Spiraled Into Control

Chapter 3

by GigglingGoblin

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #anal #bimbo #bimbofication #bondage #breast_fixation #cocksucking #corruption #D/s #fantasy #humiliation #hypnosis #lamia #lesbian #mind_control #oral_sex #spiral #spiral_eyes

Nicole's Note: Real-life con-noncon requires a lot of trust, safewords, and other things a fantasy can fudge a little. Enjoy the kink responsibly, and enjoy the story!



Vivi squirmed as the tail slid between her legs with torturous, sensuous slowness and ease, slipping ever-so-smoothly between her asscheeks, rubbing mercilessly alongside the thin candy-pink thong that was now her only protection against Celeste's advances.

“You looove these,” the coil fiend hissed, smiling as Vivi continued to stare dazedly at her bouncing, bouncing boobies. Boobs, she corrected to herself, then flushed. Tits, I mean. I mean, breasts. Paps. Mammaries. “Don't you, sssweetie?”

Vivi barely held in a whimper, squirming. “J-Just…” But her words gave way like a platform of jello beneath her feet. Her mind was in a daze, and every time those soft, pearlescent coral breasts jiggled, it felt like her thoughts were being jiggled about. Every time those plump pillowy paps bounced, it felt like her own brains were bouncing, bouncing, up and down, up and down...

… and every time Celeste squeeeezed those full, heaving, beautiful udders together...

“… doesn't it feel,” Celeste’s sweet voice purred on, “like I'm sssqueeezing the very thoughtsss out of your pretty little bimbo brainsss?” She giggled, demonstrating, and Vivi’s whole mind seemed to… soften, slightly, as she watched... “Sssquishing all…” The coils tightened around Vivi’s struggling body. “… the thoughtsss…” Her coils undulated and pulsed steadily, massaging Vivi's muscles into slow, steady, easy submission, practically squeezing the strength right out of her. “… to nice, gooey... ssssleeeeep~”

sssleeeep,” Vivi moaned unthinkingly, before catching herself and sucking on her upper lip. Her upper plump, luscious, sensitive bimbo lip.

The sensation gave her a vague memory, and she struggled to muster that memory into a cogent thought. There was… she needed to do something, didn’t she? Something to… brainwash Celeste… turn her into… cute bimbo toy...

“N-No,” she mumbled, wiggling within the coils' cozy confines. “No, I... kiss…”

Kissss?” Celeste teased, as her coils rippled and squeezed around Vivi's curvy ass, causing Vivi to gasp. Those coils were just… they were so soft, so tight, so perfect at massaging Vivi's tense body into soft, submissive slumber. “Aww, does the cute little ssslutty bimbo ssstill want a kissss?”

The breasts bounced together in an addictive rhythm. Vivi stared, enthralled, lost in the sight. So soft. So pert. So… so bouncy. So nice to watch them squish and jiggle and bounce, bounce, bounce...

“K-Kiss,” Vivi squeaked, nodding uncertainly. She needed a kiss, she remembered! A kiss from Celeste! She… she wasn’t quite sure why, she realized, but still... she just knew she had to get Celeste to kiss her. Then Celeste would be, like, all hers. Somehow. And Celeste had such lovely pouty lips, after all... “I-I want... wanna kiss…”

Celeste laughed. “Of course you do!” She smiled and leaned in indulgently, reaching down to delicately stroke Vivi's lips with a fingertip. “With sssoft, sssensitive cocksssucking ssslutty lipsss like those…” The fingertip glided beneath Vivi’s lower lip, arched over her cupid’s bow. Vivi moaned helplessly at the sensation. Her lips were almost as sensitive as her dripping pussy—or her tight asshole, still being teased by the coil between her legs... “... my goodnessss, I’ll bet you’re positively drooling for a kissss from your Misssstresss~”

Vivi tried to muster an objection—then gasped as the coils suddenly drew tighter, slithering sensuously around her near-naked form. “Y-Ye—um, n-no, I mean—I mean, um—ohh—ohhhh—”

Her confused attempts at objections melted into mewls of dizzied pleasure as, with no further warning, the coils tensed—and then flipped her upside-down in the air.

Vivi's whole swirling, dizzy, hypnotized world swam deeply, and she let out a squeal of indignation as she felt her short skirt flutter up her torso. Then the coils casually tore it away, leaving everything beneath utterly on display—covered only by the slutty little pink thong she'd been wearing. Her squeal broke into a panicked squeak.

