In the Vines of Magic

Always read the fine print

by Hopeschains

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Hello, all my wonderful readers!!!!  So...time to answer some of your questions!! How did ivy get out of the circle?  WHAT will Adora..I mean  Are waffle fries REALLY better than shoestring?  (the answer is a resounding yes, shoestring fries are buttfloss.)  I hope you enjoy this chapter!!

When Adora woke up, she was on the floor of her living room, swaddled in her fuzzy blanket.  Her head lay in Ivy's lap, and a hand was slowly carding her hair as Ivy smiled tenderly at her.  Whimpering, she struggled for a moment to get out of the blanket.  Those struggles ceased as Ivy shushed her, cooing and gently rubbing her arms.

"Shhh, its ok, my little mageling.  You weren't ready for pleasure like that, and that's ok.  Just rest here, and take a sip of some water", Ivy cooed, pressing a straw to her magelings lips.  Even better was the sight of Adora obeying, throat bobbing as she drank.  "You lasted four edges, darling!!  A good start.  I'm so very proud of you", she cooed, smiling.

"Wait…what…a…a start for what?  How did you get out of the Circle?", she asked once the straw was out of her mouth.

"Your first session!!  Now, some people would call that stubbornness, not admitting that I control your pleasure.  But you did splendidly, and I call it practice for an edging session", Ivy said brightly, ignoring the sputtering.  "And as for your question about the Circle", she said, and smirked.  "Silly little mageling, whatever made you think that your little Circle could hold one such as I?"  

Ivy chuckled, and lifted Adora up as she pouted and flailed, turning almost entirely around while her legs stayed in front.  Pointing her to see the Circle-that-wasn't.  "And that, my adorable little mageling, isn't even a Circle.  Certainly not a Binding one, anyways.  Now, my little mageling, what is the first rule of spellcasting?"

Adora thought, scrunching up her face in a way that had Ivy sighing, her eyes shimmering multiple colors.  Once Adora stopped staring at her eyes, she blinked, wiped her mouth in the blanket because she was drooling, and thought.  "Ummmm…point elsewhere?"

"Good guess!!  Close, but no", Ivy cooed, ruffling Adoras hair, and enjoying her ensuing squeak.  "The first rule of magic is to obey me.  The second, my little mageling Adora, is to never cast a spell unless you know what you're casting.  And do you know what it is that you casted?"

"But…but I know what I casted!!  The book was specific, and I copied everything perfectly!!", Adora insisted, struggling to get out of the blanket.  "I followed the directions perfectly!!"

"Yes, and you did such a good job of it, my little mageling.  But do you know what it is that you actually casted?  Do you speak Akkadian?  Shall I show you?", Ivy said, and waved her hand in the air.  Symbols of fire sprang into existence, hanging there in the air.  

Adora remembered them easily, since it had taken her weeks to transcribe them, to sound them out properly.  Fussing, she looked up as Ivy grinned at her.  "Look closely, my little mageling, and see what you actually cast into the world.”  Another wave of her hand had the symbols shifting into English, and arranged itself in stanzas.

Great One, I beg of you to hear my plea

Great Affini, I come to you in my time of need

I beg, take me as yours.

Yours to mold, yours to teach and guide

To be yours until the stars die, I pledge myself

Hear my cry, I beg, and take me.

Gifts of the Earth, Gifts of Spirit, service unending

All so I may bask in your love, and bloom under your care

Yours to mold, yours to teach and guide

To be yours until the stars die, I pledge myself

If I be worthy in Your Eyes, Great One, 

Please appear so I may be guided by you.

Yours to mold, yours to teach and guide

To be yours until the stars die, I pledge myself.

Adora looked at the words, aghast.  “But…but there…there must be some mistake!! The book says…it says that..”  and Ivy finished for her.

“It says  "An ye have Need, cast the Spell and A Being of Great Puissiance shall appear.  Wise beyond measure, skilled beyond mortal man, it shall deliver unto thee bliss and an end to thy strife.  Thy fondest wishes made Reale."  Ivy giggled, a musical sound.  “Well of course it says that.  I wrote it.  What did you think, I’d advertise for just anyone?  No, my little mageling.  Only someone determined, in need of my direction, and with Power could have cast the spell.  As for the ‘Circle’’s not a Circle.  It’s a Door.  And doors swing both ways, my little mageling.”

Adora just stared.  The broke out into furious writhing, trying to get out of the blanket and the arms that had her securely secured.  “But…You…you never agreed to anything!!  I tricked me!!”, she yelled, and Ivy grinned.

