Strawberries & Cream

Chapter 2

by GigglingGoblin

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #begging #breast_fixation #breastfeeding #catgirl #D/s #drugged #fantasy #hand_fetish #humiliation #hypnosis #lactation #mind_control #plantgirl #pov:bottom #praise #titnosis

Lim tapped her foot impatiently, tail twitching in slow, steady arcs behind her.

Larya was definitely getting fucked right now, she thought, pouting. She really did need to go after and save the mortal druidess, just... honestly. Larya couldn't even break and enter without getting caught up in someone's web.

It was really, really cute.

But, she reminded herself, sighing as she made her way to the entrance. The door was shut. Typical, she thought, reaching down to very quietly turn the knob. Closing the door behind her so she can have fun without me.

The door swung silently open, and the catgirl padded inside. Her bare feet made scarce a sound, and her natural grace allowed her to almost glide across the hardwood floor.

Her bright druid-green eyes scanned the surroundings quickly. The entrance area opened into a sort of kitchen-dining room hybrid lit by a crackling fireplace and a plain lantern hanging over the back door on the other side of the room from her. The air was suffused with a sweet, creamy scent, with a hint of strawberry. Right next to the door rested two pairs of shoes—a pair of rainboots and a pair of fuzzy red slippers.

But there was no sign of Larya. She frowned. All she saw was an empty bowl on the table and...

... aha. Her eyes lit on the door to the larder. Someone had left it just slightly ajar.

Creeping over so as not to startle anyone, Lim put one flicking feline ear to the crack in the door.

"Ohhh... ooh, p-pleeease..."

Lim smirked, recognizing Larya's voice. She pressed a little closer, holding the doorknob so as not to move the door with her weight. Part of her wondered if there was someone else in there with Larya. Part of her just wanted to hear more. Gods, Larya sounded so hot when she was this dumb and horny...

She was biting her knuckle, trying to resist the urge to reach down and stroke—to remind herself that they would need to get out of here, or at least get Larya back on her feet—when she heard the back door swing open.

It was a quiet, stealthy motion, but even without catgirl sense-enhancing magic, Lim's tufted red ears weren't for show. Lim turned around, blushing as she realized she had an audience of her own.

A beautiful woman had entered the welcome area. The woman was human, as far as Lim could tell, with peach-pale skin and sunset-red lips. Her crimson hair flowed around her shoulders like molten magma, and she wore a low-cut green sundress that immediately drew Lim’s eyes to a glorious pair of massive, round, pearlescent breasts.

Lim’s gaze shot back upwards. The woman had a pretty heart-shaped face, with cute dimples and amused, knowing eyes.

"Well, hello, there," the woman purred, putting a finger to her lips and nakedly admiring Lim's figure. "I'm guessing you're my little Larya's friend, Lim? She mentioned you'd be coming by~"

Lim gave a slightly nervous smile. "Oh, did she?" Damn it, Larya, not again. WCouldn't you at least call out? "I'm guessing you did your best to be, ah, hospitable to her?"

The woman kept up that sly, steady smile. Her hips swayed as she took a step closer. Lim's eyes followed those motions warily. She didn't actually know what this woman used for hypnosis or mind control. Was it her curvy ass? Those soft, bouncing, pillowy breasts? Her long, graceful, delicate fingers?

“W-Well, if you know my name,” Lim said, trying to cover her stammer with cool, salted confidence, "maybe I better know yours."

"You can call me Leela." The woman smiled, reaching back to toy with a lock of her auburn hair. She had such nice slender fingers. Lim's eyes darted towards them, then away. Maybe it was their eye-catching gestures, come to think of it. Gods, resisting hypnosis was so much less fun than administering it, but Lim was too rattled to think of a good strategy for that right now. "I'm so happy to have two such pleasant visitors to my humble cottage. Could I... get you something to eat? To drink?" Her eyes sparkled with implication.

Lim flushed. "N-No thank you," she managed. Remembering how the blossom succubi had once hypnotized her with their soft, squishy bodies, their breasts squeezing decadently against one another, she decided to keep her eyes firmly on Leela's eyes. No, on her lips. Couldn't be too careful. "But, um, that's very nice of you. I think, um, that Larya and I had better leave. We just needed..." Leela took another step forward, and Lim's heart fluttered as she noticed a new scent that had entered the air—a sweet perfume she couldn't quite place. "... directions," she squeaked.

"Directions?" Leela purred. Her plump, sensuous cherry lips savored the word like it was a special treat. "Oh, is that all?"

"Y-Yes?" Lim cleared her throat. "Yes. That's... that's right."

Leela took another step forward. Gods, the way her ass swayed with every step... so deliberate, so controlled,and yet so perfectly casual, so natural... "I can give you some of those, my dear," she said softly. "If that really is all yuu want."

