Teaching Her A Lesson: Long Term Substitute (Non-Canon)

Chapter 2

by Griz

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Four months ago.

“Whatever you’ve got planned, it’s not gonna work on me, you pencil-dicked dweeb. My head’s already been fucked up more than my puss, so whatever shit you try and put in there is just going to be piss in the ocean.”

In all my life, I don’t think I’d ever seen a face so smug as Abbie Stern’s. She and her co-conspirators had all been taken down one by one. She’d already been dosed and found herself unable to go against me. She was the who sat herself in the chair and she hadn’t moved while I’d restrained her. I had her completely at my mercy and could do anything I wanted to her.

And yet, she was looking at me like she wasn’t just winning, but that the game had been rigged from the start. That kind of unwavering confidence was unnerving. In spite of myself, I looked out the door and saw that there wasn’t anyone but Isa standing guard. No calvary was getting ready to rush in and take out the villain.

“Hah, forget pissing in the ocean. You look so scared you’re about to piss your pants. Maybe an oldtimer like you ought to start thinking about getting some of those adult diapers?”

Right. No more wasting time.

“Open your mouth.” She did as I asked, made a brief face of disgust, and then those features smoothed out. Blank like this, it was easier to appreciate her honestly adorable sex appeal, the kind of face that would get men to drop thousands of dollars on her if she just chatted to them on a livestream, with a body that would convince those same men to ruin their lives supporting her, no Serenex needed. Not that she didn’t have it normally, only that new to her raw, aggressive spirit, that sex appeal came second. Normal Abbie had you scared and turned on at the same time.

Out came my smartphone, and I queued up the second of Canon’s video recordings to play. I didn’t know if hearing it come from the horse’s mouth enhanced the effect, but when playing around with this stuff, the one thing I knew was that you wanted there to be zero ambiguity with the situation.

Right before I hit play on the smartphone, I had just one thing to say to her, “I didn’t even need to use the Serenex to make you my fantasy slut. It’s who you were deep down.”

Not bad on its own, but even then, when two orders came into conflict, the older one had priority. That’s why I needed this next part to play, as I sat the phone down and left the room.

“Abbie, I have one sexual fantasy greater than any other. That is to be thoroughly dominated by another man. See him steal my women from me. Being powerless to stop him. But it’s not just that. My women love him. He’s a bigger stud than I could ever be. They worship him like a God. And if I’m lucky, maybe once a month, one of those women checks in on me, let’s me know just how much better he is. How much bigger his cock is. How he can please them in ways I never could dream of.”

After leaving the phone in there, all that was left was to wait. I waited for the whole two hours. I’d thought that Abbie wouldn’t take as long as Tabitha. She’d been dosed more than anyone else—this was her fifth dose, by my accounting—so I’d assumed she might have some tolerance to the drug by now.

But after two hours, I wasn’t hearing a peep from her. The phone’s battery was going to run out soon—note to self, next time leave it plugged into a charge—and who knew what kind of garbled nonsense it’d let out as it started dying. With no other choice, I went back inside.

Abbie was awake. The way her head snapped to look at me, her eyes going wide, gave me all the confirmation I needed. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I just… uh… Sorry. Still trying to take all this in. Wow. Wow!”

As many times as I’d heard students calling one another cucks, I hadn’t expected the concept of cuckoldry to be the thing that finally broke someone’s brain. I shut off the phone, started to release her from the chair. “Trying to take all of what in?”

“Well, like… ever since this whole thing started, I’ve always been wondering, ya know? Why the hell am I so lucky to be the fucktoy of a pussy like C-dawg? The guy is a pushover. Ungrateful. The biggest hypocrite I ever met, fucking your tits one second then scolding you for somehow forcing him to do it the next. He’s got an okay cock, sure, but the man has a brainwashed harem and somehow thinks he’s god’s gift to women. It just didn’t really make sense, but that’s kind of how this stuff goes? You can’t really question it, not much anyways. You just gotta go with it.”

I put the handcuffs away on the desk, next to the phone. She was sounding a lot more lucid than I’d been expecting. Hold on… had the girl taken so much Serenex that her brain had short-circuited, reset back to normal?

