Human Domestication Guide

3: Bathtime!

by GlitchyRobo

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Elvira hungrily finishes off the last of the sythethetic bread & butter Akash had reconstituted for her. Not as good at fresh food, but far better than the nutripaste she’d subsisted on while onboard the gunship. Before she’d been captured, she reminds herself. She nearly chokes on the mystery juice she’d been given when Akash says “Now that you’ve eaten, it’s probably about time I wash you, pet.”

The human’s face goes bright red as she shakily puts down the cup and swallows the remainder of the juice. “No! I mean, that won’t be necessary. I mean. I..!” Akash interrupts her, “Darling, look at yourself, you’re still wearing your interface suit — what’s left of it, anyway”. As Elvira nervously fidgets with her hands Akash continues, “Your hair is matted, and you’re covered in grime. Here, take my hand and we can head to the bathroom, you’ve already seen the tub, yes?”

Eyeing Akash’s outstretched hand suspiciously, Elvira pushes her chair from the table and stands up, stammering various excuses. Akash grins, standing up herself, raising an eyebrow-equivalent in mock confusion. “Hm. Well, how about this. I’ll take off your cuffs and collar, and then you can head to the bath yourself — there’s soap and I can get the water running from here. Does that sound alright, Elvira?”

Elvira nods quickly, almost not believing her luck. “Ah, I’m glad! Now let me see your wrists”. The human extends her wrists towards the tall affini, turning her head away shyly. She shivers as Akash’s hands brush against her own. The cuffs open with a soft click, falling into Akash’s waiting vines. Akash bends down onto one knee, opening Elvira’s ankle cuffs similarly. Finally, she stands and looks down at Elvira, tilting the human’s head by the chin to face her own. Elvira resists at first, but the affini is far stronger than any human. “Make sure to be careful in there darling, if you need any help just call for me, ok?”. “U-understood” Akash pulls Elvira’s collar off, and gently pushes her in the direction of the bathroom, and the human hurries into it.

As she closes the bathroom door behind her, Elvira sighs, grateful for even a small moment of solitude. She starts to undress, managing to coax the mangled remains of the spinal zipper down far enough that she can step out of the interface suit. She winces as the synth cloth brushes past the worst of her bruises. The bath starts filling, plentiful water pouring from several inset taps.

She sits on the edge of the large in-floor bath, dangling her toes into the quickly filling basin of hot water. She sighs in relaxation as the water rises up onto her legs. It really had been years since she’d had a bath, not since she was stationed on-planet — human ships weren’t massive enough or advanced enough to waste water on such extravagant purposes.

Sliding off the edge and into the bath proper, she glances towards the various bottles of bath substances off to the side. Fuck, she thought, I can’t read affini script. She grabs and examines several of the bottles at random, before finding a bottle with a stylized image of a figure in a bath, surrounded by bubbles. With a satisfied exhalation, she slides open the top of the bottle.

Elvira examines the contents of the bottle briefly, noting the vaguely minty scent, then dumps a large portion into the bath. Immediately, bubbles start to form in colorful pastel shades. She barely manages to get the bottle back to the side of the bath before the bubbles block her view.

She sighs happily, sinking into the bubbly bath, leaving only her head above the water. She breathes deeply, enjoying the vaguely minty smell emanating from the bubbling water. She takes another deep breath, it really does feel good, gosh. Almost in jest, she splashes the water, enjoying the simple pleasure of watching fluid dynamics in low gravity. Before she knows it, she’s creating waves and splashes with a smile on her face.

Her body feels so wonderful too, all floaty and tingly. Almost odd, she doesn’t remember baths being this relaxing… It takes her several more minutes of blissful relaxation and splashing before she realizes that Akash has silently strode into the bathroom, and now stands above and behind Elvira, smirking.

“Having fun, darling?”

Elvira turns a bright red, ceasing her splashing and stammering excuses, “No I. You just walked in. The wrong time! How long have you? Wait, why do I feel so..”

Several of Akash’s vines waft above the bath, sensing.

“Did you put the shampoo in the bath? That’s adorable~”, She snorts in amusement, “You could’ve just asked me, you know~”.

Elvira redirects her gaze downward, still stumbling over her words.

“…I didn’t know it was, it was shampoo — I thought it was soap!”

“Oh darling~ I’ll replace the water, and then I’ll wash you”

Elvira would’ve panicked, if not for the xenodrugs in the shampoo. Nonetheless, she attempts to climb out of the tub, away from Akash. She finds herself unable to move, however, her limbs just so comfortable where they are. “Fuck”. Akash chuckles, “We can deal with your language issue later, but for now..”, she flicks a switch, and the water in the tub quickly drains.

As it drains, the human woman somehow blushes even more than she was previously, shutting her eyes tight in denial. With what little strength she has remaining, she manages to move her hands to cover her breasts and crotch, not wanting Akash to see her so thoroughly exposed.

Elvira feels fresh hot water refilling the tub, and then a substantial displacement as Akash sits down in it — this must be why the tub is so big, she reasoned to herself, to fit an affini and a human at the same time. She cracks open one eye nervously, seeing Akash directly in front of her, on the opposite side of the bath. The affini woman has an amused grin on her face, her hands steepled and her vines closer to Elvira than the human would like.

“I thought? You said I could.. Bath. Myself!” Elvira was having great difficulty with words, let alone full sentences.

