In the Vines of Magic

Time for another lesson

by Hopeschains

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Hello everyone!!! if you're reading this, then i hope you enjoy this chapter!  I really really enjoyed writing it.

The walk wasn’t so terrible, not if she walked slowly.  The wind was a distraction, moving through her hair, every strand moving another rustle, another spark of touch that threatened to make her lose herself.  The sun beat down on her, the heat warming her bones.  

She made it to her dorm, opening the door and running inside before slamming the door.  Not for the first time, she congratulated herself on having the forethought to get a single apartment, even if it was far more money.  Roommates at this point would have been a disaster.  Ivy looked up from where she was sitting cross legged inside the circle.  “All done for the day, little mageling?”, she inquired, and then cocked her head.  “What’s wrong, little one?”

“Your vial…it’s…it’s “, she panted, suddenly smelling something sweet and floral in the air.  Flowers?  She had no idea, but it was nice.

“Ohhhh”, The plant-spirit said, nodding.  “That is a side effect of the potion, especially if you’re pent up.  The aphrodisiac portion gets stronger the more you’re focusing, and will wear off faster if you…” and she watched as the little human ran into their room and slammed the door.  “You know, you should really listen to what I have to say!! It could be impr…”, and she trailed off as a long quavering moan sounded from behind the door.  “Oh.  Well…carry on, then.”

Lexa slammed the door closed and leaned against it, her hands buried deep inside her leggings.  Deep inside her needy pussy that for some reason wasn’t satiated with her earlier orgasm.  Fingers buried deep inside herself, she moaned as the other hand came up, squeezing a breast.  Grinding the palm into her clit as she moved her fingers, feeling the stretch as two, then three fingers slipped easily inside her.  This time she didn’t even bother hiding the sounds that she made without realizing them. She tried to get at her nipple, and then growled in frustration as her shirt got in the way.  Pulling her fingers out of herself with a whine at the loss of contact and pleasure, she tore the shirt off, her bra came off in record time, and then her hand was forcing its way into her panties again.  Tilting her head back as her eyes slipped closed, fingers began to squeeze and pinch her nipple, pulling and kneading.

Her climax surprised her with its intensity, now that she could properly appreciate it.  She cried out as she was catapulted over the edge into the strongest orgasm she could remember.  Unsure if it was a word, a name, a wordless howl to some eldritch abomination, or a plea to a comic book heroine.  Her cunt clamped down on her fingers so hard that she couldn’t thrust anymore, so she ground her palm harder, relishing the feeling.  “Oh…oohhhhh”, she panted as bliss turned her muscles to jelly.  Slick dripped from her cunt, the wet spot on her leggings growing as she came.

She had no idea how she ended up sitting on the floor, her back against the door and her fingers still buried inside her pussy.  Her arousal had slightly died, and as she slid her fingers out, she blushed.  She’d cum in her panties like….like…she had no words, only that it was deeply humiliating…and arousing.  Just thinking about it was enough to get her engines revving again.  Slowly pushing herself to her knees, she wobbled for a second, and then stripped her leggings off.  Slick dotted her thighs, covering her pussy as a small sticky strand stretched out, connecting the gusset of her panties and her cunt, finally snapping as she stepped out of them both.  Gloriously nude, she fell onto her bed and grabbed for the toy inside her nightstand.  It turned on with a satisfying clck-bzzzz and then the rest of her world dissolved into a blur of pleasure.  

She woke up at some point, and struggled to read the clock next to her beside.  “Six…oh fuck..oh goddess”, she sighed, and flopped back down.  Her arms were sore, her legs were sore, between her legs was sore, her nipples were sore.  Everything about her was sore.  Her phone was on the bed, and she grabbed it, seeing that she had four missed calls and seven missed messages.  Mostly from Savannah, but one message was from her friend Julie who she shared the Art class with.  Asking where she was, and that Savannah had told her that she wasn’t feeling well and to text her to let her know she was ok.  Lexa smiled, sending back that she had some bad cramps but they’d passed and she was feeling better.

