Spiraled Into Control

Chapter 2

by GigglingGoblin

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #anal #bimbo #bimbofication #bondage #breast_fixation #cocksucking #corruption #D/s #fantasy #humiliation #hypnosis #lamia #lesbian #mind_control #oral_sex #spiral #spiral_eyes

[pov: girl w/pussy, femsub, femdom, mutual nc (moderate), girl w/cock, sapphic sex, demonic lamia, hypnosis, sub being wrapped up in coils, breast hypnosis, cock hypnosis, spiral eyes, oral fixation, humiliation, anal, cocksucking, bimbofication, corruption elements]
Nicole's Note: Real-life con-noncon requires a lot of trust, safewords, and other things a fantasy can fudge a little. Enjoy the kink responsibly, and enjoy the story! 
Vivi squirmed and wiggled as the coils began to snake up her bare calves. The way she was being held—straddling a vibrant red coil that was pulsing and sliding slowly, sensuously, between her asscheeks, holding her just high enough that her tiptoes could barely touch the ground—was as humiliating and degrading and objectifying as it was...
... really, really hot.
“Awww,” Celeste was cooing, as the tail slithered slowly back and forth, drawing out little gasps that Vivi was helpless to hold in, “does my little bimbo sssslut like that?”
“N-Nuh-uh,” Vivi gasped, struggling to keep her composure in spite of the circumstances. Specifically, the circumstances of being half-bound up in the coils of a sultry, buxom coil fiend who seemed very determined to goad her into meeting that spiraling gaze.
Vivi carefully kept her eyes on Celeste's breasts instead. She'd handled a coil fiend before—a hot little temptress by the name of Aphrodesia—and the memory, though oddly foggy, gave her hope. She was quite certain she'd triumphed easily there. She certainly couldn't recall it being close. “No, I-I'm just... it's just k-kind of... hot in the jungle, is, like, all.”
She giggled. Right, she was supposed to be pretending to be a bimbo, so she could lure Celeste into one of her magical kisses. Luckily, her act hadn’t slipped for a second!
“Oh?” Celeste's fulsome lips played upwards in a sly smile. She leaned in, her fingers creeping over Vivi's bare shoulders and playing with the only article of upper clothing Vivi was still wearing—a plain white bra, which Vivi had stripped down to earlier that day. “Aw, it is awfully hot, isn't it?” she murmured sympathetically. “And I'll bet the promise of getting to fill sssome of those lovely holesss of yours like a good ssslut is getting you even hotter, isn’t it?”
“W-Whuh—" Vivi squirmed and barely held in a moan as the tail vbibrated between her legs again. She could feel the coils snaking up her thighs, now, and her hopeless struggles intensified as she desperately sought freedom from bindings that felt as strong as iron and as gentle as gossamer. “N-No, I-I just... just...”
“No?” Celeste cocked her head, a finger to her lips in mocking curiosity. “You mean you're hot, but you... don't want to cool off?”
“I... I...”
“You like being hot, don't you?” Celeste suggested sweetly, as her tight, warm, cozy coils slithered up Vivi's thighs and drew near her curvy hips. “Sssuch a little ssslut. You clearly love being all hot and horny and needy and hopelessssly enssslaved.”
“N-No.” Vivi bit her lip, staring determinedly at Celeste's breasts. She could see the coil fiend's eyes spiraling in the corners of her vision, and it was like the inexorable tug of a distant maelstrom, subtly and yet all-but-irresistible if she didn't dedicate all of her focus, every last ounce to it.
“No?” Celeste purred. Rhythmically, the coil fiend began to sway back and forth, bobbing her head in slow, low, languid arcs. Vivi carefully kept her eyes from meeting the demon’s, instead focusing her attention squarely upon those breasts as they slowly jiggled, swayed, swung in time with the rhythm... “You mean you don't want to be ssso hot? You want to cool off?”
