Curse Of The Castle Of The Lamia!

The Turn Of The Night

by HypnoticHarlequin

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #beaten_up #blood #bondage #brainwashing #clothing #comic_book #corruption #degradation #dehumanization #demotion_fetish #deprogramming #dom:vampire #drones #drugged #drugs #f/nb #fighting #halloween #horror #humiliation #multiple_partners #sadomasochism #tech_control #vampire

"Finally!" gasped Katie as she sat up and looked at the door. Alicia took a deep breath and awaited the scare. The caravan door swung over as a large group of vampires burst into the room.

"Cool!" shouted Katie in amusement. The vampires charged forward as Katie screamed, but they didn't react to the scream. Instead, they grabbed both Katie and Beth. One dived for Alicia, but her instincts took over and she dived out of the way.

"Hey! No touching!" Katie screamed as she struggled and thrashed, but she wasn't strong enough to stop the vampire from lifting her off the bed and throwing her over its shoulder.

"This is against the rules!" Beth cried out as she met the same fate. "Alicia!" she called after her friend as one of the vampires dived over the bed and tried to grab at Alicia.

Alicia struggled and elbowed the vampire in the face, causing it to roll off the bed. She jumped up off the floor, only to see the struggling Beth and Katie being carried away.

"Hey!" Alicia shouted as she tried to give chase. However, another group of vampires grabbed onto her, trying to hold her back. Alicia yanked backward, breaking herself free of the vampires' grip. "Bring them back!" Alicia called after the fleeing vampires.

However, the vampires just let out a hiss as they moved forward. Alicia, without thinking, flicked her wrists as her bracelets started to glow. "Eagle! Dragon! Fusion Complete!" a computerized voice chirped as Alicia felt a familiar energy rush through her body.

She ran through the group of vampires, sending them flying left and right due to her immense strength. As she exited out of the caravan and into the cold night air she could see massive mobs of vampires, each of them carrying screaming people towards the castle.

"Mom! I've got to warn her!" Alicia gasped out as she turned to look towards her caravan. As she did, she saw two vampires fly out of the door and smash into the ground with a thud.

Ulla stepped out of the caravan, effortlessly throwing a vampire off of her shoulders as she did. "Don't you touch her," she growled.

"Ulla!" screamed Alicia.

"Alicia," replied Ulla as she looked up and saw the crowds of people being dragged off. "What in the world!"

"They're everywhere!" Alicia felt arms wrap around her neck. She coughed and gripped the attacker's wrist and leaned forward, sending the attacker flying over her shoulder.

As the vampire hit the floor in front of her, Alicia moved forward.

"Now, tell me what you're doing!"

"The Lamia Queen will have you!" hissed the vampire as it scrambled up and sprinted towards the castle. Alicia went to give chase, but Ulla called out to her.

"Stop!" she shouted.


"We need to be a unit. We're outnumbered." Ulla said firmly as Mara and Sharon emerged from the caravan.

"Right, right," sighed Alicia as she clenched her fists, "but, they've got my friends."

"You got the gloves. Brought your costume?" Asked Ulla.


"Get it. I promise you, we'll have them back."

"Okay!" shouted Alicia as she ran into the caravan. She was angry, but she trusted Ulla and had to admit she was right. There had been at least a few hundred vampires, which was way more she could fight alone.

She threw her clothes out of her suitcase and grabbed the Syner-bee costume from the bottom before quickly pulling the costume on and running back outside.

Ulla, Sharon, and Mara were already outside and Alicia could make out the Mesmera outfit under Sharon's coat. "Ready," she shouted as she moved close to the group.

"So, what do we know?" asked Mara.

"There are a lot of them," said Alicia.

"But, they're not that strong. Nothing beyond a normal human," added Ulla.

"They're kidnapping people though," sighed Sharon, "that's the weird part. This seems to make no sense."

"I'm confused as well," Ulla nodded.

"The previous victim came back with a bite mark, so they do seem to bite people," muttered Alicia.

"But, if they did bite people, why let the victim back into the world with such an obvious marker?" pondered Sharon.

"I don't know. All I know is that there are innocent people in that castle, and we're going to get in there!" Ulla shouted.

"Right!" Mara nodded in agreement, "We will work out why they're doing this once we've got the people free!"

