Strawberries & Cream

by GigglingGoblin

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #begging #breast_fixation #breastfeeding #catgirl #D/s #drugged #fantasy #hand_fetish #humiliation #hypnosis #lactation #mind_control #plantgirl #pov:bottom #praise #titnosis

A druidess and her catgirl sort-of girlfriend are lured into a cottage owned by a seductive sorceress who seeks to turn them into obedient little sucklesluts. Will they escape her clutches, or will Miss Leela turn them into submissive decorations for her garden of fey delights.

Lorelei's Note: This story features cisgirl POVs and contains dubcon, mild bimbofication, a character being hypnotized into begging to breastfeed, and everything else listed in the tags. Real-life con-noncon requires a lot of trust, safewords, and other things a fantasy can fudge a little. Enjoy the kink responsibly, and enjoy the story!

This story is set some time after the events of Bimbo Ballet and The Kissing Bargain, though Alrek/Larya stories are meant to be readable in any order. Check out my Patreon for a full timeline!

Larya and Lim watched as the wooden door slowly crept open, an aching groan ringing through the Greatest, Darkest Forest as if the hinges hadn’t been used in years.

Larya’s eyes shot to Lim’s—so startlingly green beneath that vivid coppery-orange hair and above those unsure, pouting red lips.

They’d been wandering through the forest for a few days now, not so much ‘lost’ as ‘misdirected’, as Snatch—who’d had the map—had decided to take an alternate route to meet them back at the Standing Stones, with Lim’s and Larya’s confident assurances that they could, indeed, most definitely find their way without him.

‘Misdirected’ was, what they’d quietly agreed, what they would tell Snatch when they reunited with the moody ex-thief. They weren’t lost. They just needed a nudge back on the right track. This pretty red-and-white cottage, so cozy, with smoke rising from its brick chimney and tall hedges surrounding perhaps a large protected grove or garden at its rear, was clearly run by someone capable and experienced in the ways of the forest. Doubtless the inhabitant was a kindly old hermit, or a friendly family, or an amiable woodcutter’s cooperative, who would be only too happy to provide them with a tasty meal, warm beds for tonight, and some fresh guidance to put them back on their way.

And in that moment, meeting Lim’s bright, guileless eyes, the two druidesses silently agreed with a single mind: The other one was going to be the first one to go inside and have a look.

“Well,” Larys said, tossing her dark hair back with a bright smile, “after you, kittycat!”

Lim sniffed. “As if, love! This is where humans live, isn’t it?” She winked. “Folks don’t always react well to fey breaking into their home. Better if I hang back until it’s safe for you to introduce me.”

“Oh, yeah, and they love it when humans do it.” Larya giggled. And gestured at the door. “Look, whatever’s in there, I’m sure you can handle it! You’re a lot more experienced at this kind of thing. You know, rushing into things.”

“Yeah?” The catgirl’s ear flicked. “Like when you went straight ahead and jumped right into that succubus’s arms?”

Larya’s face went bright red. “W-Well, maybe more like when you went straight ahead and fell into that fiendblossom!”

Lim pouted. The two glared at each other.

Normally, ‘going in first’ was Snatch’s job, since he had a strong will and a good sense for traps. Larya’s jaw set. Well, she wasn’t going to be the backup guinea pig! Lim always liked to boss her around, but not this time! This time she was going to show Lim she was… was…

Larya’s eyes drifted from Lim’s to watch the catgirl’s tail. It had started to twitch. Playfully.

She swallowed. Slowly, her eyes traveled back up to Lim’s.

Lim’s glare had turned into a mischievous little smile.

The catgirl tilted her head, her freckled cheeks dimpling with a knowing look. “Oh, yeah,” she said, demurely licking her hand, her eyes not leaving Larya, “I must’ve forgot about that blossom.”

Larya squirmed under that sly gaze. “U-Um—I just meant—”

“How could I forget?” Lim purred, taking a step closer. Larya’s breath caught as the catgirl’s pupils dilated, as a soft hand took hers and gently squeezed. “Wasn’t it soooo much fun when you caught up with us?”

