Brand Loyalty

An unexpected new hire

by KonradKurze

Tags: #dom:female #f/f #happy_slaves #serial_recruitment #sub:female #urban_fantasy #corporate #cult #mass_hypnosis #subliminal

An employee of a Slime store takes an innovate approach to dealing with a robber.

I just want to start off by saying that I'm amazed with how much people are liking this story. I got the original idea after watching a video by the YouTube 'iilluminaughtii' about Gwenyth Paltrow's company 'Goop'. Now back to our story.

Please miss, there's no need for violence or such language. I don't have a gun on me, I'll just open the register and the display case and we can part ways amicably. I don't think anyone else is gonna come in for a while, it's been a slow day so far. It's just me and two other employees plus the manager.

That? The green teardrop looking one? It's a meditation crystal, part of a new line we're selling. Our store's one of the few that's got them so far, we're still doing consumer testing before we go for a wider release. It's not exactly one of a kind but they're pretty hard to get a hold of right now. Sure, have a look. Isn't cool how the light dances on it? It's so radiant, so soothing, so eye-catching. So calming. 

See, ma'am there's nothing to worry about. No reason to have the gun out. That's it, just turn on the safety and lay it down on the counter. What's your name? Hazel? Gotta tell ya, I'm digging that name right now. Same with your bod to be honest. I wasn't gonna say this when you still had the gun in your hand, but yowza! That pistol's not the only thing you're packing! What are you a CC cup? You're a D? Wow, that sweater hides a lot.

Oh, hi Janet! Her? Yeah she's entranced. Listen, I had an idea but I wanted to run it by you first. Could I take her to your office for ten minutes? I just need this and one of the remote control vibrators. Thanks boss! Alright you, come with me. Please, have a seat, I just need to make a few adjustments before we start. Alright, that's your jeans and panties out of the way so all we need is...there we go! And now for the final touch. Feels amazing doesn't it? We get a lot of good customer reviews for them.

Now, I want you to keep looking at the crystal and listening to my voice. It's been so long since you've felt this good, hasn't it? Yeah, I'll bet. A robber's life has to be so stressful. But I'm willing to bet you don't feel any of that stress right now, am I right? Good. Say, do you know why this particular crystal looks the way it does? It's because it's supposed to look like our corporate logo. The very same logo on the remote control for the vibrator buzzing away inside you. The same vibrator giving you so much pleasure right now.

Pleasure that's the courtesy of Slime. I want you to focus on that, Hazel. The company is the reason you're feeling so good right now. And if you think that feels good, imagine how me and my coworkers feel. We get to feel like this all the time thanks to Slime and the Great Healer. Wouldn't you want that? Never-ending joy. Don't lie to me, I can see that dopy grin on your face. I remember what you called me when you first took your gun out. A corporate bitch. They way I see it, becoming what you told me must sound fantastic right now. Do me a favor, I want you to repeat the words 'blissful brainwashed corporate bitch' as you build up to a climax.

Ah, music to my ears. Bout time for the dam to burst. Did you like it, your first orgasm courtesy of Slime? Do want more? Tons more? Wonderful. I can tell already you want to drench your brain with Slime. Boss, do you mind if I spend a bit more time with our visitor? New hire? Oh, I get it. Leave it to me. Thanks!

Well Hazel, I got good news. I thought I was just gonna put you on the path to becoming Brand Compliant like us but it looks like the boss has other plans. So if you'll just put your panties and jeans back on, you'll be all ready to start your employee orientation.

I can promise you that you'll find it positively enthralling.

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