In the Vines of Magic

The tables have turned, flipped, AND reversed

by Hopeschains

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #sub:female #bondage #clothing #exhibitionism #fantasy #flogging #Human_Domestication_Guide #magic #orisit #petplay #sadomasochism #spanking

Hello again!!! it seems to be that time for us.  And I hope you're all ready, because here'd where it gets fun.  

warning:  Tharr be smut ahead, me hearties!!! Arr Arr Arr!!!!!  (in terrible pirate accent)

seriously, the whole chapter is smut.  Warning for the use of drugs/potions, smut, and...well..yea.  if you're here this far, you're into it.  Hey, no judging, darlings, so am I

Lexa dreamed.  It started as a good dream, Savannah and Julie and she were sitting on the beach, enjoying the sun and some drinks.  Joking around, and watching some cute guys flirt with some cuter girls.  Finishing her drink, Lexa looked up at their waitress, who bore a shocking resemblance to Wonder Woman.  "Can I get a refill on my Slutty Lizard?", she asked, and then blinked.  "That gown is gorgeous!!  Where did you steal it from?"

"Oh, this ol thang?  Fell off a truck, don'cha know.  Anyways, you don't want that old drink.  I'll get you something special.  I call it 'Adramallamadingdong'.  You'll love it.  Promise.  Just ask anyone", she said, lighting a cigar with a flaming fingertip.

"Oh.  Ummm…sure, that sounds fine", and then she turned around to grab the empty cup.  But the cup was being held by a little racoon who ran off with it, pausing to wave its ass at her.  "HEY!!  You give that back!!", she yelled, tripping over Savannah as she vaulted the beach chair.  Spitting sand out as she got up and chased the racoon, she dodged a waiter, running back into the cabana.  "You…YOU LITTLE TRASH PANDA!!  GIVE THAT BACK, FUCKER!!!"

She skidded to a stop as the cabana door opened up into her physics classroom, and she suddenly realized she wasn't wearing much.  Just her bra and the cum stained leggings.  "Agghhh!!!", she shrieked, covering up, and then saw the racoon sitting on top of her grandmothers head.  But before she could make a move, her physics professor grabbed her arm and turned her around.

"YOU!!  I was so proud of you, and then I find out that you only excelled because you cheated!!  You know how disappointed I am?  How disappointed your grandmother is?  How are we supposed to be proud when you cheated, taking some voodoo hoodoo potion performance enhancing drug?!?!  SHAME ON YOU!!  SHAME ON YOUR FAMILY!!  SHAME ON YOUR TRASH PANDA!!"  With each yelled sentence, he grabbed her harder, and Lexa whimpered, now openly crying.  

"No…it's not what you think…it was me, the elixir just cleared my was me, I promise!!  Grammy, you have to believe me!!  Grammy…no, where you going??", she asked as her Grammy shook her head, disapproval clear on her face, and got up to leave.  "Grammy!!!", she cried out.

"See?? Nothing but a disappointment!!  Even Savannah thinks so!!", her professor yelled.  And as he grabbed her and she cried out in terror, a cool voice that sounded of windchimes spoke.  Speaking over the professor, the other people yelling, even her own screams, it demanded attention.

"Shhhh, my little mageling.  It's ok, you're safe.  I'm here, and you're safe.  Just listen to my voice", the voice said as the scene began to dissolve in streams of twinkling stars amidst bright colors.  They ebbed and flowed, drawing her in, even as the shouting of her professor began to fade.  Soon it faded completely, and all she could see were the colors.  A new sound took over, some kind of music.  She'd never heard it before, but it was compelling.  Like nothing she’d ever heard before, it was infectious, joyous, and it called to something inside her.  “I’m here now, my little mageling.  You’re safe, you can rest easy.  All is well, little one.  Sleep”, as the colors shifted and moved, now in time with the music.  “Sleep, my little mageling.”

The next thing she knew, she was slowly waking.  She was warm, hovering in that blissful half-awake half-asleep state that was the most delicious feeling.  She was pressed up against something that tickled her nose, but was holding her securely, even as her head rested on the softest pillow ever.  Stretching and yawning, she blinked as she scratched her side, and smiled as someone began to coo and called her cute..  

Then she froze.

She knew that voice..but had never heard it so close to her ear.  Eyes flashing open, she shrieked.  Because she was being held by Ivy.  


And she was outside the Circle.  Shit shit shit.  Panic immediately lit a fire in her as she began to struggle, to no avail.  Ivy was far stronger than anything she’d ever felt.  Those vines that made up her arms were like corded steel for all the give they had, and Ivy smiled as she whined and fought.  “Let…Let go!!  Let go of me!!!”, she yelled.  “HELP!!!!!!”