“Awwww!~” Celeste cooed in delight as her prize was revealed to the world. “Look how wet you are! Sssuch a sssweet little molten ssslut!”

“N-No, I…” Vivi whimpered with pleasure as the tail stroked between her legs one last time before at last releasing her, leaving her thong exposed to the cool open air. “I… I’m, um...”

She weakly tried to close her legs—telling herself it was for modest, but knowing deep down it was because she longed to rub her thighs together, to give her aching pussy some small relief—but the coils continued to hold her legs spread wide. Spread wide for Celeste's pleasure.

She quivered at the thought, her face burning as her pussy tingled eagerly. As the breasts bounced beautifully before her, an even more intoxicating, humiliating image bubbled through her mind: the image of herself. Vivi of the Candied Lips, mighty sorceress and scourge of the Lacratian Continent. Practically naked, dangled upside-down from the coils that held her fast. Her crimson hair a mess, her fulsome ruby-red lips parted for mewls, moans, and vapid, incoherent bimbo babble. Her legs spread as wide as they would go and her eyes trained hopelessly on a pair of bouncing boobies.

Her breath quickened. She probably looked like… like…

… like a perfect, adorable, helpless, eager, gasping, wriggling, hypnotized...


The word echoed delectably through her mind like it had always been there, always been calling to her from the depths of her desires. Suddenly, she couldn’t think of anything else. It felt so good to have that word echoing in her head. It felt so good to make the rest of her head nice and empty so the word could echo louder. It felt so good to feel so slutty and helpless. Felt so good to be an eager, mewling, drooling little slut as she dangled upside-down and literally hung on Celeste's every seductively sibilant syllable.

“My, my,” Celeste said sweetly, bouncing her breasts in time with her words as she leaned in, letting her intoxicating perfume wash over Vivi and pour into her lungs, “Look at this!”

Vivi whined—thinking at first that Celeste was referring to her, feeling so deliciously degraded, objectified, like such a sweet sexy little bimbo...

But she gasped as she felt the delicate tip of Celeste's tail slide under the thong.

Briefly, her whole world melted in ecstasy. The tail grazing her bare skin down there, slithering so close to her dripping-wet pussy, to her tight, sensitive asshole...

Instead, she felt the tail tip daintily pull the thong away from her, sliding it up to her ankles and slipping it elegantly from her bare feet. Her fashionably-painted pink toes wiggled impotently.

Sssuch a pretty thing!” Celeste gushed, as she brought the thong up to examine it. She laughed down at Vivi, holding it out for her captive bimbo to see. “Quite the little ssslutty messs you've made of it, though. I think I'd better take care of it for you.” She giggled. “It will make sssuch a darling addition to my collection, too—sssooo cute next to Lim’sss!”

“Whuh…” Vivi blinked blearily, confused, dazed, struggling to understand what had just happened. “Wh—wait, n-no…”

Besidesss,” Celeste added sweetly, ignoring the fuzzy protests, “sssweet, drippy bimbo ssslutsss like you don't need pretty thongsss like this one~”

“N-Nuh…” Vivi shook her head weakly, trying and failing to tear her gaze from the gently swaying breasts. She licked her lips, hopelessly relishing how good that felt, how sensitive her lips were even to her own tongue… No, come on, gotta focus! “No, um I... I n-neeeed…”

“Hm? Need? Need what?” Celeste smirked as she tucked the thong out of sight. “Awww, does my little drooling bimbo ssslut need sssomething?” She reached up and gave her breasts a slow, indulgent squeeze together.

“P-Please,” Vivi panted, feeling her dumb bimbo brains once again squishing between Celeste's beautiful, hypnotic boobies, her words nearly dissolving away from her entirely again, “puh—puhleeease, I n-need—nnnneed—”

She broke off in a moan of pleasure as she felt Celeste's tail sliding back towards her inner thighs. She struggled desperately to put her legs together before it could reach her, but she was effortlessly restrained by Celeste's coils. All she accomplished was a lot of wiggling, really, as the tail began to stroke over her now-naked pussy lips.

“Let me guessss,” Celeste said with an innocent smile, putting one finger to her plump lips. “You need me... to give sssomething to you.”