“Um… umm…” What would a bimbo say, Vivi wondered nervously? What would someone pretending to be a bimbo say?
Vivi could feel those delicate fingers trailing down, but she still gasped when the first made contact with her breasts. Her whole body felt so sensitive right now, and try as she might to squirm and struggle, the coils had reached her plump, luscious ass by this point, and being held up almost entirely by that tail she was uncomfortably straddling, wearing only a thong, it was getting all-but unbearable...
... and Celeste's breasts kept jiggling, bouncing, swaying, so slowly, so beautifully, so barely concealed by that little strip of sheer fabric...
... her lips parted slightly as she stared, almost drooling, transfixed by the sight, as those delicate fingertips began to trace loving spirals across her own breasts...
“You want to cool off,” Celeste said soothingly, her voice so pretty and beautiful and sibilant and intoxicating and the sentence no longer a question. “You want me to help you get nice and comfortable, don't you, sssweetie?”
“Y... Y-Yes…?” Vivi felt unsure of herself, unsure even of what she was being asked but sensing that 'yes' was the right answer, 'yes' would be the answer that made her feel the most good, 'yes' was clearly the answer that would stand up to the beautiful, sonorous whispers that melted around her, flowed through her head…
… flowed through her mind, as the breasts bounced and squished together ever-so-slightly with every motion, Celeste's dainty, delicate fingertips slowly and intoxicatingly indulgently feeling up Vivi's own nipples through the thin fabric, slowly tracing lines across Vivi's bare flesh as they found the laces holding the bra in place...
“I mean,” Vivi stammered, feeling unsure, hesitant, but feeling her struggles beginning to die down as the coils began a slow, wonderful, decadent massage of her ass, groping and squeezing and kneading with the utmost indulgence. A whimper escaped her as she felt the tail she was straddling sliding right along her pussy and asshole and vibrating against both, bringing the most exquisite pleasure she'd ever felt... “I mean, I... I just... just...”
“Just watch my titsss,” Celeste instructed smugly, “like a gooood ssslut.”
The tits bounced together with Celeste’s gentle bobbing motions. Squished. Jiggled. So pretty. So… soft...
Good slut. Vivi whimpered at those two beautiful words. Her whole mind felt like it was melting as she felt the laces being slowly unraveled, and she realized dimly she was barely even squirming now. She was just...
... swaying...
... in time to the rhythm of those beautiful, luscious, perfect breasts...
... as her bra fell away, as the tail gave another little vibration to quell her whimper of protest, and she was left topless before the smirking demoness.
And still she stared, open-mouthed, at the pretty bouncing tits.
“My, my,” Celeste hissed, beaming ear to ear in smug glee, “look at this!” She reached forward with both hands and cupped Vivi's now-naked breasts with a giggle. Vivi gasped, then moaned, as the demoness bounced and squeezed them together. The sensation of them being attended to… of them being groped and used... “She’s ssso transssfixed by my pretty bouncy boobies, this cute little sssucking bimbo slut doesn't even remember to cover her own!~”
“Ohhh...” Vivi wriggled—not in struggle, though she told herself it was so, but in lust. She… gods, she loved her breasts being touched like that. Felt up. It was so degrading, so sexy, so possessive. As if Celeste... owned her.
She gasped. Oh, fuck, that sounded so hot. Being owned by this demoness... “No,” she whimpered, “no, I'm nnnot... trans... fixed...”
She trailed off, eyes wide, her lips parting in a perfect ‘o’ shape like she was some sort of dumb cocksucking bimbo slut, as she stared at those beautiful breasts. Watched them bounce. Watched them sway.
They looked so flawless, especially in the dim light. So gorgeous and soft and squishy. So bouncy.
So pretty.
A longing sigh slipped from her pretty lips.
So... hypnotic...
“Good ssslut,” Celeste teased, ignoring Vivi’s weak, wordless objections, as the coils massaged every muscle in Vivi's lower body into a molten puddle, “sssuch a good, gooood sssexy little bimbo ssslut, giving in jussst because a pretty demonessss let you look at her perfect breassstsss...”
