The Joys of Waking Up

The one chapter where I don't do the usual thing and the Little One just gets fucked

by JustALittleOne

Tags: #cw:CGL #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #transgender_characters #drug_play #futanari #Human_Domestication_Guide #just_warm_and_fuzzy_feelings #lactation #mindless #weight_loss #wholesome

So... This chapter is lewd as all heck, and that futanari tag is absolutely going to come into effect here >.>

Also, CW for slight mentions of blood and biting. Not to a sadistic extant, but it's there so I may as well mention it.

This is just a general warning for anyone who might dislike reading about dicks, if this ain't your style, don't be afraid to skip on this chapter. I'll summerize it at the end notes.

"Ah. I see."
It's not like she could resist the hypnotic gaze of an Affini demanding her to talk the truth. Soon enough, it came out. "Y-Yeah…"
"But sweetheart, how is it selfish to want to live your best self?"
"I mean… Leaving her behind? I feel bad about it, okay?... And I know that I probably won't even remember her if I didn't want to, but I feel stuck. I can do this, which I want to, and leave her behind, or… Stay, and love her like she deserves, but also be tormented with existing like I usually do…"

Now that the Little One's wraps came off in full, she could truly appreciate the divine sensation that was having her ears scratched. Her Mama's fingers were juuuust right, to the point that she found herself mindlessly leaning into her palm while her Mama gave her ear scritches, before turning her head to the other side when one side got a bit too overwhelmed so she could also scratch the other. She could do this for hours on end, time seemed to utterly lose meaning when she could just focus on her Mama's blissful fingers hitting all the right nerves and sending her tired and incoherent brain straight to heaven.
That, however, was not even the biggest change she got lately. Because soon after her ears fully recovered… She got new legs!
Big, fluffy, kitty legs. With toe beans as well to boot. It was pretty weird to wake up to that one. Something she didn't expect was how her legs would now bend, seeing as they were now digitigrade, a feature that very much went against her own instinctive human biology. But, a quick session of hypnosis and training fixed that right up. She couldn't walk quite yet, there was still time required for her muscles to fully adjust. But, now up to her hips and including, she finally looked like the perfect mix between human and kitty.
Besides, it's not like she could complain. Her Mama carried her over everywhere, and nothing beat having two warm hands holding her close, brushing against her legs, and making her purr in such dulcet tones that it was like music in and of itself.
And it was on one such day, where she was having her evening bath, with her Mama washing her body in tow and soaping up her body, that she a good look at herself. She was so different… but so pretty! Something finally sat right with her. Like, an itch she couldn't scratch. Though maybe that was because her Mama had the best hands and gave the best scritches.
She watched and marveled as her arms were lifted, one by one, and her armpits tickled a little while getting washed. Not to mention her head, and though she couldn't see it without the mirror, she could definitely feel how sensitive she was around her ears. And her new legs too, and how when her Mama cleaned her toe beans she got all tingly.
Of course, that led her attention to looking down between her legs. And more specifically, what was between them. The length she had… she wasn't sad with it. It never really bothered her. But what surprised her to notice was that there was something else under it. Something that, thanks to the drugs she's been taking to change her body, has been growing and changing for a while now, before finally blooming.
A slit.
"You finally noticed, hmm? It's about time~" she heard her Mama chuckle, and crossed her legs while blushing. Which only made her thighs rub against each other, further eliciting a small moan from the kitten's mouth.
"Shh… It's okay kitten." Her Mama cooed, tracing a finger across her cheek. "You're allowed to enjoy your body, okay? I gave you all these things so you can live your best life. And I want you to enjoy every second of it, even your naughty needs~"
The Little One still hesitated. She didn't really know why. She loved her Mama. And she trusted her too. But something about just letting herself be like this felt… So embarrassing. Most likely a bad habit from long, long ago, still rooted in her mind. Thankfully however, Magnolia was an expert about dealing with such tendencies. She produced her pad, accessing her floret's implant interface, containing her new favorite way to excite her little human. Something she affectionately called "human-nip", after looking into the feline species on old Terra.
Before she knew it, the Little One felt every single inhibition she had in her head shatter into a million small pieces that were basically unrecognizable. Her Mama was so pretty. So hot. She always thought that way, but now without anything to hold her back… She wanted her. So, so badly. Turning around and trying to plant a desperate kiss on her lips. Wanting to be touched, to be fucked. To be taken and marked as her Mama's, in more ways than just having a fancy collar or her body modified could show.
A kiss that would soon be reciprocated, as Magnolia leaned back, kissing her pet, opening her mouth just enough to let her tongue in, exploring it and then sending her own right back. The two locked lips, with Magnolia taking the lead and sending shivers down her pet's spine.
As her breathing grew hitched and ragged, and her tongue lolled out uncontrollably, she kept grinding against her Mama. She knew Affini didn't have what she wanted between their legs, but she needed it. Needed it so bad that her mewls became borderline obscene moans and yowls that begged without any language or words to explain them. Luckily for her, her Mama knew what she wanted. After all, Magnolia spent plenty of time taking care of human florets. And attuning class N's to their unique physiology had her… Intimately acquainted with the concept of the human reproductive organs.
Which, of course, she had no issues mimicking.
