Teaching Her A Lesson: Long Term Substitute (Non-Canon)

Chapter 3

by Griz

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/f #humiliation #pov:top #sub:female #bondage #clothing #cuckold #exhibitionism #harem #multiple_partners #school #scifi

The best thing about being a teacher at a school where I could do anything I wanted was that I didn't have to teach a single class. Sure, with the student body under the influence of Serenex, I could teach a class and get every single student off to college on math scholarships. But as self-indulgent and selfish as I was, I didn’t want to send anyone down that path unless I could help it.

Instead, I spent the rest of the day doing what I loved: Math!

The two hours I spent in an empty classroom with nothing but a desktop, a laptop, two tablets—and most important of all—a massive whiteboard to write on, were of the interest to no one.

True, the math I was doing was relating to the unique crystalline structure of the modified Serenex formula and how it could stabilize at normal temperatures and pressures only to become violently reactive in the bloodstream, but there were probably less than a thousand people in the world that would be able to make heads or tail of the work, and those were the last people that the information should be shared with.

So nothing of interest really happened until the end, when I heard the final school bell and the sound of students shuffling through the halls. There was nothing saying I shouldn’t stay late. And I’d done that plenty of times, especially at the beginning.

But I’m an introvert at heart, and as incredible as Abbie’s fantasies are, I needed some time to recharge my batteries in the enjoyment of my own company. So I gave myself another half hour to finish one of dozens of the pieces of the puzzle, and then it was time to go home.

When I opened the door to the hall, though, I saw that I had someone standing there waiting for me.

Taylor Stern.

Four months ago

“Is this really necessary?” I asked as Louisa ratcheted her handcuffs on Taylor’s wrists and ankles. I’d already had Louisa dose Taylor once to get her obedient to me. If I told her to stay in the chair and not move, then that’s what she’d do, right?

“No. Barbie is just a dyke that gets off on touching kids,” Taylor mouthed off. “Besides, I don’t need any of this. I told you, I’m on your side!”

Sure she had. After it was already too late for her. And it was hard to trust someone who would so easily betray those around her. Not to mention this was the little psychopath responsible for this whole mess. No, not wholly responsible. There was still Canon to deal with. But she was the mastermind.

Finished with the cuffs, Louisa ignored Taylor’s jabs and looked at me. “Before you start, I need to talk to you outside.”

Out in the hallway, Louisa brought out a piece of paper and handed it over to me. Printed out on it was a sheet of paper that seemed vaguely familiar, “Read this.”

I didn’t remember seeing the words on the page, but I knew just when I’d seen this before.

  • Mr. Canon can do whatever he wants at this school.
  • This school is lucky to have Mr. Canon.
  • Teachers, students, and everyone else under the influence of Serenex should be obedient to Mr. Canon.
  • You will tell no one not under the influence of Serenex about Serenex or about anything strange going on at the school.

All of that was familiar. But it was the bottom three that made my eyebrows go up.

  • Taylor Stern is a threat you must permanently neutralize.
  • Mr. Canon, the English Teacher must stop having sex with students and faculty but left unharmed.
  • You must have sex with the students and faculty of the school at least once a week..

“What the hell…”

I didn’t remember getting dosed by Louisa. I remembered walking into her office. She told me to take a seat. She sprayed something in my mouth… and when I woke up, she was giving me a blowjob, zonked out of her mind.

Once she had recovered, both of us had worked together to try and pick up the pieces. She explained a lot of it to me, but most of what she said, I already knew. I didn’t know how I knew, but I proved it to her by providing information she hadn’t told me yet.

From there, we tried to figure out what else was in our heads, the new commands. Finding that Louisa would do whatever I told her, answer any question I gave her, had been an incredible power trip.

The night after that incident, I’d had a dream of the missing time.. A vivid one. In the dream, I had crumpled up the paper. I had sprayed the Serenex into Louisa’s mouth. I’d found out everything that had been going on while I was away, and I’d plotted to take control myself. And at the end of the dream, I took a pen and wrote down on a piece of paper, then handed it to Louisa.

“Read this out loud.”

Her delivery was in a whisper, but it came out. “Tonight, you will remember what happened while you were under the influence of Serenex.”

After that, I’d told her to use those tits of hers to get me off, and… that was the end of the dream.

Looking at this paper now, I swallowed. “Are you telling me that dream we remember didn’t happen?”

