The Joys of Waking Up

Lost to The Warmth

by JustALittleOne

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"In that case… Why not live together?"
"But…" The Terran shook her head. "I don't… I don't want this anymore. Now that I know I can just, let someone else take care of me, I don't… I don't want to go back…"
"Not what I meant, flower." The Affini pet her head softly. "Why not live together… here?"
"B-But what if she doesn't want that?..."

Something changed in the Little One after she was marked. Nothing major. But she just had this glint in her eyes. This sparkle of true and pure joy that no amount of xenodrugs could ever possibly fulfill. Just amplify, but not give outright. And it all stemmed from that wonderful pattern of teeth that now etched to her shoulder, right between it and her neck.
And her Mama was so loving. So caring. She cleaned her, and made sure her kitten wasn't hurt afterwards. Giving her plenty of attention and ensuring that she was safe, that there was no infection, that the healing process was done properly.
Now she had this scar mark on her, that she never ever wanted to part with. It made her so utterly happy. And beautiful.
And so, as morning came, she snuggled up to her Mama's vines and arms, taking a look in the bedside mirror. True, most of her body was hidden, but she could still see it. How beautiful she was. Her hair, that she had to painstakingly grow on her own, now reached almost her feet in length. And instead of that old brown color, was now a magnificent gold, adorned with a cute pair of kitty ears that twitched at the mere thought of how cute she was. Not to mention her cute tail, flicking about all over and sharing the same color as her hair.
And her arms! She could never forget about her arms. Every meal time would turn into a small game of how many fruits and veggies she can hold at once before munching on them. And meat too! Her Mama knew her so well, she gave her exactly the food she needed to stay healthy and strong.
Even if sometimes she wanted to nurse from her Mama directly, but wasn't sure how to ask. Or form any coherent words for that matter.
There were also her nice, toned legs. Covered in bright fur, and ending with paws. Just glancing at them made her happy stim again, bouncing her foot against her Mama's body over and over in instinct. At least it didn't wake her up, or so the Little One hoped.
Not to mention the rest of her body, or at least, what was left from her human form, was also gorgeous. Her skin was so soft, sometimes she lost herself for hours on end, just rubbing her own skin to feel how gentle it was. There was no hair on her body either, except for her furry arms and legs, though she didn't complain about those. She was so pretty.
She could've easily just laid there, letting her Mama sleep in like usual and purr to make them both all comfy and warm. But she knew that her Mama wouldn't like to be lazy. She was a very important person that made a lot of people happy! And the Little One loved being hers, and watching alllllll the other florets who come into their hab smile and laugh and live happier lives, all thanks to her adoring and caring Mama. She reached up, to kiss her Mama's lips, before reaching out and licking her cheek with her relatively rough tongue. A gentle wake up call from a gentle pet.
Of course, she was excited to start the day as well. Today was park day! Her Mama decided that she needed some time to socialize with others, so every couple of days she'd take her down to the park to play. And she'd meet other Affini and their florets, and sometimes that very nice trio she met would show up, and give her a whole lot of pats and ear scritches, which made her drool and purr without any semblance of control more often than not. Usually she wouldn't like to see so many people at once, but her Mama made that fear go away a long time ago.
"I'm up, I'm up…" She heard Magnolia's voice ring out softly, as the Affini's body stirred to life. With an excited yelp, the Little One couldn't help but stim and move and gently thrash about, trying to make her Mama get up faster in her own little way.
Usually, a more stern Affini might have disciplined their pet for acting up like that. She was sleeping soundly, only to get a wake up call from a kitten who couldn't control herself. But… One look at her adoring and innocent face, and Magnolia melted away. How could she punish such a sweet pet? How could she not adore her and shower her with praise every day for how good of a girl she is. She never fought back. She never acted out intentionally. She never did anything that would upset her Mama in the very least. But above all that…
She just wanted to give this one tired terran the happiness she deserved.
