The Joys of Waking Up

A New Morning

by JustALittleOne

Tags: #cw:CGL #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #transgender_characters #drug_play #futanari #Human_Domestication_Guide #just_warm_and_fuzzy_feelings #lactation #mindless #weight_loss #wholesome

I'm... Going to be completely honest, prefacing this story. 

This story is going to be nothing but wish fulfilment. This is nothing short of a self insert character getting all the love and affection from an Affini that I could possibly want, getting modified to be what she wants, and living happily forever after. I recently discovered HDG, and frankly... It aligned with a lot of stuff that I've been writing for myself internally. So, I decided, I want to write something that I can also put out there. Something that, maybe, if someone else read... Maybe they'll get a fuzzy feeling inside like I do too. And if that happens... Good. I'm glad to give that to someone else.

I'll also put at least some level of CWs on this, just in case. This does include mentions of abandonment, explicit sexual themes, futanari, mommy issues (though this one is strictly staying as a play thing, not actual incest, nor any underage characters involved). I think this should cover the most of it.

Also... I'm gonna be honest about this too, I'm not really looking for critique, unless it's like, breaking site rules somehow. I went through them, I'm pretty sure everything is in order, but you never know. 

And... One last thing. I'm sure that, since I was introduced to HDG by someone, there's a non-zero chance they'll figure out who I am. Please keep that information to yourself. I don't mind being approached about it in private, but... This is a separate, unlinked account to the rest of my online life for a reason. And I'd like to keep it that way.

"Are you… Sure this will work?"
"It will. You have my word, darling~ I promise."
"I… Okay."