“No. It happened. I mean… I had the same dream. And I wasn’t planning on letting you dose me. Which is exactly why I have Taylor handcuffed back in the classroom. You’re not the only one who can act independently under the influence of Serenex. When we were both dosed together… in my dream, I remember being able to act too. I took my Taser out of the desk and was close to using it on you while you were listening to me explain things.”

Well, that was chilling.

“...but you didn’t. Why?”

“The same reason I was able to move in the first place. Because, my number one priority is keeping Mr. Canon safe. The other Mr. Canon. When that happened, I had to make a decision about which would make him safer in the long run.”

“Your name. Your timing. I think it was the only opportunity that I had. Those first commands I gave you, Taylor ordered me to give them to everyone. I couldn’t stop. And if I ever think of a loophole to stop being a sex slave, I have to report it directly to her before I act on it.” Louisa clenched her teeth so tight I thought they might crack. “I’ve had to do that once already, and she didn’t just add a countermeasure when she used the Serenex on me again.”

“I can’t stop being a sex slave, but that doesn’t mean I have to be hers. Or Canon’s. And honestly, the way that man is carrying on, he’s going to get himself killed. There are a million too many loose ends in this school, and even with Serenex, eventually, the secret is going to be leaked. Someone will find out and the house of cards is going to crumble. And if that happens, there’s no way I can keep him safe.” Louisa moaned, started rubbing her breasts in front of me, “The stupid bastard.”

“I’m still not getting the full picture here. What was your plan?”

Louisa ripped open her blouse, exposing her chest to me. “Sorry, Master. Sir… ugh… Cannon…” she shook off the arousal and anger, went back to her normal too-serious self, “The point is, when the house of cards does come crumbling down, I need it to crash down on you, not him. Make him a victim in all of this, not the harem king.”

It was a lot to take in. I could do whatever I wanted in the school, but it took me a quarter of an hour before I opened my mouth back up. Realizing that Isa had wanted to paint a target on my back from the start was unsettling, but I didn’t think she would do anything to sabotage me. And I still had one more question.

“Permanently neutralize. You want me to kill Taylor?” I felt some relief that even with zero inhibitions on my behavior and no regard for consequences, the thought of murdering a student was still shockingly horrifying.

“...maybe. If we couldn’t use the Serenex on her, I would strongly consider that option. Everything she touches becomes messy, complicated, and a complete and utter disaster, and she kept egging the other Canon on, convincing him to do increasingly despicable and increasingly stupid actions that was going to get him into trouble one day.” She shrugged, “But we do have Serenex. I just wanted to warn you before you go in there. We’re all still stumbling around in the dark when it comes to this stuff, and every week there’s a new wrinkle to how it works. Don’t think for an instant that just because you get it in her mouth that she’s helpless. That is why she’s handcuffed.”

Well, my guard was certainly up now.

“Let’s talk more later. For now, I need to take care of this last loose end.”

Louisa nodded, then left to go and monitor the perimeter and make sure I wouldn’t be interrupted. I headed back inside the classroom.

Taylor was waiting for me, and she was smiling. There was something familiar about that smile.

“Can’t believe you turned out to be the only guy in this school with the balls to break the system. I had you pegged as the saddest nerd here.” Taylor spread her legs in the chair, giving me a distracting view up her skirt.

I returned a weak smile. “Well, I suppose it’s flattering you’ve heard of me at all.”

“Heard of… I had you in the last two years of math.” Taylor looked like she was waiting for some kind of response from me.

I shrugged back at her. “Oh. Well, sorry. I’ve not much of a knack for remembering names and faces.”

“Bullshit. You sent me out of the classroom a half-dozen times. You were always on my ass for being on my phone. I…” Taylor struggled to think of a third connection between us.

“Oh. Yes, right? That was you? Right. Now I remember. Always on your phone and… being disruptive, right?” I tried to help.

She rolled her eyes at me the way only teenagers can. “Forget it. It’s just… I’m the idiot that’s been chasing cars, and now that I’ve finally caught one, I don’t know what to do with it.”

I remembered that line from the Joker in Dark Knight. I doubted that she had even seen it, but I did have to admit there were some striking similarities between her and that clown, “You’re the one that seems caught now.”

“Yeah. But you’re what I’ve been chasing after. The idea of you at least. An asshole that makes his own rules, takes what he wants, and doesn’t let himself get boxed into a hole. I thought that Canon was like that, deep down, and all this time I’ve been trying to drag it out of him.” Her shoulders sank and her head drooped down. “But now, here you are, about to make me into his devoted 24/7 sex slave, ruling this school like our own private kingdom… and…”

Her head went from sinking forward to tossed back, staring at the ceiling. “I want that pussy instead. Fucking hell…”

“Well, if it’s any consolation, you’re not really my type either,” I admitted to her, pulling up a chair to sit down across from her and keep the conversation going.