“Y-Yuh—yes—” Vivi's head bobbed as her lower lip trembled. She licked her lips again. Mm, so sensitive… She couldn't think straight, couldn't manage a single thought that didn’t swirl senselessly in her head, melting and dripping, around that tail sliding between her legs, around Celeste's soft, bouncy breasts... “Y-yes, I... I…” Need my thong, need it, can’t be naked around her for one more second, oh, gosh…

“You need me,” Celeste purred, as the tail continued to slide, as Vivi's eyes widened in hopeless delight as it began to slither back between her asscheeks, “to give you sssomething you feel naked without.”

“Yes,” Vivi mewled, all-but-senseless with desire, wriggling and thrashing as the tail continued to stroke, pulsing with sinful crimson energy against her pussy, slithering between her asscheeks and looping around to bind her thighs, “yes yes yes-yes-yesyesyesssss—”

“You neeeeeed this,” Celeste said smugly, squeezing her breasts languorously together and letting them bounce free.

“Oh, pleeease,” Vivi cried, thrusting eagerly, desperate for relief, desperate to get her pussy covered again before she was rendered utterly insensible, “p-please, please give me my—”

“You need me to give you sssomething,” Celeste hissed, “to fill all your ssslutty, ssslutty bimbo holesss, don’t you?”

Yes!” Vivi squealed, bobbing her head. “Yes, yes, I—I need—”

She stopped short. And blinked.

Her eyes widened. “Wh—Ye—I-I mean, no, no, nononoNOO—”

She started thrashing desperately, the humiliation that burned inside her somehow only seeming to fuel the lust that had taken her body.

“Now, now,” Celeste scolded, shaking her head at Vivi’s cute, pathetic struggles, “be patient, little ssslut! You'll get your holesss filled when you're ready to be a good girl.”

“N-No,” Vivi pleaded, but her whole world melted a little in pleasure as the coils began their easy, thrumming undulation once again, massaging the strength from her muscles, squeezing resistance from her mind. “N-Not gonna... guh… gonna…”

Jussst give in,” Celeste eased. As she squeezed and bounced her breasts, her coils slithered up to wrap around Vivi's own tits, massaging and groping them greedily. Vivi gasped and moaned as waves of sweet, molten pleasure flowed through her whole body. “Jussst give in to your lussstgive in to my breassstsss...”

“Nnnn…” Vivi wiggled, eyelashes fluttering, her breaths growing heavier. With every second, she could feel her struggles getting less and less convincing. It just felt so good to relax. So good to let all the tension just ooze out of her… to give in and watch the breasts bounce… “Nnnngh... I... I…”

“You want to give in,” Celeste’s voice poured like warm honey, wrapping around Vivi's mind even tighter than the coils, an embrace of silken threads steadily rendering her brain as helpless as a hogtied harlot. “Jussst... relax... give in to the pleasure like the little bimbo sssslut you are…”

“Ohhh.... little… bimbo... slut…” Vivi's lips mouthing wide open as she dangled upside-down . The breasts looked so soft and cozy. So pillowy and full and round. So nice to stare at, so nice to submit to, so pretty and bouncy. Vivi's whole body was getting so relaxed... her mind getting so... soft... “N-nuh, I... I won't... y-you c-can't j-j-juhnnnhhh...”

Vivi eyes nearly rolled back up into her head as the coils gave an intense rolling vibration, buzzing the words right out of her head until only moans remained. She bucked and moaned, her whole world swimming in thoughts of submission, in visions of pretty, bouncy boobies...

Titsss go ssssqueeze,” Celeste sang, squeezing her breasts tightly together as the coils squeezed Vivi's own, so greedily, so indulgently, so humiliatingly possessively, “brainsss go sssquish~”

Squish. Vivi panted like a wifwolf in heat, eyes wide with wonder, squirming against the groping, the squeezing...

Boobiesss go bounce,” Celeste sang, releasing her own tits and letting them bounce-bounce-bounce free, so pert and jiggly, while her coils made Vivi's massive tits bounce together, Vivi's pretty bouncy boobies, Vivi’s big bouncy jiggly bimbo jugs, “bimbosss lose count~”

“b-bounce,” Vivi babbled breathlessly. Her struggles had by this point ebbed to a nice, easy, oozy, melty squirming.