“Oh, little one, you’re so cute!!  Well, first off, nobody is going to hear you.  There’s a little ball of silence around us that nothing can penetrate us.  You could have that Metallica band here right now, and nobody would hear a thing a foot away from us.  As for letting you go, why should I?  That's literally the last thing I'm going to do.  And you need to learn to be more respectful, little one.  It’ll save you a whole lot of trouble in the future.”  Ivy sounded amused and chiding all at the same time.  "Unless you enjoy that sort of thing "

“What?  You…”, Lexa blinked as she listened.  This was bad.  VERY bad.  Somehow Ivy had gotten out, and this was the thing that she’d been scared of.  She’d seen a whole bunch of movies where this had happened, and it never ended well.  But maybe she could talk Ivy into some reasonable compromise, didn’t Ivy swear on her Power and stuff that she was here to help?  “Let me go!!  Ivy…i mean it…let me go!!!  There won’t BE a future if you don’t let me go!!  RIGHT NOW!!!”

Ivy huffed, her eyes twinkling a bit less, before she grinned.  “You know what you need?”

“For you to let me go and get back in the damn Circle!!”

“Hmmm.  Most certainly not, and that second request is even more ridiculous than the first and is  just not going to happen either.  In that order.  No, little one.  What you need is to let some of that tension out, Adora.  And I have just the thing for you.”  Ivy smiled at Adora, a smile that had just the tiniest hint of something other than glee in it.  

Lexa saw the smile, and got nervous.  Squirming harder, she tried kicking out at Ivy but her foot was caught as the vines that made up an arm simply opened, and closed on her foot, trapping it.  “Ivy, this is…you promised that…that you were here to help, and that you weren’t interested in my soul.  So let me go!!!”

“Good memory, my little mageling”, Ivy cooed, her eyes beginning to twinkle again.  Apparently Adora either had caught on, or was simply being obstinate, because she deliberately refused to look at her face.  That was ok, she had more tools at her disposal, and they were even more fun to use.  Tension first, and then she could explain to Adora what things were going to be like from now on, no matter if she liked it or not.  Silly girl didn’t realize just how lucky she was.  Grinning, she rubbed a finger along Adoras ankle, leaving a small trail of another elixir that quickly sunk into her skin.

"What…what was that???", Lexa yelled, suddenly worried.  Who knew what other magical concoctions Ivy could brew up.  "What did you do to….ohh…what…Ivy…what did??", she asked as her face began to tingle.

"Oh, just a little something, my little something.  You'll see soon enough", Ivy teased as her hand began to rub Adoras back.  Slowly, running over each and every bump in her spine, letting the elixir take effect.  It was similar to what she had given the girl earlier, but with a crucial difference.  This time, the more aroused her pet got after her first orgasm, the harder it would be for her to climax.  Feeding off her pleasure, as it was.  In fact, the only way for her to orgasm would be for Ivy to help, since she would use the complimentary unugent.  IF her pet asked nicely.  And then ALL the ecstasy the elixir had held back would come crashing down on her little mageling.  At once.  A reward for taking the first step towards her proper place.

Lexa tried kicking, but her foot was firmly stuck in Ivys vines.  To make matters worse, Ivy reached around and began to pull her sleep shirt off.  Lexa tried to tuck her arms down, yelling at Ivy, but suddenly something was tickling her.  Laughing and squirming, she tried to get away, but whatever it was followed her.  "I….Ivy!!  Haa haa haa, sst…staahhpp!!  HahIvyahahaha", she laughed as Ivy kept tickling her.  And as she was tickled, her arms went up.  Before she knew it, her shirt was off, leaving her bare chested, only in panties, and securely held by Ivy.  "Come on, Ivy!!  You…you…i summoned you…", and she trailed off as Ivy laughed.

"Is that how you think it went?", Ivy said, smiling at Adora.  Both of her hands went up, holding Adoras wide, even as vines writhed, and took on the forms of smaller hands.  Coated in a sticky liquid, they gently held Adoras breasts, gently rubbing and kneading them, spreading the potion.  It was soon absorbed and Ivy witnessed their effect as Adoras nipples plumped up.  Harder, more sensitive, Ivy grinned as the hands began to squeeze Adoras nipples, gently at first, rolling them as the potion made them more sensitive by an order of magnitude.

