Self discovery through servitude

New Concepts

by KonradKurze

Tags: #brainwash #happy_slaves #scifi #sub:female #Terran_Union #aliens #corporate #covert_conditioning #CW:dubious_consent #first_person #hypnotic_machine #hypnotic_music #sex_toy #subliminal

You find out multiple new facts about the Itrexians that begins to reshape your view of them.

You were really getting some mileage out of that relaxation device the Itrexians gave you. You used it twice a day, one in the morning and once in the evening. It did wonders for your stress. It also made you a bit curious about the company that gave the device in the first place since apparently a few of the other girls you knew also got one. They really seemed to enjoy it, even if they were a bit suspicious about the Itrexians that provided them. Your friend Tamara Hendricks was a bit suspicious like you, but she didn't seem to hostile to them as the other girls still were. So, a week after you got it, you decided to do some digging one Friday evening.

The first stop was Xellogra's homepage. You raised an eyebrow when you saw how much the company was supposed to be worth and possess in assets. Since it was their own homepage, they would have quite the incentive to stretch the truth. You had to check a few different sources to make sure what you were seeing was true and they all matched what was being said on Xellogra's site. The company was worth 30 trillion credits in total.

You'd been visited and given a gift by representatives of an incredibly wealthy corporation. Your heart picked up a bit of speed. You felt flattered, honored even. All of a sudden, you felt a bit frustrated as well. You were too cold to them, too eager to have them leave.

It wouldn't have been too much of a hassle to at least invite them in, offer them something to drink, let them demonstrate the device themselves.

Let them know how to contact you again. You shook your head and kept browsing for more info. It was then that you decided to look into Itrixian culture, specifically their mating behaviors.

This wasn't the first time you did this. When you were a teenager, your computer was full of info regarding alien courtship rituals and sexual practices. Your brother's girlfriend Natalie found this out when she visited and you forgot to minimize the window describing how Jalkobian women ritually pursued and bound their husbands during a ceremonial 'wedding hunt.' 

It was during you present search when you found something interesting. The Itrexian's had been practicing the concepts you knew of as capitalism for nearly four millennia and its influence even reached into their more carnal traditions. Itrexians would vie for the attentions of those they were attracted to by showing their own profits as well as those of their employers as well as tokens of their individual wealth. Working for a well established business did nothing to harm their appeal, and being employed by one of Itrexia's megacorporations was a major boost. This was done by both males and females who also followed up these displays of financial success with very blunt offers of sex.

That made you start wondering something. What would you do if an Itrexian courted you in such a manner? How would you respond to them showing you how well they and the business they worked for were doing?


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