"Uh—uh-huh!" Lim nodded quickly. "And then I can just, um, grab Larya and get... get out of your hair. Her eyes traveled to the finger, still playing with one of the locks. Leela's hair was so lustrous and thick, so vibrant in the soft lighting... gods, why was she so distractible, so antsy? Why did this woman make her so... so...

"Very good." Leela took another step forward, and Lim realized with a dull pang of worry that she had already halfway closed the gap to her. Her smile remained sweet, her eyes bright and full of amusement, her words chosen as delicately as little tissue paper origami. "That's what's best, isn't it? I just give you the directions, and you and little Larya can follow them right where you need to go."

"Yes!" Lim kept nodding, eager to be out of here. "Yes, um, please, we'd really... really appreciate that...'' Her eyes followed Leela's finger as it trailed down her neck, such a lithe, delicate neck, and down between her ample cleavage. Those breasts looked so full, so perfectly smooth and round and soft, and they jiggled ever-so-slightly with every little step...

"Aww. You're asking so nicely, too." Leela's voice was a sly purr as she took another step, and now she was more than halfway to Lim, as her tits jiggled enticingly, as her hips gave such a slow, pendulous sway... "Do you really want them, sweetie? Because I can give them to you, but... are you sure you don't want... to stay right here and keep doing what you're doing?"

Lim took a deep, shuddering breath, and her head swam with that sweet, lovely perfume. She licked her lips. She could positively taste it on her tongue. "Um... yeah..." Her voice sounded strangely distant to her as she watched Leela's lovely lips curve upwards in a delighted smile. "B-But, um... could you, um..." Her heart raced as Leela took another step, and now she was so, so close to arm's reach... "... stop coming closer, please?"

Her cheeks were red. It sounded like a plea. A pathetic little whimper.

But Leela stopped. She smirked. "Oh? Well, okay then." She reached her hand up from her soft, glimmering breasts to her plump, pouty red lips...


...and blew Lim a sweet, indulgent kiss.

Lim flinched as if stung. She... she could almost see the little cherry-red kiss-imprint gliding towards her, and swore she felt it connect on her cheek. It felt nice to imagine that. To imagine those soft, supple lips smacking against her cheek, leaving her with a mark of Leela’s ownership…

As the kiss ‘struck’ perfume washed over her thicker than ever, cloying and inescapable, rich and intoxicating.

Her head spun. She felt so dizzy all of a sudden, and struggled to keep focus. "Y-Yeah. Thanks, um... thanks, Leela." She cleared her throat, trying to muster some dominance to her words. "Yes, we would like directions very much, please."

"Aww." Leela giggled. "Well, you're being so very sweet and cute about it..." She reached both hands down and, as Lim's heart swelled in her chest, cupped both her breasts. She squeezed them generously, and as Lim watched them squish together, her knees wobbled. Fuck, she smelled the sweet scent of cream, and in her heart she knew exactly where it was comjng from... "I think you should just ask me one more time, kiten."

Lim whimpered. She was having trouble thinking straight now, and she realized she'd gone from chewing on her knuckles to sucking on them without even noticing. Her mouth was watering. "I... I..."

"Go ahead, kitten," Leela cooed, and she let her breasts go, let them bounce back down, bounce-bounce-bounce until they settled into a jiggling balance again. "Just ask nicely~"

No. Lim desperately tried to will herself to look away, but every breath of perfumed air seemed to dull her wits a bit more, ease her restraint, melt her concerns... Do not beg. Don't embarrass yourself like that. I can... I can just...

Leela reached forward with a hand and took Lim's. Delicately, she guided Lim...

.... to suck on a couple of her own fingers instead.

“There’s a good girl,” Leela purred. “Just suck, suck, suck, and watch my tits bounce-bounce-bounce... squish... jiggle...”

Lim whimpered, but sucked, too nervous and entranced to even consider stopping. She was too focused on resisting watching those pretty breasts, as Leela's hand returned.

She had to stop... watching them bounce. Watching them jiggle. Watching Leela squeeze them together, let them fall, bounce them up again, let them fall...

She heard a click, and realized with a reddening face that she'd backed up against the door to the larder without even recognizing it, pressing it shut, locking Larya inside. But she couldn't even afford to worry about the moaning druidess right now. She had bigger worries.

Two, to be precise. Two big ones, bouncing and jiggling and squishing and squeezing...

"Go on, kitten," Leela cooed, leaning forward, giggling at Lim's flustered, horny state. "Just ask nicely, and this can aaaall be over~"

"mm... mmmff..." Lim's mind was a molten mess as she suckled at her own fingers like some kind of slut, as she watched the breasts squeeze and bounce. Her knees were starting to buckle with the intensity of her need to shove both her hands between her legs and just... a little mewl escaped her at the thought.

