Human Domestication Guide

2: Untenable Defiance

by GlitchyRobo

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Elvira awakens, groggily shifting in the bed. She sits up, opening her eyes. She scans the room, a medium affini habitation unit, featuring a human-style kitchenette. Her captor, Akash, is nowhere to be seen. She can feel the gentle pressure of the collar around her neck, and the cuffs around her wrists and ankles. After a brief examination she finds that they are unconnected to any leads, leaving her free to explore the hab unit.

She gingerly slips out of bed, wincing slightly as her aching & bruised legs struggle to support her body — months in microgravity make even the low spin gravity of the affini capture shuttle feel immense. After taking a few moments to properly reaccustom herself to the feeling of gravity, she walks to the closed door. Locked, as expected. She curses under her breath regardless.

Aimlessly, she wanders into the kitchenette, opening what appears to be a food storage unit. Empty, save for a handful of canisters labeled in various affini scripts. She grabs one at random, prying the lid open, spilling some of the contents on herself. She recoils, but manages to keep from spilling any more. She examines the fluid — it appears to be fresh water. Stars know what sort of horrible xenodrugs might be infused within, she thinks.

Elvira replaces the lid of the canister, and places it back in the food storage unit. She slams the door shut. “Elvira? Was that you?” Akash’s voice is distant and muffled, coming from somewhere beyond the locked door. Elvira’s heart begins to race, and she quickly glances around the kitchenette. To her surprise, she finds a short & sharp culinary knife. Definitely not enough to kill an affini, but maybe enough to give her a chance to run…

She can hear Akash’s footsteps approaching the door. In several swift motions, she slides the knife underneath her wrist & ankle cuffs, cutting them off. One of them beeps loudly, fuck. She kicks it away from the door, towards the bed. Silently, with the skill of a soldier, she braces herself against the wall beside the door, knife at the ready.

The door slides open, and Akash walks in, looking towards the beeping remains of Elvira’s cuff. Quickly and quietly Elvira slips through the door, holding the knife close to her body. As she creeps down the hall, she hears Akash chuckle. She spins around, holding the knife out. Akash is staring her down, an amused grin on her face.

“S-stay back!” the woman’s voice was shaking — her position was untenable, and they both knew it. “I won’t hesitate to hurt you!”. Akash’s grin widens into a smile. “Darling, there’s nothing you could do to hurt me with that tiny blade. Come over here and I’ll get you your xenodrugs.” Elvira scowls at the affini woman, and turns and runs. Or tries to run, anyhow. She finds herself suddenly hurtling towards the floor, having been tripped by one of Akash’s vines.

Before she can hit the floor Akash catches her, deftly pulling the knife from her grasp. Numerous vines pull Elvira against Akash’s body. She gasps, against her wishes, the touch of Akash’s skin against her own so intense. “You know, this isn’t exactly following procedure, but you’ve destroyed your cuffs and you do need to be calmed down..” A flowered vine moves in front of Elvira’s vision, the tip splaying open, revealing a thin needle-like structure, dripping with a dark blue fluid.

Elvira redoubles her struggles, screaming “No! Get away! I don’t want to —”, before she can finish that statement, she feels a pinch against her leg, followed by the unmistakable feel of an injection. She cries out in pain and frustration as Akash carries her back to the hab unit.

Laying the still squirming human woman down on the unmade bed, vines holding her in place, Akash softly sighs. “What are we going to do with you, darling?”. Elvira spits in Akash’s general direction. The affini sighs again, wiping the spit off her leaf-covered torso in a slow, deliberate movement.

Akash stares into Elvira’s eyes, the intensity invoking a nervous swallowing noise from the human. “Now, I’m going to release you from my vines, and you’re going to stay nice and still on the bed — don’t bother trying to run, what I’ve just injected you with will… incapacitate you soon enough — is that understood Elvira?”. Elvira grits her teeth and nods. Akash smiles down at her, running her hand across the human’s head, eliciting another small gasp from her. “Good girl Elvira!”.

The affini withdraws her vines, and the human stays put as promised. Turning and striding towards a corner of the hab unit, Akash reaches into a cabinet at head level for her, too high for Elvira to reach in any case. Elvira scowls as Akash turns around, holding a fresh set of cuffs. Suddenly, she feels her vision blur, and her heart flutter. She braces herself against the side of the bed as Akash walks up to her.

“Reach out your hands darling, and I’ll put your cuffs back on”

“I - no, I can’t… give in…”. Elvira’s head is swaying from side to side unsteadily.

“Ah, I see the phytotoxin has hit your brain already, how lovely.” Akash’s grin widens by the second.

“A-Akash!” Elvira really didn’t like how she had shouted her captor’s name, all soft and needy like that. She hadn’t meant it like that! She had wanted to sound angry, defiant, hadn’t she?