Larya wanted to duck her head, but the catgirl’s other hand was grazing fingertips along her neck, now, rising to delicately hold Larya’s chin exactly where it was. “I-I, um, well—no, you—”

“When I called you over,” Lim cooed, “and you were so eeeager to follow my lead, to come and join me and those succubi, to beg us to…” She leaned in closer, her voice lowering to a sultry purr, “... have some fun with you?”

Larya’s quivering lips let out a soft little whimper.

“What was that, my love?” The catgirl’s eyes sparkled.

“N-No fair,” Larya whined, unable to look away as Lim’s other hand gently, subtly guided her own hand down, down between her legs. “I-I… you told me…”

“You like it when I tell you what to do, don’t you?” Lim’s lashes fluttered. She tickled playfully under Larya’s chin.

Larya squeaked.

~ ~ ~ ~

Larya entered the cottage, her face bright red, her hands frantically straightening her blouse and tugging her tight shorts back up her shapely thighs.

It was a pleasant little entrance area, she noted, breathing in a sweet smell she couldn’t quite place—something creamy and sweet. Right next to the door rested two pairs of shoes—a pair of rainboots and a pair of fuzzy red slippers. Absentmindedly, she nudged one shoe in the doorway to keep the door from closing behind her. The entrance area opened into a sort of kitchen-dining room hybrid lit by a crackling fireplace and a plain lantern hanging over the backdoor on the other side of the room from her.

Larya’s eyes noted all of this with a mix of unease and dread. It felt very… goblin-y. Or witch-y. Then again, it also felt very cute-cottage-in-the-woods-y. Maybe she was just getting paranoid.

She came to a stop before the dinner table and noted the simple but clearly very valuable pale blue tablecloth… and the attractive porcelain bowl in the table’s center filled to the brim with beautiful ruby-red strawberries.

Larya stared down levelly at the strawberry bowl and folded her arms. Right. As if she’d fall for that.

She sniffed derisvely and turned away.

Then she turned back, mouth watering. Oh, those smelled delicious. She… she hadn’t had strawberries in years.

Larya’s eyes settled on one particularly large, ripe, juicy-looking strawberry at the top of the pile. It was a perfect specimen—brilliant scarlet like the sky at dawn, surely bursting with sweet juices. She licked her lips, squirming from foot to foot.

Her hand drifted towards the strawberry, almost in a trance. Surely one couldn’t hurt, she reasoned to herself, licking her lips. Lim was right outside, anyways. Surely one little strawberry couldn’t addict her, or brainwash her, or make her a hopelessly horny little toy. She breathed in again, smelling that sweet, enticing scent…

… and then the berry was in her hand. She blinked down at it dumbly. Everything seemed to be moving slowly, like she was caught in honey, as she breathed in its sweetness once more. She couldn’t quite remember picking it up, but… now that she had…

… where was the harm in just a little nibble?

She nodded to herself as the berry rose to her quivering lips. Just one bite. Sure, the berries seemed like a blatant trap—yet another lure for a dumb slutty bimbo like her to stumble right into and get drugged out of her mind for the villainess to toy with—but… but…

… but oh gods was that sour what the FUCK.

Larya’s eyes widened as she realized her lips were wrapped around the base of the strawberry, almost lewdly, and she had bitten right into it. It was indescribably juicy, firm and yet soft and yielding, with perfect texture, perfectly ripe.

It was also the tartest thing she’d ever tasted. It was sourer than a pie cherry, sourer than an emerald-green strawberry, even! She almost spat it out outright, but not wanting to make a mess, she just frantically chewed and swallowed, half-praying that the aftertaste would be an improvement.

It wasn’t. The berry wasn’t even disgusting, it was just… an unbearably intense tartness. Larya whimpered in betrayed disappointment. What was wrong with these berries?

But as she was reeling, lips puckered up in confused regret, something sweet did come to her.

A soft, melodic voice.

