In the Vines of Magic

Let's see what this magic potion does

by Hopeschains

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #sub:female #bondage #clothing #exhibitionism #fantasy #flogging #Human_Domestication_Guide #magic #orisit #petplay #sadomasochism #spanking

Hello there!!!  i hope you enjoy this one!  Warning, thar be smutty waters ahead.....

"Oh, little one?", Ivy called out, and looked at Lexa directly, letting their eyes meet.  Holding her gaze for a second, she blinked, and watched as Lexa blushed.  "Make sure you hydrate and eat a balanced meal!!  It's hot out there and you're thirsty!!", it called out.

Lexa blushed harder and turned, catching the door with her shoulder as she stumbled for a second.  Then she was out the door, walking quickly in the heat to her first class.  Figuring that she had time, she pulled the vial from her pocket, and looked at it.  It shimmered in the sunshine, taking on a glow of its own.  'Fuck, its not like I don't need the help', grumbled Lexa to herself as she drank.  The effects were immediate, as the colors around her got brighter for a moment.  And then another effect hit as she began walking.

She could feel every thread in her leggings as it rubbed and moved, felt her nipples rubbing her bra as she hurried.  Far more sensitive, far more pleasurable than ever.  "Oh…oh fuck", she whispered, needing to stop moving for a second.  It was either be late, or run and possibly get to class a wet, shuddering mess.  She knew which one she preferred.

Taking a deep breath, she began to walk again towards the Science building, slower this time.  Careful not to jostle anything, or worse.  She still felt her leggings sliding and moving, rubbing her thighs as she walked.  Undeterred, she kept walking, and soon was walking into class just as her professor dimmed the lights to begin.  He fixed her with a steely glare, making her stop in place.  She blushed as the entire class watched as he berated her.

"Well, so good of you to join us, Ms. Terolf.  Glad you could find the time.  Class starts punctually at 9 am.  Please be on time, or you will be looking at a locked door from now on.  Please take your seat with a modicum of silence.  Now."

Lexa swallowed hard as she made her way to her seat.  There was something wrong.  Whatever Ivy had given her was doing a number on her brain.  It was giving her clarity…but it clearly meant that she wasn’t able to NOT notice things.  Like the way that her running had made her feel.  OR the fact that her professor had humiliated her, and instead of saying something, a protest, ANYTHING, she’d simply stood there, blushed, and took it.  Feeling almost…bad?  Yes, bad, that she’d been late and that she’d annoyed her professor..  Opening up her book, she looked at the board as he began to speak.

Whatever was in the vial, she thought to herself after the class was over, it worked.  She had gotten every single idea, every single formula was not only fresh in her mind but she could see how they applied in real life.  She could see how ideas were linked, and even understood the older material, the things that she had so much trouble with before.  How everything built on each other.  It was worth the extra-sensitive skin and…hmmm..she had two more classes, math and art.  Well, at least this would be good for math class.  She smiled and turned and then her best friend was smiling and walking up to her.  

“Hey girl”, she said with a smile, reaching out and hugging Lexa.  “You know, I’m kinda surprised that you didn’t say something to Beelzebub over there.  Normally you’d say something but…Hey Lexa, you ok?”, she asked, frowning.  “Why you so quiet?  And you’re all red.”

Lexa could only stare, doing her best not to moan as Savannah had given her a hug.  If she thought that walking and feeling her skin rubbing against cloth was good, then this was the sunshine, a cup of coffee, and the best pizza in the world, all rolled into one.  Just feeling her skin against hers had resulted in a burst of feelings, pleasure and sensation unlike anything she’d ever felt, and it got worse when Savannah started rubbing her back.  Asking her if she was ok, looking at her with concern.

“I..umm…I didn’t get…umm…I didn’t get a lot of sleep”, she lied, “and I’m having some cramps”, as a small whimper burst from her throat.

“Ohhhh, that’s terrible”, Savannah said, and rubbed her back harder.  “I got Motrin, Midol, Tylenol, and a pad if you need one.  You ok?”, she asked, starting to worry.  “You’re even redder than you were before.  You sure you’re fine?”

“Just some…mmm”, she said, closing her eyes in what she hoped was an expression pain.  “Some cramps…I’m going to…I’m gonna use the ladies room really quickly, ok?”, she said.

“Oh yea, good idea.  You need a hand?”, Savannah asked as she rubbed Lexas back.  She’d never seen Lexa get such bad cramps before, but she guessed that it could happen.  “Want me to rub your stomach, that sometimes helps me with those cramps”, she said, and without waiting for an answer began to rub Lexas stomach.

Lexa couldn’t help it anymore, couldn't hold it back.  She whimpered as Savannah rubbed, the fabric of the shirt igniting trails of bliss that faded only to be reignited as strong fingers kept rubbing.  She could feel wetness gathering in her panties, blushing as tried to move around Savannah but another rub made her grab onto a chair for balance.

Savannah got worried, but kept rubbing.  She'd had bad cramps before, and this always helped.  But maybe this wasn't helping, she thought, as Lexa moaned again, grabbing at her shoulder.  Maybe she actually did need to get seen by someone, so she rubbed harder.

"Excuse me, ladies, but this isn't the place.  This is a classroom", the professor said.  Fixing a steely gaze on Ms. Terolf, he looked at her with a blank expression.  "While I don't appreciate your tardiness, I was happy to see that you understood the assignment.  Good job."

