Teaching Her A Lesson: Long Term Substitute (Non-Canon)

Chapter 1

by Griz

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/f #humiliation #pov:top #sub:female #bondage #clothing #cuckold #exhibitionism #harem #multiple_partners #school #scifi

Five months later.

I woke up at seven in the morning on a Friday to an empty bed, school starting in an hour. I fumbled at the alarm on my phone for the snooze button, then roused myself just enough to turn it off completely.

An hour and a half later, I was back up but still feeling the lack of sleep. A hot shower and an energy drink was enough to get to ‘awake but tired’, but as I browsed through the local news in the paper, I saw the date and remembered: it was a Friday. I loved Fridays.

It was a two mile commute to the school, and for the sake of my health these days, I took up walking. Besides, a local diner was along the way and they made the best fried hash browns and scrambled eggs I’d ever tasted.

By the time I arrived, it was close to 10:30. Everyone was busy at work in their classes, and I didn’t cross any paths except for a janitor in his blue jumpsuit on my way.

He had his back to me, and with the earbuds he was wearing, and was dragging a wet mob in lazy swipes across the floor. As I got closer, it sounded like a book on tap rather than an album, or maybe a podcast. He didn’t know I was there until I gave him a tap on the shoulder.

“Morning, Greg.” I said, as I stopped to shoot the breeze. “You look like you’re in a good mood today.”

He whirled around, pulling out the earbuds and taking the time to pause the playback from his phone. “Well, morning there, Mr. Cannon. I might not have a free range of all the hot tail running around the school, sure, but yeah. Things are pretty good.” He laughed at the little joke, shaking his head; all the teachers and faculty in the building were in on it. All of the students, too. And yet, I could trust all of them to take that secret with them to their graves. Mind control was a wonderful thing. “You telling those kids to pick up after themselves and not leave their candy wrappers lying around, I got to say, I really appreciate it, Sir. It makes my job almost too easy. All this free time, well, can only get the floors so gleaming.”

“Well, I’ve just done what I can. This whole Serenex nonsense, someone had to put an end to the abuse going on. And since that stuff can’t be reversed, well, only thing left to do is give people something more positive to focus on.” You’d think that after a few dozen times, I’d get tired of acting humble, waiving off the universal praise of my colleagues. I probably would eventually, but classes had only started up for a bit over a week and the novelty had yet to wear off.

Greg nodded along. “Yeah. You sure do know what’s best, and the rest of us just need to follow along.”

It was a line I heard plenty of times throughout the day.

“Oh. And I heard about the wedding. Congratulations. Robbing the cradle though, aren’t you?” ‘Robbing the cradle’ had been a bit of a running joke at GHS. None of the faculty had the authority that I had, but someone needed to take care of that fucked up graduating class from last year, so why not share the good fortune around?

All the students this year had received the same commands, but with the caveat that they wouldn’t follow along with most of them until they turned eighteen.

Even though I could do whatever I wanted to, even I had lines I wouldn’t cross. The freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and some of the seniors were all quarantined off on their own section of the school. But just as soon as those girls turned eighteen, they were fair game for me.

“Well, you take care, Mr. Cannon. Don’t want to keep you.” Greg said as he went back to mopping, popping back in his earbuds to fill the silence back in.

“Sure, sure.” I’d really come out of my shell the past few months. Why had I ever thought it was so hard to talk to people? I continued on my stroll towards one particular classroom, and when I let myself inside, I saw that everyone was busy at work.

It was the largest classroom in the building, formerly belonging to the science teacher Mrs. Hoffman, but she’d been more than happy to switch with me. The whole room had been repurposed, looking more like an office space than a classroom, each of the ten rectangular blacktop tables had been modified by the shop teacher Mr. Black with an extra two feet and equipped by the IT technician Miss Takezawa with a powerful desktop PC and three monitors.

After all, if I was going to have a research team, I wanted them to be properly equipped.