Good girl~”

Coming back to her senses in an instant, Larya spun around. Her head spun, too—just a little, still recovering from lingering trance. Unbeknownst to her, a strange woman had entered the room with her from a side door.

And Laraya’s breath caught as she beheld her host.

The woman was human—Larya was pretty sure, anyways—with peach-pale skin and sunset-red lips. Her crimson hair flowed around her shoulders like molten magma, and her pretty green sundress matched her vivid green eyes.

The sundress was… Larya swallowed. It was low-cut enough that Larya could tell this woman was not wearing a bra or corset of any kind, and those… those achingly massive breasts, those… those udders… so flawless, almost positively glowing in the dim firelgiht light, bending the light around them so it swirled and spiraled enticingly...

Larya closed her mouth and forced her eyes back to the woman’s. The woman had a pretty heart-shaped face, with cute dimples and amused, knowing eyes. Larya self-consciously licked her lips.

“Well, hi, there,” the woman said smoothly, putting a long, dainty finger to those perfect red lips. “And what have we here? An intruder?”

Larya gulped. Had… had she been the one to close the front door? Had Lim? “Um… n-no,” she managed, her voice startlingly weak. “Um, actually, I… just…” She licked her lips again. Gods, that tartness still lingered.

“Just what?” the woman asked sweetly, taking a step closer and pouting seductively. “Speak up, sweetie.”

The breasts bounced enticingly with that step. Jiggled. Swayed. Gods, she was… so beautiful...

“Just here for directions,” Larya squeaked, cheeks heating up as she forced her eyes again back to the woman’s. “Um, we’re… l-lost…”

“‘We’?” the woman asked innocently. She took another step closer.

“M-Me and…” Larya stared at those bouncing breasts, and licked her lips again. “Um…”

“Go on, sweetie.” The woman’s voice was as sugary and oozing as pouring honey. Honey pouring right into Larya’s mind. Right past her parted, pleading, drooling lips. Gods, sweetness sounded so good right now. The berry was so tart. “Just tell me.”

A hand reached up and casually bounced a breast. Squeezed it. Squished it. It was like Larya’s mind was being squeezed in that hand. Bounced between those perfect breasts. Bounced and squeezed and squished...

Larya whimpered. “A… a c-catgirl,” she mewled, squirming helplessly as she betrayed her lover. “R-Right outside.”

The woman giggled. “Good girl~”

Larya whined.


Larya stared uncertainly down at the two strawberries in her hand. How had those gotten there?

When… when had she…

“Wouldn’t you like another?” the strange woman cooed, toying with a lock of her scarlet hair with one slender finger. Her voice fluttered around Larya like a swarm of dazzling butterflies.

Larya bit her lip. “But they’re… so sour…” she whispered.

“Another, sweetie~”

Larya whimpered as she found herself slipping a second strawberry past her lips. Immediately, she cried out wordlessly. Oh, gods, again, that intense tartness. The berry was delicious, but the flavors were… it was like biting into a lemon. No, a lime! She stared in wide-eyed confusion at the strange woman.

But there was no explanation forthcoming from those plump lips as they curved upwards in a smirk. “Good girl!” Larya trembled at the praise. “So, what’s your name, sweetie?”

“L-Larya,” she stammered, licking her lips of the juices. Her mind was reeling, and yet… she stared with parted lips at the last strawberry in her hand. Gods, a third one sounded somehow irresistible right now. This one would be sweeter, right? “I… these are, um…”

“Sour?” the woman supplied with a little laugh.

Larya nodded dumbly, looking up at the woman with big, almost imploring eyes as she popped the third into her mouth. She moaned, torn between anguish at the intensity confusion at her own actions. Why had she just done that? How were these so… so addictive?

Good girl! They are awfully sour, aren’t they?” The woman beamed, bouncing slightly with excitement. “But so hard to say no too. Aw, already hungry for more, sweetie? The rest of them must be sweeter, right?”

