The Joys of Waking Up

Golden Sun

by JustALittleOne

Tags: #cw:CGL #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #transgender_characters #drug_play #futanari #Human_Domestication_Guide #just_warm_and_fuzzy_feelings #lactation #mindless #weight_loss #wholesome

There's uh, some explicit sexual writing here. Just letting you know in advance. Also positive mentions of body image, idk if it's a cw but may as well.

The terran and Affini sat there in silence, letting the words that were just uttered sink in.
"But… Wouldn't that mean you're just trading one so called 'prison' for another?"
"Well… Yeah." The terran shrugged. "But at the very least, doing this is my choice. I chose to do this. And with any hopes… I could trust you to respect my wishes too."
The Affini sighed. She had plenty of empathy for such a wish. That is why they came to Terra, after all.
"So… What do you wish for, little one?"

And so… the hours became days.
The Little One quickly started to realize she was feeling different. It was like… she was lighter. And less tired overall, though the naps never ended and she didn't want them to. But it all felt so… so nice. 
Her hair was getting brighter too! She used to have this dark brown hair but now it was getting more and more blonde and wild and pretty.
And the best part was? Her Mama was there every step of the way. Feeding her delicious foods, keeping her company, letting her watch and sometimes smell all the pretty potions she was brewing. Life felt like it had settled into sort of a routine of its own, being led, pampered, and then put to bed with arms and vines wrapped all around her and a genuine, innocent smile on her face.
Also her belly got smaller and smaller, which was a nice feeling. One time her Mama even put her in front of a mirror, to let her admire herself. And even though she was scared at first, when she opened her eyes… she suddenly saw a slim, and healthy looking human, with fat only filling up the right spots. Even more so than she remembered. It made her so happy.
"Liking what you see?" Magnolia asked, and she nodded enthusiastically. "Good. My pet deserves nothing short of the very very best." She got plenty of pets after that, and mewled affectionately while nuzzling her Mama's hand. Still, eventually the thought lingered in her head more than she'd like to admit.
A… Pet. It was the first time that dawned on her head. She was a pet? Somewhere in her drug addled mind she knew that this is what she was. And she liked it, too. It was nice to just, have someone pamper her all day without a care in the world. But… Still. Now that she was actively thinking about it, some part of her that she didn't want to confront reared its head again.
Which, clearly, her owner noticed, wrapping her in a warm, close hug. "Shh… It's okay sweetie. I promise I'll never do anything to hurt you, okay? In fact… I think that this warrants something a little stronger to help you relax. It's time to give you what you really deserve. Nothing short of the best~"
Before she could even really respond to that, she felt her Mama tap something slightly out of reach of her sight, and she felt something releasing into her system. And then… Everything became a blur. All thoughts floated right off, her vision became blurry with wonderful colors and lights and her ears were ringing with that wonderful music that she could barely notice before. Now it was dead and center, swarming her mind and filling it with such joy that she could barely do anything but sit there, drooling on the counter before the mirror, not even looking at herself anymore. She just leaned into the wonderful, warm hands of her Mama. They were good hands. Soft, warm, and safe hands.
The Little One smiled softly as she was picked up and taken along to her bath. The water washing her skin felt even more vivid than ever before. It was like she could feel each individual droplet of water going down from her scalp to her face to her chest to her stomach and legs. Every single part was being washed, and it felt so good. Almost overwhelming, almost too much, but not just there. Just enough to flood her senses and keep her addled and blissful all the while in happy thoughts and feelings.
Eventually she couldn't help it and began to splash the water, if nothing else so she can feel what water felt like against her palms. She tried to vocalize some manner of bliss, but all that came out was a barely legible 'Ma ma' and also looking up at Magnolia with a vacant, blissful expression. "Yes dear, I can see you're playing. I'm so proud of you." She smiled widely and kissed the Little One's head, which caused her to mewl and rock her legs too, happy stimming all the while. "So precious." All the nice things being told to her caused her to almost practically jump in place, which is when she felt the Affini's hand gently keeping her still. "Sorry sweetheart, but I need to wash you properly, okay?"
She nodded and tried to contain her excitement, while she was being covered in soap (She was also getting a bit stiff between her legs, which elicited a blush when she realized it and that her Mama was totally looking). It was nice to feel all her caretaker's hands, soaking her hair, cleaning her skin, rubbing her cheek affectionately. All at the same time.
By the end of it, she was a drooling mess, absolutely stiff between her legs, all while she was toweled dry. She didn't really realize how hard she was getting, but at that point she couldn't be bothered to care about anything else anymore other than to feel good with her Mama. Eventually, though… it was getting quite obvious that her Mama was doing a little more than just rubbing her skin to clean her, as she began to rub between her legs in particular. "Even drugged up as you are, you can still feel it can't you?... So cute~" she heard her Affini talk, but the words came in through one ear only to quickly get out the other. Getting rubbed down there was so good. It was the best thing ever, so much so that she began to rub her stiff part against the towel on her own.
