Spiraled Into Control

Chapter 4

by GigglingGoblin

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #anal #bimbo #bimbofication #bondage #breast_fixation #cocksucking #corruption #D/s #fantasy #humiliation #hypnosis #lamia #lesbian #mind_control #oral_sex #spiral #spiral_eyes

Vivi sank through warm, tight, comforting nothingness, her every sensory connection to the world a molten mess of fuzzy, sleepy pleasure. There was nothing but rich, decadent darkness, nothing but the velvety coils pulsating around her, nothing but the intoxicating scent of sweet, gooey syrup. There was nothing but the seconds, oozing by her like she was a fly sinking into molasses.
Sinking deeper…
Her dark eyelashes weighed heavily over her dizzy, tired, spiral-filled eyes.
And abruptly, her head popped out the bottom end of the coils, and there was light again. She blinked, momentarily disoriented.
And then the coils drew tight, and she gave an involuntary squeak as the ‘cocoon’ squeezed in around her, her eyes going briefly wide as the powerful spirals pressed in to hold her snugly prisoner. Her cheeks bulged slightly as she stared straight across at what her upside-down head was being directed towards.
Before her eyes, gently bobbing, hung Celeste’s massive, beautiful cock. Her eyes followed its slow, languorous motions. Up and down. Up and down.
Vivi dangled there, staring, for a solid moment before she half-remembered where she was. She was… she was a sorceress, right? That thought fluttered insistently around her head until she dimly grabbed hold of it. Vivi of the Candied Lips.
She licked her lips, noting how very sweet sensitive they were, and watched the cock bob enticingly. That… was what people called her. Wasn’t it?
As the seconds oozed by, she remembered other things. She was—she was captured! She’d been caught by this coil fiend, this awful, wicked coil fiend, this demon who was trying to hypnotize her into some kind of… some kind of…
Dumb little obedient brainless cocksucking bimbo buttslut.
The cock twitched seductively.
Vivi flushed and struggled to keep her painted ruby-red lips from instinctively parting—any more than they were already being parted by being squished together by the coils, anyway. Gosh, it... that cock just looked so...
“Oh?” Celeste's voice dripped with smug satisfaction at Vivi's response. “Do you like her, my sssweet?” The breathtaking crimson-haired demoness reached down and drew one coral-red finger delicately along the length of her cock—so big, so pretty, beading with sweet-smelling nectar at the tip, a single droplet that caught the light ever-so-prettily... “Because you ssseem a little... transssfixed, my sssweet thing~”
Vivi whimpered softly. Through the melty mush that was her mind, she struggled to regain some sense. No. No! No, she wasn’t going to give in. She would never! She just needed to...
Celeste’s cock bobbed to the left. Her eyes followed it.
... needed to...
The cock bobbed to the right. Her head faintly matched the motion, as if pulled along by a leash.
... needed... her mouth watered...
... needed... to... suck?
Her mind bubbled with pink fizzy foam as she stared at Celeste's cock, her mouth watering, her lips full and shimmering.
She watched it slowly bob to the left.
She watched it slowly bob to the right.
Vivi of the Candied Lips hung there, suspended upside-down in a prison of tight, rippling coils, and stared at the big, pretty cock with parted, drooling lips.
“Oh?” Celeste's voice dripped with amusement. “Aren't you going to argue with me, my sssweet?”
“Unnnhhh…” Vivi stared dazedly, her eyes following the cock's every motion as her lips tingled with desire. “Ummm.... yesss… like, aaany minute now…
“Is that ssso?” Celeste purred.
The coils vibrated around Vivi, squeezed her indulgently, kept her nice and limp and helpless in Celeste’s embrace. Vivi’s mouth hung open stupidly as she swung there, watching the cock as if it held her gaze by a magnet. It was just... just...
... sooo… pretty...
She breathed in, breathed in deep of that sweet, syrupy musk, and her head swam with desire. The cock was dribbling ever-so-slightly, and she licked her lips unconsciously.
That'sss funny,” Celeste remarked. “Because you don't ssseem to be sssaying anything.” She laughed. “But that adorable face of yours is doing aaall the talking!”
