Brand Loyalty

Soothed into subservience

by KonradKurze

Tags: #dom:female #f/f #happy_slaves #serial_recruitment #sub:female #urban_fantasy #corporate #cult #mass_hypnosis #subliminal

A girl on one of Slime's secret forums talks about how one of the company's products relieved her of more than just her stress.

Hiya! My name's Trish Watson. I'm a high school junior and, as of three days ago, fully Brand Compliant! Slime has done so much to help me and I look at the Great Healer with nothing but the purest admiration. Since I'm part of the Slime sisterhood now, ya'll can consider this a testimonial for the company to use as they see fit!

I really wasn't in a good place when I first started my journey to Brand Compliance. My parents had a pretty messy divorce and my mom and I moved from Newark to Tampa once she got custody of me. I knew no one at my new school and making friends was an even tougher prospect than I thought. I was doing pretty well in my classes but that was hardly enough to improve my mood. Add to that the early stages of a sleep disorder and you can the picture of what my life was like before I received the wisdom of the Great Healer.

Almost two weeks ago, my mom and I were talking one afternoon when she told me about Slime's Somnos app. She said a woman at her new workplace used it and she was pretty chipper whenever my mom saw her. I was a bit skeptical about listening to white noise while I slept but I downloaded the app anyway.

I'm so happy to say that was the first and last time I ever questioned the company. The first night I used Somnos, I got the best sleep I had in months. I felt a lot less tense than I did the day before. It was like these taut wires in my head started to go slack and lost a lot of their tension. I also felt myself cheering up whenever I saw a Slime logo. 

The second night I used it, I felt like I could her a woman whispering to me while I slept. I couldn't quite make it out but her voice sounded so soothing. It made me feel like I was being coaxed back to sleep after a nightmare. I knew this was a voice I could trust. And I'm so glad I trusted it. 

After my third night using Somnos, I realized how good of an idea it'd be to outsource a portion of my thinking to Slime. It'd go a long way toward reducing my stress if the company was putting together some of my thoughts and opinions instead of doing it all on my own. A more Slime-centric worldview would make me a lot happier in the long run, or as I I've seen posted here a few times, I just needed to 'drench my brain with slime.' I was first told of the Great Healer that night. She was like a fairy godmother mixed with Buddha.

By day four, I knew what was happening to me, and I couldn't wait for the process to finish. I was on my way to becoming Brand Compliant. A corporate girl with the Slime logo painted onto her brain, the company's praises on her lips and a heart brimming with love for the Great Healer. I was like a butterfly about to come out of its cocoon.

That final night was nothing short of amazing. The Great Healer told me that I was ready to join the Slime sisterhood and that I needed to make their agenda my own. I needed to take up Slime's values and spread them to as many women as I could. Not only that, but I would take pleasure in serving Slime. And since Slime had done so much for me, I owed them one orgasm a day. I woke up the next morning a devoted disciple of the Greater Healer and a loyal servant of Slime. I had made the company a part of myself, and its goals were now my goals.

Once I woke up, the first thing I did was fire up my computer and go to the site the Great Healer told me to in order to submit my personal information. Once that was done, I wrote out a simple message in the comment box. 'Slime's newest asset awaits orders.'

Mom wasn't part of the Slime sisterhood when she first told me about the app, but don't you worry, I'm fixing that! All I needed to do was tell her to give Somnos a whirl for herself and she listened to it the first time last night.

I'll update you all on how things go. The Great Healer be praised!

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