Strawberries & Cream

Chapter 4

by GigglingGoblin

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #begging #breast_fixation #breastfeeding #catgirl #D/s #drugged #fantasy #hand_fetish #humiliation #hypnosis #lactation #mind_control #plantgirl #pov:bottom #praise #titnosis

The dreams Lim wandered through were thick and heavy, viscous, hard to maneuver within without getting stuck. She knew she had to keep moving, even as obstacles appeared in the way to delay her, to hold her down—beautiful sorceresses, bewitching fairies, even Larya, gorgeous and perfect, eyes shimmering bright green as she reached for Lim's hand.

Lim twisted and swam against the current of oozing honey, forcing herself forwards through pure will. The catgirl knew there was something up ahead—a dropoff, a great honeyfall, a release from the sweetness—but her pursuers gained on her, grasped at her, cooed sweet luring promises to her. She had to keep going.

And the scent of the honey was all-but overpowering. Lim floundered desperately, suddenly unable to remember how she'd been swimming in the honey all this time. She felt the cooing whispers in her ears, and moaned, only earning herself a gulp of the sweet, gooey honey.

The catgirl kicked and squirmed. But she was stuck.

She was stuck, and all she could do was writhe and squirm, like a great beast caught in tar.

~ ~ ~ ~




Lim's eyes fluttered open.

She was lying upon her side in a bed of soft, lush green moss, half-curled up. She was only wearing a t-shirt she didn’t recognize, but she wasn't too cold—it was a sunny morning, and she was right in a sunbeam.

That's a mite bit dangerous for me, she thought wryly, yawning and stretching and enjoying how the light shone on her closed eyes, lulling her into a welcome sleepy submission with its warmth. She wasn't entirely sure she wanted to go back to sleep just yet, mind. Blimey, that had been an awful dream.

As she was yawning, trying to remember where she was, Lim noticed there was something wet on her right cheek, slowly dribbling towards her mouth. She giggled and reached up to wipe away what she figured was some drool.

Instead, her hand stuck to her cheek.

She blinked.


The catgirl's eyes widened, and she twisted away, looking up to see she'd been sleeping under a gnarled, twisted willow tree—a very old tree that had grown quite hollow, and was now home to a hive of happily-buzzing honeybees inside one of the branches hanging over her.

A hive that was currently dripping a steady trickle of sweet, gooey, sticky honey.

Lim flushed as red as her least favorite kind of apple and sat up. The memories were trickling back to her now—Larya, Leela, the strawberries...

As she ran over what she could recall, Lim was starting to groom herself, about to lick the honey from her hand, when she heard a buzzing from above.

A much louder buzz than one the little honeybees could cause.

She looked up again, and instantly, casually, spat out the honey she'd lapped up.

Up in the branches, previously unnoticed by her—probably on purpose—hovered three beautiful beegirls.

Lim had never seen a honeybeegirl before in this current 'spin around the well' of hers. She had vague memories of, maybe, a previous life meeting one, or maybe even of being one, but it was too blurry to recall much. Honeybeegirls weren't very common to find free these days.

And she realized, blinking up at them, this wasn't an exception. Shimmering sparkles glittered in the begirls' eyes that she was fair certain weren't meant to be there.

She was sure she'd never met a beegirl before. She would have remembered creatures this achingly gorgeous.

They were short, but exceptionally buxom, with slightly curly strawberry-blonde hair and angelic round faces with cute, flattering freckles and full, kissable pink lips that sparkled glossily. They wore flowing, comfortable-looking sundresses with pockets—one white, one pink, one blue. Those dresses were more than a little see-through, Lim noticed, biting her lip, and put their prodigious curves on full display, three sultry invitations to wantonly stare. Other than those delicate dresses, the only things they wore were their headpieces—White and Pink wore flowery fascinators, while Blue wore a cute bonnet.

Their eyes were a solid blue, with only faint paleness speckls indicating something like pupils. They giggled down at her, and she ducked her head, realizing she was staring a little long into those beautiful sparkling blue eyes.