“Umm…” Vivi moaned softly, managing to wriggle slightly in her constraints. Celeste's words were processing through her mind so very, very slowly... “Well, umm... like… ohhh…” She lost her train of thought as Celeste reached down with those delicate fingers and gave her cock a little stroke, a playful little bounce. The scent of temptation grew stronger.
“Look at you,” Celeste cooed. “Sssuch a horny little cocksssucking bimbo!”
Cocksucking bimbo. Vivi's mind went so nice and oozy and pink at those words, and yet she felt a glimmer of concern at them. She frowned, watching the cock bounce and bob back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. “N-Nuh, um, no, like, um, I…”
“My cock is sssoooo pretty, isn't it?” Celeste said with an encouraging tap of the cock's tip. “It'sss only natural to want to... watch it ssswing…”
“swing,” Vivi cooed, and a dreamy laugh bubbled from her lips. Gosh, she sounded so... so silly right now! So silly and sleepy and suggestible.
“That's right!” Celeste agreed, giggling too. “Sssuch a clever girl! Sssooo smart, figuring out how good it feelsss to relax and ssstare at Missstresss's pretty cock like a good girl.”
Vivi glowed with pride. Yes, she was smart! She'd found, like, the bestest thing to stare at! Wasn't that what she... what she...
“How good it feeelsss,” Celeste hissed in triumph, “to be hypnotized like a good little ssslut by my pretty, pretty cock~”
“Y-Yuh, I, um…” Vivi blinked. “W-Wait…”
“Unable to look away,” Celeste went on silkily. “Unable to resissst…”
Nnnnuh,” Vivi whined, watching the cock bobbing ever-closer. “I'm... n-not... hypnotized…”
“Oh?” Celeste's voice oozed with sly amusement. “And how can you be sure?”
“Because,” Vivi insisted, finally managing to shut her mouth, to muster some proper words of defiance. “Because I'm n-not, like…”
She trailed off for a moment, watching the cock bob in Celeste's hand. It was so pretty. So full of nectar. It would feel so, so good sliding between her cocksucking bimbo lips...
And it was so... bouncy...
“B-Because,” she stammered, recovering herself, “only, like, um…” She struggled for the words. What did she say? It was so hard to think of words! The cock was so pretty, and the words pretty little cocksucking bimbo slut kept echoing so sweetly in her empty head...
Then she had it, and her face lit up with excitement. “Because, like,” she said, smug that she’d thought of the answer so easy, “I’m not a bimbo! And everyone knows only, like, total dumb pretty little cocksucking bimbo sluts get hypnotized by cocks!”
There was a pause.
“Oh, really?” Celeste purred. “Are you sure about that?”
Vivi's head bobbed in agreement, in time with the cock's bouncing. “Uh-huuuuh!” She was so happy, so proud of herself. She'd thought of an answer! She'd really shown Celeste what was what! “Like, totally!~”
There was a pause. Vivi swung happily from within her pulsating coil prison and giggled. Celeste would have to think twice before the next time she tried to call her dumb!
After a long moment, the coil fiend let out a soft, hissing laugh. “Well, if that'sss true,” the coil fiend said, with a knowing smile, “isss there a reason you can't take those big, pretty eyes of yours off my cock?”
Vivi's smile faltered slightly. “Uh… huh?”
“Your eyes,” Celeste said smugly. “You haven't even met my gaze sssince we met. Ssso shamelessss!”
Vivi's heart started to pound. Ba-bum. Ba-bum. In time with the cock's back-and-forth pendulum, in time with her swinging, a metronome for her mind, body and soul. “Um, well,” she managed, suddenly off-balance, “it's not like, um, like—like—”
“Can't even look away,” Celeste’s voice sparkled with glee. “Sssooo hypnotized, you can't even make eye contact! My cock controlsss you aaall the way!”
“N-No,” Vivi whimpered, licking her lips to keep from drooling again, "no, I'm, like, um... totes, um…”
“Under control?” Celeste suggested innocently.
“Yeah!” Vivi blurted, and giggled.
The cock bobbed. So pretty. So full of yummy, tasty cum. Vivi's tongue lolled at the thought. But she also felt pangs of embarrassment. She needed to resist this! Needed to, like, keep her dignity and stuff! She forced her mouth shut and pouted.
