In the Vines of Magic

Reality is so subjective

by Hopeschains

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #sub:female #bondage #clothing #exhibitionism #fantasy #flogging #Human_Domestication_Guide #magic #orisit #petplay #sadomasochism #spanking

Hello, all you wonderful Sophonts!!! i'm so very very much hoping that you're doing well, and this message finds you all happy, healtyy, and doing well.

Lexa watched with horror as the Circle loomed closer, and then they were inside it.  There was an odd pulling sensation behind her belly button and for a moment she thought that Ivy’s cock was actually rearranging her guts.  But then she realized that it must have been the spell as the world around her literally dissolved like a bad sand art that had spilled on the floor.  The sucking rush of air around her didn't help, but something else caught her attention.

There was something behind.  Not behind her couch, but it was.  It was behind reality. a painting that was behind a window, or the old 3-d photos.  She gasped as it became clearer, but the scene vanished before she had a chance to get a solidly good look.  It almost looked like another copy of her living room, but subtly different.   There was a tv instead of the bookshelf, and a picture frame where there was none.  It rocketed past as they moved, almost like a movie sequence, and just as a hand moved into her view.  It looked like hers, same scar…but a tattoo was visible.  But then it changed again, the universe wavering and they were suddenly….elsewhere.

Floating in the blackness of space, Lexa took a breath as she turned her head and saw Saturn on her left.  “What?!?!  How…what’s….IVY!!!!!!”, she yelled, and then felt a hand gently caress her cheek.  

“Shhhh, my little mageling.  It’s ok, you’re ok”, Ivy said, finding “solid” ground to walk on, letting the physical sensations ground Adora even as she began to give her pet a little bit of assistance in staving off her panic.  “I promised you a chance to see the cosmos and I always deliver on my promises.  Would you like to explore a bit deeper?  Or see something else?  I can show you things most people don't even dream of.  Eternity in an hour.   A universe in a grain of sand.  I can take you to the birthplace of Reality, the spot where the Big Bang happened.  I can show you a world populated by dragons and the knights who love them. I can show you caves of jewels that put the rainbow to shame.  Where sentient lightning creates colored thunder just to see them ripple outwards into Reality” They kept floating as Ivy thought.  “Or would you prefer to go home and save this for another time?”

“Home!! Please…please, Ivy, I want to go home”, Adora begged, swallowing hard.  While this was cool, she’d had enough.  She wanted to be home, in her bed, wearing her fuzzy socks.  Suddenly there was another shifting pull and the scene changed again.  They stood in a room now, one that looked almost…normal.  Except for the fact that the furniture was all WAY too big.  Comfy looking, cozy even.  But it wasn't hers.  And there were things she didn't recognize, items that were hung on the wall.  "Ivy, where are we?"  Afraid to hear the answer, but needing to hear it.

"Home.  You wanted to go home, so I brought you home, Adora", Ivy said.  Ivy walked to the couch, then changed her mind.  A wave of a finger turned a section of wall into a mirror, and Ivy walked over, letting her little mageling see herself.

Adora whined at the sight, fussing, even as each movement sent a little pulse of sensation through her.  She could see where Ivys cock met her, pushed inside her, her labia spread wider than anything she ever saw.  Blushing with embarrassment, she looked up and saw Ivy smile at her, felt a hand begin to pet her gently.  "Please just let me go, I promise I won't tell anyone about you!!  I'll…I'll burn the book, or…umm…I'll give it to someone else!!  Just please let me go", she cried out.  “This isn’t my home, please…I just want to go home”, she wailed.

Ivy kept gently stroking her as flowers opened on her back, releasing sweet smelling pollen into the air.  Adora was hers.  No need to scare her, or let her panic continue.  "Shhhh, it's ok.  It's ok, my little mageling.  Just take some deep breaths for me.  In through your nose, out through your mouth.  Nice and slow."  