And she was feeling better.  Well rested, and feeling….She didn’t have a word for how it was feeling until she thought of it, and then she realized what it was.  Relief, the setting aside of a load that she hadn’t realized she was carrying.  What that load was, she couldn’t say.  She certainly wasn’t pent up, like Ivy had suggested.  Ivy.  With her sparkling eyes, and her smile…her….voice….Lexa shook her head, trying to banish the mental images in her head, and slipped a robe on before walking out of the room, hoping that Ivy was asleep or something.

Ivy was not, in fact, asleep.

She was sitting in the same position in her Circle, looking calmly at Lexa.  No hint of a smile, no smirk, and yet Lexa found herself blushing and squirming like she'd been caught doing something naughty.  After a few moments, she looked up at Ivy.  "Wh…what?"

"I didn't say anything, Adora.  I'm glad to see you up and walking around", Ivy said.  A few flowers opened up on her forearm, pinks and turquoises blending together, releasing a new fragrance that slowly permeated the room.  "And that you took care of what you needed to."  She smiled as Lexa blushed harder.  "You should probably get something to drink, little mageling.  It's been a few hours, hasn't it?"

Lexa slowly nodded, enjoying this new smell.  Sweet, but not overly, it was kind of like…if roses and tulips had a baby.  "Y..yea…it..umm…I must have…does that potion affect everyone the same way?"

Ivy chuckled, and shook their head, eyes twinkling.  "Oh no, little one.  Everybody's different, because everyone has different needs in their life.  You were pent up, but you also needed help focusing.  That particular elixir helped with both, and taught you a lesson."

"A…a lesson?  On how long my batteries last?", Lexa asked, and then squeaked, clapping hands to her mouth.  She blushed, mortified, yet unable to walk away.  

Ivy laughed, waving a hand.  "Oh, by the Everbloom, you're adorable, Adora.  No, little one.  But why don't you go get some water, and then we can discuss it, ok?"  When Lexa squirmed unable to look away from her eyes, Ivy smiled gently at her and blinked slowly.  "Go on, little one.  You lost quite a bit of fluids, didn't you?  Get a cup of water or two, and then we can discuss it.  Go", she said.

Lexa blinked as she suddenly found herself walking into the small kitchen.  'Ivy's probably right, it HAS been a while since I drank something, and…yea…definitely made a mess.  Gonna need to change the sheets.'  As she poured and drank the first glass, she wondered what the lesson would be.  Finishing it quickly, she poured herself a second cup and walked back into the room.  Ivy saw her and smiled widely, joy and happiness clear on her face.  Lexa couldn't help it, swept up in the infectious joy that Ivy seemed to exude without moving.  She broke out into a wide smile, and then took a seat.

"Of course.  You called me here.  I wouldnt be able to help you effectively if I wasn't paying close attention to you."  She gave her a smile and a wink that had the little human blushing.  "Good girl', Ivy said with a smile.  She watched as the little mageling squirmed, a blush that formed on her adorable face and moved downwards towards her chest.  "I'm so proud of you for taking care of yourself", and watched as the little mageling squirmed and moaned slightly.  "So…the lesson.  Little Adora, the lesson is this, and I need you to pay attention."  She smiled as the human sat up, looking intently at her.  At her eyes.  "You can't ignore one need and push it off to focus on another need.  Well, not forever.  Eventually, you need to get your needs met.  Good thing I'm here to help you get them met."

Lexa sat there, thinking about the lesson, remembering it.  It was easy, since the words were said in time with the sparkle of Ivy's eyes.  'I can't ignore my needs forever.  That's why Ivy's here, to help', she thought.  "I..umm…y..yea", she stammered, covering up with a sip of water.

"But you have homework to do now, don't you, little mageling?", Ivy asked, and watched Adora nod and walk over to her desk.  Sitting down, she pulled out her books, even the dreaded physics book.  "Good girl.  I'll be here if you need help.  Hop to it."  The words were said lightly, teasingly, and Ivy smiled as Adora squeaked, and then focused on her work.