Her head snapped back down to look at me. “Huh? You’re gay?”

“Hah! No. I mean, you’re just on the abrasive side. High maintenance. Ill-tempered. Immature…”

“Fuck you! Sure, you might not like me, but you know I’m the hottest piece of ass in this dump of a school. No, the state.” Rationally, I knew she had a Serenex command to not let harm come to me, but the way she was pulling against those handcuffs was still unsettling. “Hell! Name one fucking girl hotter than me. So what do you mean I’m not your type?”

“Oh no, you’re plenty hot. Definitely in the top 7% of the student body.” I could see her mouth mouthing the words seven fucking percent as her pupils constricted. “I mean, well, for instance, your nose is just—”

“My nose is fucking perfect!” Taylor tried to lunge for me, and instead she ended up unbalancing herself in the chair, crashing to the classroom floor with a loud clatter. I winced with sympathy, then got out of my own chair to help her get back upright.

“Look. What I was trying to say is, I’m going to give you a choice. I’m not a vengeful man. You might have fucked up the school, but at the end of the day, I’m the one who gets to benefit from that.” Assuming it all stayed a secret. “So if you want to be with Canon, well, that sounds fine to me. I just want to take you off the board, so to speak. Whether that means living as a guy’s young wife and staying out of trouble or directly under my thumb where I can make sure you’re not causing trouble. It’s your call.”

The tumble had done its job in calming her down… or at least it had convinced her to push down her anger and not waste it impotently. She looked at me as if trying to figure me out for the first time. “That’s it? You’ll just let me go, get my sappy happily ever after?”

I nodded. “That’s it.”

“If that’s how it’s going to be, then yeah.” Taylor sighed, and I think I saw some wetness at the corners of her eyes, “If it’s a choice between your pencil dick and his Big Gun, that’s what I’ll take then.”

I brought out the canister of Serenex, gave the can a shake. “Oh. Sorry, I should have been more clear. I’m giving you a choice, but I want you to be honest with me.”

“Don’t you put that can anywhere near my mouth you—”

One little spritz, and then it was time to get started.

“Finally. Thought you’d never finish up. Been dying all day for some real fun.” Taylor said with a grin as she looked at me.

She was leaning against the wall across the hall, hands behind her back, and she looked as hot as I imagined a girl could in that bulky blue custodian’s jumpsuit. She’d modified it to her tastes, cutting off the sleeves and the legs, and with it unzipped all the way down to her waist, I could see she wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing underneath it.

I might have made Taylor into a janitor, but she owned it.

I raised up my palm to wave her off. “Not necessary. I had lunch with Abbie today, and I’ve gone paperless, so there’s no trash in the bin. And don’t even think about erasing the whiteboard,”

“Well, gee, no shit. Who cares about that?” Taylor walked right past me, bumping against my shoulder as she pulled a rolling mop and bucket with her, “But Candy thought it’d be hilarious if I gave the whole floor a good scrubbing down with my own toothbrush.”

She pulled out a new electric toothbrush from behind her, “Dumb bitch didn’t even realize that since it just has to be mine, nothing in the rules says I can’t go out and buy a bad boy like this to make the job a breeze.”

Under the influence of the Serenex, Taylor had decided not to choose Canon. It was shocking how easily lying came to her. It was also shocking the kind of things she was planning to do to me once she turned the tables. Unsettling too, worth more than one bad dream late at night. And so I had decided to keep her.

I didn’t really have plans for her after that, but the rest of those involved had very much wanted some catharsis. Their ideas might not have been as truly horrible and inhumane as Taylor’s creative mind, but I still didn’t want to completely ruin the girl’s life.

In the end, the solution I had come up with—okay, it was Candice’s idea; she was a much better teacher than I ever was and handled these sorts of disputes much better than I—was a suggestion box. The suggestions had to be something Taylor could accomplish in one day without bringing self-harm, but there was still plenty of wiggle room.

Isa had used all of her slips of paper for suggestions that Taylor spend the day under her desk licking pussy. Tabitha had Taylor as a research assistant and go-fer, her face lighting up every time Taylor said ‘Yes, Ma’am!’ at full volume. Abbie’s initial suggestions had been mean-spirited, but after a few weeks the sisters had made up and on those days, I usually had the two of them providing me with the day’s distractions.