I had fourteen inches and eighty pounds on her, but I still felt the cold sweat running down my back as I realized I was alone with her. “And now?”

She gave me the biggest, brightest smile I’d ever seen in my life. Her eyes were sparkling. “Now I get it! The reason I’m so lucky to be Canon’s fucktoy… it’s because that meant I’d be right here. He was one big tutorial level I’ve been practicing on, getting me ready for the real deal. Right now. I get to do this!”

And then she was struggling to get the black tee that had been hugging her chest so tightly off. She wasn’t wearing a bra underneath, but that shirt was at least a few sizes too small and it was tugging her breasts up with it, the tension building up it came off all at once, those truly obscene tits of her bouncing up and down for my entertainment.

“I mean. You want this, right? Titjob, yeah? Every guy I’ve ever met has loved those more than anything, and I’m real good at using them. But yeah, you can fuck me too. I mean… fuck. Damn it. Sorry! I just can’t wait to get started with this!”

My mouth was hanging slightly ajar as I got to savor the rarest of all sights in the cosmos.

Abbie Stern was at a loss for words. The Apex Predator had found out she was a house cat and coming face to face with a wolf for the first time in her life. For once, she was worried she didn’t stack up.

I couldn’t help it. I laughed. Sure, she was hot as hell, but deep down inside, Abbie Stern wasn’t anything special.

Present Day

Abbie Stern is really something special.

I’d known Tabitha was smart, great at learning and learning to learn, perfect for the role I’d put her in and excelling at it beyond my expectations. All of that had been obvious from the outset.

But Abbie, thinking of herself as some kind of ultimate fantasy slut, like sex was a sport, and she was Michael Jordan. I’d chalked all of that up to ego. She was crass, impulsive, sarcastic, and I’d assumed her sexual expertise began and ended at “Show him my tits,” with her Hail Mary play being the “Let him touch my tits.”

And fair enough, for 99.99% of heterosexual men on the planet, that probably would have been more than enough. But it scared me how good Abbie was at this. I had restricted myself to only letting her give me one fantasy a week because I was afraid of what might happen to me if I had too much of a good thing. Probably a heart attack.

And today was that day.

Like a Saturday Night Live showrunner, Abbie had spent the whole week getting everything ready for me. The diversion with Tabitha was almost entirely so I would be able to last a bit longer for whatever she had in store.

This week, we were in the theater classroom. At first, Abbie had wanted to try things on the actual theater stage the school had for school assemblies and plays, but it had been less than successful. Stiletto heels made an ungodly amount of noise on those hollow floors, the acoustics had girls saying their dirty talk so loud and stilted I’d been unable to get it up after cumming only twice, and most importantly, there was a bit of a chill in the room that I didn’t prefer.

The classroom was a much better fit. Mostly empty with a small stage that could be repurposed week by week, plenty of comfortable couches and enough size to give herself enough of an audience—what can I say? I liked it when they watched—and all the media tools she needed to give the performance of a lifetime when only one man mattered to the entire cast and crew.

Some things were worth risking a heart attack for.

A girl was waiting for me outside the door, holding a stack of papers stapled together. Like all of Abbie’s auxiliary crew—of the twenty girls she was allotted each week to do with as she pleased, those who were in support roles—she was wearing a dog collar with a plastic laminated name tag dangling off of it. The girl was cute. 5’6 or so with wavey brunette hair and dark eyes, the body of an athlete but with the softness of a teenager. But it took more than an adorable girl-next-door aesthetic to make it into one of Abbie’s productions.

“Thank you… Cynthia. What’s this?” I said as she handed over the papers.

“Today is a bit more… involved. Abbie thought you should have a primer before you went in, so that everything flowed smoothly.“

“She did now, did she?” I flipped through the pages. Rather than the dense text I’d been expecting, this was clearly a PowerPoint handout that had been printed out. The kind that would earn a high school student full marks in class, but also the kind of quality you would expect from a high school student.