“N-No,” Vivi whispered, trying to tear her gaze away, but every time she tried, the boobies seemed to bounce, and it felt so good to just… keep staring…
Yesss,” Celeste purred triumphantly. “Jussst a ssslave to my breastsss, aren’t you? A sssslave to titsss...”
The tits bounced together. So soft. So pretty. “S-slave...” Vivi mumbled, her whole mind starting to blur, to bounce... “... to... tits...”
And hearing her own voice—so foggy with lust, so slurred and ... and humiliatingly horny...
... it gave Vivi some strength of will. Just barely enough to be indignant.
She glared and tore her eyes away and began thrashing desperately, even though she now realized her lower muscles were barely working now, too relaxed, too limp, too nicely massaged to go tense anymore. “No!” she burst out. “L-Let me go! I won't— give innnn—"
Her voice broke into a needy moan as the coil she was straddling slid across her asshole and pussy lips and vibrated with sinful pleasure. Her lips parted again, and she gazed stupidly up at the jungle canopy for what felt like a solid minute, stunned and dazed with pleasure. Oh, that felt so so so nice...
“Let you go?” Celeste giggled. “Oh, but are you ssssure you can ssstand on your own, sssweetie?”
She snapped back to focus. “Of—of course I can!” she insisted indignantly, trying to ignore a sudden tiny trace of doubt.
Celeste smirked at her, her eyes glimmering, as if she knew some great secret Vivi didn’t. “But you're sssure you aren't sssome dumb ssslutty bimbo who doesn't know how weak she is?”
“Yes!” Vivi blurted. “Yes, of—of course...” She moaned and wiggled happily as the tail slid back and forth between her asscheeks, its tip just barely teasing her asshole, enticing, delectable in its steady, intense vibrations...
“Really?” Celeste's eyebrows arched.
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Vivi thrashed and gasped and panted, sweaty, her whole mind ablaze with pleasure.
Celeste giggled. “Okay, then, sssweetie,” the demoness cooed patronizingly, “if you're totally sssure!”
And she dropped Vivi to the ground, the coils binding her body briefly loosening—but the length between her asscheeks, pressed up against her thong, still very much present.
Vivi staggered. Stumbled. It took every ounce of her strength not to fall. She bit her lip and screwed all her strength, then straightened and glared defiantly straight ahead—
—right at Celeste's pretty breasts.
Celeste's hands were on them now, groping, fondling.
Bouncing them together with an intoxicating, hypnotic rhythm...
Yesss...” Celeste purred, as the tail between Vivi's legs vibrated and thrummed with hell's lust, “... you like these, don't you?”
“I... I...” Vivi quivered, her whole mind feeling suddenly very vulnerable, and very, very weak...
“You like my sssexy breastsss, don't you, ssslut?” Celeste’s voice was like sweet, slow-trickling, inescapable molasses as she languidly squeezed her breasts together and smiled. “Don't they make your mind all... sssoft... and sssuggessstible...”
“N-No,” Vivi whispered, staring eagerly. Her knees quaked beneath her.
Yessss,” the coil fiend hissed, as her hands kneaded and groped, as her tail slid back and forth, back and forth, in time with the bounces, “sssilly bimbo. Sssilly dumb little bimbo ssslutsss looove my big bouncy boobies, don't they?”
Ohhh... nnnooo...”
“They make them feel sssso soft,” Celeste sighed, squeezing and letting the breasts bounce free, “and sssooo obedient... like I'm sssqueezing their thoughtsss right out, massssaging them aaaall away...”
“Ohh...” Vivi squirmed, struggling to keep her stance upright. To not lean closer. To not swoon right into Celeste’s arms like some silly slutty bimbo...
Sssilly ssslutty titslutsss,” Celeste cooed, bouncing her breasts with each word, “love to sssink for my titsss...”