First thing she could tell is that she was awake. Both because where she was still had very little illumination, and the thoughts that still ran through her little head, dreams already dissipating into the waking world. That was because she was dreaming about… something. A conversation? It was hard to tell. Words were hard anyway. Though what was awake? Such a funny question. She couldn't really put her finger on it, though then again, whether she was awake or asleep, everything felt like a dream all the same. What mattered is that she was so, so comfy. So comfy. The bed she was in was so soft, and she practically sank into it. And the blanket she was warped in was so nice too. It was comforting and warm, but also had this almost flowery texture of petals. She almost fell back into the welcoming sooth of sleep before she heard the ever so gentle 'woosh' of a door opening. 
That managed to catch her attention long enough to prevent her from falling asleep right away. Looking towards it, the light wasn't fully uniform. Someone was walking closer to her. It took her a few moments to look… and she found herself unable to look away.
She was so beautiful. And big. And orange! And she had those beautiful flowers that draped alongside her head and shoulders. Speaking of, she noticed that next. The giant floral lady had 4 arms, which made a pang of… Something well up in her chest but she couldn't really figure it out. She just knew that the lady looked really tall and pretty and she wished she could be like her someday. Pretty and stuff.
Of course, she then spoke, and her entire attention collapsed into a single point that was her magnificent voice.
"Hello, Little one~"
Was that who she was? Little One? She tried to think of what her name was. What a name was in the first place. From there, she began piecing things together. It was inevitable, after all. She knew she was human, though when she looked down to see her own body, she certainly didn't like what she saw. Almost like there was something intrinsically wrong with her. It was evident by her body was… Well. She was a girl, right? So why did her body?... 
Soon into this train of thought, Something scary reared itself back from deep within her mind. Something bound by chains, but still enough to immerse her in something painful. Desperate. Her eyes closed shut, and she curled under the very soft blanket, trying to hide away from the monster that didn't even exist anymore, only to hear the giant plant lady gasp and rush to her side.
"I'm sorry little one, I'm here. It's all going to be okay, I promise." That tone was so soothing. So calming. How could she possibly resist? She peeked out with her head, slowly opening her eyes, only to see the plant lady sitting. Waiting. She could've pulled her in by force, but she didn't.
Taking her time, she scooted closer and closer. "That's it, precious. I'm here. You can come close, I won't hurt you. You're safe, and you won't be hurt ever again."
Eventually she managed to calm down enough to let the plant lady touch her. Which turned out to be a good thing as she realized being touched was like, really calming. Her hand was so big and warm. And felt like moss but in the soft and cuddly way. She nuzzled into her hand, only to be scooted up and placed on for lap, which made the Little One curl in to feel her warmth.
"Good. Seems like the Class J is doing its job well~. Now… can you try and breathe for me sweetheart? Big, slow breaths." She tried. She really tried. But the first few breaths were shaky and panicky either way. Which then made her panic even more, out of fear that she was disappointing. Or being bad. 
Instead, all she got was a gently pat to her head, and a shushing sound that reverberated through her entire being. "It's alright, Little One. You can do this. Take all the time you need, sweetheart." She didn't really understand what Class J meant but also that didn't matter cause the plant lady believed in her. And she didn't want to disappoint even more. That would be bad, even if her brain couldn't justify why. After a minute or so of attempts, she managed to do it. Deep, deep breaths while the nice warm lady began to run a hand, or two in tandem, across her back. "There you go, I'm so proud of you. Such a good girl."
Those two last words alone managed to make her entire buzz with a fuzzy feeling inside, eliciting an attempt at vocalizing her bliss which ended up with nothing more than a small, half hearted mewl.
That made her realize something else was amiss. There was a weird bump across her back each time her spine was stroked. Almost like a spot that felt a bit more… Solid. Rigid, in a weird way that felt a bit unnatural. But the affectionate petting was too good for her to do anything other than make a mental note and forget about it soon after.
Finally, before long, the Little One's breathing managed to help her calm down. The scary thing she felt at the back of her head receded into nothing more than a bad memory, and then into nothing more than a vague feeling she couldn't even recognize. It was then that she realized she was smelling something. Something so… sweet. And calming. Like a flower that had the most amazing scent she ever smelled. Had she smelled other flowers before? She didn't know, and even if she did, it's not like any of them would compare to this one.
What mattered instead is that she could keep smelling this one, and drown herself in it. She kept taking deep breaths just for that, which elicited a chuckle from the nice warm flower lady. She looked up for a moment, turning on her side to do so. She was hoping she wasn't bad, but the look in the lady's eyes was so beautiful. So… mesmerizing, that any idea of her being bad flew right out the window.
Then, she felt herself being moved, ever so gently, to laying on her back. She felt so heavy. Her belly was so big, and full after all. It made her feel sad so she quickly elected to ignore it and look up at the face of her flowery savior instead. "Alright… I think it's time I introduced myself, no?~" she said with the most barely teasing of tones, and the Little One nodded, mostly out of instinct.
"My name is Magnolia Radiant, 7th bloom. And you'll know me as your caretaker and mistress."
She just stared, and nodded. She wanted to say the word, but actually speaking turned out to be a lot harder than she realized. "M…" the Little One gave her best effort. "Ma… Ma?" Alas, all she could bring out was the same syllable. But Magnolia didn't seem to mind. Between her two glimmering, golden-orange eyes, understanding seemed to form. "You can call me that too, Little one." Mama. It seemed nice.
The Affini leaned down, her massive mossy and wooden frame getting closer, before the Little One felt the touch of two incredibly soft lips touching her forehead. A kiss. It made the Little One purr happily, or at least, pretend to. It's not like she was able to do so, not really. But she tried her best! Still, it seemed that Magnolia knew what her intent was, running a soft hand over her head and forehead, ruffling her hair softly. "Oh sweetie… Don't you worry. We'll make sure that you can truly purr your heart out soon, okay?~ You need to be more acclimated to having xenodrugs in your system so we can put you on a proper regimen first, just to make sure there won't be any complications." 
She nodded, and didn't really get what it fully meant, instead electing to nuzzle her head and burying her nose against Magnolia's palm, breathing in her all encompassing scent and letting it fill her addled mind with bliss. Which got an 'aww' out of her floral caretaker, taking her entire body into her several arms, using two to cuddle her lots and the other two to pet her and give her belly rubs at the same time. It felt so safe…
Only thus, somewhere between wake and sleep, that she realized she was hearing something. Now that the panic had settled, and she could actually zone out a bit, she realized it was always there, at the back of her mind, except now she could actually focus on it, just a little. It was hard to put her finger on it. Like… music? She liked music. And this music was really really soothing. Calm and mellow but in a gentle way that lulled her to just sleep away all her troubles. And it seems that Magnolia noticed it as well, lifting her limp body higher so she can kiss her forehead again.
"Sleep tight, Little One. I can't wait to show you your new forever home~"

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