All of them were hard at work, completely focused on their work. Right now, they were focused on high school level courses still, but I expected them to move on to college level work before the end of the semester, and get started on graduate level work by next year.

After a bit of my own experimenting on the male members of the school, I’d learned a few things about this special mix of Serenex, looking for its limits.

I’d told one boy that he had a photographic memory and could recall everything he saw with perfect clarity. He improved his performance in an online memory quiz with flashing number sequences dramatically, going from the 60% percentile to the 88% percentile. But he still made mistakes. And when he did, he’d been convinced “Well, the website must not be working right.” or “I must have made a misclick.” It was impossible to convince him that his photographic memory wasn’t really accurate.

Commands about being smart or talented or even hardworking ran into limits as well, only giving the students the illusion of competence rather than the real deal. What did work well were commands based around values and motivation. Serenex couldn’t turn a dunce into a genius, but it could give a person a near infinite well of willpower to draw upon, letting them single-mindedly work towards a goal until their body collapsed.

From those basic tests, I’d given ten of the hottest girls of the incoming seniors the following extra commands:

  • Your number one priority is being useful to Nao Cannon.
  • Your number two priority is keeping yourself healthy, safe, fit, and beautiful.
  • Learning new things gives you addictive pleasure, better than an orgasm.
  • You won’t be satisfied with how much you’ve learned unless Cannon lets you be.

And just like that, I had a budding research team of young women pouring everything they had into learning from a wide variety of fields. Psychology, biology, chemistry, computer science and programming, everything.

“Good morning, Master! Anything I can do for you today?” Teaching the class was Tabitha Hutchings. She’d been at the top of my class this year, and as fate would have it, she was one of the first victims of Serenex. Wanting to fix her had been one of the reasons I’d started experimenting with the Serenex in the first place.

Four months ago

“You can’t do this to me! I need to be with him! It’s my fault you got your hands on this. I should have insisted that Isa do the indoctrinations in pairs, I should have… no… no no no… stay away from me! Don’t—!”

I felt something like a supervillain, slowly approaching a young woman tied down into a chair, screaming in terror and despair at what I was about to do to her. The handcuffs I'd gotten from Isa were just there as a safety precaution.

“Open your mouth and keep it open until I’ve finished dosing you.”

The suggestion that I could use Serenex on someone whenever I wanted to was a good one, one I was happy to steal.

She made a horrible sound deep in the back of her throat, but she held her face still as I gave her a little spritz.

And then she went quiet, calming down almost instantly, her head rocking back and forth for a brief moment before she went still, staring at me with an almost bored expression. Much better. Unfortunately, any commands given were permanent, so it wasn’t as simple as simply telling them to the opposite of what had brainwashed them. But even if you couldn’t directly interfere with a command, you could add to them.

I held up my phone and played a prerecorded video message from Canon. “Tabitha, I, Mr. Canon, approve of you acting in whatever way you see fit. In my biased view, you are the best student, the best woman, a paragon of humanity, and there is nothing you can do that can diminish that in the slightest. I might be overzealous in saying this and you may realize I am wrong, but you accept that it is the way that I feel.”

One exposure was all that it took in the hyper-focused state she was in, but I wasn’t taking chances. I left the message on auto-repeat, then carefully left the room, ready to wait two hours for the drug’s effect to wear off. It was near eight o’clock in the evening, so little chance of anyone accidentally speaking to her while she was tied down in the classroom, though I still worried that something might happen and stayed in the hall until I heard her through the door, an hour and fifteen minutes after leaving.

I heard the sound of her sobbing.

Right away I let myself back inside, worried she might be having an adverse reaction from too many doses—tolerance was one of the things I didn’t want to experiment too much with when it came to Serenex. People seemed fine after just one or two doses, but just how many could they take before their brain reached its limit? As far as I knew, a healthy young man could take six without issue, but I wasn’t going to test more than that until I knew more about what I was dealing with.

But when I entered the room, she looked at me with a clarity in her eyes that made me breath a sigh of relief. I still didn’t say anything, on the off chance that she might still be under the influence, not until she spoke first.