“Then why don't you meet my gaze?” Celeste supplied with a sweetness to her voice Vivi couldn't resist. “Unlessss you'd rather my cock do all the thinking for you.” Her voice lowered to a sultry maple syrup simmer. "Fucking those ssslutty little bimbo brainsss aaaaall away, all out of that pretty head of yoursss. Making you jussst another needy little cum-hungry ssslutty bimbo for your Missstress'sss pretty, pretty cock.”
“I—” Vivi felt the walls closing in then, and panicked. “Of course I can look away!”
And her eyes shot up from the cock, with what felt like the last of her melting willpower...
... and settled on Celeste's beautiful green eyes.
And she only had a moment to realize what a dumb, dumb bimbo she was… before those eyes filled with spirals like a once-still lake beneath a rainstorm.
The spirals were beyond anything Vivi could ever have imagined. They were without end. Endless beautiful swirly spirals of green and blue and gold. Swirling inward or outward... Vivi couldn't tell.
Instantly, she felt a delectably familiar sense of pleasure settling over her mind, like heavy, weighted, fragrant blankets. She stared with a soft moan, her eyes widening to accommodate their new captresses.
It felt like... like her whole mind was being gathered up by the spirals, sucked into the center, carried by the endless swirling rippling circles of glowing color. Vivi tried to resist, realizing her mistake...
… but too late.
Far, far too late.
Vivi couldn't fight Celeste's pretty eyes. She knew that instantly, accepted it almost as fast. She just stared, molten with need, with obedience, with submission, and felt her own eyes beginning to reflect those same spirals back at them.
No. Not reflect, she drunkenly corrected herself. She went totally limp in the coils, her mind becoming every bit as tightly bound as her hot, slutty body. She wasn’t reflecting anything. Her eyes were being filled with spirals of their own. Her mind was being filled with spirals.
Her mind was being filled with Celeste.
Being filled with... Mistress.
Her mouth opened wide in wonder as a soft sigh escaped her plump, pouty lips.
Being... filled…
She moaned in soft, weak, helpless surprise as she felt the cock sliding past her lips— surprise that was quickly replaced with pure pleasure as the cock penetrated her mouth, her lips tingling with pleasure at the feeling of being so
Vivi's eyes flooded with spirals as her lips fastened around the base of Celeste’s massive, beautiful, hypnotic cock, locked around it instinctively, instinctively sensing what she must do.
What her purpose was as Celeste's good little pretty slutty cocksucking bimbo.
And with a feeling like the last of her thoughts were being drowned in honey, Vivi began to suck.
Celeste purred with wordless pleasure. This encouraged Vivi, made her giggle and suck faster, more eagerly. She worshiped the cock with her tongue, moaning, wet, lewd sounds slipping from her as her lips smacked and her tongue lapped. She had to please Celeste. Had to please Mistress.
And Celeste rewarded her by pounding that big, sinfully delectable nectar-filled cock into Vivi's hot little mouth, by entangling both hands into Vivi’s red hair for handholds and happily, indulgently fucking Vivi's brains out.
Good girl,” the coil field said smugly, and Vivi moaned with pleasure at those two little words alone, her lips smacking and shlupping and shlurping with eagerness as her head bobbed. “Awww, sssuch an eager little ssslut!”
MMMPH!” Vivi moaned in bliss, as she licked up all the sinful ambrosia she could get. Celeste’s precum was… it was the nectar of a goddess, surely. It was so sweet, so unspeakably, addictively heady and sweet, like the hottest, sweetest, spiciest mulled wine, making her head fuzzy and buzzy with corruption. She craved more. More. More.
She gazed up into Celeste's eyes with an expression like worship, lost in those spirals.
She needed to fight. Needed to resist. She knew that, and a part of her brain struggled to hold on to the last semblance of sense and dignity she had left. But her thoughts were so melty and soft and weak now. Massaged into submission by the spirals encircling them, just like her body.
And obeying and sucking and being a dumb little bimbo felt sooo goood...