She told herself she needed to keep trying to get free, needed to take advantage of Celeste’s hypnotic tits no longer bouncing in front of her, but with those delectable coils thrumming against her pussy and asshole, with her muscles so sleepy and limp, with her whole slutty naked body gripped so tight…

… with her huge bimboslut breasts going squish and bounce and squish and bounce...

Celeste snickered. “That'sss right!” she said, clearly delighted. Her tail tip darted up and tickled Vivi under the chin as the coils swung her slowly back and forth, almost like a pendulum. “Awww, doesn't that feel ssssooo easy, too? To jussst sssubmit and ssssurrender to your own ssslutty breastsss?” Her hands returned to her own breasts and bounced them together, drawing Vivi’s entranced gaze right back under control. “To let my breastsss remind you of what a dumb little ssslutty bimbo you are with every bounce~ bounce~ bounce~”

Vivi let out a helpless little giggle—whether at the bouncing, the tickling, or something else, she wasn't sure. She flushed with embarrassment. “Um... w-well, no, I, um…”

Sssuch a good little ssslutty bimbo,” Celeste purred triumphantly, leaning in and bouncing her breasts rapidly before Vivi's eyes. “Ssuch a sssilly ssslut!”

Vivi giggled again and drooled a little. She couldn't help it—feeling her own boobies bouncing so much felt so silly and fun right now, for some reason. It felt embarrassing, but…

… come to think of it, hadn't she been acting all giggly and bubbly earlier? To trick Celeste? She blinked. She wasn't sure why she'd apparently stopped doing that. She couldn't remember a reason, so... was it really so important to keep not doing it now?

... no, she told herself firmly, and forced her lips shut. It took all her mental might, but she knew something was off here. She had to fight it! Had to resist Celeste, resist the delectable massage, the slithering vibrations between her asscheeks, the sibilant purred teasing, resist the pretty bouncy bouncy bouncy breasts...

She was stronger than Celeste. She was sure of it. She was going to resist this, going to teach Celeste a lesson, going to...

“Aww, ssssilly girl.” Celeste giggled. “Good thing you're upssside-down, huh?” The pair of them bobbed up and down, causing both their breasts to naturally bounce.

Vivi giggled back dizzily. Her head felt so… bouncy. Bouncy-bouncy-bouncy. Bouncybouncybouncybouncy! She kept giggling. Gosh, it was so hard to get her thoughts together right now for some reason. Which was a bad thing, because…

… because…

Oh! She blinked. Because I’m resisting her, so she doesn’t, like… like, brainwash me!

She giggled. Good thing she’d remembered! Otherwise that could’ve been, like, really bad. The vertigo from all this swinging and bouncing was clearly getting to her.

The thought reminded her—Celeste had asked her a question. But she frowned. She didn’t quite understand it. “Um... um, how come?”

She watched the breasts jiggle and bounce.

Squeeze together. Squish together.

Up and down and up and down and bounce-bounce-bounce-bounce-bounce...

“Because,” Celeste said smugly, “everyone knows that dumb little bimbo ssslutsss get ssssooo dumb and horny when the thoughtsss ssstart getting sssqueezed out of them.” As if to emphasize, the coils gave Vivi’s whole body a long, luxurious squeeze. “Haven’t you heard that?”

Vivi moaned, her jaw dropping, staring stupidly at Celeste's soft, bouncing tits. But she managed to keep her composure. She couldn’t let Celeste suspect any of this was remotely getting to her! “Unnhh... yeah-huh?” she slurred. “Y-Yeah, umm, like… totes…”

She gave a lightheaded giggle.

The breasts before her eyes jiggled with their owner’s laughter. “They get,” Celeste gushed, “ssssooo dumb, they can't help but let those ssslutty cocksssucking lipsss part and drool all over their big bimbo tits like utter milky-brained sssslutsss, don't they?~”

Her breasts squeezed together, then bounced free.

Squeezed together. Bounced free.



Breasts go squish, Vivi thought dreamily, brains go… umm... soft…?

“Well, isn't that right?” Celeste prompted innocently.

“Uhhh…” Vivi stared in longing, grinding her hips a little, loving how her tight little asshole felt with that tail vibrating against it… “W-Well, um… I’m not, um… drooly…”


Squish. So soft, so cozy.

Bounce. So perky, so jiggly.

Squish. So warm, so inviting...