“Thank you… thank you. I can… I can speak. I was… I was a voice in my head… nothing but a voice for so long. I could make decisions, I could think. But every time I opened my mouth, it was… it was like someone else. This… this pathetic creature he wanted me to be… I had to be that for him. Always. And now...” she choked up, fresh tears streaming down her cheeks.

I had thought there was something funny about Tabitha. Taylor had told me that the only commands she’d been given were the two basic ones she’d given everyone else—keep her use of Serenex a secret and explain if they found any loopholes in their programming that could cause her trouble—plus an extra one that she needed Canon’s approval. But Tabitha had insisted right up until today that she had also been given a pleasure trigger.

Now that she was acting like herself again, I asked her about that. “Taylor never told you to feel pleasure while you were doing any of this, did she?”

“Taylor? You’ve met her. You know what she is. No… of course not. It was my idea.” The venom was dripping out of her voice, and the distant look in her eyes made me make a mental note to make sure Tabitha didn’t take any unsupervised revenge, “A man normally wouldn’t approve of a sex slave that acted like a cold fish, would they? And at the time, I didn’t know how a… a proper slave should react. Should I moan when he touched my nipples? My pussy? How often should I pretend to cum when he was inside of me? I just… if I was honest, he wouldn’t have approved. But if I went too far, he might have found out I was faking, and then he’d really disapprove! But if it was something simple, like words of praise, that I could work with. He was leaving it up to my own interpretation on how to react, and he had a big easy button he could press to make me dance however he wanted. It kept things simple.”

She took a deep, shuddering breath, then slowly let it out. “Thank you. It’s finally over. After the graduation, I thought… He told me I should go to college. That I deserved better than being nothing but his fucktoy. That he had plenty of other girls to keep him happy. I was so close… and then on Monday… he calls me. Has me come over. Wants to show me off to his new girls. Wants me to… he wanted me to make them like me!” Her voice cracked there, and it took her a long moment before she could continue.

“Said it was such a shame I was leaving. That I was one of his favorites. But it was my choice, and he’d honor it.” I had no idea such a beautiful woman could make such a bitter laugh. “My choice. Right. He… he goaded me. Made me beg to stay. Make up so many excuses. Tell him that I loved him and that if I wasn’t near him, I couldn’t handle it! Stroking his ego for hours… and… and he had me on my knees the whole time! Showing those fucking girls ‘proper technique’ for a casual blowjob!”

That pushed her over the edge, a muddy mix of anger and grief that had her face in a wet, red mess.

Looking at her like that, part of me didn’t want to do this next part. But whatever conscience I had, it didn’t have the controlling stake. I could do whatever I wanted, and I’d already decided I wanted her.

“Open your mouth. You need one more dose today.”

Present Day

“Just checking in to see how things are coming along. I see you’ve got everyone hard at work already.” I put my hand on top of her head and rubbed, and Tabitha leaned into it like a family pet, a small giggle bubbling out from the back of her throat.

“Yes. Things are going a lot faster than I thought they would.” Rather than stepping back as she talked, Tabitha stepped in towards me, pushing her tiny body up against my chest. With her fashionable rectangle glasses, hair done up in a messy bun, black pencil skirt, almost transparent white blouse, and the open labcoat, her quasi-cosplay of a scientist really did things for me. My wandering hand left her head and found her soft thigh, giving it a good squeeze. “Really, it’s amazing what someone can do when they give it their 100%. But then, I suppose it’s rare indeed that anyone can give their 100% to anything at all.”

“I know you want your team to have a strong foundational knowledge, but Melissa and Vanessa have been learning a lot about operating industrial chemical synthesizers.” Tabitha went up on her tiptoes, putting her close enough to feel her breath on my chin. “If we had one of those and some lab mice…”

Most of the time, Tabitha was almost inhumanly capable and industrious. Even before taking Serenex she’d been the hardest working student I’d ever met. Now, she did the work of five women, and better than they would.