Reading through it, everything was so juvenile and ridiculous, I nearly called Abbie to tell her to shut the whole thing down. But then I got to the section on costumes. The photographs of the costumes. The photographs of the girls wearing the costumes. I handed the paper back to Callie or whatever, and turned to head inside, before she side-stepped to block my path.

“Excuse me?” I asked, a bit puzzled.

“Um… Abbie wanted me to check. You’re not hungry right now? Do you need to use the bathroom first? Have you had at least one orgasm today?” Her eyes brightened up at that; no doubt if I hadn’t, Abbie had given her permission to take care of it. “Everyone is fine with waiting all day, Sir, and Abbie said she didn’t want you being distracted in the middle of things.”

“I had breakfast on my way here, and…” Actually… yeah, I could go for a quick bio break. I changed course for the faculty restroom, and noticed with some amusement that I still washed my hands after emptying out the energy drink I’d had that morning. I could do whatever I wanted at school, and I still wanted to practice good hygiene.

“Welcome back, Sir!” Cynthia said as I walked back, washing my hands on my black polo shirt. “Everyone is ready for you.”

I rewarded her with a quick feel of her soaked panties under the skirt, and from the fluttering in her eyes, I knew I’d just made her whole week. “Thank you. Then I’ll be heading inside.”

Time to see what Stern had cooked up for me this week.

Present Day

I realized that from an outside perspective, my current position might have looked a bit strange.

“I submit! I submit! By the gods, you’re too powerful!”

Most of the lights in the room were turned off, a pool of the light in the center of the room illuminating the performance the girls were putting on for me. I was seated in a supremely comfortable armchair on the small stage of the repurposed theater classroom, raised just two steps above the floor. An odd position maybe when I was this production’s only audience member, but it gave me a perfect view of the action going on in the middle of the room, the girls battling it out on a large rug surrounded by comfortable couches perfect for lounging and fucking both. Even if I couldn’t see everything from the elevated position, Abbie had two girls recording it for posterity, their live streams projected on the back wall so that when I saw one of the girls finger another into submission, I got to see every little detail.

The girls getting their asses kicked—with choreography that made professional wrestling look like the MMA, all tit slaps and hair pulling and tender submission holds along with outright sex—were the goblins. I felt a little bad for them, dressed up in nothing but green bodypaint and fake leather loincloths that didn’t even cover their backsides.

But I enjoyed the hell out of watching the heroes make those goblin girls cum themselves into submission. Especially when the tables would turn and the goblins got their chance to strike back at the heroes.

Panting with genuine exhaustion, Rebecca pointed her foam sword directly at me. “That’s the last of your minions. You’re next, demon king!”  

At the start of the show, she’d been covered head to two in white cloth and plastic armor. Now, the only thing she had was the plastic gauntlets, the leather boots, and a thin, narrow tabard that ran down her chest and just to her thighs, giving me an excellent view of her impressive chest, so round and big that I’d been convinced the teenager had gotten implants until I’d squeezed them for myself. With her long flowing blonde hair falling all the way to the small of her back, she made for a perfect warrior princess.

“That’s right! You don’t stand a chance against the power of our friendship!” Cassie—the pint-sized Irish girl with the cutest freckled tits, and a body that was almost too cute to touch, not the somewhat gangly blabbermouth among Canon’s first victims—chimed in, the red LED light on her plastic wizard staff shining. She’d looked like she’d walked off a Harry Potter set at the start, but now that the tear-away robes were gone, the only thing she had left was an indecently short skirt, the strings of the black thong visible above it and against her hips, a stripper’s version of a schoolgirl’s blouse that was more like a tube top with only four buttons holding it together at the front, two of those buttons already removed, and an oversized wizard hat that somehow made her look even cuter than I’d thought possible.

“We can’t afford to relax yet. Watch yourselves. This will be our greatest challenge yet,” Song warned. Rebecca might have been the warrior princess, but I’d had no doubt from the start that Song was the star of the show. A foreign exchange student from South Korea, she spoke better English than most of the students at GHS. She had the look of a k-pop idol, glossy black hair that she’d dyed a mix of blue and pink at the tips, flawless makeup that even after the first act made her eyes smoky and her lips blood red, enhancing a face that had already looked just a hair more angelic than Tabitha’s, with a tight, slender body that seemed to exemplify the very idea of “toned to perfection”.