Her work was beyond easy.  It all made so much sense, everything coming together.  Even the physics.  It was almost like a song, like a melody that she could see where things built off each other.  Soon she pushed herself away from the desk and turned, squeaking as she saw Ivy watching her intently.  "Were you..umm…watching me this whole time?"

Ivy nodded, adoring the sight of the little human blushing again.  "You have all of my attention, my little mageling."

"That's…umm…I…ummm…I'm hungry.  Are you hungry?  I should have some plant food left over from when I had this ficus that…", and she slowly stopped talking when she realized what she said.  "I…umm…oh goddess", she whispered.  "I…umm..", and then blushed as Ivy began laughing.

"That was funny.  Thank you but no thank you, little mageling.  Believe it or not, just some sunlight and the occasional bowl of water are enough to sustain this form.  Where I normally live is…different.  A land of magic, peaceful and tranquil, where my kind live.  There is no strife, no war or illness.  Everyone has their needs met, and the most stressful thing sometimes is what to make for dinner."

"That sounds cool.  It sounds like a fun place to live.  Wish Earth was like that."

"It has its moments", Ivy admitted.  "But coming here to meet you is far better.  Now, it's getting late, and you have class tomorrow.  You should probably eat a healthy, nutritious meal, and get some sleep."

Lexa nodded, suddenly feeling and hearing her stomach rumble.  When had she gotten so hungry?  "Umm…yea", she said as her stomach made a very loud noise.  "Don't go anywhere", as she walked into the kitchen again.

"I'll try not to", Ivy said in a deadpan voice, lasting a second before laughing.  She could hear Adora puttering in the kitchen, a faint sizzling sound after a moment, and the aroma of cooking eggs. "I better see some vegetables on that plate!!!', she called back, and was happy to hear the sound of the refrigerator opening and closing.  Some rhythmic chopping sounds soon followed.  Ivy waited patiently, and soon Adora came back holding a plate with eggs, toast, and some salad on it.  "Those are good choices, my little mageling.  Good job", she purred, and bit back a smile as Adora blushed, and did some combination of preening and squirming.

Lexa sat down and started eating, not realizing how hungry she was until the first bite was in her mouth.  Then she remembered, more like her stomach reminded her, that breakfast was hours ago.  She started shoveling the food into her mouth, swallowing so fast that half was gone before she heard Ivy chiding her.  

"Slow down, little one.  Slow down, you're going to give yourself a stomach ache."  She watched Adora stop eating, and half turn to her, blushing.  She decided to keep going, to see how far she could push.  "Feeding yourself is a privilege, little mageling.  If you can't do it appropriately, then I'll feed you myself."

Lexa couldn’t believe her ears.  Ivy was…it sounded like a threat.  Any retort that she had building up in her throat vanished the second that she turned and looked up and saw Ivy standing there.  Saw her eyes shining, the colors melding and shifting.  Somehow, she knew that if Ivy did that, then it would be because Ivy didn’t want her  to have a stomachache.  “I…umm…that’s…that’s not necessary.  I’m perfectly capable of..of feeding myself, Ivy.  I..ummm”, and then Ivy cut her off.

“Really?  Because, little mageling, I saw you not even stopping to chew before you swallowed.  I’m a bit disappointed in that display, Adora”, Ivy told Adora, seeing the girl wilt in front of her like a bloom that was unwatered.  “Show me that you can do it properly, little one.  I know you can do better.”

“I..I can!! I really can!!”, Lexa said, practically in tears.  She was somehow able to feel Ivy's disapproval like a physical thing, a force that hammered at her.  If her praise made her feel good about herself, this was the exact opposite.  “You don’t need to do that, Ivy”, she said.

“You know, you’re probably right.  Why don’t you show me how you can eat in a better fashion, hmm?”, Ivy asked, happy to see Adora nod.  And this time, the girl actually cut her food, taking small bites and chewing her food.  Oh, the fun she would have with her.  It was adorable, seeing the girl pick up on her emotions so quickly.  Eventually Adora was finished, and she turned after a deep breath, clearly looking for Ivy’s approval, and smiled as Ivy’s approval shone in her eyes.  “You did very well.  Good girl”, Ivy said softly, and watched as Adora blushed and preened.  “Now I think it’s time that you get ready for bed, my little mageling.  You’ve had a long day, and tomorrow is another day, as they say.  I want you to go get ready for bed, my little mageling.  Can you do that for me?”