Sssink...” Vivi breathed, helpless to keep the word from slipping out. She squeaked as she felt a little vibration against her thong—as if in reward.
Sssuch a darling little dissplay you’re making,” Celeste said smugly, bouncing rapidly and making Vivi's breath speed up, “jussst sssstaring like a hopelesss titsss-worshiping bimbo~”
Ohhh... bimbo...” Vivi couldn't hold the words in. She stared at those breasts, admiring how firm they looked, how smooth, how soft. She felt so warm. They looked so flawless, and as the slip of fabric Celeste wore fell away, revealing those pert, dark nipples, her mouth watered at the thought of wrapping her full, sensitive lips around one nipple and... just...
The tail gave a single intense, mind-melting thrum of energy right up against her asshole.
Vivi's knees buckled, and she fell forward.
No sooner had she done so, fortunately, than the tail scooped her right back up into the air, and she realized she'd fainted right into the grasp of Celeste's coils again. The coils slithered immediately back into place around her as if they belonged there, slid between her breasts and wrapped around each in turn...
“I thought ssso!” Celeste said triumphantly with a big smile. “Ssssuch a little ssslutty bimbo! Sssuch a helplessss titsss-obssesssed bimbo sssslut~”
Nnooo,” Vivi pleaded, as she found herself being lifted back into the air. “N-No, I can—I can stand—"
“And yet here you are,” Celeste said sweetly, leaning in as Vivi panted and squirmed against the vibrating slick tail between her asscheeks, “sssquirming and ssstaring like a little horny ssslut, gazing upon my breassstsss and making sssuch adorable little depraved noises~”
“Ohhh...” Vivi 's eyelashes fluttered and her lips parted again as she felt the tail slowly squeezing each breast in turn. Titslut. Titslave. Slave to tits. Those phrases echoed deliciously in her mind. It all sounded so, so fucking hot... “Ohh... oh, yes, Celeste, I… I-I mean—"
Her eyes opened wide as she realized what she’d said, and she squirmed desperately. But the coils had already wrapped once more around her hips and thighs. She was utterly trapped, held at Celeste’s mercy, suspended in the air only by the tail between her legs. “N-No!” she cried, gasping and panting at the wonderful sensations of her breasts and ass being groped at the same time, massaging her into a state of utter limp slutty helplessness... helplessness to resist Celeste, to struggle against her, to refuse any... entry...
That's right, ssslut,” Celeste said with a sweet giggle, patting her on the head. “Sssquirm. Feelsss sssooo goooood to sssquirm for me, doesn't it?”
“I... I...” Vivi bit her lip and gasped and almost drooled as she felt the tail vibrating beneath her with a new intensity. She writhed, thrashed, overwhelmed at just how… how good it all felt. Vivi knew she must look like such a slut, such a depraved, hopeless, horny little slutty bimbo, just squirming and wiggling and positively humping the tail, practically grinding against it like a wifwolf in heat, but it just felt soooo good against her wet pussy, against her tight, slutty little asshole...
And Celeste's breasts looked so beautiful, even as Vivi felt her own being fondled and groped, even as she felt the tail's tip stroking delicately around her pert, sensitive nipples to the point that she was nearly mewling in pleasure. Even so, she couldn’t take her eyes off of Celeste’s.
They looked so bouncy and soft. So pretty. So big and inviting and full of something sweet, no doubt... something she could drink to make her a good little slut for Celeste, a good little suckling slutty bimbo, a sexy little titslut for Celeste. She licked her lips unthinkingly. One of those pert nipples would feel so good between Vivi's sensitive cocksucking bimbo lips…
Her sensible mind struggled to reassert herself as she stared longingly. Cocksucking? she wondered, with a pang of nervous embarrassment. Why… why would I call them those?
A squeak escaped her as the tail holding her up gave yet another delicious little thrum, vibrating intensely against her asshole.