Ivy's voice took on a special quality, one that Adora tried to shut out but couldn't.  It wrapped around her mind, sounding louder in her ears with an echo that wasn't an echo echoing in her mind.  But it demanded attention, and as she blinked, eyes slightly glazing over, she found herself obeying.  Breathing slower and slower, holding it for a count of three before letting it out.  Seeing herself in the mirror, the hazy expression, the restrained limbs…she had no idea what to think, couldn't think, could only obey.  Breathing slower, she mewled as a hand began to gently caress her, rubbing her head and her arms.

"Shhhh, you're ok, my good little mageling.  Isn't that right, Adora?  Are you my good little mageling?", Ivy asked Adora.  Adora slowly nodded, and Ivy smiled wider, her eyes sparkling and shifting colors, drawing Adoras gaze upwards.  As Adora's eyes met hers, even with the awkward position, Ivy could see the humans pupils widen and her mouth slacken even more.  Adorable, so delectably gorgeous.  Ivy was tempted to just keep her like this, but as much fun as that would be, it would interfere with her long term plans.  So she let her gaze slowly fade, no longer holding the humans eyes or mind.  Slowly she blinked, coming back to herself, and then blushed.  “My darling.  Why don’t I show you your new home, and then we can discuss the rules?”, she said, and turned.  

“This is what you humans call the living room, which seems kind of odd since you’re alive in the entire house.  Most odd.  But I digress.”  Ivy walked into the kitchen, letting her pet look around.  “This is the kitchen.  I didn’t have this before I decided to answer your call, my little mageling.  I created all this right before I left, so if there’s anything I left out, you’ll just have to be really good so you can ask me nicely.  And I’m a pretty good cook, or so I've decided.  If you’re good, then I’ll let you make requests, especially for tacos.  I’m told that Taco Tuesday is actually valid every night of the week.  Because Tacos are tasty.”

Adora whined as Ivy kept walking around.  Each step made the cock inside her move, fucking her with each step.  Nowhere near orgasm, but somewhere on the way, it was a tease, but it was almost a nice distraction.  Brought to what was clearly a bathroom with a tub that was more appropriately a small grotto, complete with waterfall, she looked around as Ivy proudly told her that “you could go swimming any time you wanted.  If you want koi in here, let me know.”  Leaving the room, Ivy paused by a door and told her that it was the bedroom, and she’d get to see it last.  “You must be tired.  So once I show you some things and we go over the rules, then I’ll put you down for a nap.”

A pair of double doors opened as Ivy approached, and they walked into the first room of her lab.  The particular dimensions of this room varied, Ivy explained, since it depended on what she was working on.  Sometimes volatile magic needed some space, and she’d expand the walls. And then it was time to show her the ritual chamber.  It was a circular room made of  some dark granite that was set aside from the antechamber by a short hallway with wards written on the walls. The antechamber was lined with shelves of exotic alchemical ingredients, but this one was empty save for the altar in the center, a raised stone rectangle that was warm to the touch, smooth on the top, the sides inscribed with archaic runes of the variety which caused a faint headache, seeming not to conform to the regular three dimensions of traditional geometry. 

“That..I’ve seen movies that go like this.  You’re going to try to sacrifice me on that thing!!!”, Adora shouted, squirming and trying to get herself off of Ivy.  Not only did it not work, it just tired her out faster, and let her panting as the pleasure the wriggling brought edged her again.

“Now you’re just being ridiculous”, Ivy said incredulously.  “Why would I take all the trouble to answer your Call, bind you to me, and bring you here if I was just going to harm you?”

“I have no…idea!!”, Adora yelled as she started squirming and fighting again.  “Maybe it’s all a sick joke!!”

“Adora, you’re being silly.  Think about this for a moment”, Ivy said, giving the girl a gentle flick on her inner hip with a single finger.  “I could have taken anyone at any time.  But I didn’t.  And I’ve taken the time to make sure that you’re safe, that you’re comfortable, and I even fixed your little diabetes problem.”