And was it just her, or... was Leela somehow getting even taller?

Her knees were buckling, she realized, as she started sinking down against the door, relying on it more and more for staying upright. Everything suddenly felt so heavy, like she was trying to hold up a ceiling of molasses as it dripped over her, weighed her down, pulled her closer and closer to the floor, sinking... feeling so weak, so heavy and sluggish and helpless...

And as Leela leaned in, Lim watched those gorgeous, heavy tits start to sway above her. back and forth... no, no, she mustn't...

"That's right," Leela encouraged sweetly, swinging her hips to give her breasts a nice, steady sway. "Just let the words come out. Just focus on my tits swinging back and forth… squishing together, squeeeezing the words right past your pretty lips… and swinging back and forth again…"

"I... n-no, I, ummm.."

"Baaack and forth…"


"Baaaaack... and forth~"

Lim's head swayed slightly, but she corrected herself, mind reeling. "Nnn..."

"Baaaaack..." Leela's voice oozed, flowed like pale sugar from a spoon right into Lim's open mouth... "... and forth~"

The beautiful, soft, pillowy round breasts swung slowly to the left.

The achingly squishy, bouncy, massive udders swung... to the right...

Lim's head tilted to the side slightly as her lips parted helplessly.

"Back and forth," Leela purred. "Back and forth."

“oh,” Lim whimpered, her head lolling from left to right…

Baaaack and forth. Baaaack and forth.

“Baaack and forth.

“Baaack… and forth...

"B-Back..." Lim mumbled, her eyes wide and receiving...

"Back and forth..." Leela sang sweetly, the smug smile evident from her voice alone. "Back and forth~"

"B-Back... an' forth..."

Back and forth.

“B-Back… an’… forth…” Lim was almost drooling.

"Good girl!" Leela cooed, and Lim squeaked, feeling a sweet burst of pleasure at those words. "Now, tell me what you want~"

Lim was barely balanced against the door now, barely still upright. "Please," she whimpered, "please, um... give me... directions?"

"You want directions?" Leela's eyebrows arched. "Do you really?"

She took a step forward, and Lim wanted to protest, Lim opened her mouth to complain, but only moans came out as the busty enchantress crouched down, her breasts hanging right before Lim's wide eyes, and slid one of those delicate hands right up Lim's skirt.

Lim couldn't resist her, she realized. She couldn't help herself. She'd been too long without being tended to like this. She just needed... needed to finish this, to get out of here...

"Oh, p-please," Lim moaned, squirming as the fingers stroked along her pussy lips, teasing, lubricating with Lim's own dripping nectar before emerging to play over Lim's delicate little clit, "please, please..." Her breath caught, but with every ounce of remaining reasoned thought, she managed to squeak out, "please may I have directions?"

And Leela beamed down at her, and bent down lower, and oh, gods, the breasts were so, so close, that rich, heady, heavy creamy scent washing over her, and Lim felt like her whole body was made of molten honey, melting, oozing—

"Call me," Leela said sweetly, “Ma’am~”

Lim's eyelashes fluttered dazedly. "W-What?"

"You asked for directions." Leela's voice oozed with smug, sensual satisfaction, as her fingers drew wonderfully, terribly familiar spirals around Lim's clit, and Lim realized with a sinking feeling in her mind that this woman somehow knew fey spirals—but she couldn't be a druid, but she—she shouldn’t— "Call me Ma'am, kitten~"

Her fingers slid back inside Lim's dripping cunt and began to slowly pump in and out, her index finger continuing to draw the lazy spirals around Lim’s twitching clitty.

"Yes, Ma'am," Lim said obediently without thinking. Her face was burning up.

"Good girl!" Leela said, delighted, and Lim squeaked with helpless lust and pleasure at the praise. "Now, down, kitty."

Lim's butt slid down to the floor. She gazed up in hopeless horny trance at Leela's pretty swaying breasts as Leela descended upon her, still fingering her pretty, needy pussy.

Leela's smile was triumphant as she leaned in and planted a sweet, wet, affectionate kiss on Lim's cheek. Lim moaned as the fingers sped up. "Good girl," she purred in Lim's ear.

Lim squealed and gasped in pleasure. "N-Nnn, I, I c-can't—" Her voice dissolved into a moan as her mouth was filled with nipple, with the soft, warm flesh of Leela's breast, and the taste of milk sparkled upon her tongue.