Lexa tried to struggle, but her fight began to die the moment an extra pair of hands began to fondle her.  It was like before, but worse, since this was focused entirely on her breasts.  And her nipples!!  They felt like they were harder than diamonds, radiating bliss with the slightest touch.  And Ivy touched them lots.  The struggling died out as Lexa moaned,  pushing up into the hands.  Moaning and squirming, Lexa threw her head back as what felt like a broad, slightly raspy thumb rubbed a circle over each nipple.  "F..FUCK!!!  Ivy…you…", and Ivy smiled at her, a fifth hand growing and catching her magelings head.  Holding it up so that Adora could see her and not strain herself.

"Me?  Fuck me?  You like that?", Ivy teased.  "And you want some more of that, my darling?  Of course.  Anything for my little mageling."  She began to fondle the girls nipples harder, alternating them.  She squeezed a bit harder, and watched as Adoras face got redder, the stain on her panties grew, and the sounds that Adora made were positively sinful.  "Oh… Oh, I see.  Well, I DID promise you bliss, so it's only fair for me to deliver", she said.  Squeezing again, but alternating the hand doing the squeezing, moving from nipple to nipple, Ivy watched with happiness as  Adora moaned, lost in the rapture.  Her vines moved, bringing Adoras other leg into her own body.  In effect, dragging her little magelings body closer to her as she squirmed and keened.

Lexa hadn't known of anything that could be better than the potion Ivy had given her earlier.  That was like asking for a better Mona Lisa than the Mona Lisa itself.  And yet Ivy proved her wrong.  Whatever she was doing had her feeling things that she'd never felt before.  Ecstasy like she'd only dreamed of.  Eyes fluttering as her head fell back, she panted, squirming in Ivys grip.  Something moved on her lower half, a brush of air across her cunt and Lexa opened her eyes, blushing and trying to cover herself and failing.  "Ivy…no…come on…that's…that's not cool", and her eyes bulged as she looked down.  

"I…WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK!?!?!", Lexa shouted as she saw Ivy sporting a cock.  A single vine, mushroom head, leaking precome….yup.  It was a dick, and it was inches away from her.  It looked small on Ivys big frame, but she guessed it to be about 5 inches.  "But….mmmm…you're…you're a girl", she moaned as her left nipple got squeezed harder than before.  "Ivy…you…"

"Oh. My little mageling, you have so much to learn.  Boy.  Girl.  Those words…they don't apply to ones such as us.  To you.  You are whatever I say you are.  I want to bring you pleasure like this, so I will.  Reality itself bends to my whim, my little mageling, as do you."  Ivy jogged her hips, letting the tip rub her pets core, all wet and covered with arousal.  The head, which was covered in the complement to the prior elixir, nudged Adoras pearl, and the sound that was made had Ivy grinning.  So she did it again.  And again.  And then without warning she slid inside Adora, filling her completely and to the hilt, triggering her orgasm.  Adora wailed, her cunt suddenly clenching down on Ivy as she climaxed.  Ivy grinned and began to squeeze her nipples harder, helping her cum.

Lexa screamed as she was suddenly full, Ivy somehow triggering her to cum.  She humped, grinding down as something hard raised itself on Ivy so she could rub her clit on it as she came.  "Oh!!  Uunngghh!!  Ohhhhhhh", she wailed, trying to push into Ivy.  Or away, she wasn't sure.   Waves of golden fire spread from her pussy, blissfully stuffed, spreading through her body.  Her legs trembled as slick dripped from her.  Eventually her orgasm slowed, devolving into aftershocks.  Ivy worked her nipples, slowing the tugging and rolling to match her aftershocks.

"Mmmm, there you go, my little mageling", Ivy murmured with a grin as Adora shuddered.  It had been so long since she'd grown one of these, she just wanted to indulge herself, which was lucky for Adora.  "Listen well, my little mageling.  We're going to have some fun.  From now on, and unless I tell you otherwise, if you want to cum, you need my permission.  Your pleasure belongs to me now, my little mageling.  Do you understand me?", Ivy said with a grin, and watched as Adora frowned and shook her head. "Well, you soon will."  Caressing Adoras face, Ivy changed the hands that still played with her nipples, a simple effort of Will. Each hand suddenly grew a small orifice in the middle of its palm, lined with little cilia and larger 'tongues'.  And they dripped with an oil designed to stimulate nerve endings.  

Adora frowned up at Ivy again, not happy about her latest proclamation.  "Ivy, you're not being realistic!!  My plea…my…ohhhhh…ohmmmmmm", as her words dried up in her throat.  Something stole her voice, some sensation that blanked her mind out under a wave of pleasure.  It felt like her nipples had been replaced, each turned into a clit, played and licked, by someone who CLEARLY knew what they were doing.  Moaning, she writhed, but the little mouths not only moved with her, something started rippling on the sides, like multiple little fingers.  Something began stroking her thighs as Ivy shifted, pulling her legs back.  The changed angle let Ivys cock hit a new spot inside her that had her mewling.