When she looked back up, Pink was right in front of her, buzzing in the air, beaming brighter than a sunbeam. "Hiii," the beegirl cooed.

"Hi, love." Lim blushed and turned away, only to find herself staring into the eyes of another. The other two beegirls had dropped down as well, moving to surround her instantly. Huh, they were... awfully quick little things, weren't they?

She'd never heard of beegirls being that dangerous, though—quite unlike their meaner cousins, the Thriae. She wasn't too worried, just a bit flustered, as she rose to her feet. "W-Where am I?" she asked, even though she already knew the answer.

"Silly kitty," buzzed Blue, "you're in Mistress Leela's garden!"

Lim studied her surroundings. She couldn't see any signs of the wall encircling the enclosure--in all directions, all she could see was beautiful, verdant life. It made her druidic senses hum, and she carefully tamped them down to keep from getting overwhelmed. There were a lot of exotic plants here, several of which were definitely not native to the Greatest, Darkest Forest. Sunnydew melon vines, nurselilies, kitten cherries, ghost roses, sweetdrinkers, buttercunt blossoms... "Right." She sighed. "Guess I've got to go save Larya. Again."

She quietly quashed the small voice in her head that reminded her it hadn't gone so very well last time.

"Aww." Pink buzzed a little closer, tilting her head to the side so her antennae bobbed and flicked. "You seem, like, a tiny bit bitter!"

Lim snorted. She edged her way out of the beegirl circle, trying to get her bearings. She reckoned the wall was just hidden—witched (or sorceressed, technically) to look like endless garden. Hopefully that was the only magic on it, in which case all she'd have to do was go in a straight line and she'd find the wall sooner or later. "Yeah, love, a mite bit. She just... takes a lot of looking after. And attention."

"Definitely a little bitter," agreed White sadly. She buzzed after Lim, flying back into Lim's line of sight. "That's no fun to be, kitty!"

Lim rolled her eyes. "Yeah, okay. It's fine. I'll get over it." Normally, she would have felt at least a little guilty at the sad look in the beegirl's eyes, but right now she was in a mood. Her dream was still clinging to the back of her mind.

"Oh, but that's no way to talk about your lover!" sighed Blue, also buzzing back into Lim's space—they were crowding around her a little, actually, Lim realized, as she noticed Pink drifting in from behind with a big smile. "You mustn't be bitter towards her!"

"Why not be sweet instead?" Pink giggled. She reached forward before Lim could react and ran a fingertip over Lim's cheek. Lim shivered at the touch, before realizing Pink was just gathering some of the honey droplets that had dripped onto Lim. Pink licked the finger, a little too suggestively, and giggled. "Sweet is soooo much better! Funner!"

Lim shifted in place. She tried to step out of the ring, but this time Blue buzzed in her path—and zoomed up rather close. "Soooo much yummier," Blue cooed.

"So. Much. Sweeter~" Pink pressed in close. Lim flushed, smelling the sweet scents of honey and beegirl pheromones—not as strong as a queen's, but still dizzying.

"I-I—" Lim squirmed, stumbling back, but Blue and White were pressing in, too, buzzing happily. "Not really a sweets person, loves."

"Ooh, you aren't?" Pink asked, blinking big eyes. Then she giggled. "That's okay." Her voice was a vibrant purr as she pressed against Lim. Her form buzzed. "We'lll make you one~"

"I-I—" Lim felt her cheeks reddening, her tail twitching. She tore her eyes from those shimmering azure planets and turned away, only to find herself with an eyeful of beegirl bosom from White. White's breasts were lightly 'painted' in pollen, golden and fragrant, no doubt the source of her mind-fuzzing perfume. "N-No, I'm—"

"Oh, she's SOOOO cute," Pink enthused. "Can we keep her?"

"She'd be such an adorable little honeykitten," White agreed, smiling sweetly at Lim and squeezing her tits together before letting them bounce.

"No, I-I wou—" Lim jumped and spun around, glaring, as she felt Blue's soft hand stroking her tail. Her whole body was heating up, and not just from the pleasant touch.