“Wrong again, little mageling.  And you’re so adorable, you’re like this little kitten I once saw.  If you look at the written invocation you placed here, “ and Ivy pointed at a spot in the Circle, “It clearly says that my appearance shall be acceptance.  AND what part of If I be worthy in Your Eyes, Great One, Please appear so I may be guided by you.  DIDN’T sound like an offer?”

“But…but..I don’t..I don’t want this.  I didn’t mean it”, Adora said, looking up at Ivy.

“Again, not true, my little mageling.  You can lie to yourself, but certainly not to Me.  You put your heart and soul into this, which is why I felt your Call.  My kin and I don’t just answer anyone, you know.  But if you weren’t mine, and I didn't have the power that I do….well, what’s your name, little mageling?”, Ivy asked, grinning.

“My name?  That’s easy, it’s Adora.  It’s Ado….”, and she looked at Ivy in shock as the memory of her name being supplanted with a different name given to her by Ivy suddenly washed over her.

“That’s right.  I could only have done that so easily, with just a single sentence, if you were Mine.  I mean, I could have done it regardless, but never so smoothly or satisfying.  Now do you understand?  Don’t fret my dear”, Ivy whispered as Adora began to fuss again.  “You’ll like your new home, I promise.  Now…I’ll give you a choice.  You can come quietly and politely, like a good magepet, OR you can go kicking and screaming.  Either way, you ARE coming with me.  THAT is not an option.  Choose wisely.”

Lexa looked at Ivy, and sighed.  Then she began to scream and thrash, doing her best to fight her way out of the iron grip that held her.  “GET OFF OF ME!! HELP!! HELP!!!!”

“Well, I knew that was going to happen.  You know, little one, I’m REALLY going to enjoy molding you into the perfect magepet.  And I think that you’re going to love it as well, even if you hate to admit it”, she said with a smile.  “But, I keep my word, and I did promise…well…just remember, you chose this, little mageling.”  She flipped the blanket open, hands quickly catching the little human who was still yelling and screaming.  Turning her so that she was facing the same direction as Ivy, Ivy held her up and then pressed Adora’s right hand into Ivy’s shoulder.  Her arm sunk into Ivy, held in an iron grip by vines, even as another vine snaked around Adoras shoulder, supporting her.  Ivy did the same thing with Adoras other arm, and then with both legs. When she was done, Ivy had a nude screaming human attached to her chest, like some bizarre breastplate. 

“Let…lemme go…please…Ivy…please, I don’t want this, I don’t want to leave”, Lexa whispered, and Ivy gently caressed her cheek as something else happened.  Ivy’s cock suddenly grew, slowly sliding into Lexa, as she squealed and bucked.  A pair of vines slithered across her breasts, beginning to play with her nipples.  Lexa squealed and moaned as Ivy took a single step, the dick inside her moving, fucking her, bringing her pleasure.  “Lemme go, this…this isn’t ok!!”, she moaned.  “Ivy!! Please, don’t do this, please I don’t want to leave!!  Please don’t make me”, she wailed.

“Traveling through time and space is disorienting and scary for your kind, little one”, Ivy told her kindly.  “This is to keep the worst from you.  Unless you’d RATHER miss the chance to see what the cosmos really looks like because I’ll put you to sleep…AND your last moments on this planet will be sleeping.”  Her pet sniffled, but nodded, and Ivy smiled.  “Good girl”, she said.  “You’ll see, this will all be for the best.”

“Wait!! Wait!!!  Ivy…can I…can I bring some stuff with me?”, she asked, looking around in a panic.  What to take, what to take?  How did you condense a life into a backpack, or a single item?  She started to sniffle again, and then it got worse as Ivy spoke.

“No, my little mageling.  Your old life is over, and taking mementoes will only be more painful for you at this time.  BUT….”, and Ivy turned around, looking.  “IF you’re good, I’ll make sure that you can still have an item or two.  Eventually, my little mageling, and only if you’re good.”

She turned around, letting her pet see her old life one last time.  “Let’s go, darling”, as they walked into and through the Circle-that-was-a-Door, disappearing in a flash.  The Circle-that-was-a-Door wavered and then disappeared, the wood instantly filling in.  Within moments, there was no sign of any struggle, nor of the fate of Lexa Terolf.

In the bookshelf, an old book with leather bindings rested.  The pages bore symbols that only the most curious and determined could understand.  And it waited to be used again.

Well....Is this story over?  Is Adora..i mean Lexa gone for good?  Will we ever learn what happened to them?  And where did this old book on my lap come from?  I hope to find all those answers!!  now let me start translating this...hmm...seems to be says...stay hydrated, and know that you are loved.  .

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