"In a moment," Leela cooed, giggling as Lim's struggle not to suck began, unbearable, unwinnable, as her squirming slowed, "you're gonna cum, sweet kitten, and aaaall those brains that have gotten soooo melty..." She kissed Lim's forehead, and Lim whimpered, feeling those soft, pillowy, decadently luscious lips leave a distinct mark on her skin, "...why, they're just going to flow right out, kitten. You're going to cum your brains out, cum yourself aaaall dumb and obedient. Doesn't that sound nice?"

"Nnnnmmm," Lim moaned, unsure if she was objecting or echoing Leela's words. The milk tasted so yummy, so creamy, with the faintest traces of honey and cinnamon, and it took all her will not to... not to...

"You're not suckling," Leela said, her voice sweetly scolding. "Drink up, kitten. Be a good girl~"

The fingers pumped in and out. In and out. In and out.

Lim moaned happily as she began to suckle, moaning something like 'yes, ma'am' through the smothering of Leela's soft, full, heaving breast. The taste was heavenly. It was so rich, so heavy, so filling and yet so utterly addictive.

"Gooood kitten," Leela purred in smug triumph, stroking Lim's hair, scritching behind Lim's ears, and Lim squirmed and whimpered at the pleasure. Leela's fingers were still at work between her legs, and more and more, Lim's legs were parting even more to admit the attentions, to make herself more open, more vulnerable... it felt so good to be a good girl... "That's it, kitten. You just wanna obey, don't you? Doesn't obedience feel sooo good?"

"Ymmf mmmfmmm," Lim babbled as she licked and sucked eagerly, needily. She heard Leela sigh in pleasure at her attentions, and felt absurdly proud of herself at that. She rocked and wiggled at the fingers, her breaths deepening even as she suckled harder, more desperately, so helpless, so infatuated, so obedient. She knew she was supposed to fight, but she couldn't for the life of her remember why when obedience felt so good...

The single finger still on her clit expanded outwards, drawing those ancient and irresistible patterns, around and around, outward and then inward, clockwise and then counterclockwise, incessant, irresistible, tantalizing LIm's very being with those smug, confident touches along her most very sensitive spot, teasing her with just ever-so-slightly running her slick finger daintily along it before retreating outward once again...

Leela giggled. "Aww. Are you ready to be my good kitten, then?"

"Mm-hmmmm!" Lim pleaded. Unable to control herself any longer, she wrapped her arms needily around Leela's torso, her mind so fully molten, so ready to get washed away, so ready for her to cum it all away into gooey nothing...

Leela gave a smug, satisfied sigh. "Mmm... then cum for me, kitten." Her fingers returned to Lim's clit in earnest, spiraling around and around in those unbearable, delectable, exquisitely torturously wonderful patterns that drove any fey wild with desire. "Cum for me, my obedient slut." She gave her breast a squeeze, sending more milk squirting into Lim's open, gasping mouth. "Cum yurself dumb for me like a good girl~"

Lim mewled and squealed with pleasure as she came, spasming and rocking against Leela's embrace, suckling and lapping up all the milk she could as a swirling maelstrom of ecstasy rushed through her heavy, sloshing head. All thoughts were washed away, all sense was washed away. She squealed and mewled and mewed like a good slut, like a good kitten.

Good girl. Good little kitten!

She just wanted to obey. Her eyes were lost in Leela's shimmering verdant gaze, a gaze so full of dominance, so full of temptation. She just wanted more praise, more stroking, more attention, more sweet, addictive, mind-melting cream...

And her new owner was going to give it to her. Give it all to her. She purred loudly in happy, slutty satisfaction as the orgasm subsided into an easy, sleepy afterglow, continuing to cling to Leela's chest.

Leela gave a happy sigh, which Lim brainlessly echoed. Her hand returned to stroking Lim's hair affectionately as the shorter catgirl clung needily to her chest. "Such a good girl," she said silkily, giggling as Lim's grip tightened, as Lim continued to nurse obediently.

The afterglow was like the richest, warmest, coziest sunbeam Lim had ever drifted off into sleep in, and it so sweetly embraced her in its trance as her mind sloshed with honey...

After a long moment, Lim felt herself being pulled away. She bit her lip, but nodded, her head too foggy and wet with trance to even consider objecting. Obedience felt too good, after all. Still, she pouted.

"Now, now, kitten." Leela giggled at this expression, tucking Lim's chin upward with the tip of her finger. "Mustn't be greedy. We'll have plenty of time for that when you get to the garden. But for now..."

Her eyes traveled upward behind Lim, and Lim's ears flicked, detecting the sounds of growing moans from behind the door.

"... I think it's time," Leela purred, rising to her feet and helping Lim up, "to reward your pretty friend for being such good kittenbait~"

Lim blinked big, misty green eyes.

And her tail twitched with anticipation.


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