"Yes!” Sharon added as she started to move and waited for the others to follow, “But we need to move carefully. You don't hold hostages in a place you've not secured."

As they moved across the rotting theme park, Alicia tried her best to keep her heart rate under control. She couldn't believe that this had happened. In fact, she felt partially responsible. If she had voiced her misgivings earlier, Beth and Katie wouldn't have been kidnapped.

Alicia shook her head. "No," she whispered to herself. She had to stay focused. She couldn't let her judgment get clouded. She needed to focus on getting her friends back.

Sharon tried the castle door, only to find that it wouldn't budge. "Locked," she mumbled. "They obviously don't want us in."

"No worries!" chimed Alicia. "Ulla, leg up?"

"Right!" Ulla nodded as she put her hands out. Alicia quickly ran forward and jumped into Ulla's hand before letting the woman push her up into the air. As Alicia used her friend's power to soar into the night sky, she looked around the park.

It looked so empty and abandoned right now. It was like they were the only people outside. Alicia gently landed on the castle roof, doing her best to walk softly. She wasn't sure how stable this building was, and the last thing she wanted to do was crash through the ceiling and get jumped.

Alicia slowly crept across the roof and continued to look around the park. The watchtowers were now totally empty, suggesting that the whole mob of vampires had decided to move into this old fake castle.

In the center of the roof, Alicia found what seemed to be the remains of a ventilation system. Gently, she pulled the vent off and peered inside. "Huh. Quite big," she mumbled to herself. "Perfect." With that, she gently dropped into the system and started to crawl around.

The ventilation system was massive, suggesting that it had been designed for some industrial purpose when the park was originally running, but all Alicia knew was that it was a good way to scout ahead.

As she crawled through the pipes, Alicia looked for holes and vents she could look through. As she peered through one, she could see that the fake walls that had made up the maze had been moved around so that they formed more normal-seeming rooms.

Suddenly, Alicia heard a scream echo through the building. She quickly crawled towards the sound and found a vent. As she looked down, she found that she was above the throne room. The Lamia Queen was sat on her throne as the Courtesan laughed.

All of the visitors were tied to chairs, including Beth and Katie. Other vampires surrounded the room, including several guards with chainsaws. "Oh, this is excellent!" chuckled the Courtesan. "What a crop!"

"There are some missing," growled the Lamia Queen.

"What, my queen?" asked the Courtesan.

"There are some missing. I know who arrived. This isn't all of them!" The queen shouted as she rose from her throne. "Why are some missing?"

All of the vampires visibly tensed up, obviously terrified of the queen. As she walked around the room, several started to tremble and lean away from her.

"Who led the raiding party?" demanded the Queen.

"Fifty-Two," replied the Courtesan.

"Fifty-Two," began the Queen, "show yourself! Now!"

Suddenly, a woman was pushed out of the line and to the floor. Alicia instantly recognized her. It was the vampire that she had launched earlier, the one who had told her to fear the Lamia Queen.

"I'm sorry!" she stuttered as she tried to stand back up. However, before she could get to her feet, the Queen stormed over and smashed the heel of her boot into the woman's back.

"Sorry isn't good enough!" the Queen screamed as she ground her heel into the woman's back. "What happened to them?"

"One attacked me! She was strong! She threw me!" She groaned under the Queen's heel.

"So, you ran away?! And didn't tell me?" roar the Queen. "Tell me, why shouldn't I put my heel through your skull right now?"

"Please! Please! Anything! I'll do anything! Please spare me!" Fifty-Two begged as the guests looked on in terror.

"You'll become useful." growled the Lamia Queen. "Pick her up."

Instantly, two vampires left the line and lifted Fifty-Two up off the floor. Fifty-Two started to struggle and thrash, obviously terrified of what was going to happen. "Please!" She continued to beg, but the Queen just sneered.

"Silence!" The Lamia Queen’s eyes flashed red. "Stop your fighting." Instantly Fifty-Two's body went limp as their eyes turned deep red. Alicia felt a shudder run up her spine.

"Mind control," muttered Alicia.

The Queen marched over to Fifty-Two and yanked her hair with a predatory glare in her eye. "Let it be known!" shouted the Queen, "This is the fate that meets any of you who fail me!"

