarded it and though her softer side stirred in excitement from her seat within the library, Donna herself felt no overwhelming compulsion to stare and let her thoughts fade into reverie.

“I think it worked out alright.” Donna confirmed with a relieved smirk.

“I’m glad.” Madison replied, reaching over to put the crystal out of sight again.

“Wait a second…” Donna said slowly, “Hold it up again, closer to the camera for me.”

Madison didn’t see any reason not to and did as she was asked, letting the shimmering pendant twist on its chain in front of the webcam.

“It really is pretty…” Donna said, her voice dipping low, “I can see why Bella has such a difficult time keeping herself from staring helplessly at it.” Madison’s breathing caught as she began to understand what was happening. 

“It’s okay to stare for yourself, lass…” Donna assured, “You may watch the glimmers of light and how they catch your attention and then flitter away. Sparkling in and out of focus as you just watch and relax and let yourself go.” She paused for a moment to watch and see Madison react and follow along, “Let go now.” She firmly insisted, “Don’t fight it, don’t resist, just let yourself drift down and down and deep into hypnosis.”

Madison watched the lights glimmer, her grip on the chain becoming lighter as she followed Miss Donna’s directions, eyes drooping as the familiar pull of trance invited her to sink.

“Drop.” Donna commanded.

And Madison obeyed, flopping back down against her mattress.

“Now…” Donna husked triumphantly, “Where were we? Ah, yes… I was asking you to praise me more… and I think that is a lovely idea, don’t you? To have an opportunity to just gush about your wonderful and powerful hypnotist and let her know all the reasons why she truly deserved to be praised?”

‘es Miss Donna…” came the soft reply.

“That’s my good lass, and so knowing you always have the ability to reject the compulsion should it not serve you in the moment, I’d like for you to feel a drive to praise me more when I tell you to. You will do this for me, won’t you?”

“‘es Miss Donna…” Madison whispered again.

“Then allow yourself to breathe in and come back on 3-2-1.”

Madison drew back up and stretched. “Sneaky, sneaky.” She chided, mocking an incredulous glare.

Donna did a theatrical bow to the camera, a wide grin plastered on her lips, “Ah, thank you, my dear. Do feel free to praise me more…

Madison breathed in and swooned out a sigh as the compulsion washed over her, “Oh, my love…” she sighed out, her voice a little enchanted for the hypnotic push, “You’re clever and witty and brilliant and know how to push all my buttons and I just love you… I love you…”

Donna blew a kiss to the camera, her expression buzzing with pride for how well it had paid off, “Oh I do like that one. I shall enjoy using it more in the future.” Donna boasted.

“It gives me reasons to gush about you and I do like to do that.” Madison merrily replied.

“Happy to be of service, my love. You did such a remarkable job taking care of me and… I just wish for you to know how much I adore and appreciate you. I know you know this and yet I need to say it all the same. I’d not trust my mind to someone I didn’t trust as much as I do you.”

“Thank you, Miss Donna. Thank you for trusting me and letting me. I should have tightened up my suggestions when I made them. I know better than that. I teach better than that.” Madison grumbled.

“Please don’t beat yourself up, it wasn’t your fault and you took good care of me, my love and we didn’t know about our situation when these suggestions were made. We can only act with the information we have.”

“I’ll be more careful in the future.” Madison promised.

“And we will utilize more hypnotee agency. Lessons have been learned. No harm, no foul. All is well and we are stronger for having had this moment together.” as she spoke she pulled Elphie up close to her chest again and squeezed her tightly, “Notice Me hold you close, my love.”

Madison held her arms around her body, experiencing the long distance hug in all its warmth and affection, “Notice Me hold you back, love.”

Donna closed her eyes and focused on the tactile sensation of the hypnotic embrace and the very real sensation of the love infused plush toy in her arms. She reached inward again and could feel Bell and Bella both enjoying the embrace just the same from their place in the library.

“You did a wonderful job, beloved.”

Madison grinned back at the camera and winked, “Praise me more.”

Thank you for reading! As always comments and feedback appreciated. Follow me on Twitter @Camden_Dawn or Tumblr at MissCammieDawn for future updates and info.


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