Candice though… she was creative.

“Well, that’s certainly clever.”

As much as she might have deserved it, I wasn’t mean enough to crush her spirit. Something to help her adjust to her new reality. After consulting with the others, it was Canon who had the best suggestion.

You live on your own terms. Everyone else may be a prisoner, but you’re a free woman.

It’d been surprisingly effective! Regardless of what Taylor was made to do, whether it was smash her breasts against Abbie’s with my cock between them, fetching coffee for Tabitha, getting cramps in her jaw for Isa, or even scrubbing an electric toothbrush all over a classroom for hours on end, she pitied the rest of us for still playing by the rules, for not being liberated and acting how they truly feel like she did.

In her mind, she’d finally won.

“Are you going to just stand there like a pussy, or are you going to fuck my throat so raw I’ll need a third toothbrush just to get it not smelling like your dick again?” Taylor asked with one hand on her hip, another pulling her jumpsuit aside to reveal more of her well-shaped breast.

“Tempting offer, but I think I’m done for the evening. Tomorrow, maybe.”

She rolled her shoulders, “Your loss, fag.”

As I closed the door to the classroom, I put the Stern girl out of my mind, thinking of her counterpart and just how much I’d enjoyed the fun with her today. I was wondering what she might be planning for the next week.

I saw Greg and Tabitha chatting with one another near the exit. I only heard the tail end of it, but something about King Lear and its feminist themes. The fascination those two had with the classics made me almost suspect Serenex was at play, but I supposed some people were just nerds at heart.

“Mr. Cannon! Are you leaving for the day too?” Tabitha called out to me as she spotted me about to head out the double doors. “May I give you a lift?”

I thought about it for just a few seconds, decided that after the workout I’d gotten all day with Abbie, not to mention being on my feet in the classroom working on the whiteboard, I’d gotten enough exercise for the day.

“That would be lovely.” I nodded to Greg, “Staying late?”

He shook his head with an easy smile, “Just waiting on the better half to come and pick me up.”

“Well, see you tomorrow, Greg.”

“Good night, Mr. Diggs!”

We both waved him goodbye and headed outside.

Stepping out of the school, I always felt a small shift. A tightness in my chest. The little voice at the back of my head coming off of mute. I could do anything I wanted at school… but back in the ‘real world’, things weren’t so simple.

But then, it was that kind of thing that made it exciting to be going home with a beautiful woman like Tabitha Hutchings. Maybe I’d invite her inside to spend the night? No… what was I thinking? I knew exactly what she thought about that kind of control exerted over her.

 “You know, Mr. Cannon, I was hoping I’d have some more time to talk with you. Talk a bit more about the research… you wouldn’t mind me making you dinner tonight, would you?” Tabitha said as she hooked my arm with hers and we walked towards her car.

“Well… I suppose there’s no harm in that.”

She leaned against me, going up on her tiptoes to whisper in my ear, “And there are a lot of other things I want to do for you tonight.”

Interesting. I didn’t have anything ready to say in response to that, and my gait became much more stiff along the sidewalk.

I was so deep in thought at what she’d just said that when I heard a muffler pop, some deeply offensive pop song followed after it as a car older than its driver screeched into the parking lot.

“Hey nerds, know what building C-dawg is in?” Justin asked, as he stuck his head out the window at us.

Tabitha met him with a hostile stare. “You know, if you were being consistent, it would be D-dawg now.”

Justin Diggs looked at the wedding band on his finger, slapped his forehead. “Hah! Oh yeah. Keep forgetting, shit.”

Tabitha let out a huff. “Well, Mr. Diggs is waiting for you in the main building.”

“Got it!” Rather than leave his vehicle, Justin instead decided to wail on the horn, managing to shout over that, “HEY! GREGGY BOY! GET YOUR FINE ASS OUT HERE, NEED YOU TO BUY MORE WINE COOLERS!!

Tabitha and I got inside her car just as we saw the former English teacher jogging out to meet his husband. Tabitha started it up, but let her head rest against the steering wheel for a moment, “...and now the mood is ruined.”

I was more surprised than she was with my boldness as, after buckling up, I reached over and grabbed her thigh for a squeeze. “Well, let’s see if we can still salvage things on our own, shall we?”

I’d go on to surprise myself, and Tabitha once again exceeded my expectations.

I barely slept a wink that night.

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