Strawberries & Cream

Chapter 3

by GigglingGoblin

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #begging #breast_fixation #breastfeeding #catgirl #D/s #drugged #fantasy #hand_fetish #humiliation #hypnosis #lactation #mind_control #plantgirl #pov:bottom #praise #titnosis

Delyrinne stretched, scratched behind one feline ear, and yawned.

It was turning into one of those mornings.

Time was kind of blurred of late. The catgirl giggled, nuzzling the leafy plants around her, breathing in deep of the sweet, minty scents. Her mind was just a happy bubbly little mess, and she knew it.

She’d try to escape the enchantress tomorrow, she told herself fuzzily, nestling back down in her bed of sleepnip. Tomorrow she’d be better rested, and stuff. She gave another happy yawn and tucked her head under her hand, her bushy lavender-furred tail rising to shade her eyes.

Her lashes fluttered. Her blue-green eyes flickered open. A bothersome thought was nipping at her ear like a buzzing gnat.

What was it that had woken her up, anyways? Nothing ever woke her up lately.

Nothing ever… disturbed her.

She frowned. Dimly, that thought was leading another to bother her. She tried to ignore it, but it buzzed and buzzed and buzzed…

If nothing ever woke her up, how was she planning to escape tomorrow?

Her left ear flicked.

Delyrinne heard voices.

... and when you’ve had a nice, long rest in the garden…” It was Mistress’s voice. Delyrinne’s tail started to flick. “... maybe I’ll take you to spend some quality time with my special blossom~

Involuntarily, Delyrinne started purring. Her cheeks burned, and she pounded her chest, trying to make herself stop. Mistress’s voice just made her so, so happy, and she was just a silly little slutty kitty, after all…

She whimpered softly and covered her face. No, no, I’m not! she told herself stubbornly, squirming and wiggling. Gotta resist. Gotta…

She peeked up from the dense patch of mint toward the source of the voices.

“Yes, Mistress,” she heard the woman mumble, her tone as docile as her dull green eyes. The woman was gorgeous—tall and willowy, with dark flowing hair and a graceful, curvaceous build.

Green eyes. Delyrinne blinked slowly.

Very green. Even beneath that sexy hypnotized glassy look, those were druid-green eyes, surely.

Another druid? Her heart fluttered. Oh, she’d be so much fun to play with!

Er, that is, to rescue. And not ‘fun’. Useful. Delyrinne chewed her lower lip.

“Now, you just stay here, little Larya,” Leela said sweetly, guiding ‘Larya’ beneath a leafy bush with large, pale blossoms and long, trailing vines, “and breathe in niiice and deeep for me, okay, sweetie?’

“Nice… deep…” Larya’s lashes fluttered as she leaned against the plant, her chest rising and falling.

Delyrinne’s breath caught, and her nipples tingled a little. The nurselily plant? Leela was really serious about toying with this girl, it seemed. She had to act quickly.

Leela giggled. “Good slut.”

She turned and briskly walked away. Delyrinne tried not to look too longingly after Leela’s generously swinging hips. It wasn’t easy.

The catgirl druidess waited a few seconds more, making sure Leela was truly gone. Then she forced herself out of the cozy catnip patch—her head spun with the rapid motion, and it took all her will not to settle right back down—and hurried over.

“Hey!” She crouched over the woman, heart racing. Leela could come back at any moment, for all she knew.

"Hey, come on, we have to go!"

"Mm..." Larya squirmed and sighed happily. SHe beamed up at Delyrinne with a big, dumb smile. "F-Feels good..."

Delyrinne's heart quickened. Larya was groping her breasts, even as she continued to breathe in deeper and deeper by the second. The nurselilies' pollen was clearly having an effect.

"No, see—" The catgirl groaned and reached down, holding her breath as she dragged the gorgeous human woman out from under the plants. "We have to get out of here before she comes back, Miss!"

Larya blinked up at her slowly. Her hands continued to knead and paw at her own naked breasts. Gods, her breasts were so big, and jiggly, and they shimmered in the morning sun, and she looked so soft...

Delyrinne held in a whimper and stayed on course. She tugged on Larya's arm. "My name's Delyrinne," she said quickly. "I've been in this place for, um, like..." Her heart fluttered. "... a few days," she lied, cheeks reddening. "She brainwashes her pets into—into—" She bit back the words. "Trust me, you don't wanna stick around here. I've only managed to break free by hiding from her!"

"mm... why would you do that?" Larya giggled, then moaned and cooed softly, rocking back and forth. Her nipples were dripping with milk.

