House Meeting

by GleefulAbandon

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #bimbofication #drool #fantasy #hypnotic_music #intelligence #magic #magiccontrol #microfiction #music
See spoiler tags : #witches

June was playing that weird music again— and when did Trina and Abbi end up in her room? (Microfic inspired by the MCStory bot.)

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Based on this prompt from the MCStory bot:

“What were we, like, doing?,” slurred Trina, vaguely noticing the puddle that had accumulated on her chest.

“Music,” giggled Abbi. “Pretty.”

The music. June had been playing her weird goth music, and Trina had been trying to make out the words. It was something like-

“Poor things,” June stood over them, holding a speaker that was almost glowing. “Hard to think, isn’t it?”

Trina was about to reply, and she realized they were in June’s room- when did that happen? And something was different. Had it always looked this way? It’s just her head was so foggy and she couldn’t focus on what-

“…I’m saying,” June was going on, “But that’s ok. You both don’t need to understand what’s happening to you.”

Another girl stared, mouth agape, drooling. Oh, that was Abbi. Aaaaaabbi. AbbiAbbiAbbi.

“That’s right. You’re both so dumb. I’ll bet you’ll both feel better if you don’t try to think?”

Better than what? Trina mewed, her eyes losing focus.

“Yeah,” grinned June, her eyes glowing like the speakers, like the runes around the room. “I think you’re ready.”


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