“Look at yourself dear, you’ve already let your hands slip back to your sides; you’re in no state to try to wash yourself!” It was true, she had lost track of her limbs, and now she was entirely exposed. She shakes her head in denial, trying again to cover herself. This time, however, she couldn’t even muster the strength to do that. Whatever xenodrug had been in the shampoo must be very strong, she thinks.

“Oh my stars, now you’re drooling, this is too cute!”, Elvira tries to close her mouth, to no avail, “How much of the shampoo did you dump in the bath anyway?” Akash grabs the shampoo bottle and checks. “Oh, wow, no wonder you’re.. Like this right now” Akash giggles, her vines grabbing various brushes and bathtime fluids, converging on the drooling, half aware, humiliated girl.

Elvira can make no more protest than various indignant moans as her body is thoroughly scrubbed, washed, and otherwise cleaned. All the while, Akash moves over to sit directly next to Elvira, petting her face and whispering into her ear.

“Such a good, obedient girl, just staying nice and still for her caretaker. So docile and safe!” Elvira tries to move, but just shivers and moans instead. Akash runs a hand down the side of Elvira’s face, eliciting further shivers from the otherwise placid girl. “This is much easier than when you were thrashing about earlier, isn’t it? Maybe I should keep you like this more…”. Elvira coughs, trying to form words.

“Nmnn.. nnnoo, I — I don’t w-wanttttt thissssss”, she manages to stutter out.

“Oh? If you don’t like this, why don’t you stand up, climb out of the tub, and go grab that towel — I won’t stop you!”, Elvira felt her cheeks glowing with blush in resentment.

“I.. I, I ca-n’t!”, she mumbles, “t-this isss your faulttttt”.

“Is it? Last I checked, it was you who managed to pour a good half bottle of hair & mind cleansing shampoo into the bath~”. Akash smiles cunningly, and places a hand flat onto Elvira’s sternum, a finger and thumb on either side of the human’s neck.

“M-mind ccccle — f-fuck.” Elvira gasps and jolts as Akash’s hand presses firmly into her skin. “Can’t. M-my mind, I can’t.”

“Shhh, it’s alright darling, it’ll pass; and I’ll be sure to keep you nice and safe while it does~”. Elvira shivers and moans.

“Ahh, you’re going to feel so much better once we clean you up, refreshed and relaxed!”

Elvira squirms helplessly against the vines wrapped around her wrists and ankles. Akash grins down, grabbing a full container of shampoo, pouring some into her hands. Mumbling, Elvira pleads. “P-please… no more of th-at…”.

“Aww, it’s ok darling, this shampoo won’t have nearly the effect on you the other did!”. Elvira mumbles something in acknowledgement, only half aware. Akash bends over Elvira, her hands massaging the cold shampoo into the human’s hair. Elvira gasps, but remains still otherwise. “That’s right, good girl, just relax, you’re safe here, me holding you so nice and tight~”. The human tries to shake her head and say no, but instead just trembles and moans.

Soon, Elvira finds herself drifting into relaxation, all her thoughts and worries fading away. She knew logically that this was the xenodrugs effect, but all the same, it felt wonderful — Akash, no, her Mistress’ touch felt so wonderful. Despite herself, she found herself thinking about how perhaps this wasn’t quite so bad.

She squirmed, envisioning herself curled against Akash’s torso, wrapped up in vines. The last part wasn’t hard, seeing as she was already tangled in the affini’s vines. For the first time since her capture, she allows herself to stop resisting, even if only for this moment. Eventually, though glazed eyes, she watches passively as Akash lifts her out of the bath, toweling her off.

Elvira feels almost like a doll, allowing herself to be posed and physically manipulated into various positions by Akash’s vines. Soon enough, she’s been fully dried off, and gently placed into a chair. Akash lays her hand atop Elvira’s head for a few moments before saying something to the effect of telling the human to stay put. As if she could do anything else like this, Elvira thinks.

When Akash returns, she is holding two neatly folded articles of clothing, smiling down at Elvira.

“As a special treat, because you were so well behaved in the bath, I’m going to let you choose what to wear today~”. Akash allows the clothing to unfold, revealing both as loose fitting gowns. The left gown is a deep red, with dark green, almost black, stripes running diagonally down its length. It’s shoulders are puffy, covered in tiny star patterns. The right was more elaborate, featuring loose elbow length sleeves, with numerous short light purple tassels attached, seemingly imitating leaves against the dark mauve gown itself.

Elvira gazes groggily ahead, eyes slowly darting between the two options. “Darling~, you’ve got to pick one; though don’t worry, you’ll be wearing the other soon enough~”. Elvira groaned softly, lifting her left arm with great difficulty, pointing at the left gown. Akash smiles brightly. “I was hoping you’d choose that! It’ll look so cute on you, little free terran~”. Elvira coughs in a faux attempt at protest.

Akash’s vines descend onto Elvira, lifting her out of the chair and pulling her into a standing position. The affini tosses the right gown behind her, grabbing the left gown with both hands, slipping it over the human’s shivering frame. As the vines retreat from Elvira, she nearly collapses, only just being caught by her armpits by Akash. “Hey there darling~”. Elvira gazes upward at her Mistress’ smiling face, and for the briefest of moments she finds herself smiling back.

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