Delyrinne licked her lips. "Um... 'cause we have to get out of here!"

She tugged on Larya's arm again, then, realizing Larya was stronger than her and set on staying put, grabbed it with both arms.

This was a mistake.

With a giggle, Larya gave a sharp tug back.

Delyrinne let out a startled squeak as she found herself tugged right into the druidess's arms.

"U-Um!" She bit her lip, cheeks burning in embarrassment. she tried to pull away, but Larya was strong—much stronger than Delyrinne.

Delyrinne's heart fluttered. Oh, gosh. Much, much stronger.

"Aww, it's okay, little kitty," Larya cooed. She wrapped her arms tighter around the squirming catgirl and pulled her up into Larya's lap. "Don't worry. I'll take good care of you!"

Delyrinne whimpered. Larya gigled. "N-Nyah—I mean, um, no, no, we have to—"

Larya's fingers ran through her hair, petting her head, and she let out an involuntary mew before she even knew what she was doing.

"AWWW!~" Larya beamed and kept petting her, rubbing her ears and scritching behind them. "Good kitten!"

Delyrinne whined and squirmed, but Larya's other arm was tightly wrapped around her waist. All her whimpering seemed to do was make Larya giggle and tighten her grip—and pull Delyrinne a little closer to Larya's chest each time she tried to wiggle free. "N-No, I'm not a—"

"Just relax," Larya purred lazily, as the fingers of her other hand slipped down to the small of Delyrinne’s back. "Feels good..."

"No, I—ooh!" Delyrinne barely held in a squeal of surprise as she felt Larya's fingertips grazing over the small of her back, making her back instinctively arch. She gave a little helpless giggle. "Ssstop, that—that tickles!"

"Aww... does it?" Larya beamed. Her fingers skittered over to Delyrinne's side and tickled her there, making Delyrinne have to bite her lip to keep from shrieking. "Aww, little slutty kitten!"

"S-Stop," Delyrinne whined, squirming and blushing. "W-We have to... have to..."

She squeaked and mewed as she felt a hand slipping between her legs.

"Just relax, little kitten," Larya purred in Delyrinne's ear. "Focus on feeling gooood... like a good kitten should~"

The catgirl whimpered and moaned softly, licking her lips, as the fingers began to toy around the lips of her pussy. Another giggle slipped from her unbidden as Larya's horrible, nimble, delicate fingers tickled her bare tummy, making her thrash and squirm helplessly in the mortal woman's confident grip. Gods, her struggles were so weak and...

... kittenish. Her cheeks burned as a whimpering mewl escaped her, followed by more helpless giggles.

"You don’t waaanna leave," Larya cooed, giggling as her fingers descendeed on Delyrinne mercilessly. "You wanna be a gooood little kitty~"

"N-Nnyaah!" Delyrine squeaked as she wriggled and giggled and gasped with pleasure. The hand between her legs was starting to stroke, fingers delicately toying with her sensitive sex...

"That's it," Larya purred, and Delyrinne was humiliated to realize she was purring loudly, "there's a good kittyslut! Just lie back here and feel good with me."

Delyrinne moaned softly. The fingers felt so good… so delicate and expert, like Larya knew just how to toy with a pussy to draw out every little sharp cry and humiliating squeak. Delyrinne’s eyes were becoming fixed on Larya's big, bouncy, pillowesque breasts. The smell of milk was in the air.

She licked her lips.

Larya noticed this instantly, and her eyes lit up. "Awww!" Is someone thirsty?"

"N-Nnuh—a-aah—" LDelyrinne squirmed and mewled pathetically, her breath catching and quickening as the fingers pistoned inside her. it was getting so hard to think about resisting, not when it felt so, so good...

"Look at those eyes," Larya said smugly, and bounced in place. Delyrinne's eyes involuntarily followed the enticing jiggling of her tits. "So big and pleading!"

"N-No they're not," the catgirl moaned, licking her lips again. gods, why was her mouth suddenly so dry?

"It's okay, kitten," Larya cooed, and her fingers teased and strummed daintily over Delyrinne's clit, making the catgirl cry out in hopeless pleasure. "You're just a dumb subby little kitty. You can't help it!" She giggled. "Gosh, you're even subbier than me!"

"Oooh..." Delyrinne stared longingly at a nipple. She watched as it dribbled a little—then whimpered as Larya reached down and gave the breast a seductive squeeze, bounced it in her hand, and pinched the nipple until the milk dripped onto her fingers.