Something that Magnolia couldn't help but find endearing. "Someone's excited to go, are we? So cute~" She kissed her pet's head, and went to fetch her some clothes, deciding to match her wild nature with a loose white blouse, a large sharwal with plenty of room, and her favorite collar, attaching an actual bell to it this time. "This oughta make sure I don't lose you anywhere…" She approached the bed, in which her kitten happily sat up and exposed her neck with the bike mark in tow, allowing her Mama to collar her.
Her tail was practically wagging all over the place when she felt the clasp of the collar close around her neck proper. And she got up to her kitty feet, And reached out with all four arms, waiting for her Mama to pick her up and hug her close. She was way more used to the feeling of soft, wooden arms and vines around her than the soft mattress of the bed anyway. "Maybe I should invest in a hammock for you…" Magnolia thought as she reached down, picking up her kitten who happily nuzzled her chest with a gleeful purr. "But, that can come later. For now… Let's go."
Despite how high their hab was, the Little One was never afraid. Her Mama would always protect her and nourish her. And she had a nice nap on the way down too. By the time she woke up, they were already down on the street, with plenty of Affini once again coming over. Some she even recognized, reaching out and nuzzling their vines or hands as they gave her pats.
After a few more minutes of being carried, as well as a short nap in between, they arrived. The Little One mewled happily while she saw the endless pastures of the park stretch out. This time, her Mama walked in deeper, finding a nice tree to sit next to. She let the kitten down, who just stared at her longingly. Even when she was close, she always wanted to be near her Mama. "It's okay dear. Go play. I'll be here if you need cuddles and affection, okay?~" She mewled as she watched her Mama pull out her pad, tapping on it and reading something idly as the Little One was left to her devices.
But… She didn't really know what to do. Or where to go.
So, she decided to explore. She was gonna have her own small adventure! Getting up to her feet, the Little One walked around, the bell ringing idly as she did. She always looked back, making sure her Mama was always in sight. Worst case, she could always just bolt back straight to her Mama for adoring pats and affection, and also naps. She liked naps.
Several minutes of walking in, and she found something interesting! She saw the trio of florets who were her friends, as well as their Affini owner, sitting down. They had a nice blanket to rest upon, and had a basket with… What seemed like food! She got so excited, she practically rushed over, using both her arms and legs to run faster to reach her friends.
The three florets, who were about to enjoy their meal, didn't have a lot of time before the Little One tried to break her movement, stopping just short of tackling them. She was a good girl, and good girls don't hurt others or run into them without permission, no matter how excited she was. "Oh mistress, look! It's the kitty girl!" One of them smiled and reached down to pat her head, causing the Little One to practically fall to her side as she felt her entire head grow heavier in the floret's hand.
"Indeed she is. Perhaps her owner is nearby?" It took the Affini a few seconds to find her, seeing as she was so far away. "You ran all the way from there just so you can see us?" A small smile crept over the other Affini's face. "Adorable. I can see why she loves you so much." She got plenty of more pats, sitting next to them and staring at the food intently. She wasn't even that hungry. She just wanted to belong.
The Little One watched as the trio and their mistress began to eat. She just laid there, staring at the skies with all the endless stars while getting head scritches and tummy rubs, much to her bliss. She lost track of time, though that was nothing new, purring lots.
By the time her Mama decided to check up on her, however, she was in a snuggle pile with all the other florets, hugging them all and giving them small kisses like her Mama gave her all the time. She liked making others happy. "Well, looks like someone is comfortable. Do you mind if I join you?" She asked the other Affini, who smiled and pat the ground besides them. "Not at all! I think we can give our pets a bit of playtime before they have to go home. I do say though, I've never seen a floret so well behaved under her xenodrug variances. Usually those who go down that route tend to be a bit rowdy, or impulsive. How did you get her so tame?"
"See, that's my secret." Magnolia smiled as she reached out with a vine to affectionately rub her pet's throat gently, causing the Little One to purr and stretch her neck instinctively.
"She came to me this way."

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