"You like that, hmm?  Good to know, little mageling."  Ivy leaned over, head somehow moving in a way that suggested that the vines holding it could move independently, and began to lick Adoras neck.  Right over her pulse point, laving it with a very specific elixir.  It would feel good to her mageling, and her moans and wiggles proved it did.  But the effects would also build over time, becoming a new erogenous spot.  A new way to tease and shape her mageling.  "Remember, no cumming without asking", Ivy said.  

Without waiting, she began to fuck the restrained human, short strokes that left the human panting.  The clap clap of skin meeting vines was suddenly muted as Ivy filled Adora, rolling her hips in a way that would have made a nun reconsider her vows.  The human moaned again, eyes glazing as the little nub met the humans nubbin and began to rub it, secreting its own elixir.  Then she began to fuck her again, short hard strokes that had her mageling squealing in moments.  Her secondary hands kept suckling and brushing her extra-sensitive nipples, Ivy loving the taste of her aroused magelings skin. 

 It didn't take long to climb the peak, Lexa realized.  Maybe a minute or two, given whatever magic Ivy had cast.  'Fuck, lets be honest.  She KNOWS how to please a woman', she thought, even as her eyelids fluttered.  Soon she was approaching her peak, the tremble in her limbs heralding another mind blowing orgasm, the kind that she'd never had until she'd summoned Ivy.  She cried out again as a stroke had the head of Ivy's cock brushing a spot inside her, bliss traveling in a loop from cunt to brain to nipples back to cunt.  

But she couldn't cum.  She hovered on the precipice, about to cum but not.  Whimpering, she tried to relax, willing it to happen even as Ivy slowed down, grinning at her.  That musical voice invaded her mind again, making her swallow hard.  "Well, little one?  Anything you want to ask?", Ivy asked her, and Adora whined, stubbornly shaking her head.

"Oh well.  And I so wanted to gift you an orgasm.  Well, maybe next time", Ivy said, almost regretful that she'd have to wait to see her mageling orgasm again.  Almost.  Rolling her hips, she watched as Adoras face took on the loveliest look of frustration and need, a musical whimper escaping her lips.  Ivy took delight in letting the little tongues in her palms tease and run themselves all over her nipples.  She jogged her hips, slamming her cock into Adora once, twice, and then she rolled her hips.  Withdrawing until she was almost completely out, she slammed back in, then pulled out, slowly sliding in, the head running over the little spot on her front wall.  Smearing some elixir onto it, then rubbing it again.  And again.  And again.

Wailing as she hung on the edge again, Adora writhed.  It felt like forever, an eternity of Paradise and pleasure, her orgasm just out of reach.  "Please!!  Please, I need it", she begged after the third time being brought down, only to be at the precipice, unable to take that extra inch into bliss.  "Please!!"

"Oh?", Ivy asked as she sped up, the slapping of skin on vine louder then lower.  "Is that what you wanted?  Faster? Or slower?"

"Nngghh…No…please…I need…I need to…to…cum", she whispered, blushing as she writhed.

"So why ask me?", Ivy asked innocently.  "Can't you do it yourself?"  She rolled her hips again, watching as Adora wailed, hands grabbing at the air as she tensed and moved.

"Fuck!!  Please, pleasepleaseplease", she moaned, and then whimpered, trying to buck downwards as Ivy slowed her movements.  "No no please, don't stop please", she begged, as Ivy's smiling face filled her vision.

"Tell me, my little mageling.  Why can't you cum by yourself?"

"Be…because…'s", she whispered, looking down with embarrassment and then whimpered as her chin was held gently but firmly.  Gently lifted, she looked directly into Ivys eyes, the colors and twinkles and the stars and the colors and the musical voice and the colors…It took a minute for her brain to restart, but Ivy was smiling at her, slowly pumping in and out as she stared.

"Because why, my darling mageling.  Tell me why."

"Be..because pleasure belongs..umm…it belongs to you", she whispered, unable to look away.  Ivy beamed at her, the happiness radiating from her in a palpable wave that did more for Adora than she wanted to admit.  She beamed back, and then her world dissolved into a blur of bliss so intense she lost track of everything.  All she heard was Ivy say, "CUM FOR ME".  All she felt was pleasure, euphoria so intense that it stole her mind.

i hope you enjoy.

uhhh...stay hydrated?

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