But the first time I talked to her each day, all of that focus went out the window and she became just another slavishly devoted girl of my harem.

“Lab mice sounds reasonable, but I’m sure that synthesizer you want is out of our budget. If you want to play alchemist, you can send the formula over to Shantel, but for now we can get a half dozen lab mice and I’m sure you girls can do a stellar job breeding them.”

Tabitha let out a sigh, then finally backed away. She hopped up onto her desk, legs crossed, leaning back on her palms. “Fine, fine. You win. Is there anything else I can do for you while you’re here? Spank my ass raw, or maybe get the girls to jill themselves watching us fuck? I’d love it if you’d fuck my ass, Master! I washed it nice and clean this morning, and…”

“That will be all for today, Tabitha.”

Her shoulders slumped as she breathed out a sigh of relief, like she’d been sucking her stomach in all morning. It was a blast seeing her like that, but she wasn’t much use to the other girls like that. “Thank you. Then, if that’s all, I need to evaluate the girls’ reports. I love doing this work for you, but it does tend to keep me busy.” Her voice was clipped and professional, even a little icy.

I grinned. No matter how many times I’d seen it before, watching Tabitha go from an eager to please harem girl to a no nonsense ace never stopped being fun. And I couldn’t help myself sometimes, “Actually, there is something you could do. I want to see how your blowjob skills are coming along.”

She swallowed. “Wait. But you said it was enough? I mean, you don’t need me for that kind of thing, not when…”

“I know. But you’ve still got the cutest face in school. And dressed up as a jailbait mad scientist… it just works better when you’re not smiling.”

She twisted her mouth in annoyance, but that didn’t stop her from going to her knees, taking her glasses off to store them in the pocket of her lab coat. “Very well. If that’s what you want.”

“Ah, ah. Keep the glasses on. It just completes the look.”

And back on they went, right before she reached forward and began to unbutton my pants. At this point, Tabitha was enough of an expert that she could and did give classes on blowjobs. She knew just how to use her tongue, her gag reflex was long extinct, she could hold her breath for more than a minute, and she knew how to put her whole body into it, squirming with my cock in her mouth like it was stuffed deep into her pussy.

But even as motivated as she was—she was stuck there on her knees until I finished inside her mouth—she couldn’t quite put all of that knowledge into practice. She knew just how to look up at her man with such worshipful eyes that they were shining wet, but this morning I was savoring that sullen, bothered look in her gaze instead, the methodical, robotic rhythm she went with, trying to coax me into cumming as soon as possible.

But even with her doing best, even if hers were the first lips that had been wrapped around my cock all day, even though my cock had been hard before she even fished it out, she wasn’t even getting me close to spilling my load.

It was five minutes before she gave up and changed tactics, sliding the cock out of my mouth and stroking it while she looked up at me. “Mr. Cannon, I know the whole point of this exercise is that you enjoy degrading the bright and willful asexual feminist, but I really do have a lot of work to do and clearly this isn’t that exciting for you, or we’d already be finished.”

“Hah! Well, I’m not complaining about it. But it sounds like you’ve got a better idea?” I asked, rubbing the side of my cock against her cheek.

She nodded, but decided to show instead of tell, “Please make a stupid, weak-willed, misogynist nymph so I can properly take care of Master’s cock.”

The delivery was wooden, like she was reading the lines off of a teleprompter, but these were her words. It was her decision.

“And why should I do that for you?” I asked, pushing my cock in and out of her mouth first before she could answer.

“Mwah… because I want to be a good little slave girl for my Master. Because it feels… good. I love being your sex pet. I love getting fucked. I love it when I can make your cock hard and feel you come on me.”

As she settled into the role, her acting was getting better. She was still clearly lying, but that was mattering less and less.

“Well… okay. Tabitha, there’s one more thing I need from you today.”

That dazzling smile turned right back on, and she attacked my cock with a gusto, managing to shove it all the way down her throat and wiggle her nose in the thick black forest of my pubes, her tongue working over time.