Bounce. She giggled. So bouncy!

“Aww, I'm sssooo glad you agree!” Celeste exclaimed with a giggle.

Vivi giggled back, even though she wasn't sure why. It was just fun to giggle. “Huh?”

Celeste smirked and released her breasts, reaching down...

... to wipe a little droplet of drool from Vivi's lips.

Vivi's cheeks burned in sudden humiliation. She recoiled, head spinning at the sudden motion, but could only move back a precious few inches with how tight she was being gripped.

“N-Nuh,” she mumbled, her head swirling in a pleasant warm mush of pleasure as the coils continued to squeeze and contract around her, "no, um, I'm... like…”

“Getting dumber and dumber,” Celeste’s voice just kept dripping over Vivi’s captive mind, her breasts squeezing slowly together before bouncing apart. “Hornier and hornier. Sssluttier and sssluttier~

Vivi whined as the coils brought her right-side up once again and she found herself again straddling that coil, slipping and sliding between her asscheeks, thrumming and vibrating so sweetly, so indulgently... “Ohhh…” She squirmed and wiggled her butt, struggling with all her might to keep some sense about her, but gosh, it felt so good...

Jussst look at you,” Celeste crowed, almost affectionately, and Vivi panted at the degrading phrase and its implications. “Whimpering and pleading and wiggling like a little ssslut... and jussst because I showed you my lovely breassstsss~”

The breasts squished together. Bounced apart. Squished and bounced. Squished and bounced. Vivi felt her own mind squishing and bouncing, and she giggled. It felt so funny. So... kinda nice, even...

“W-Well, um…” She licked her lips, trying not to think too hard about the little beads of what looked like milk droplets she could see on those pert, perfect nipples, “… well, see, um, like…”

She trailed off, confused.

Gosh, why couldn't she think straight? She just couldn't help it! She was so horny, and... and… She licked her lips again, loving how it felt, loving how sensitive and soft her bimbo lips were, how sweet the lipstick was.... and it felt so nice, that tail she was riding, vibrating and slipping and sliding between her legs...

“You're jussst,” Celeste said silkily, a big, proud smile on her face, “a dumb little ssslutty girl, are't you?”

Vivi moaned. It was all she could do to hold in an agreement. Her brains just seemed to get mushier and drippier and bouncier by the second. She rocked her hips, grinding against the tail, and stammered out a, “N-Nuh-uh!”

She found her words getting so bubbly and sweet in her mind. So sugary and dumb and vapid and ... and silly. She giggled. Everything ‘dignified’ she could think of to say sounded soooo silly at this point, unlike the moans, the cries, the whimpers, which seemed to fit her perfectly. Everything else sounded so silly, because... well, how could she claim any dignity at this point? How was she supposed to claim she wasn't a dumb little slut?

Just look at me, Vivi thought, with a strange sparkle of pride. Humping a coil fiend's tail like a dumb little sex bunny!

“You want more,” the coil fiend cooed, bouncing her tits right before Vivi's eyes as she leaned in closer. Vivi had nowhere to lean away to now. She could barely remember why she'd wanted to. “More pleasure. More sssubmissssion.”

Nnnoooo,” Vivi droned, drooling and grinding and humping away.

“You want,” Celeste said with a slow, dangerous sweetness, “to be filled…”

The coils looped around and hoisted Vivi up by her arms, suspending her like a limp marionette. Vivi's lips parted in a wordless moan as the tail between her legs pulled away... so that just the tip was left teasing her. The tip stroked slowly between her asshole and her pussy, tormenting her with low, gentle vibrations.

“… sssso there's no more room,” Celeste’s syrupy voice flowed on, squeezing her tits together so, so tight, as the same was done to Vivi's own breasts, "for any sssilly thoughtsss that aren't about pleasure~”

“But... but, um…” Vivi wriggled helplessly, biting her lip. Gosh, she just... she couldn't think straight at all... not when she was so horny, so denied...

“Butt?” Celeste beamed innocently. “Ooh, is that what you want? Sssuch a little buttssslut!”

The breasts bounced as the tail tip began teasing in lazy circles around Vivi's dripping pussy.

NNn—” Vivi panted. “I... ohhh…”

“All you need to do,” Celeste said persuasively, “is tell Missstresss what you need~”

“N-Neeeed,” Vivi echoed, gyrating her curvy ass, her mind a bouncy, squishy puddle, "need... um… ohh...”