"So squirmy," Blue said sweetly, her whole form vibrating as her wings buzzed. "Should we give her an itsy-bitsy sting to help her relax?" She batted her eyelashes at Lim.

"W-What?" Lim's heart raced. She stared into Blue's shimmering, sparkling blue eyes, even as she felt someone else's hand stroking her tail again, and she tried to suppress her tail's happy twitching. Were they just… joking?

Blue smiled at her, as if she'd only just remembered Lim could talk. "Aww, don't worry, kitten," she cooed. "It wouldn't hurt a bit."

They weren’t. Lim squirmed.

"In fact, it'd feel sooooo good," breathed Pink, scritching behind Lim's ears.

"S-Stop," Lim whimpered. She could feel the heat building with every breath she took in, could feel herself getting dizzy as she spun to face Pink, then White, waving her arms to try to dispel their playful touches. It was hopeless—whenever she’d smack away one hand on her tail, another would creep up to rub her ears. It was like trying to shoo away swarming bees.

She could barely even hear her own thoughts with the rising buzzing.

"I don't think we need to, though," White chirped. She beamed down at Lim and bounced in midair. Lim helplessly followed the motions of those big, bouncy, jiggly tits... "You're already sooo easy~"

"A-Am not," Lim squeaked, blushing indignantly.

"Soooo easy," Pink agreed with a bubbly giggle, and Lim felt the beegirl pressing up against her, boobs squishing around Lim’s arm, to coo in her ear, "are you ready for us to turn you into suuuuch a sweet little slutty honeykitten~?"

As the fingers scritched, and stroked her tail, Lim couldn't hold it in anymore.

Her whole body thrummed with helpless, happy purring.
Part 7
And her cheeks went hot as a sunrise as this sent the beegirls cooing in delight.

"Oh my gosh!" exclaimed PInk. "We have to keep her."

"N-No!" Lim cried. She struggled desperately to suppress the purring, but it was hopeless. The pheromones were practically sending her body into heat. "No, I just—"

"She's sooo excited to be sweetened up," Blue said, her voice ringing with windchime glee, as the beegirls pressed in on all sides. She took Lim's hand and, with a smirk, slowly guided it between Lim’s legs.

Lim glared. "I am not!" she burst out. She was being talked over—talked down to—and as unbelievably hot as that was, she wasn't having it today. It didn't matter if she was hornier than a lust sprite right now, they weren't going to—

"Oh, good kitty!" the three beegirls cooed in unison, and burst into gleeful giggles.

Lim blinked.

Then she felt sweet, gooey pleasure bubbling up into her body, and looked down to realize that, without the motions even running through her conscious mind, she'd started to stroke.

"Th-This doesn't mean anything," she stammered angrily, ears flicking in a desperate attempt to muffle the sounds of buzzing—but it wasn't just hearing now. The beegirls were pressed close enough that the hum filled her mind. "I-I'm just—just—"

"Just touching," purred Blue, right in her ear, and the sweetness of the voice so close made Lim moan without thinking.

"Y-Yeah," Lim muttered, whole body burning up as her fingers toyed with her own sex. "Just—just easing some tension before moving on, is all." She was in control here. This was fine. She was… she doing this because she wanted to.

"Oh, of course," Blue said smugly, leaning in to kiss Lim on the cheek. Lim felt the beegirl’s glossy lipstick leave a tangible sticky mark.

"You know what you're doing," Pink moaned in her ear, the erotic sounds making Lim pant and stroke faster.

"You're in control," White sang, kissing Lim's other cheek.

"I-I—" Lim bit her lip, choking back a cry of pleasure.

“You’re in control,” Pink echoed, delicately nipping at Lim’s ear.

Blue smiled sweetly down at her. "Say it."

"H-hhuh?" Lim blinked into those shimmering blue eyes, licking her lips, tasting the honey on her cheek. She was fine.

"Say you're in control, silly!” Blue rolled her eyes.

Lim gasped as Pink kissed along her jawline, covering herin more kiss marks. "Wh—I don't h-hhhave to—"

Pink and White leaned in to whisper in unison in each ear.