She was the cleric of this little party, which meant she’d been covered up in a heavy nun’s habit, and to my delight, she had on a latex version of the same outfit underneath, a high-cut leotard with thigh-high black boots she managed to look killer and pious in at the same time.

“Relax. We’ve got this.” Rebecca said as she stepped forward, again aggressively waived her sword at me, “Today your reign of corruption and slavery ends, Demon King!”

“Oh, I don’t think so.”

That wasn’t me. That was from the succubus, who all through everything, had been making sure my cock was well-taken care of between the only set of teenage tits in the school more impressive than Rebecca’s. The girl must have been taking lessons from Tabitha, because she’d been suckling on a steady trickle of pre-cum from my hard cock for the past half-hour and I still hadn’t cum. The fact that this was just the foreplay, that the real fun hadn’t even started yet… that was enough to make my cock go from hard to painfully hard.

“The Succubus Queen Abbilleth descended down from the Demon King’s castle, the sky darkening in her wake, and our brave heroes could feel their bones shake and their pussies quiver in anticipation.” Whoever Abbie had gotten to play the part of the narrator was really nailing. That girl had a long career ahead of her in making books- to-tape of erotica, if she wanted to pursue it.

And props to the girl working as sound engineer, playing the sound of bats in the night and distant thunder as Abbie descended down the stairs. And wow, when did the school even get a fog machine?

“Foolish sluts. Surrender now and I’ll go easy on you.” Abbie said with the kind of arrogance she didn’t need an acting class to learn, “But fight me, and I’ll have you doing all kinds of sick and nasty ass stuff.”

Abbie might have learned a lot about delegating her workload, but she really needed to have more faith in her scriptwriters and less in herself. As if that were possible. Still, even that anachronistic line didn’t take me out of it. Not when she was wearing that.

Red bodypaint to give her a demon girl look, along with a bdsm corset that did little more than put her breasts on a precarious shelf, threatening to spill out at any second. Leather hotpants so tight they were digging into her thighs, dark makeup to contrast the red bodypaint, and platform leather heels that gave Song’s a run for their money.

“What? No. Mother! What has that monster done to you?” Song cried out, committing to the role just enough while still not taking it too seriously.

“The Queen!” Rebecca and Cassie both cried out in unison, a bit more stiff.

“What? Jealous? Of course you are. I’m his number one bitch and you are all going to be nothing but cattle. Just look at me! Look at this ass!” Abbie gave it a good slap and a shake, wiggling it pointed at me rather than the others, “Look at these titties!” Abbie had her back to me as she squeezed down hard on them, but I saw every indentation zoomed in on the projectors. “They were sagging down to my fucking navel before, but the Demon King hooked me up with his dark magic shit and now I’ll have the smoking hot body of a teenager forever!”

“Try to hold her off! Holy magic can undo the curse! Mother, I will save you!” Song cried out, and then the battle began.

By which I mean Abbie pulled Cassie up onto her tiptoes for a kiss so intense I almost believed she really was sucking her soul out, then overpowered Rebecca with one hand and used the other to jill her into an orgasmic puddle. Both girls were kneeling and moaning, doing their best to sell being overtaken by lust magic and not doing a terrible job of it, especially when they started masturbating, both of them staring at me with raw desire.

“Nothing personal, kid.” Abbie declared, and the two began their magical duel, the lights dimming down and purple and yellow lights clashing on the ceiling above, laser and space ray sound effects blaring just a little too loudly for my taste, before slowly the yellow was smothered by the purple.

“Lady Song does her best to resist the Dark Queen’s evil magic, but even her pure heart and virgin body are no match. Unable to bring the full force of her magic against her own mother, the Lady Song is doomed, her will being drained just as it was with her companions.”

“With the heroes fallen, is all hope lost? Shall the Demon King truly bring about a thousand years of darkness? And what gruesome fate will our heroes meet within the dungeons of the Demon King?”