"Good sluts obey," Larya ciooed, "and let pretty girls train them~"

"Good sluts obey," Delyrinne whined, bucking and wiggling helplessly as the fingers pumped inside her. "w-Wait, I-I mean—"

"Good sluts," Larya said sweetly, "obey pretty girls."

"good sluts o-obey," Delyrinne moaned, wiggling. She squirmed and blushed hot. "n-no, um...i'm not a slut..."

"Open wide, kitten!" Larya sang, holding up the finger—dripping with milk.

Delyrinne's eyes widened to the size of saucers of cream. "N-No!" she squeaked. “I won’t—MMMF!

Taking advantage of her open, drooling mouth, the finger popped in.

Delyrinne squealed and struggled weakly, but her struggles ebbed all-too-quickly, and her cries of distress became moans of pleasure within mere seconds as the delectable flavor of the milk washed over her.

To her humiliated bliss, she found herself obediently licking the finger clean as it pulled out.

"Good girl," Larya said smugly. "Now, are we ready to be a good slut?" Her fingers sped up.

"good slut," Delyrinne mewed obediently, bucking and wiggling against the hand.

Larya beamed and reached for the back of Delyrinne's head, scritching behind her ears. Delyrinne mewed and moaned and squirmed, leaning in... and found one of Larya's perfect breasts right before her.

Her mouth watered.

Unthinkingly, she latched onto the nipple and started to suckle.

Larya gasped, then cooed wordlessly in delight, stroking Delyrinne's hair. Her hand slid down Delyrinne's back, making the catgirl's back arched, and began to stroke Delyrinne's silky tail. "There's a... good girl. Oh, that feels so nice..."

Delyrinne moaned and suckled harder. Had to please Larya. Had to be a...

"Good slut," Larya murmured silkily. "Are we ready to be a good girl now?"

Delyrinne pulled off the nipple, drooling. "yess," she moaned. "i'm a good slutty girl..."

"You are?" Larya giggled. The fingers were pistoning in and out in steady rhythm, drawing out sharp cries and gasps by the second. "You wanna be an extra-good slut and cum for me, sweetie?"

"O-Oh—" The kitten's tongue lolled as she stared up longingly at Larya. "yes, yes, yes!" she cried. "oh, please-please-please, let kitten cum!"

"You wanna be made all dumb and obedient?" Larya cooed. "You wanna let pretty girls train you?"

"uh-huh!" Delyrinne's head bobbed brainlessly. "oh, please, please, i’ll be so good! so so sooo good! i'm a good slut! i'm a good slut!"

Larya giggled. "Yes, you are,” she said sweetly. "Now cum for me, kitten~"

And Delyrine squealed with pleasure as she came. The pleasure flooded her in pulsing bursts, matching the rhythm of the hand, making her little body writhe and contort like a reed that had lost its rooting and been swept into the rapids. She bucked against Larya’s merciless fingers, mewing and moaning lewdly, lost in how purely, sluttilyy good it felt.

She collapsed against Larya, spent—but hornier than ever, the curse of fey. Finding the nipple within reach, started sucking again. She was purring loudly.

"My, my," she dimly heard Mistress Leela cooing, and whimpered in submissive shame as she realized her state. "Such a good girl, luring in my little hideaway kitten!"

"she's so cuuuute, Mistress," she heard Larya bubble. "she was confused at first, but just like you said—"

"I know, darling. I know." Leela laughed softly. Delyrinne mewed as she felt fingers scritching behind her ears in a familiar expert pattern. "Why don't you keep her for a little longer? She seems to have taken a liking to you~"

"Oh, yes, Mistress!" Larya cooed. "I'd love to!”

Dimly through the haze, Delyrine tried to protest—no, Larya would just keep toying with her, she'd be helpless to escape! But only moans came out as she continued docilely suckling like a good slut.

"Aww, sounds like she likes the sounds of that!" Leela cooed, and both pretty girls giggled as Delyrinne's cheeks burned. "I know you would, little bimbo,” she added. “Have fun~”

Delyrine whimpered as she heard Mistress leaving. She stared up at Larya with big, helpless eyes.

Larya smiled reamily down at her, newly enrapt in the spell. "Okay, kitten," she said sweetly.

Delyrinne mewed uncertainly and squirmed. "N-No," she squeaked, pulling off, "no, Larya, we—we have to e-escape..." Her words were slurred with arousal, with afterglow... and with growing desire for more play. Fey only got hornier with orgasms.

"Awww." Larya smirked and gave Delyrinne's tail a little tug, making the catgirl squeak and wiggle. "Looks like you still have some brains in there you need to cum away!" the human cooed.

Delyrinne mewled with dread and excitement.


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