“Do you need something pet?” Akash appeared almost surprised. “Also, for the future, call me your mistress~”

“L-like I’d ever —” Elvira’s response is cut short as Akash takes hold of her wrists, gently but without any chance the human could dislodge them. Elvira finds her mind shivering, resonating with the feeling of her heartbeat against the affini’s hands.

“Is that so?” smiles Akash as she wraps the cuffs around each of Elvira’s wrists in turn. “You’ve already progressed so much, and so quickly~ I’d be surprised if you’re not calling me mistress by the end of the day~”

“F-fuck..” Almost yelling, Elvira shakes as Akash’s hands brush past her legs. As the ankle cuffs click into place, the shaking human hugs herself tightly, curling her legs onto the bed and against herself.

“Darling, are you alright?” Akash rests a hand on Elvira’s back, where her interface suit had burned away, and she yelps in surprise, quickly giving way to a moan. She grabs at Akash’s hand, the affini allowing her to guide it onto one of Elvira’s breasts.

“Oh~ So that’s what this is about~”. Though Elvira couldn’t see it, Akash was grinning widely, her vines swaying in gentle amusement. She sits down on the side of the bed. “Why don’t you tell me exactly what you want me to do to you, little ‘free terran’”. Elvira just grunt-moans-yells in frustration, holding Akash’s hand tightly against her breast.

“Well, you don’t have to tell me, though of course,” Akash pulls her hand off of Elvira, the girl rolling over onto her back, making an unbidden whining noise. “If you don’t tell me, I couldn’t possibly know what it is you want~”.

Elvira squirms on the bed, repeatedly, longingly, glancing at Akash before quickly looking away. “F-fuck, you diddd thisss”, she half whispers at the affini.

“And what would that be?”

Elvira stammers, struggling to maintain even a semblance of composure as the phytotoxin works its way through her system. “In-injection, damnit!”. Elvira points to her leg for emphasis.

Akash tenderly runs a finger up Elvira’s jawline, the human gasping and arching her back. “Well, that’s hardly my fault, now is it? You cut off your cuffs, and I did need to subdue you.”

“D-damnit..” Elvira runs her hands over her body, desperately trying to replicate the sensation of Akash’s touch, to no avail. “W-why..”

Akash rests her chin on top of interlaced fingers, smiling smugly at Elvira. “What did you think I injected you with? Surely you know enough about affini physiology to recognize our pollination cycle~”. The human’s eyes go wide and she screams, in frustration, humiliation, and desire. The mere thought of playing a part in some filthy xeno’s reproductive cycle is entirely anathema to her.

“Don’t worry, little human, the phytotoxin is just one component of pollination~”

Mumbling and yelping, Elvira squirms on the bed, twisting the bedsheets around her legs. Her desperate attempts to reach out and touch Akash thwarted by the affini’s quick movements. “You’ve got to tell me what you want darling, and then I’ll be able to,” she chuckles, “help you feel better”.

Elvira’s eyes are wide and frantic, trying to make some sense of her situation, to resist. Suddenly, it’s as if for a brief moment she falls apart, her will fracturing. Her hyperventilation slows, and she moves with surprising quickness for someone as intoxicated as she was.

She finds herself begging, pleading to be allowed to touch Akash’s skin to her skin, grasping at the just out of reach affini. She hates that she wants, needs, this so badly. “Akash, please… I need… it.”

“Need what? You’ll have to be specific~”. Tears run down Elvira’s face, her fractured will sliding further apart from her wishes. “P-please touch my breasts, my face, my skin, I can’t stand it!”

“You’ve told me what you want, but that’s not how to ask for it, now is it darling?” Elvira’s addled mind takes a few moments to realize what Akash wants from her. The realization comes with a groaning yell. She takes a deep breath, and swallowing her pride for just long enough, she yells.

“M-mistress! Please.. I need your skin on mine!”

Immediately, Akash descends onto the quivering human, in a single quick motion tearing off the remains of the glove on Elvira’s hand, clutching it tightly in her own.

“What a good, obedient girl you are, huh?”. Elvira’s eyes have rolled up, and the only noise coming from her is a soft whine. Akash smiles warmly. “I told you I’d have you calling me mistress before the end of the day, but this quick? You really are something special~”

Akash lays on her side, clutching the shivering human to her body, vines playing with her hair, touching her skin, squeezing her breasts. “Such a good girl,” She idly coils a vine loosely around Elvria’s leg, “isn’t this much nicer than your silly little play at ‘resistance’?”. Elvira tries to shake her head no, but instead her moans just grow louder. “I think we’re going to have a lot of fun together, little ‘free terran’~”.

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