Larya stared down, her head spinning through swirling clouds of dusky-pink mist. How did… how did she already… have four more clutched in her hand?

“W-What…” She shook herself out of the blurry haze. Her mind felt like it was an ice cube surrounded by warm flowing currents of praise. Melting more and more by the second. “No, I’m…”

She forced herself to drop the strawberries back in the bowl, breathing heavily, and glared up at the woman. “W-What are you…”

“Another, sweetie?” the woman asked innocently, reaching down and bringing a strawberry up to Larya’s lips. “I’m sure this one will be as sweet as honey!”

Her eyes glimmered. Spiraled with pretty shades of green.

Larya’s eyes slowly sank downward, watching the woman’s other hand slowly squeezing her own breast, so barely contained in that pretty low-cut sundress. “Who… who are you?” The druidess’s voice came out soft, weak, almost pleading.

“A pretty thing like you can call me Miss Leela. Aw, such a good girl!” The red-haired temptress smirked as Larya obediently opened her mouth and allowed herself to be handfed. Larya whimpered and mewled and squirmed. “Aw, you want even more?” Larya whined wordlessly, overwhelmed by the praise, the tartness, how close Leela suddenly was to her—oh, gods, here came two more strawberries, and she was already obediently parting her lips— “Good girl! Such a good, sweet girl for me!”

Mmmm!” Larya protested. Her whole world felt like it was getting so soft and malleable as she watched Leela bounce and squeeze and massage her own tits, as her mouth watered, desperate for some sweetness, any sweetness…

She needed to call for Lim, she realized through the misty, praise-drunk fog. But her mouth was full of strawberries. She couldn’t… but she needed to…

“Aw, sweetie!” Leela cooed, reaching forward with a mocking smile to wipe a bit of strawberry juice from Larya’s lower lip. Larya trembled at the touch. “What’s wrong? Aren’t you enjoying this?”

Overwhelmed with the tartness, the touch, the warm, forbidden delights of submission, Larya was too dizzy and confused to think of anything to do but shake her head rapidly. “Sour!” she whimpered, swallowing the last of the berries.

“Aww, really?” Leela smirked. “Then why did you eat so many, silly girl?”

“You…” Larya felt her cheeks heating up. “Y-You told me," she whined pathetically.

“Aww, so cute!” Leela giggled. “Do you like doing what pretty girls tell you, sweetie?”

Larya looked down at the half-empty bowl, overwhelmed, flustered, helplessly indignant. And more than a little turned on.

She looked back up at Leela and bit her lip, pouting slightly. She had no idea what to say. Her mind was sinking into a haze of pure need, and all she could think about was finding something sweet. It was all she could do to keep from grabbing more of those juicy, red, ripe-looking strawberries and devouring them all. Surely the rest would be sweet, right?

Her eyes drifted from the bowl, then back to Leela.

Then to Leela’s chest.

Leela’s breasts had such… such a nice bounce to them, Larya thought, her mind oozing as slow as molasses. Such a nice… squish.

She heard Leela giggle, and she felt her face burning with embarrassment. But somehow, the embarrassment couldn’t quite penetrate her dreamy, dazed mind. Her silly, dizzy mind was nestled snug and cozy between those soft, indulgent tits. Those big, bouncy boobies.

Her mouth watered.

“Oh, my.” Leela tilted her head slightly with a wry smile. “Don’t tell me now you’re getting lost in my breasts like a little slutty bimbo. Such a needy thing you are!”

Larya whimpered and forced her eyes to meet Leela’s, shaking her head in desperation. Leela’s eyes swirled invitingly. “N-Nnuh! I’m… not…” Her eyes drifted to Leela’s finger, delicately tracing down Leela’s cheek. “... nnnot…” The finger traced down Leela’s neck, down, down…

“... lost…” she mumbled, staring needily at Leela’s breasts as they slowly, sensuously bounced, as the dress seemed to fall away completely.

Her eyes, and her entire world, seemed to cascade to center on one single perfect pert nipple. She licked her lips.