“Okay, bitches. On your knees for your new Master.” All three were shoulder to shoulder, swaying slightly, as if held under a hypnotic spell. Abbie grabbed a fistful of Cassie and Rebecca’s hair, pulling it back and taut, then leaned in and gave Song’s neck a long, slow lick that pulled a heated groan out of her, then stared at me like a cat that had just dropped a dead mouse on the porch for its owner, “Will you come and claim your prizes, Master?”

The background music changed from the generic fantasy soundtrack they’d been using up to this point to smooth jazz. I wondered about the audio quality for a few seconds; it didn’t sound like what you’d get from a professional studio, but then I recognized that it was from last month, when Abbie had transformed the room into a 1940s jazz cafe with the first seats of the band giving a live performance while waitresses walked around in bunnygirl outfits and the real talent played the role of bachelorette party that couldn’t resist all falling for the only guy in the room.

Hearing that music playing now was making my cock twitch as a purely Pavlovian response.

When I stood in front of them. Song dove for my cock immediately and let out a long moan of satisfaction, like the smell of it was better than a line of cocaine. The other two tried to do the same but came up short, their hair going taut in Abbie’s grip like she was holding the leashes of two wild dogs.

Abbie stared into my eyes with a self-satisfied smirk, then released them. Rebecca went high and Cassie went low, the warrior princess going to her feet and peppering my neck with kisses, rubbing my arm between her breasts, while Cassie went to her knees alongside Song, the freckled teen using her tongue to polish my balls.

Abbie flanked my other side, grabbing my head and pulling me in for a kiss. “Look at how they serve you, Demon King. They can’t get enough of that cock. And this is only the beginning! Now that we’ve got these bitches under heel, you can corrupt the whole kingdom.”

Another kiss, and she bit down on my lower lip lightly, whispering low enough that only I could hear, “Doesn’t your Queen deserve a reward?”

She did. But the one flaw in her plan was that after twenty minutes of edging inside her mouth and between her tits, an enthusiastic cocksucker like Song needed less than a minute to push me across the finish line. I let out a grunt, grabbing her head in both hands, and pumped her face hard and fast before the cum started bursting out.

She swallowed the first load, but choked and coughed on the second, the rest painting her face. She gasped for her, apologized, “Glk… sorry, wasn’t expecting…”

Abbie gave Song a kick to her shin, and the idol-like beauty snapped back into character. “Thank you for your cum, Master. I’ll learn to do better next time.”

“Don’t worry, slave. Your Demon King is only just getting started.”

After two loads in one day, there was going to be some downtime, but of course Abbie had been counting on that; I think she was surprised I’d lasted that long in the first place. I took a seat on the couch, Abbie snuggling up on my right while Song was on my left, her face in my lap as she languidly used her tongue to try and coax me back to full mast.

Rebecca was relegated to a footstool—not exactly my fetish, but it would be mean to just send her away—while Cassie was behind the couch, hand feeding me one grape at a time at my leisure.

Of course, I wasn’t just sitting there waiting to get hard. I was enjoying the show.

“Next, the Demon King’s Army invaded the holy land of the elves.”

Up on the projector’s screen was no longer a stream of what was happening, but a pre-recorded video of the girls dressed up in cosplay and playing out the whole “Demon King conquers a continent” scenario.

The production quality was what you could expect for something recorded on their phones, and though I noticed a boom mike dangling in some shots, that they were using a boom mike at all spoke to how much effort the girls had put into everything.

“Yes… Master, please… breed us!”

“I need your cock!”

“Evil feels sooo good, Master! I wish I could have been your slaves years ago!”

The climax of the short film had the three Queens—of the elves, the beastfolk, and the… something else, I couldn’t remember what the narrator had said, but she was wearing a holstein print bikini and a headband with cow ears and horns, so I was going to guess cowgirls—all kneeling much like the three heroes had, pledging their allegiance and then masturbating themselves towards climax.

Not that I had the patience for that. Song popped off of my lap and reported, “My Dark Queen, he’s ready for you.”

“About fuckin’ time!” Abbie said as she started aggressively wiggling out of her tight leather shorts.