She held her Mama's hand tightly, not wanting her to let go. She began to move her hips accordingly as well, looking down at herself in her extremely horny state. She was so hard. And it felt so good. And she felt so free, to just express that. She didn't need to hide. She didn't need to fear that someone would judge her for not wanting it to be removed. She loved that part of her, and it felt good to indulge in it and let her Mama guide her into bliss.
"That's it sweetie… Don't hold back. You can keep going." She heard her Mama coo, and she mewled desperately. She needed it so bad. So, so bad. But she didn't want to be a bad girl either. She needed to be good and wait for permission, because that's what good girls do. Which, luckily enough, wasn't long.
Magnolia grinned, watching her pet so desperately try to hold herself back from reaching that peak she wanted. It was just too adorable. She could feel the trust, adoration and love that radiated from her Little One, entrusting her with one the most intimate of human experiences. She just wanted to indulge this little one, to shower her with touch and praise all day long and let her explore her body however she wished. But... She soon decided to focus on the present, especially when she noticed how red the Little One's face was getting. The need was overwhelming, for sure. And what kind of Mama would she be if she didn't give her precious kitten what she wanted? With that, she leaned down, whispering barely audibly to her pet. Something only she would be allowed to hear.
"Cum for me, kitten~"
And then… it came to a head. She felt a rush of good feeling, only amplified by the xenodrugs in her system by several magnitudes. She shook, she spasmed, mewling loudly. But most of all she clung to her Mama's arm as if her life depended on it, until the incredible rush ended. "Such a good girl..." Her Mama lifted her up a little, and while she couldn't even tell what was going on with sight or sound, touch was enough to confirm to her she was being held. And that felt really comforting and good.
It seemed that she left some white stuff on her Mama's hand too, though a quick glance at her already told her what to do about it. Leaving her Mama dirty was bad. And she was a good girl. And so, she clung to her arm, licking her hand clean. She had to, after all, though if the Little One was able to talk, she would admit that this act alone also made her entire spine tingle with some perverse bliss. The taste though wasn't the best, kinda bitter. "So cute. Don't worry sweetie, we'll make sure it's tasty from here on, okay? Actually, that reminds me. I should start setting you appointments for mods~"
Whatever those were, they made her Mama smile so she was excited for it as well.
From there she was picked up, carried to the kitchen, and was given her favorite breakfast. That same yogurt filled with berries she was lovingly fed, spoonful by spoonful. It was nice, to both have the yogurt to slurp happily as well as the berries to chew on. It reminded her slightly of the bathtub earlier which made the Little One blush and close her legs tightly, though some affectionate headpats soon got her attention back on the food in front of her.
This time however, instead of being put in her favorite pillow bed in the lab, she was taken to the balcony again. She was put in the Affini's lap, curling in and napping as she heard the faint beeping and booping of a pad being tinkered with. "Alright… I think this will do. Spaced them out nicely too, so you can fully enjoy each one before the next~" The Little One heard the wistful voice of her Mama cooing, with one hand rubbing her chin affectionately, another patting her head, and a third one now joining the others in tracing lines across her back absentmindedly with a finger, a gesture that she found to be very very nice and sensitive, almost causing her to twitch in response.
A few days passed idly blissed out and enjoying her life to its fullest. She was really starting to grow too! Her breasts got a nice amount to them, her stomach slimmed and became all toned and flat. Her thighs got that nice roundness to them, and at some points, she'd gesture to the mirror, asking mindlessly to just be able to look at herself and appreciate her own form. She had such long hair now! It was all so fluffy and long and bright gold. Not to mention her eyes fit the color now as well! She enjoyed her own reflection more and more. But even better, she enjoyed watching her Mama pat and spoil her rotten. In fact, after enough times she noticed the Little One spend so long just looking at herself and her new visage, her Mama had a really smart idea and installed a big mirror in the bedroom! Now she could always watch her Mama pamper her, and how pretty she was.
And, in one such instance of being allowed to stare and smile and mewl happily, Magnolia got a notification, grinning as she did. "Oh my. Seems like your first appointment is soon! And here I am, almost forgot." The Little One raised an eyebrow, and got a big forehead kiss in response. "Don't worry dear. You're going to take a little nap, and when you wake up… Well. You'll see~" She nodded, and felt the Class Z's going through her system, getting the Little One to slowly fall asleep in her Mama's arms, as she was carried out…

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