"Say it, pretty kitty~"

"Say it, pretty kitty~"

"Say it, pretty kitty~"


"I--" Lim swallowed back another moan and stroked around her clit faster. She didn't know why her hand kept doing that, considering she was in full control right now. It seemed kind of like a… like a bad idea. Didn’t it?

"Why not say it if it's not true?" Blue asked innocently.

"I-It is!"

"Then say it."

"I-I'm—" Lim gasped as Blue pressed in closer, as White stroked the base of her tail, "I'm in control."


"I'm in control!" Lim was panting, breathing in deep droughts of the beegirls' scent.


"I-I'm in control."


Kisses all over Lim's face, her neck, her bare shoulders as they stripped her shirt from her and tossed it aside. Soft, luscious lips covering her in sticky lipstick marks. Lim was nearly drooling with pleasure as she rubbed her clit, as her fingers pumped in and out of her slick cunt...

"AGAIN~" The beegirls were giggling now, nakedly admiring their prize as they buzz-buzz-buzzed against Lim from all sides...

"i-i'm... in... control..." The words were starting to sound strange to Lim. The more she said them, the more they… the more they sounded...

"AGAIN~" the beegirls cooed in tandem, positively moaning the word in Lim's sensitive ears, the word pouring in like spooling syrup...

"i-i'm. in control." Lim's words were barely a squeak as her fingers were encouraged by the rhythm of the buzzing to speed up. The more she said it, she realized, the more it started to sound like... like a desperate assurance, unconvincing, and she needed to stop saying it, but...

"You're in control," Blue purred, lips smacking over Lim's neck from behind as she pawed at Lim's breasts.

"i'm in control."

"You're in control," Pink cooed, eyes shimmering and flashing as she kissed Lim's cheek and rubbed against Lim's front, covering her in pollen and pheromones.

"i'm in control." Lim stroked her clit and panted. “i’m in control.” Her whole world was a sweet glossy amber glaze. It felt so good. “i’m in control…”

The beegirls exchanged smirks. Suddenly, all three leaned in and whispered as one.

"We're in control."

"um." Lim blinked. She hesitated.

"We're in control." Buzz.

"i, um... no..."

"We're in control." Buzz.

"you're... you're in..."

"We're in control."


"you're in control," Lim whimpered. She was so close, so so so close...


"you're in control!"

The beegirls exchanged grins of glee. Blue leaned in, and she was wearing the sweetest, most insufferably addictively condescending smirk as she cooed, "Are you sure, sweetie?"

"yes!" Lim mewled. "yes, yes, yes! you're in control! you're in c-control! YOU’RE IN CONT—"

"Cum for us, sweet honeykitten~"

Lim mewled and squealed in pleasure as she came, the orgasm hitting her like a tidal wave and bearing her straight to her knees, then, as she thrashed and moaned, onto her back. Her fingers moved with a mind of their own, stroking, pumping, drawing out gasp after gasp of sweet, intoxicating perfumed air, and she found herself beaming up stupidly at her captresses as they giggled and descended onto their prize. "you c-control me!" she squealed. "you con—cont—cunttrool meeEEE!"

And the beautiful, perfect beegirls were only too happy to help Lim drown her mind in pleasure. They showered her in those mind-numbing kisses, rubbed their bodies against her. She saw Blue gathering honey from the dripping hive, and she obediently opened her mouth and let the sweet treat dribble onto her tongue from Blue's finger—then docilely licked and sucked Blue's finger clean when it slipped past her panting, drooling lips, as sweet as obedient as their good little kitten could be.

At last, the orgasms subsided. Lim was left a whimpering, pollen-covered mess in the grass, panting for breath, staring up at the beegirls with wide, helpless eyes. Oh, fuck. This... this wasn't, um… she needed to… she really shouldn’t…

She felt the honey flowing through her mind, sticky and gooey, irresistible, and whimpered.

The beegirls exchanged patronizing smirks, then settled down in the grass, leaning in very close to whisper in her ears:




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