Yesss?” Celeste reached down and stroked Vivi's hair as Vivi gasped and bucked and mewled. “Tell me, ssslut.”

Slut. Vivi quivered. She—she didn't have a choice, she told herself. She needed this! She was getting too horny, too desperate, she couldn't—couldn't even... remember...

“Go on, sssweetie,” Celeste said teasingly, as the tail tip stroked in lazy arcs along Vivi's clit. “Do you need to be... filled?”

Vivi's lower lip quivered.

“F-Filled,” she whispered. “Y-Yes, I.... I n-need—filled—”

“What was that?” Celeste teased. “What was that, little ssslut?”

“I n-need to be filled!” Vivi mewled, squirming and thrashing helplessly in her restraints. “P-Please, I—I need to be filled, please!”

“Where?” Celeste mocked, tightening the coils, milking all the struggle away from Vivi’s tired body. “Which hole for my needy little bimbo ssslut?”

“A-Any!” Vivi cried, barely keeping herself from screaming 'all of them'. That tail, vibrating, pulsing, so close, so close...

Celeste smirked. “Aww... well, then, sssince you’re sssooo eager… would you like to be my dumb little bimbo buttssslut, dear?”

Vivi's cheeks burned.

But unable to contain herself any longer, she gave a tiny, embarrassed nod.

Sssay it, little bimbo.

Vivi’s lower lip quivered.

With everything she had left, she tried. She tried to hold the words in, to imprison them upon her treacherous tongue. It didn’t matter. They came spilling past her lips no matter how hard she struggled, drawn out with every little vibrating hum against her poor, needy, sensitive asshole... “I... I w-want to be your, um.” She watched the breasts bounce. Squish. “Your…” She wiggled her ass, biting her lip in shame. “Your d-dumb little bimbo buttslut,” she whimpered.


“And…” Vivi's voice was scarcely a whisper. “A-And I... I want you to fill my slutty bimbo holes... and... and fuck my slutty brains out.” She hesitated. “M-Mistress?”

She was melting with embarrassment. She was dissolving with desire. The worst part was, it felt so, so, so good, being humiliated like this, being reduced like this. She tried weakly to remind herself that it was just an act, that she wasn't really a bimbo slut, it was just a trick, that she was on the verge of retaking control and proving Celeste wrong, but… but...

fuck, it felt soooo good. Her tongue lolled as the tail teased her backdoor entrance. So good... give in… to let Celeste break her in like a hot little harlot in need of a good riding...

“You'd like that?” Celeste whispered in her ear. Vivi moaned softly as fuzzy tingles spread through her head at the soft, intimate voice. “Being my dumb little cocksssucking buttssslut?”

“D-Dumb little... your d-dumb little…” Vivi pouted, forcing herself to keep at least some pretense at dignity. “A dumb little buttslut,” she managed, carefully leaving out the parts Celeste had just added.

She felt a little glow of pride. There! Maye she couldn't help but plead for Celeste to pound her slutty little ass, but at least... at least...

... at least her slutty, sensitive lips...

... She licked her lips, trying to dispel the wicked, rebellious little thoughts bouncing through her brain.

“Oh, but ssslutsss like you,” Celeste hissed smugly, caressing Vivi's cheek with the back of her hand, “surely they need every. Little. Hole. Filled.” With every word, the coils vibrated suggestively, flooding Vivi's whole body, from breasts to butt to her bare little feet, with exquisite pulsing ecstasy.

Vivi gasped and wiggled as she felt the coils shifting her once again, the coil between her legs lifting her up, still nestled so unbearably between her asscheeks, as the coils squeezed and massaged her breasts...

Essspecially, " Celeste added sweetly, reaching down to stroke a finger over Vivi's lips, "bimbos with sssuch pretty... ssslutty... cocksssucking lipsss~”

Vivi let out a mewl of pleasure. Her cupid’s bow tingled at the touch. No, no, no! No, that was exactly why she couldn't risk this, she was... too sensitive...

“I thought you wanted to be filled,” Celeste teased. Her finger slid past Vivi's lips. And without even thinking, Vivi found herself mindlessly, docilely sucking on it. Her eyelids fluttered as pleasure blossomed on her sensitive ruby-red lips. Fuck, it felt so... so... gooood...