“You looove this,” Celeste cooed down at her slutty little toy, the coils undulating, and Vivi felt something shifting between her legs beneath the coil prison. Celeste's smile was wide, sly and triumphant, humiliatingly proud of the hopeless little slutty bimbo she'd proven Vivi to be. “Don’t you love being my dumb little cocksssucking buttsslut? Just letting your owner fuck every.”
The cock pulsed, and Vivi whimpered with lust as cum struck her tongue. “Lassst.”
The ambrosia tingled on Vivi’s tongue, enticing, intoxicating, irresistible. “Thought.”
Vivi desperately gulped the delicacy down and drowned in her sweet reward. “Out~”
Vivi moaned. She tried to object, but her eyes were so wide with Celeste's spirals, she couldn't even think of what to say—of what she would say, anyways, if she wasn't busy eagerly, desperately sucking Celeste's cock like a good slut.
Her lips poured pleasure into her with every bob of her pretty head, and the cum sent molten waves of sinful submission through her gooey mind with every pulse. The spiraling eyes and pulsing cock and her own bobbing head formed such a sweet rhythm, and Vivi was so, so happy to be lost to it completely.
With everything she had left, though, Vivi screwed her will together, breathed in deep, and prepared to at least try to close her eyes—
—and without warning, she felt something smooth, slippery and dexterous thrust right into her hot little ass from behind.
Vivi squealed and rocked her hips with unexpected pleasure. She writhed and thrashed, but Celeste only giggled and cooed at the pathetic little struggles as the tip of her tail pounded into Vivi from behind.
Vivi's cheeks bulged as she struggled to withstand two of her holes being filled at once, and they were a deep, brilliant shade of crimson as she realized she couldn’t. She couldn’t withstand it. That was the point. Celeste was going to fuck every last thought out of her, until nothing remained but pleasure. Gods, she couldn’t even imagine how she would look to an outsider looking upon her now.
But it felt so good. So mind-shatteringly, soul-meltingly good. She found herself bucking eagerly, so hopelessly excited to be spit-roasted like the hot little slut she’d always been.
Nobody watching would think she was pretending to be a bimbo now. She actually gave a brainless, ditzy giggle at the thought, as she stared up into Celeste's pretty spiraly eyes and moaned her agreement with every piece of cooing humiliating praise Celeste gave her, every humiliating label, every sweet, condescending compliment.
Nobody would ever believe that she'd ever been pretending to be a slutty little bimbo whore. She was in full makeup, her plump ruby-red lips fastened around a demoness's cock and sucking like she'd been doing it her whole life. She was naked, save for the coils which bound her, and eagerly letting herself be fucked—be bred—by the tail of that demoness, fucked in the ass like a wifwolf in heat.
She was lost. She was Celeste's. And she moaned and mewled and squealed and drooled in pure stupid bimbo ecstasy as she wiggled her ass happily and gazed into those endless spirals and submitted like the good bimbo buttslut she so badly longed to be.
That'sss right,” Celeste gloated, giggling as Vivi moaned and squirmed, as the coils tightened further, forcing Vivi to simply lie limp and take it like a good girl, “there's a good ssslut! Now, isn't that sssssoooo much better?”
mmmm-hmm!” Vivi bobbed her head eagerly, beaming as she sucked and obeyed. It was! She felt so good now!
“Pretty ssslutsss need to be filled,” the demoness purred. “Need aaaall their dumb little bimbo brainsss fucked into molten nothingsss for their Missstress's pleasure, don't they?”
Vivi's eyes shone with adoration. Gosh, that sounded so totally perfect! She loved Mistress, like, soooooo much! “mmmmmph!” she agreed.
“And when you cum for me,” Celeste leaned over Vivi and gave a truly wicked smile, “you'll be mine. Forever.” Her voice dropped to a husky purr. “Mine to toy with however I please. Jussst my little bimbossslut toy for the ressst of time~”
Vivi squealed her consent and nodded as quickly and clearly as she could while being used as a human cocksleeve from both ends.
“I'm gonna make you sssooo dumb,” Celeste cooed mockingly. “Sssooo happy and ssslutty. If it's even possssible for you to get any sssluttier!” She laughed.
Vivi giggled, her lips smacking, drooling out of the corners of her mouth as she licked eagerly at the cock's tip. How could it be possible? She was already, like, soooo dumb and happy... but Mistress could do anything! Especially if she was doing anything to Vivi!
