The Joys of Waking Up

Dawn of New Life Routines

by JustALittleOne

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"I have to ask… Why?" The Affini couldn't stop her curiosity. She's met many terrans, her occupation demanded it so. And yet… No one came asking for that on their own volition. Not that she's seen, at least.
"Why?" A dry, sad chuckle escaped the terran's lips. "I guess it would seem weird from your perspective. But from mine…"

The next time the Little One awoke, she found herself in a different bed. Another portion of a conversation lost to her dreams, quickly brushed aside to focus on the present. And unlike the dark setting she was in before, this one was much brighter. Much more lively, and nice. So much so that it took her another round of falling asleep and waking up before she finally started to pay attention to her surroundings.
First, she realized she was wrapped in two layers of flora. There were her Mama's arms, snuggly pulling her close, and her vines, wrapped around her above that to make sure she was as comfy as she can manage. Her head was resting on her Mama's chest, and it was really soft. In fact, staying like that between her Mama's boobs and resting her head in her soft cleavage was positively divine. Usually by now she'd find herself sweating from all the heat, and trying to flip around to make it less unbearable, but for some reason… It wasn't that bad at all. The ventilation was just right. And she was really really snuggly this way anyway, so why want to move?
Second, the room around them was really pretty too. So much plantlife, of so many various shapes and forms. There were small trees growing out of the floor, vines of various types coiling the walls and exit to the balcony. Some flowers, well, many flowers, blooming all over. Things that she could tell for certain, even through the utter lack of memories of her past, that she's never seen. But they gave the room they were in such a nice, vibrant tone. All the colors melding together in a slightly dampened light as to not overwhelm the senses, just excite them a bit.
Third… Was the humming. Seems like her Mama was humming while dozing off, with one of her arms lazily moving up to pat the Little One's head. Not that she minded. The pats were very nice, and she leaned into them, nuzzling her chest as she got acclimated to the sensations around her. However, it would seem that in turn, she managed to wake the floral lady up, which blinked slowly, realizing she had dozed off as well. "Good morning, Little One~" She smiled, and the Little One managed to mewl back, resting on her chest. "Seems like we both slept in today, huh?" She gave a small nod.
Then she felt herself being picked up. Magnolia got off the bed, holding her in her arms still. She could definitely get used to that. "Well. Since I slept in, I suppose I better get you ready for the day, no? And after that, you can see the Hab we're in. Your new home. Wouldn't you like that, kitten?"
She nodded vigorously, and realized that being called Kitten was also very very nice and vocalized another more enthusiastic mewl. "Good girl. Now, let's be off then~"
From there, she was carried to what she was told was going to be her basic morning routine. She was undressed and showered, which made her feel anxious about her body so her Mama instead just covered her eyes with one hand so she wouldn't have to look. Then she was dressed in a nice gown that had frills at the bottom. Her Mama even gave her a nice collar to boot! It had a shiny bell on it, though it seemed to be there for show more than practice. Less to overwhelm herself with. She was even allowed to do a spin with her new dress, which made her really happy inside.
She got to see all of her new home too! Her Mama had so many rooms, with so many functions. There was the rooms she knew. Her bath, the bedroom, the changing room. But her Mama seemed to have lots and lots of other rooms, with plenty of plants growing in them too. In fact, it seemed like almost every single room in the hab had some massive branches going through it, as their house was more or less entwined with flora.
Afterwards, she was taken to the kitchen, looking around the hab here and there before being sat down, and watching her floral caretaker turn around, seemingly tinkering with some device, and turning back to her with a nice meal of eggs and yogurt. All the while keeping one hand on her head, ruffling her hair slowly.
"There you go kitten, now open your mouth, okay?" She watched Magnolia cut a piece of the omelet presented to her with a fork. She opened her mouth as the bite was put in, and she began to chew on it. It was delicious! So tasty. She had no idea what her Mama did to those eggs, but they were absolutely amazing. And filling too. In fact, despite it being a rather small meal, she felt so full afterwards. The yogurt was delicious too. Filled with berries and other sweet goodies, a perfect dessert for a perfect meal. "Good. Seems like the Class R and G concoction I created for you is working well. No more excess hunger now, do we?" Again, the idea of what a class R is flew right over her head, and G for that matter, but she nodded happily all the same.
Of course, that wasn't the end of her morning routine. She felt sleepy afterwards, so her Mama allowed her to nap in her arms, cuddling up to the softness she gave and smelling her rich scent to soothe her nerves and fall asleep to it. When she woke up, however, she felt herself touching something else. A small bedding, in a round shape, like a large pillow that she could nuzzle into. This time, she watched the flower lady next to her, doing… Stuff. Taking plants, putting them in tubes, extracting something that looked colorful out of them. Then she put those colorful juices through a various series of tubes and other glass containers, some of them being under a small fire, some being taken to chill somewhere before being brought back. "Oh, you finally woke up dear." She looked up at Magnolia, who came over to pat her head. "Sorry I had to put you down, your Mama has a lot of work today, alright? I promise I'll make it up to you with pleeeenty of cuddles and attention later."