“Now show these bitches how you tame a real queen!” Abbie swung herself into my lap, arms around my neck, and frenched me in the same movement she slammed her hips down, her generous ass bouncing off my crotch as I plunged into her absolutely soaked pussy.

“Damn, you’re eager!” I growled as I took a tight grip on her ass and squeezed. Not that I could blame her. There was nothing more that I wanted to do right now than fuck the living daylights out of her, and at school, I could do whatever I—

“Now!” Song yelled, so abrupt I lyjumped in my seat so hard that Abbie’s tits smacked her in her own face.

The three heroes had jumped into action, Cassie grabbing my arms to restrain me—not likely since she had the upper body strength of a twelve-year-old boy—while Rebecca clung tight to my legs. Song was on her feet, and rather than go for me, she placed a plastic golden tiara with plenty of fake jewels sparkling on Abbie’s head.

The lights went out, and then a light-show began playing out on the ceiling as the narrator dumped some exposition for me so I could figure out what the hell was this plot twist.

“After months of captivity, eventually the heroine Song’s mind had returned to her, the blessing of the Goddess enough to temporarily suppress her corruption. She used that window to purify her companions, and together plotted to strike at the Demon King when he would be at his most vulnerable, with their most powerful ally… Queen Abbilleth!”

“Nnngh… my mind! Breaking free...! I can… I can think again!” Abbie declared, going full camp while still grinding her pussy back and forth on my crotch, “Yes! The spell, it is broken! Thank you, my daughter! My brave heroes. Now, this is the final battle!”

Abbie was absolutely incredible for putting this whole thing together… but at the top of my notes for feedback was going to be one rule: never attempt another English accent.

“Who will Triumph? Good or Evil? This fateful moment will decide the fate of the world.” The nitpick in me said they shouldn’t have used fateful and fate in the same sentence, but I kept listening, “Queen Abbilleth was using her holy powers of Light to try and purify the Demon King, but at the same time, his Dark Magic was pounding into her hot, tight, wet cunt, battering against her womb, ready to pour inside of her.”

“It was a battle of wills, but who would prevail?”

So that was the game here.

“That’s it! You can do it, my Queen! Resist his evil and purify him!” Cassie cheered from behind.

“Together, nothing can defeat us!” Rebecca had traded her role of footstool for cheerleader, and when I hadn’t been looking, had gotten her plastic sword back and was brandishing it at me.

“Weakened as you are, you’re no match for the four of… ah!” I interrupted whatever line Song was about to recite, shutting her up with a kiss. She wasn’t nearly as good of a kisser as she was a cocksucker, but the way she melted against me was rewarding enough on its own.

When I let her come up for air, the whole room was holding their breath, not sure what to do when I’d taken them off script.

That was fine though; this wasn’t their first time having to improvise.

After the kiss, I’d whispered the next part to Song, and now I was ready to put my own spin on the production.

“Foolish girls. Did you really think you could resist?” I stared into Song’s eyes, “None can resist the Hypnotic Gaze of the Demon King.”

“None can resist… the Hypnotic Gaze… of the Demon King…” she repeated back to me, eyes opened wide, voice in a sleepy monotone. It was perfect. But that made sense. I’d told her to do it just like our stage hypnotist fantasy from just last week.

“Oh… Oh no! Quickly, we should cover our eyes!” Rebeccah said, doing just that with her hand.

“That won’t protect you from my gaze, young Rebeccah. The Demon King’s Hypnotic Gaze can see through all. And even now I can see your will fading. Your soul submitting. Your mind is so weak, isn’t it?”

“Yesss… my mind… so weak… Master…” She’d dropped to her knees, began to kiss my bare shoes in submission while Cassie circled around the couch.

“Quickly, my Queen! Before it’s too late, you must purify him!” Cassie warned, “I can’t… can’t resist… m-much longer…!”

“You fiend! You devil! No, release my daughter and her friends at once!” Abbie demanded, lightly slapping my cheeks with those heavy tits of hers while her ass was busy twerking on my cock..

“I wonder… should I? Girls, do you want to be virgin prudes… or slaves to my cock?”

“Slaves to your cock!” Cassie got a little overexcited and rushed the answer, while Rebeccah and Song kept the rhythm with “Slaves… to your… cock.” Close enough.