“And as sssoon as Missstresss cumsss inssside you,” Celeste whispered, “you'll be mine forever. Losssst to lussst.” She beamed, stroking Vivi’s hair. “But you want that, don't you? You’ll alwaysss. Want. More.”
More. Vivi moaned at the thought. Yes. She had more holes to fill! Her pussy tingled in arousal at the thought. And more brains to have Mistress fuck out of her! Her mind bubbled with happy pink bubbles at the thought, and she bobbed her head. More more more more more!
“Then,” Celeste hissed, licking her lips, “take it, and be mine, my dumb little ssslut!”
And Vivi squealed and moaned and screamed with pure pleasure as she felt Celeste's cock pulse once, twice—
And as more of the mind-melting addictive treat—a treat she would never again be able to do without, she was sure, a treat she would always crave, always be ready to humiliate herself for, to beg for a taste of—flooded into her and drowned the last of her thoughts in sweet, sinful submission, Vivi came.
Vivi came in a riotous crashing orgasm like none she’d ever experienced—like two great tidal waves striking against one another, with her caught between them. All thoughts, all will, all strength, none of it mattered. There was only pleasure. There was only obedience. There was only Mistress. She squealed and rocked and trembled beneath the onslaught as her eyes filled with spirals that would never truly leave her. Not even when she closed her eyes.
She spasmed beneath the waves of pink ecstasy for what felt like hours before at last, at long, long last, her smug Mistress allowed her to go limp.
She lay there, brainlessly continuing her licking and sucking, dutifully cleaning Mistress's cock off, until she felt Celeste's fingers under her chin and found herself being guided off.
The slut pulled off the cock, still drooling with desire. Her head swam with pleasure. Her eyes were glazed with spirals. Her lips remained parted, already begging for some new treat to fill them, and as the tail pulled out of her ass as well, she felt so very empty.
But luckily the spirals were still there to keep her nice and dumb and filled.
“Didn’t I tell you,” Celeste purred, “what a cute little ssslut you were?”
“yes, Mistress,” Vivi sighed, licking her lips.
“And aren’t you sssso grateful,” the demoness went on with a wicked grin, “to me for helping you realize it was true?”
“oh, yes, Mistress,” Vivi bubbled, her head bobbing brainlessly. She giggled. “i’m, like, such a dumb bimbo! i totes never would’ve, like, realized without you!” She nuzzled Celeste’s hand adoringly.
Celeste idly petted Vivi, who cooed softly with pleasure. “And you know your place now… don’t you, my sssweet little pet?”
“ohhh…” Vivi nodded dreamily, gazing up in pure love up into Celeste's pretty eyes. “oh, yes, Mistress! i'm just, like... just your hot dumb little cocksucking bimbo buttslut!” She wiggled happily in the coils, redfaced and humiliated and loving every second of it.
And Celeste smirked.
“I thought ssso,” she said smugly.
Vivi smiled back, so happy, so content. She just wanted more. More, more, more.
Then her eyes widened, and cheeks plumped out, as the coils tightened around her once more.
“Don't worry, my sssweet,” Celeste murmured. “We'll find you sssome pretty new petsss sssoon to help get all three of your bimbo holesss nice and filled.”
“filled,” Vivi whimpered, as the cock slid down into her pussy and the tail slipped right back into her asshole and began to pound into her once more.
“But,” Celeste said sweetly, "for now... we don’t want any of those sssilly brains of yoursss making trouble, do we, now?”
Vivi gasped and squirmed helplessly as the two appendages fucked her with a merciless, intoxicating, addictive rhythm. “nnnnuh-uuh...”
Celeste smiled. “Well, then… let'sss make sure not to leave any room~”
And she reached down and slid two fingers into Vivi's mouth. Vivi's whole mind went molten-pink, and instinctively, she began to suck. Her spiraling eyes shone with bliss. Maybe, if she was very good, Mistress would even let her suckle one of those pretty bouncy boobies!
But she was content either way.
Indeed, as the tail and cock began to fuck her brains out once more, Vivi was sure had never felt so wonderfully, perfectly fulfilled.

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