The Little One gasped as she felt something grow between her legs. Her Mama was so smart! A sturdier than average vine, though just as warm and cozy as the rest of her Mama's body, stood in attention as the Little One yowled her heart out. She even mimicked the shape. Something that sparked a glint of excitement from the Little One, practically salivating and yowling like there's no tomorrow. She waited, however. She had to wait. It was bad to take without being given permission. And she trusted her Mama. That she won't be hurt. Or have to wait desperately.
"Go ahead little one. Enjoy yourself~"
With that, she was fully taken over by her instincts, pushing down against her Mama and feeling her slit split wide open. It took her a good few seconds to adjust, seeing as her Mama was just so big. It almost felt like her entire body was being split apart, but instead of extreme pain, all she felt was just a deep, aching need for more and untold bliss.
Once she was able to move again, however, she realized just how sensitive her new genitalia was. Each push and pull came with so much force. She almost had a hard time pulling herself up, and just wanting to stay with her Mama inside her forever. But then came the other need. To mate. To breed.
Those were frivolous things now, of course. It's not like an Affini and a human could effectively reproduce. And yet, the animalistic urge locked deep inside her primal brain was fully unchained to move her body, causing the Little One to keep bouncing. Looking deep into her caretaker's eyes and moaning out with each thrust.
Magnolia, for her end, would be lying if she said she didn't see the appeal. Humans, they were so… Carnal. All it took was a bit of encouragement, and you could see exactly where they came from. Their own animalistic origins. She lovingly wrapped her arms around her pet, blushing as she did. Her face became a mixture of deep crimson, gold, orange, a whole slew of other colors that adorned her face, before she finally gave out a single moan. "Oh stars… This is better than I thought… Keep going kitten. Keep going~"
And keep going she did, bouncing and moving and grinding her new pussy against her Mama's shaft, eagerly waiting for the blissful orgasm that was to come. She wasn't sure what was going to come out of an Affini, but at that point she didn't care either way. She just wanted to feel good. To feel warm inside. And her Mama made her feel all those things and then some.
She could feel it coming again. That surge of pleasure that would wash up over her entire body, taking away any capacity to function with it. Her Mama noticed, and only further encouraged her, placing two arms on her hips, guiding the kitten up and down, in an almost hypnotic rhythm.
Although, Magnolia wasn't going to just let her kitten have a mind blowing orgasm and be done with it. That would be too little. And her pet deserved so much more. She wanted to be marked, after all.
And so, waiting for the split second moment before the Little One would cum her brains out, Magnolia opened her mouth, leaned down to the human's shoulder, and… Bit.
Her world exploded. The pain of a marking bite, as well as the feeling of something going inside her body. Most likely sap, causing the kitty to shout at the top of her lungs, cumming hard. Her own shaft spurting out juices, her slit tightening with a vice grip, refusing to let her Mama pull out. She needed this so bad. So, so bad. The single moment of her orgasm stretched into what felt like an eternity.
As the Affini let her teeth out, she brought a vine to wipe the reminders of blood off. Not that there was much, but it was enough. Her Little One looked so exhausted, that she had to lift her pet herself to retract this new organ she grew so she can clean her kitten. She could really get behind this. Having her floret get so needy for attention and love.
"Look, little one. You're so much prettier now~" she turned the Little One's attention to the mirror. Now, visible next to her gold blonde hair, she had the teeth mark of her Affini owner, scarred into her flesh in a nice, smooth pattern. She didn't even feel the pain. Just the joyous bliss that came from being marked and claimed yet again. Something that she always wanted. A deep yearning within her heart finally fulfilled.
However, the Little One couldn't end it there. She made her Mama dirty. She had to clean. That was what a good girl does. And so, with Magnolia watching her intently, she caved under her basic urges and began to lick her clean, specifically her nether regions, lapping up her own cum and making sure her Mama was spotless. A nice surprise came with it when she realized her own cum was so tasty now. And she purred while lapping it up, barely cognizant of anything outside of her own little world with her Mama. Every tiny sensation on her skin has been heightened to a beautiful degree, so vivid and clear. Every sound she heard, every scent that entered her nose. All of them magnified, amplified so. And she loved every single second of it.
By the end, Magnolia picked the shivering, yet purring kitten out of the bath. She was barely conscious as is. Tired and exhausted from their little play. She giggled to herself, as she cuddled the Little One all the way to the bed, and then inside it. "Such a good girl… you did so well for Mama little one…" she kept praising and scratching her ears. Things that the Little One couldn't help but purr at. The only measure of response available to her at the moment, seeing as the rest of her body was more or less shut down entirely.
The little one could feel her Mama's arms and vines wrap around her. A cocoon of warmth and safety. Perfect for a still recovering kitten who needs her Mama to protect her. All while raising her head to the Affini's chest. "There. I know it won't be the same as a human, but… I did dedicate some time to growing something you'd enjoy~"
What was presented to her was a nipple. Or at least, the closest version her Affini owner could perform. The biological details weren't important. What was important was how she latched onto it, and sucked, letting her most basic instincts guide her. And what came out was… Nectar. It was sweet and calming, and she couldn't get enough of it, wrapping her arms around her Mama in a dire need to never let go. To always be here. "Shhh… It's okay kitten. You can stay. I promise."
And her world went dark, falling into the comforting confines of sleep as she felt her Mama give her a forehead kiss.

For those who didn't really read the flat out smut: Kitty got new legs and new bite marks on her shoulder. She's now a properly marked and claimed kitten, even beyond the implant.

Also... For those who read it, I hope you enjoyed <3

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