Leela’s breasts were so pretty. So bouncy. Bouncy-bouncy-bouncy. Larya’s head bobbed brainlessly as she helplessly followed their motions. It felt so good to stare. Like her mind was just… just tucked in between Leela’s warm, soft cleavage, just along for the ride…

Bounce-bounce-squish. Bounce-bounce-squish.

“You’re not lost?” Leela asked, her tone guileless and sweet, innocent, even.

Noooo,” Larya slurred. She swayed from side to side with the tits, felt her mind squish gently. She giggled. “I’m, um… just… m-mmmissss… di… rected....”

“Miss-directed?” Leela’s voice was dripping with amusement.

Larya giggled again. She wasn’t sure what was so funny, but… but… Bouncy-squishy. Bouncy-squishy. “Uh-huh! Y-Yeah!”

Leela giggled, too. That made Larya giggle back. Gosh, she loved giggling! She still didn’t know what was so funny, but the boobies jiggled so prettily when Leela laughed, and it was so nice to stare. So easy to stare and giggle. Larya’s mind felt so relaxed. So peaceful. Docile. Compliant.

“Well, then…” Leela reached down and placed a fingertip beneath Larya’s chin. Larya gasped, and squirmed slightly. A rush of embarrassment melted into excitement as she rubbed her legs together needily, looked up into Leela’s gorgeous eyes. Leela smirked at Larya’s shy, flushed state, and Larya felt her arousal deepen at the feeling of being so exposed before her. “... perhaps you’d better do as your Miss directs you, sweetie,” she teased.

Larya’s mind still felt drippy, squishing and sloshing like honey in a tipped Thriae pitcher. She missed staring at the pretty squishy-bouncy titties. Her lips fumbled for words, still pouting from the tartness suffusing her taste buds. She giggled nervously. “Umm… well, um, a-actually…”

“You like my breasts, don’t you, sweetie?” Leela cooed.

Larya stared into those shimmering, spiraling green eyes, and whimpered. Mewled softly. She longed to look back down, but she couldn’t… wasn’t allowed to…

And she felt something then. A hand. Miss Leela’s other hand, with those slender, delicate fingers. Miss Leela’s hand sliding down under Larya’s tight booty shorts, descending with silken grace right between Larya’s pressed-together legs.

Larya’s eyes widened. Her world oozed with need. Unable to control herself, she moaned aloud, grinding softly against the hand.

Leela giggled. Her spiraling eyes poured sweetness into Larya’s open, needy mind like honey past gasping, pleading lips. “Aw, does this feel good, sweetie?” she purred.

“I—” Larya whimpered and whined, struggling not to nod, struggling to keep some semblance of sense about her, struggling to stop grinding like a hopeless little slut...

“What was that?” Leela teased. The fingers dug in gently but possessively into Larya’s inner thigh. Larya gasped and moaned softly, squirming openly beneath Leela’s knowing gaze. “Speak up, slut~”

Larya moaned louder, her pussy positively dripping at the command, and let out a horny, helpless, nervous little giggle. “I… oh, I… umm...” Her mind was falling to its knees beneath that gaze as she desperately, helplessly melted beneath it, searched for a path back to the soft, bouncing breasts…

“You need something sweet, don’t you?” It wasn’t really a question. Larya felt her head being forcibly nodded, and as the fingers started to stroke delicately along her pussy lips, she cried out in uncontrolled delight—at being so utterly controlled as much as the touches. “Something to drown out the sourness.”

“Yuh—yes!” Larya kept nodding submissively, whimpering, grinding a little bit more brazenly. She just couldn’t help herself anymore. “Yes-yes-yes, oh, please...”

“Yes?” Leela bounced with a girlish giggle. “Was that a yes? Does my good slut want something sweet? Something sweet and sugary and syrupy to fill her pretty little head with yummy heavy honey?”

Oh...” Larya was humping Leela’s hand like she was a kobold in breeding season, moaning, panting. “Oh, yes, Missss…

Leela smiled triumphantly.


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