"You know, I really feel well rested.  I..umm…I kinda tuckered myself out before', Lexa said, squirming as she realized that Ivy probably heard her 'tuckering' herself out.  In great detail.  “I don’t really feel tired right now”, she said.

“Hmmmm.  Fair.  You know what?  Why don’t you go get ready for bed.  And if you’re not tired after all that, then you can stay awake and I’ll teach you something cool, ok?  That IS why you called out to me, right?”  

Lexa considered, and realized that it made sense.  She’d be ready for bed if she WAS tired, and if she wasn’t, then Ivy could teach her something.  She hoped it would be magic, the thought of learning magic was exciting!!  Nodding, she scampered off to the bathroom and quickly brushed her teeth, brushing her hair and securing it in a high messy bun.  She quickly threw her pj’s on, and then was back in the living room, walking over to where Ivy was sitting.    “See?  Not tired at all!!”, she said, smiling up at the plant-spirit.

Ivy chuckled as she looked down at the little human.  “So I see”, she said with a smile as some other flowers opened on her back, releasing their own brand of pollen into the air.  “Well, I’m proven wrong and you’ve impressed me.  Good job, my little mageling.  Well done indeed”, and she watched as Adora squirmed.  

“Now, let us begin the study of magic”, Ivy said as she adopted the same tone that Adora heard from her teachers.  The good ones, anyways.    Magic is your Will, simply put.  When you Called to me, you had strong emotions, yes?  You had a need, and you used the symbols and the words to focus your need into a Call.  That is the essence of magic, little mageling.  There are certain things that you can do without all of this buildup, little spells and things that can be achieved with enough practice.  But for bigger effects, you need a ritual.  You need the Circle, the words, and the tools that can help you focus your Will and Need.  Like…like an egg needs the oil and pan and heat to become an omelet.  You follow so far?”

Lexa nodded eagerly, listening intently.  “So if my will was strong enough, then I’d be able to do magic.  And the bigger or more complicated the effect, then the more complicated and more will is needed.  And the rituals are for big effects, and act like a magnifying glass.  Which would explain why..umm…why you’re so hyped on me getting sleep and a balanced diet and…ummm…”, and she squirmed.  “Getting my…umm…you know.  Able to concentrate”, she whispered, blushing.

“Exactly!!!  Good girl!!!!  Such a smart little mageling you are”, Ivy said, smiling at the girl as her eyes glimmered.  She watched with delight as Adora responded, blushing and shyly looking away for a moment, then looking up at her.  Her eyes starting to unfocus slightly, a combination of the pollen and her own gaze. Ivy’s voice took on a sing-song quality, a smooth and low pitched hum underlying it.  Something that would soothe.   “So the first thing is that you must have a strong Will.  The kind of will that is strong enough to withstand anything, iron bound and implacable.  That kind of Will which would prevent anything from affecting you and making you go to sleep.  Your head certainly isn't getting heavy or your eyes closing.  No, your will is far too strong.   The next thing that you must have is a clear knowledge of what it is you want.  Without that, all the Will in the world won’t make a bit of difference.  Without the proper knowledge of what they want, a mage wouldn’t be able to turn water into ice in the middle of winter while standing in a freezer.  In fact, having the right Will is so important that it’s often customary for them to fall asleep right where they sit while listening to their instructor because they’re so tired and they can just fall asleep, secure in the knowledge that bigger things are around the corner.  So you can just sleep now if you want to, but you're already asleep, aren’t you, my little mageling?”, Ivy said in a soft, soothing tone.  By that point Adora was already fast asleep, head adorably pillowed on her forearm.  Ivy smiled, eyes glimmering.

I hope you enjoyed!! comments keep me alive, so let me know what you think, and what you think is going to happen!!

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