Lexa brightened almost immediately, the praise hitting differently.  Not as good as Ivys, but still gratifying and feeling good.  Savannah rubbed her stomach again, reminding her of her predicament.  "I…ummm…thank you, Professor.  I..umm", and Savannah rescued her.

"She's not feeling so good, Professor", Savannah supplied, still rubbing, but switching to Lexas back.  Lexa nodded, turning red.  “I’m just trying to help”, she said helpfully.

"Well, then why are you standing here?  Go to the nurses office", the professor said.  "I appreciate that you want to do better so you're here when you're feeling ill.  But really, Ms. Terolf, please go to the medical office if you're not feeling well."

Lexa nodded, and swallowed hard, feeling oddly sad?  Yes, sad.  Like she'd somehow messed something up.  Not that she was able to focus too much on her emotions while Savannah was rubbing her back.  Grabbing her bag, she made her way out into the hallway, Savannah staying close to her, just in case she needed help.  She was able to make it to the bathroom with no major incidents or humiliating herself by taking care of her needs right then and there. And the thought had risen as she passed an empty broom closet, but she held strong.

“Lexa…you good?  You look a bit better, but I can stay here and wait for you if you need”, Savannah offered.

“No…that’s ok.  You’ve helped..umm…you helped”, she said, standing at the single stall, family bathroom.  “I’m just gonna take a minute.  You go on to class, I’ll catch you later, ok?  But..umm…I’ll take some Midol if you have it.”

“Oh, sure!!”, Savannah said with a smile as they dug in their bag, and popped out one of the little pills from the bottle and handed it to Lexa.  Lexa smiled, nodded and made it into the bathroom and turned the lock. She made it four steps.

Sitting down on the toilet, she hurriedly pulled her leggings down around her ankles, having nearly simply decided to forgo that and stick her hands down her pants. She bit her lower lip to stifle a moan as her fingers brushed over arousal-puffy lips, streaked with her own arousal.  The sensations were even more sensitive and sharp here, something she could feel was a result of the vial that Ivy gave her.  Ivy.  Oh fuck….She panted as she remembered her voice, the way that her eyes sparkled, as the pads of two fingers circled her clit.  It took maybe four passes before she was arching her back as her orgasm ripped through her.  

With the magic potion it was more than just an orgasm.  It was bliss, golden fire running through her mind as her cunt clenched, slick dripping from her as she shoved her arm into her mouth to stifle her scream of pleasure.She kept rubbing, prolonging her pleasure, another few moments until it began to get to be too much sensation.  The pleasure threatening to overwhelm her,  she slowed down, letting the aftershocks ripple through her, feeling it far differently now.  Fuck, this was amazing.

Letting out a deep breath, she sat there for a second, before taking her forearm out of her mouth.  Festooned with teeth marks, she grabbed some tissues and began to clean herself, gently patting herself.  Feeling the edge taken off her need.  ‘If this is how that feels, I’ll need to come up with ways to deal with the sensitivity while I’m in class’, she thought as she gently cleaned.  Once she was done, she smiled, the sensitivity having decreased, but her smile vanished as she looked at her phone.  

Shit shit shittty shitty fuck fuck!!!!!!!!  She would be a few moments late to her math class, unless she ran.  Not wanting to have a repeat of the last running experience, she decided that she’d just have to take the loss and show up late.  ‘But that’s not a problem, since I’ll understand it better’, she reasoned.  She washed her hands, made sure she was clean, and then opened the door.  And walked straight into someone who was blushing, and looked at her up and down, and blushed again.  

Clearly she’d not been as quiet as she thought.  She blushed, squirmed as she hurried away, and pretended not to hear the other person whisper, “Ivy is a lucky woman.”  Just the thought that someone could hear her as she came was humiliating.  And she found it hot, which she didn’t understand because she’d never been into that.  She’d always been a private girl, but…but what if Ivy was right?  Maybe ‘clarity of thought’ also meant that she couldn’t lie to herself about what she enjoyed?

Something to explore later, she realized, as she approached her math class.  Sneaking in was a bit easier, since the lights were off and the door was in the back.  Sliding into an open seat, she took out her book, and began taking notes.  Something that she soon realized wasn’t that necessary.  Again, the concepts just clicked, became something that she could fully understand as easily as she had made herself cum.  Just thinking about it made her squirm, and then she realized that as she got more aroused, her understanding of the material, both current and prior, got better.  Did that mean that the potion or elixir or whatever worked better as….well.    She tried to relax and pay attention, and found that she was easily able to focus, once she tried.

Getting out of class without anyone noticing the large wet spot on her leggings just meant that she needed to sit at her desk until everyone left.  Looking at her book, she read ahead, and found that she was able to read quickly, efficiently, and that the concepts built on each other in logical, grounded ways.  She also noticed that she was squirming and had a hand that was starting to edge into places that she wasn’t comfortable with in public.  The debate wasn’t even a debate.  She knew what she needed, and it certainly wasn’t art class.  Sitting and discussing baroque styles while looking at naked women would be a surefire way to get in trouble.  And even at the thought of it, she squirmed, starting to get wet again.  Getting up, she held her books in front of her, and began to walk slowly back to her dorm.

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