The Joys of Waking Up

Playing in The Light of Day

by JustALittleOne

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By now, the terran was being embraced tightly by a warm hug, trying to soothe their troubles. "You're scared. Aren't you?"
"How can I not be? I mean… Well. I don't know what you're taught about it when you grow up, but humans were taught to clutch their sense of self as tightly as possible. To experience what is essentially the complete death of the ego is… Scary." She hesitated for just a brief moment.
The Affini looked the young woman in the eyes. "No… That's not it alone, is it? There's something else you're worried about." She shook her head and looked the terran in the eyes. "Tell me what you're really scared of, flower. Don't be shy."

The Little One was very excited. She got another nice nap, and woke up with new ears! Kitty ears! By now the wraps around her arms were fully removed too, and she could see that her shoulders were replaced with a slightly dark gold color under the fluffy fur. Though of course, those wraps were replaced with ones around her head, and her Mama made it explicit that she had to keep her head moving slowly, as to not disorient herself too much.
It still felt very weird to run a hand where her original ears were though. Now it was just blank skin, though under her overgrown massive mane of hair, it's not like anyone could see it. Instead, it was very well hidden and out of sight, which was just the way she liked it.
And her new ears were so sensitive too! She suddenly heard sounds that she'd never heard before, frequencies that were lost to a regular human. And on top of all that, she could hear her Mama's music on levels that she didn't even realize exist, further making her infatuated with her adoring caretaker. Who, on her end, was more than happy to hold her gently and safely while watching her new ears twitch and move about in excitement to each new experience she was able to bestow to her precious one.
And it wasn't even the only change she was given! As it turns out, when they gave her her new arms, they also attached something to her tailbone and let it grow for a while. Before she knew it, she had a little tail moving behind her, which grew rapidly over the past few days until she now had a nice, long, feline tail to swish about with every gesture she made.
She didn't even need any training for it. It just grew out of her own body, planttech siphoning her own DNA in order to generate extra bones and coating them with additional fur and sinew. Not that she realized any of that. The Little One was more than happy to watch or feel her tail flick and swish when she was getting tummy rubs, or kisses, or when her Mama touched her between her legs and made her all flustered and needy for attention.
And it was then, on a sunny day where she was idly watching her tail move about while laying in the bed next to her Mama, that she suddenly felt herself be scooped up and cradled. "You know what? I think it's a lovely day outside. What do you say we go outside to the park? You can meet other florets and play!"
She nodded eagerly, as she was carried. She liked to play! She'd play with her Mama lots and lots and playing with others also sounded nice. Maybe they'd give her lots of belly rubs too, and attention. She loved attention.
Going down, she realized how high her Mama's Hab was. She never really looked at it much from the outside, after all. But after going into what was essentially an elevator carved into a tree, she realized their hab was essentially at the top, along the leaves and branches. It felt whimsical, she could live in the skies with her Mama and be happy forever.
And the surface world was really pretty too! She was led through a series of other habs and establishments, filled with other Affini and their florets. Of course, almost every Affini that noticed her came close to give her pats. She was such a cutie, after all. A good girl for her Mama and she deserved all the pats. And each time someone showered her with affection, she showed them her awesome purrs which only further prompted Affini to swoon over her, or play with her four hands and watch her lazily move her tail about in bliss.
Some even lifted up their florets to see her, and she got attention from them too. Some part of her felt a bit weird to feel smaller hands giving her rubs and pats, but they were just as welcomed. She loved it so much that at some point, when another floret was lifted to see the Little One mewl happily, she pulled the other girl in, and hugged her tight with all four of her furry arms, which surprised her Mama too but she didn't complain or berate her. She was just showing affection and love to others, after all. And that made her a very, very good girl, a fact that her Mama reminded her of quite often.
The warmth of the light above them washed over her as well, making the Little One stretch her arms high into the sky as she stared absentmindedly at nothing in particular. At that point, she felt just a touch overwhelmed, which is when her Mama allowed her to just rest and laze about like the adorable kitty she was until they reached their destination.
Eventually though, they did reach the promised park. It was so massive! Green grass, flowers, and nice trees as far as the eyes can see. While her Mama's hab was nice, cozy, and small enough for the two of them, the park seemed like it'd stretch endlessly.