“Nooo… I can’t… everyone is counting on me… I can’t just… please, I beg of you! Have mercy on me...” She slowed down, using slow pulls up before fast drops down, “You’re too powerful… your cock is too big… I can feel it… you’re fucking up my mind…”

“Making me into the nastiest, kinkiest, hottest fucking bitch of all time!” Abbie finally, mercifully dropped the faux-British accent and started being the trashy slut I knew she was.

That flipped a switch in me.

I stood up from the couch and tossed Abbie back on it, grabbing a fistful of her hair and showing her how it was done before making her ass bounce like jello under a barrage of powerful slaps. You’d think she could come just from that the way she howled, and when I plowed back into her, I could feel her pussy squeezing and convulsing on my cock in orgasm before the third thrust.

The trio of heroes fawned over me all the while, and the rest of the production team could only watch, the ambient sound of teen girls moaning as they tried to keep their own pleasure down, knowing that they weren’t allowed to cum until I was pumping my seed deep into Abbie’s womb.

“Yes! Fuck me, Master! Breed you horny succubus! I want your babies, you stud of a… nnn…!” My grip shifted from her hair to her throat, squeezing down to shut up that filthy mouth of hers. She rewarded the move by making her pussy even tighter, her teeth clenched with a silent orgasm.

“Then take it!” I started to cum at the same time that I gave her ass another spanking. A few more slaps to get the left cheek just as red as the right, a few more pumps to empty out every drop I could inside of her, and finally I was ready to collapse back onto the couch, Song hungrily going to work one more time on cleanup duty.

After that, all the lights in the room came back on, and we went from “indulging in the ultimate sexual fantasy” to the afterparty.

Song stood up and stretched her arms up over her head, rubbed her jaw. “Gahhh… sorry about slacking off a little when I was fluffing you… was getting a cramp in my tongue. I didn’t even know you could do that.”

“Don’t worry about it, you were doing great. Just learn to pace yourself for next time.” She smiled back at me, thrilled at the idea that there would be a next time for her.

“...you fucking loved it, didn’t ya?” Abbie said as she forced her body to resist going limp long enough to lie down on her back on the couch with me, her legs sprawled across my lap.

“I’ve got some notes… but damn. You outdid yourself this time,” I admitted.

The after party continued for almost two hours. Food and drinks were brought in, pizzas and soda served in red cups, and every few minutes another girl got her chance to explain her roles and the work she had put into the project. I gave them a handful of feedback and advice on what worked and what didn’t, and then if I thought they deserved it, I told them to cum harder than they ever had before. It was the part of the show that all the girls looked forward to most.

Not that I didn’t enjoy it either. Being able to relax and appreciate a room full of hot women who had spent the whole week working their asses off just to please me for a single hour had the kind of afterglow that’s hard to even begin to describe.

“Well, that makes sense. There was no way you could have thrown those together in just a week.” I told the girl lying across the arm of the couch, her ass raised up so I could take her from behind.

“I know, right?” The girl—Chloe, her nametag had said—was cute enough to have been a performer. Perky C-cups with a bubble butt dressed like a perky goth with neon pink hair and braces, wearing denim shorts with black and pink striped leggings and a black t-shirt of a skull vomiting a rainbow. “I would have finished sooner but a lot of the parts for wigs and stuff we needed to order online, and it was from China, and the shipping fees, and it was just a whole—”

“Wait. Who was wearing a wig?”

The reveal that Rebeccah’s glorious golden mane was completely fake left me feeling more impressed for this girl’s cosplay skills than foolish for not realizing, and she was so excited to talk to me about bald caps and wig grips and tacky glue, I kept listening her even after I stopped fucking her to let Song have a chance to ride in my lap one more time. Talking to the girls like this, I always ended up learning so much about these neat little worlds they had invested themselves into.

And here I was, giving them the time and resources to funnel their passions into heartfelt projects, giving them hands-on experience that would surely give them an edge after they left high school.

Becoming my sex slave was the best thing that ever happened to them. If you don’t think about it too long, that is.

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