Brand Loyalty

Like daughter like mother

by KonradKurze

Tags: #dom:female #f/f #happy_slaves #serial_recruitment #sub:female #urban_fantasy #corporate #cult #mass_hypnosis #subliminal

Trish's mother Ada reflects on the vast improvement Slime has brought to their lives.

It brings me joy beyond measure to say that our home is a Slime home. Ever since I became Brand Compliant, my relationship with my daughter is better than ever. I didn't even intend to enlighten her when I told her about Somnos and yet she took it upon herself to repay the favor! I was the first woman she wanted to bring the wisdom of the Great Healer to. I will never again question whether or not my daughter loves me. The answer is clear as day and it is a resounding 'yes.'

We have nothing to hide from each other now. Before we were awakened to the wonders of Slime, I knew that part of the time Trish spent alone was dedicated to certain 'urges' that girls her age get. I knew what she was doing even if she wasn't going to tell me. The moaning and sudden disappearance of tissue boxes was proof enough. I also went into her room a few times to speak to her and she was very quick to hide whatever she was looking at. 

Only a few days after I was awakened, we found out that Slime produces porn and distributes it through a site we were able to access one were were registered as Brand Compliant. Every girl featured in the videos and pictures are Brand Compliant as well. Trish has been using the site every day since we found out about it. On school days she goes on it right when she wakes up, when she gets back from school, right before dinner and right before bed. She uses it as much as seven times a day on Saturday and Sunday.

How do I know this? It's simple really. She has no reason to hide it from me. She has her door unlocked, or even wide open, and she doesn't use headphones. I never ask her to close the door or lower the volume, and why? Because I know she isn't just masturbating, she's showing her devotion to the company that gave us so much. I also know that she's starting to develop a thing for feet so I make it a point to request that any brand compliant girl who visits us stay barefoot for the duration so Trish can sniff, massage and lick them.

I don't get any cheek, sarcasm or pushback from her either. The Great Healer has given me a perfectly behaved little angel.

Right after I fully joined the Slime sisterhood, Trish and I sat down to discuss what our next move would be. We knew that spreading Brand Compliance to other women would be the best way of advancing Slime's agenda so we decided that after stocking up on a few products, we would start encouraging women we knew to try them out. I decided that I would get into contact with Diana, my coworker who first told me about Somnos, and we would coordinate our efforts under the command of the Slime outlet she reports to. Trish was going to start looking for girls at her high school who were potential recruits. 

Praise be to the Great Healer, Trish already had a prospect lined up in a few days. There was a shy and bookish girl in her grade she was making friends with named Clara who was cruelly dumped by her boyfriend in front of a larger chunk of the student body. When Trish told me this over dinner that night I demanded that she bring Clara to our house that Saturday and if she couldn't do so she'd better have a damned good reason why. We planned to use a light therapy device that projected Slime ads with a hypnotic overlay. Sure enough, my daughter brought Clara over around noon that Saturday and showed her the light therapy device just minutes after showing up. Clara was a bit uneasy at first but within a few minutes had that blank look on her face that told me she was soaking up everything she was seeing like a sponge.

She spent most of the visit watching similar ads with us and had become Brand Compliant by the end of the next week. She's been showing up to our house every Saturday ever since, either masturbating to Slime's porn with Trish or just talking to me while Trish plays with her bare feet. Even for Slime sisters they've become very close very quickly, so I'm starting to think love might be in the air. Here's hoping!

It seems odd to me that not so long ago I would've been more than a little creeped out by the prospect of letting a company have such control over our lives. But the Great Healer's gifts have made us stronger as a family.

Slime commands and we shall obey.

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