“My what!?!  I don't have diabetes!!!”, she yelled, pausing for a moment to catch her breath.  Fighting a sentient, walking magical plant that currently had one trussed up inside its vines was harder than it looked.  And that was before it was treating her like she was some sort of sick x-rated toy.

“Yet.  The way that you eat sugar, I’m a bit surprised that your teeth haven’t all rotted out of your skull at this point”, Ivy said drily.  “But regardless.  Let’s use our logic”, she said, walking into the chamber and circling the stone.  Letting her mageling get all the energy out of her.  “I didn’t actually NEED to take you here, right?”

“Right!! And I wish you’d take me back!!”, Adora yelled, moaning once as the fucking continued.

“That’s cute, but no.  Anyways, let's continue.  I certainly didn’t have to answer your specific Call, or give you the elixir, or anything else.  Now, why do you think that I’d go to all that trouble if I was just going to harm you?  ESPECIALLY since I’ve sworn that I have no desire to feed on your soul.”  Ivy spoke calmly, rationally laying out her case to her mageling without trying to cloud her mind.  While that was something that could work, she had the idea that it would be better off in the long run to try to function without it.

“I…umm…it’s all part of some cruel trick to get me to trust you”, Adora said.  Truthfully, she wasn’t sure why Ivy was going to all this trouble.  Ivy was laying out a pretty convincing case for herself…itself…and she just didn't know.  

“And that matters why, Adora?”, Ivy asked.  “I can just use magic to compel you to do that, you know, if that’s all that was important.  So why would I go to all this trouble?  And do I really strike you as someone who is needlessly cruel?”

“Well…maybe magic doesn’t work for something like that”, Adora said stubbornly.  “Maybe it’s like…like those Fae stories, where it has to be freely given.”  She blinked, and remembered how Ivy had altered her name before.  Or maybe she hadn’t, and it was a trick?.  Her name had always been Adora, she was sure.  Happy that Ivy hadn’t been able to take her name away, she looked up at her.  “I don’t know what your angle is.  Regardless, it doesn’t matter.  I…you need to let me go home.  People will be looking for me when I don’t make it to class.”

“Well…you’re not wrong.  In many cases, intent is everything.  You have to mean what you want to happen.  Thankfully, that’s not the case here, since you’re….you know…already here and in such a delightful position”, she said, grinning and humping up, making Adora’s voice catch in her throat as she moaned.  “And as for people looking”, she said, chuckling.  “You’re three steps forward and to the left of the reality you were in.  The entire planet could search for you, and they’d never find you, not for all of time.  You are here.  You are Mine.  And I will not let you go.”

Adora blinked, trying to think if she saw a Circle when they’d reappeared here, and then realized that she didn’t.  She REALLY was stuck, and not just literally.  Looking down at herself, she began to sniffle, tears leaking from her eyes.  

“Oh, my darling, shhhh”, Ivy was quick to caress her pet, hands cupping her cheeks and drying her eyes.  “It’s ok, it’s ok to cry”, she said, quickly walking back to the couch.  “You’ve had some big changes today, and that builds up.  It's all right, my little mageling. Get it out. I know you've got a lot of pent up feelings in there.  Let them out, it’s all ok, you’re safe and you’re ok.  Let them all out."

Permission given, Adora began to sob, vine-y hands gently holding her so tenderly that she didn’t even notice when she was detached from her restraints.  Getting slid off the cock was merely a footnote in her mind, so focused she was on everything else.

With tender care, Ivy soothed the sobbing girl on her lap, rubbing her butt, the backs of her thighs, her shoulders, just holding her as she cried. This was an important need, one that Adora had clearly neglected. The release of all these emotions. And Ivy was more than happy to help her little mageling in any way that she could. She held her as she cried, gently rubbing her back, cooing and whispering that everything would be ok.  Eventually the crying slowed, devolving into hiccups and sniffles. 

Drop me a comment and let me know what you think!! this is just the beginning as Adora will soon get to explore her new home!  

Tip for the day:  you aren't responsible for someone elses happiness, only your own.  and if it makes you happy, it doens't matter if other people understand it or not.

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