Curse Of The Castle Of The Lamia!

Night Of Frights

by HypnoticHarlequin

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As they got closer to their caravan, they realized that there was a small coffin box sat outside of it. Katie quickly skipped forwards and looked at the box. "Oooh," she mumbled as Alicia opened the door and stepped inside the caravan.

Katie lifted the box and carried it inside, placing it on the table and looking it over. "You should open it,” Beth offered. Katie reached forward by then jerked her hands back.

"I'm scared it's going to go ‘bang’ or something!" Katie giggled.

"I doubt it," Alicia laughed, trying to act normally. "It would have gone off when you moved it."

"Fair," Katie nodded thoughtfully as she took a deep breath and gently pried the top off the little casket. As the lid came off, it revealed a load of candy and sweets as well as a note on artificially aged paper.

Kaite lifted the paper up and looked over it as Beth grabbed one of the candies from the box. Alicia looked over the selection, only to be surprised by how normal it was. It looked like someone had brought out a drug store and just shoved it in some random boxes. It summed up her current unease.

This place was amazingly weird and amazingly mundane at the same time. That combination left her very unsure of how she should react.

"Welcome mortals," read Katie, "You may think you escaped the forest, but you are still at the mercy of the Lamia Queen. You will not survive until dawn. Your night of terror begins now!"

"I didn't realize it was all one narrative!" remarked Beth as she ate the candy. "That is neat."

"The rules," continued Katie, "Don't touch our minions and they won't touch you. Do not swing, attack, or push our minions. It is unkind. Do not leave your living space during the experience. Please stay clothed during the experience. If using the bathroom, please close the door. You won't be disturbed."

"Fair enough," smiled Alicia. "Oh, there is a disk at the bottom of the box!"

"There is!" Katie grinned as she lifted the disc out of the box and read the label. "While you wait for your demise, please enjoy this movie."

"How sweet, I guess?" Alicia wondered aloud as Katie went over to the DVD player and slipped the disc in. The player whizzed before the screen burst into life. Alicia sat down on the one bed and smiled at the other girls.

"So, what do we do?" asked Beth as she sat next to Alicia.

"I guess watch the movie and wait?" Alicia supposed.

"I guess," Katie agreed as she wiggled up against a pillow. The movie was strange. It wasn't one full movie, but a collection of clips from various old vampire movies.

Alicia smiled as she saw some of them. While this disc didn't feature clips from any of the big or well-known movies, it featured a lot of cheesy B-Movies that she had seen with her Mom. She could only imagine the fun Sharon and Mara were having watching this.

But as time went on, Alicia started to become confused. The night of scares was slowly becoming a dud. Nothing weird had happened. No actors had turned up and there had been no weird noises. Alicia had expected at least one scare an hour.

After a little while longer, Beth looked at Alicia. "Think they've forgotten about us?"

"Yeah. I'm surprised how quiet this is," Alicia added in agreement.

"Do you think they're out looking for that woman who went missing?" interjected Katie.

"Maybe? But it shouldn't have taken that long if she just went the wrong way. You can't get that far off the beaten track until you have to start descending the mountain." Beth sighed.

"Might just be building up an atmosphere!" smiled Alicia, doing her best to put a happy face on things. But, nothing happened. The girls were just left to eat candy and watch the movie.

Alicia slipped her phone out of her pocket and sent a text to her Mom, asking about their night. To her surprise, it turned out that nothing had happened to them, either.

Alicia tried to work out if this made her more or less comfortable about the whole thing. This could be an innocent mistake on the part of the organizers or some weird prank, but with everything else going on, this seemed to be yet another addition to the "weird" pile.

The hours continued and nothing happened. The girls just sat in the caravan, all of them becoming increasingly fed up with the situation. Finally, just as the clock hit midnight, a knock echoed through the caravan.

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