She pulled the woman's head sideways and opened her mouth, revealing two pearly-white fangs. She then bit down onto the woman's neck as Fifty-Two let out a low moan, her whole body starting to viciously spasm as if she was having a seizure.

After a few minutes, the Lamia Queen ripped her fangs out of the woman's neck with a soft squelching sound. The other two vampires let go of Fifty-Two. When they did, she collapsed to the floor like a rag doll.

"You will do as I command, else you will all suffer this fate!" asserted the Lamia Queen as she wiped the blood off of her lips. Fifty-Two let out a groan as her body trembled.

She stiffly rose up off of the floor. Her eyes were now a dull red and her movements were stiff and robotic. She looked like a marionette without strings; the sight of her movements set off Alicia's uncanny valley response.

"Fifty-Two is gone. She is now just a husk. Isn't that right?"

"Yes my Queen," gurgled the former Fifty-Two as she swayed on the spot. Her voice sounded monotone and distant. It was like something trying to recreate a human voice without fully understanding it.

"Return to the line," the Queen smiled as she drifted over to the chairs. "I have others to deal with!" Instantly, the former Fifty-Two started to stumble back to the line.

Alicia's heart was pounding in her chest. She pulled her phone out and quickly texted her Mom. "I'm going in," she typed out just before kicking the grate out from under her, causing it to crash to the floor.

The vampires all turned to face the hole as Alicia swooped down and landed in an unoccupied area. "Stop right there!" she shouted as the Lamia Queen turned and hissed.

"What is this?!" she screamed. "Which of you allowed this?"

"I'm sorry, my queen!" the Courtesan cried out.

"Let those people go!" shouted Alicia.

"I don't think so," growled the Lamia Queen as she turned to face Alicia, "why don't you reconsider your priorities?"

Alicia didn't need to be told what was coming. She turned around and covered her eyes, keen to avoid the Lamia Queen's gaze. As she heard a hiss, Alicia knew he had done the right thing.

"How dare you! Make her look!" screamed the Lamia Queen. Alicia felt several arms grab her and pull at her, obviously trying to pull her arm away from her face.

"I already know what I see," growled Alicia as she threw off the vampires. "I see someone who needs to learn some manners!" She pushed through the vampires, sending them flying left and right.

"Stop her! Don't let her touch the Queen!" the Courtesan yelled as more vampires started to mob Alicia. Despite their fury, they couldn't match Alicia's strength.

"This is disgusting!" The Lamia Queen glared with rage at the situation. "I will have you all for this, but I will not let this girl interrupt our blood and spirit!" She sped over to the tied-up victims. "Look into my eyes!" she shouted as the victim's started to groan.

"Look away!" Alicia shouted, but she was too late. She could see her friend's eyes glowing red.

"Follow me," commanded the Queen as several vampires untied the girls. Slowly, they stumbled up from their chairs. Their mouths hung open as they followed the Queen towards a wall.

Alicia continued to throw the vampires that were mobbing her as she tried to follow the Queen and her captives, but she couldn't get through the sheer number of people that were diving onto her.

The Queen and the stumbling servants made their way to a wall. But, as they approached, the wall opened up revealing a metal door. "What?" Alicia gasped as she threw a vampire off her back.

As the Queen started to lead the people through the door, other vampires broke off and followed them. Alicia tried to chase them, but the numbers slowly got the better of her. A vampire grabbed Alicia from behind and was able to clumsily trip her, sending her crashing to the floor.

As Alicia pulled herself up off the floor, she saw the vampires run through the door until only the Courtesan was left. As she grabbed the door, the Courtesan turned and glared at Alicia.

"You will pay for this, worm!" she shouted as she pressed a button on the wall and slammed the metal door shut, the wall quickly closing over it as she did. Suddenly the room started to fill with smoke.

Alicia retreated quickly, covering her mouth to avoid the smoke. She used her strength to smash the door off its hinges before quickly charging towards the entrance. After a few seconds of running, Alicia saw the locked door in front of her. She didn't think, she just lowered her shoulder and picked up her pace.

She felt something hard against her arm before a cold breeze hit her face. The sound of splintering wood echoed around her as Alicia continued to run until she was sure she was in the clear.




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