The finger pumped in and out a few times, slow, steady, teasing. Then the finger pulled out, and Celeste laughed wickedly. “I thought ssso,” she cooed, and Vivi reddened and shut her mouth abruptly. “Dumb little ssslutty bimbo wantsss her holes filled! All of them!”

Nnnooo,” Vivi whined, even as she felt the coils lowering her down, dropping her so she was straddling Celeste's tail, her arms and legs hanging down over the sides. “I'm not... I won't…”

“We'll sssee, won't we?” Celeste said with a little giggle. She beamed down at Vivi as Vivi squirmed nervously astride the great serpent's coil, feeling her nipples tingling with pleasure as the thick tail vibrated and pulsed beneath her, buzzed seductively between her legs...

“I w-won't,” Vivi gasped, all thought of pretending gone, all pretense at dignity gone, now just struggling desperately to look away from Celeste's breasts (so pretty, so bouncy, so soft) and take her mind off the sensation between her legs (so buzzy with pleasure, so slutty and hot and tight and ready) ... tried to keep her mouth closed firmly, to not think about all the things she might like to suck on...

Like those breasts...

... or Celeste's tail...

... or a nice, thick, pulsing cock filling her with demonic seed while she mewled and drooled and sucked and bobbed her head like the dumb little slut she was...

... like the dumb little slut I’ve always been…

She licked her lips hungrily.

She only dimly registered that the vision before her had changed, that the breasts were gone. She only started to notice, in fact, when she began to move.

“W-Wait,” she cried, her mind so drippy and confused.

She was sliding down the coils between her legs, she realized,

And down beneath her, as she slid, she gazed down into a sea of spirals.

“W-Wait,” Vivi repeated, struggling for words, searching for cogent thoughts and phrases through the bouncy nonsense mess that was her brain.

Celeste's coils rippled and undulated down below her, powerful, muscular, descending in what surely were endless spirals, down, down, down...

“W... Wait…” she mumbled. Any words at all were a little tricky, honestly. She wiggled idly as she slid down, unable to help but enjoy the way her nipples felt sliding against the warm, smooth, slippery scales, the way her pussy felt as the coils pulsed between her legs...

The coils dropped further and further down like a great spring, like an accordion. Fuzzily, Vivi heard Celeste hissing words of praise and encouragement to her, reminding her how pretty the spirals were, how nice the coils felt on her skin. Dimly, Vivi felt herself nodding along.

She stared stupidly down into the swirls of crimson and gave a dizzy smile. Gosh, they... they were awfully pretty...

... down, down, down, down...

“… wait,” she sighed dreamily, but she gave a demure little giggle as the coils pulsed again. Gosh, she was so horny... but she needed to fight this, didn't she? She kept forgetting. That was awfully... silly of her...

… the coils looked so pretty when they pulsated with that lovely red heat…

Vivi giggled. She wasn’t sure why she was giggling so much. She just felt so… so swirly and bouncy and silly...

“Aww. Sssoo helplesss to resissst!” Celeste clearly found something funny, because she was giggling too! Vivi giggled some more, wiggling and grinding, loving the sensations. Gosh, she felt, like, soooo sexy and hot and silly right now. It felt amazing!

The spirals kept coming. Kept dropping. Kept dropping her. Her lips parted in wonder, eyes the size of saucers, as she gazed down into the swirling coils below. Further and further down, deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper... down-down-down-down...

“… down... down…” Vivi felt her eyelids growing heavier by the second, but somehow, her eyes stayed wide open. That made her happy. If her eyes closed, she wouldn’t get to watch the pretty spirals. And as Celeste kept whispering in her ear…

Feelsss sssoooo goooood,” the coil fiend cooed in her ear, “to lie back and watch the pretty ssspiralsss like a goooood hypnossslut~”

The coils were starting to get tighter. The spirals were narrower, closer to her. Vivi gaped and giggled as they slipped past her, as she slid down, down into them, moaning and wiggling...

... and slipped down from her own personal little playground slide to drop right into a tight pile of coils.

Right back into Celeste’s loving embrace.

And briefly, her mind and body alike were swaddled in warm, comforting darkness. The bimbo slut slid deep down into Celeste’s coil prison, drooling and dazed, and the next few seconds stretched into eternity as she lost all senses to pleasure.


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