A rich, throaty moan sent vibrations from my shaft and up my spine, and she raised up her hips, rolling up her skirt so she could start teasing herself over her panties. The sounds of her expertly slurping my cock filled the room along with the click-clack of the other girls busy at working their keyboards, but I could just barely hear that wet squelching as she dealt with that surge of pleasure and hormones.

“Thank you, Master! It feels so much better like this! Being horny makes it hard to think, but it feels so good!” She gushed while simultaneously massaging my balls and fluting my cock, “Are you sure you don’t want to keep me like this all the time?”

“Tempting. Very tempting.” It was. Twisting Tabitha’s excellent analytical mind solely towards pleasure made her a force to be reckoned with. “But you’ve got work to do. Still… hearing you actually ask for this was a real turn-on.”

I was still playing those words on repeat in my head while I closed my eyes, and when I put my hand on Tabitha’s head, she took it as the signal to stop messing around, dribbling her head up and down my cock until she felt the first spurt.

It was the first load of the day, so it was a large one, “Don’t swallow.”

She didn’t, and when I pulled out, she anticipated my next move and went ahead and scooped the smears that dribbled out back into her mouth with her fingers, her cheeks pushed out like a chipmunk.

“You there. Cleanup duty.” A pretty black girl whose large, round-rimmed glasses were prescription instead of cosplay hurried away from her desk and over to me, already well-familiar with what clean-up duty entailed, using long strokes of her tongue to polish my cock.

I wasn’t focused on her though. Only Tabitha, for now. “I want you to go around and share this with the others. Mouth to mouth,” Her whole body gyrated with excitement at the idea, “Then all of you are going to kneel and show me.”

Tabitha’s snowballing kisses might have been overflowing with passion, but they were cautious. She and the girls both careful to avoid spilling or swallowing as much as possible. All of them took this as matter-of-fact as their nineteen-year-old teacher did, and five minutes later, I had eleven girls kneeling before me, mouths wide open, a coating of my cum pooled in each girl’s mouth.

Sights like that were enough to get me hard all over again. “Okay, all of you. Swallow. Then back to work.”

The gulps weren’t simultaneous, but the rote “Thank you for your cum, Master.” was, and then everyone was back into their routine. They had big, important work to do.

Tabitha wiped her mouth off with her wrist as she stood back on her feet. “You’re not leaving already, Master? Don’t you want to feel how wet and hot you got me?”

“No, no. Keep up the good work. And one more time… That will be all for today.”

And again, Tabitha was back to her old self. And even if she didn’t see anything embarrassing walking around in that outfit or sucking a cock in front of the class, her cheeks were going pink now, “Thank you, Sir. I was expecting to go the whole day in that lustful state.”

“Well, if you’d like, it only takes a few words.” I offered.

Tabitha paused, seriously considering the offer. “I… it’s a bit distracting. And there is work to be done. I need to have directions for the team ready for Monday, but…”

“Of course. Let’s see how your schedule looks on Monday,” I said as I tucked my cock back into my pants, “And I know you might be tempted to go into a bit of overtime, but I’m serious. The work day ends at three. If you feel like you’re falling behind your pupils, you delegate some of that work to them.”

That brought a wry smile to her face. She might be my harem girl whenever I was near, my tirelessly working slave when I wasn’t around at school, but what she did with the other sixteen hours of the day was entirely up to her. Mostly.

“Thank you, Sir.” There was a hint of sincerity behind it. “I know you’ve said as much before, but the work we do, it really is… fascinating. But don’t worry. I’m not forcing myself at all.”

I let out a sigh and light chuckle. What people did on their own time was their own business. An inquisitive young woman like her, I supposed it was only natural she’d have her own incentives for studying the science of what had happened to herself and the rest, “I’m sure. Well, keep me updated then.”

I walked out of the classroom in an even better mood than I’d entered. I’d not bothered to zip my pants back up, not when it was my favorite part of the day.

Time to see how Abbie’s class was going.

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