Magnolia sat down on the soft grass, gently letting her kitten down to the ground as well. "Don't worry dear. You can play all you want, and explore, and have fun. I'll be right here to anchor you when you feel needy, okay?" She mewled happily, letting her childish sense of wanderlust take over for a little bit. She had to see it all.
The Little One was so excited! She hasn't really gotten to use her legs, so it was very wobbly and she tripped several times. But the grass was soft and cushioned all her falls, so she was okay. Though despite the fact she was given the freedom to explore… She didn't want to. At first she was excited, and began to wander off, towards another tree. But then she looked back, and her Mama was so far away. That made her feel scared a little, so she began to walk back. She was content to stay close to her Mama where she can see her Affini caretaker, and roll around in the grass and just feel all the small green blades gently caress her skin, giving her a shower of new sensations.
"Oh!" She heard a voice come near. A group of three florets, carried by leashes from the same Affini, who also seemed happy to watch them enjoy themselves, came near. "Miss! Miss! Can we pat her? She looks so cute!" She couldn't help it, producing a trilling noise when she spotted the new florets coming near, begging her Mama to let them play with her too.
Her Mama smiled, and reached out to pull her Little One close, though still on the ground. She just looked up at her Mama's face and mewled. "Of course you can, dears. She especially likes it when you rub her belly and head at the same time." Magnolia was more than happy to provide an example, something that the Little One mewled at and purred for, causing the other florets' eyes to widen. "She can purr?! That's so cute! Mistress, can we play with her? Pleeeaaaaase?"
After getting an approving nod from their mistress, time almost seemed to fly as she was adored and petted and got a whole bunch of belly rubs that made her new ears twitch excitedly. While the two Affini sat down to talk, passing the time while watching their pets enjoy their time together, the three florets also got their fair share of headpats too. Everyone was happy and content and she liked it that way. It was nice to just see smiles all around, no one being anxious or suffering, and making her feel that way too by proxy. She could just immerse herself in joy and bliss and roll to her back, using all her arms to rest her head on and purr like there's no tomorrow.
"Can we scratch her ears too?"
Magnolia shook her head. "Not yet little ones, she is still recovering there. But I promise that when she gets adjusted to them, I'll bring her back here and you can all scratch her ears as much as you want."
"Okay!" She did a big stretch while getting back rubs and scratches, and it was nice. She could almost fall asleep here, on the soft grass, hearing her Mama's calming music reverberating through her entire body, as if joining her purrs in a beautiful chorus of love.
Wanting to show some affection back, she brought all of her arms out, pulling the trio in for a close hug while purring. They all seemed to enjoy it too, seeing as her purrs were so loud and physical that their bodies basically vibrated with bliss. She was pretty big after all, at least for a human. But if nothing else, next to her Mama she was small, just how she liked it. All until her new friends had to go home, and she waved all of them goodbye with a happy mewl. 
At some point though she did feel that neediness coming again. She wasn't on her Mama's lap. That's where she should be. A good pet being a good girl, and nuzzling her Mama lots and lots. "Aww… Is someone getting a bit cranky?" She heard Magnolia coo, lifting her back up to her lap. A low yowl escaped her lips, signifying she needed some time away from the world. "It's okay… It's all going to be okay…" She was rocked back and forth, curling up into a small ball of blonde, wild hair, furry arms, and kitty parts. Not wanting to ever go away. She could just stay here and be safe and warm. That was enough for her.
Being safe. Being cozy. Being cared for and cherished, and getting to play and enjoy her life to the fullest. She couldn't get enough of it. And the Little One gave out a mixture of a moan and a mewl, letting her tongue out as she stretched every muscle in her mouth with her yawn. It was nice, and she felt all relaxed afterwards with her eyes closed and her Mama caring for her so. Eventually, alas, a heavier yawn came out of her, and her Mama gently picked her up, closer to her chest, where her music was most prominent, and she could close her eyes and listen to it as much as she yearned.
"I think you've had enough socialization for today, little one. Come. I'll take you home and give you some of that yogurt that you like." She heard Magnolia's voice drape over her like a warm blanket, soothing her heart and making her purr like there was no tomorrow. Every day spent with her Mama was filled with nothing but joy, though to her mind nothing else existed at that moment but the invitation to be taken home and eat some tasty treats.
She merely chirped and purred at the thought of being fed nice foods as she was taken back to where her heart belonged.

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