All she gave in return was a content mewl and rolling around in the round pillow bed she was given, which prompted the Affini to swoon and rub her tummy a bit. That in turn made her do more of her faux purring.
Eventually though, she did get a bit curious. Watching her caretaker move so many colorful substances around, from vial to vial, truly exemplifying what four arms can do in a lab setting. "A little curious, are we?" She nodded, trying to sit up and fumbling over her own legs. Realizing she was too clumsy to sit properly at the moment, she elected to instead lean at the edge of her pillow with her head peeking over so she could watch. "Aww, well aren't you a precious little kitten. You can watch, but don't touch anything, alright? Mama is working and developing new variances of xenodrugs. Making sure all the little florets are as happy as can be~" She nodded, and kept watching, mostly mesmerized by the colors. At some point, she was given a deep red liquid to sniff, and it smelled weird so she shied away from it. "Hmm. Back to the drawing board it is then…" Magnolia walked to a huge databoard on the wall, recalibrating some numbers in her math. Something the Little One almost understood the basics off, but before she could actually piece the concept of mathematics together, she felt tired all of a sudden. Thinking was really really hard, so she instead elected to just sleep the bad smell away, curling into her pillow instead. It smelled nicer and sweeter anyway. Much like her Mama.
When she woke up again, she was still in the pillow bed. Seems like it was a short nap, not that she minded much. Instead, she got to watch her Mama do more chemical stuff, seemingly having woken up just in time. "Alright… Try this dear?" She was given another vial of liquid to smell, being a light yellow this time.
At first she was hesitant, but thinking about it made her not want to be bad so she did it anyway. This time, however, it didn't smell weird. Instead… It smelled nice. She could practically feel her pupils dilating and her body suddenly got all tingly. She started doing grabby motions with her hands, grabbing some of the soft bedding she was in with her fingers before letting them go, only to do it again and again and again.
"Very interesting…" Magnolia wrote some notes down on her board with a smirk, and continued her work. Just another way she could reward her new floret with good feels should she want to.
By the time the fuzzy feeling faded off, the Affini finished her work, evident by the fact that the Little One was picked into her arms lovingly again. "Such a good girl, so patient." She brought a wooden finger forth, and the Little One tried to grab it, as well as her hand, with both of her hands, which made Magnolia coo and play with her a bit while walking to the kitchen again.
After another nice meal of delicious yogurt, which so far was her favorite, the Little One was taken to one of the balconies of the Hab. Which is when she was fully able to look outside at where she was. 
The amount of stars in the skies was incredible. So many galaxies, suns, stars, the empty space itself was shining brilliantly with so many colors that it was almost overwhelming. Nothing like she remembered of home.
This made her think again about how she even got there. She could remember a more… Mundane world. Just at the edge of her memory, always slipping. There were… Other people? Yes, other people. She couldn't remember specifically what kind of people, just that there were people. Any time she tried to think about it deeper, her entire train of thought would just dissolve, as if by force. But, to a drug-addled kitten, it's not like she was able to care much for it, writing it off as another aspect of her life and nuzzling in the vines and hugging arms for much needed attention. "I did say I'd spoil you plenty later, didn't I?" She got a playful chuckle, and plenty of headpats afterwards, which frankly she found very much enjoyable.
A weak, but happy smile spread across her lips. She tried purring again, and got a bit disappointed in herself that she just couldn't do it right. How she knew what right was, she had no idea. But she knew that something was off about her purring. "Shh… It's okay. I know you're probably so excited for it, but you need to be patient for me, okay? If I gave you any mods now, it would most likely end up with some troubles in the process." Once again, she nodded, and wrapped her arms around her floral giantess, nuzzling her chest with that ever soft smile, and a very slight rosy tint to her cheeks. "Aww… Someone is blushing, isn't she? Is my little one blushing?" She playfully nodded, and with plenty of pets following, lost herself in the good feeling that rumbled in her tummy and made her face all bright and warm.
Magnolia herself couldn't even help it. So precious. So adorable. So needy for affection it made her want to pamper this little terran all day long. Alas, her work was important as well. Though at the very least, the consolation prize was that said work was given a whole new drive to be exceled at. She was going to tailor the Xenodrugs she was developing to the utmost of her abilities, so this one could have the best possible life that she could have.

Oh, how lucky was she to run into this one…

Just as a tiny aside, I looked at the list and saw the letter R wasn't used for anything? So I figured I'll just use it for xenodrugs that affect hunger. To help with stuff like, making someone hungrier so they eat properly, or making someone eat less so they lose weight.

I hope that's okay.

Also I figured I should mention that like, I totally took inspiration from Snuggly for this (it was a very nice read). 

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