Goodnessss,” Celeste purred, “sssuch a ssslutty little bimbo you're turning out to be for me~”
“N-No,” Vivi moaned, her worries dissolving into mindless horny panic as she grinded and humped, “no, I’m—i'm in connntrolll...”
“Of courssse you are,” the serpent hissed, giggling as Vivi grinded against her tail in shameless lust. “You're sssimply humping my tail like a dumb little needy buttsssslut because you... want to.”
“I...” Vivi bit her lip. She tried desperately to make herself stop, to force her body still, but the effort felt like she might as well be lifting the sky. She kept grinding, panting with pleasure. She just couldn't help it when it felt so good against her hot, needy cunt. “I... y-yeah! It's... I'm just, um, choosing to,” she said weakly, not knowing what else to say. “Like, it's... um... my choice, is all...”
“Of course it is,” Celeste cooed. “And what good little ssslut wouldn't make that choice? Sssuch a good little bimbo buttssslut!”
“Ohhh....” Vivi moaned and drooled a little. good little buttslut. good sudumb little buttslut. That sounded... fuck, so intoxicatingly hot... she found herself grinding a bit more lewdly, loving the thought of looking like a hot, dumb little bimbo buttslut. She grinded in time with Celeste’s bouncing and stared adoringly at those nice, bouncing boobies, imagining what it would be like to be just a slave to her lust, a slave to Celeste’s tits...
Her heart slammed into her chest in realization, and Vivi tried mightily to force her eyes away from those breasts. But her gaze lingered. And as Celeste gave those tits a little bounce and squeeze, matching the bouncing and groping Vivi’s own tits were getting, a happy moan slipped from Vivi’s lips.
“I thought ssso,” Celeste said smugly, making Vivi's face go very hot. “You'll do anything to feel good, won’t you? Anything… to feel... filled...” The tail thrummed, melting Viv's stammered objections into whimpers and moans and mewls. “Anything to be a good little ssslutty bimbo~”
“F-Filled,” Vivi breathed. “N-No, I... ohhh... ohhhhh...” She grinded a little faster. Filled. Filled. That sounded so delectably wrong, so sinful, so depraved, but then again, Celeste did keep telling her she was a depraved little buttslut, a horny helpless tits-worshiping dumb depraved needy obedient submissive little slutty bimbo buttslut...
Bounce. Bounce. Bounce-bounce-bounce. The tits bounced before her, jiggled, squeezed, so soft, so squishy, as Vivi felt every muscle in her body being squeezed into submission...
She stared vapidly at the breasts, lips parted in wonder. So pretty... so hypnotic... squeezing and squishing her brains away... just like these coils were squeezing her brains away, squishing her thoughts into melty goo, turning all her smart-people-thoughts into pure molten need that trickled right down her slick thighs....
“Filled,” she whispered dreamily.
“Aww, that'sss right,” the coil fiend agreed, her voice rising with glee, “filled! Does that sssound nice?” The tail rubbed a little faster, easing Vivi back and forth along its length. It had formed a horseshoe shape around her limp body, with her at the bottom, just sliding and humping and grinding away. She moaned and panted at the pleasure. “I sssupposse it'sss no sssurprise. Jusst look at you!”
“N-No...” Vivi gasped, wiggling happily against the tail despite her words, “no, like, I'm... I'm totally, like, like—like—" Her cheeks burned. Gods damn it, she sounded like such a dumb little slutty bimbo!
Her heart sped up at that. Fluttered a little. Dumb slutty bimbo. Dumb slutty bimbo. She grinded against the tail, feeling it vibrating against her slick pussy, feeling her breasts get groped and fondled, her nipples stroked and played with…
Dumb slutty bimbo.
Dumb slutty bimbo.
Dumb... dumb slutty…
“That's right,” Celeste gushed. “Jussst admit what a ssslutty bimbo you are, and you’ll get to be filled~”
Filled. The thought sounded exquisite right now. Vivi panted, bit her lip, and shook her head. “No,” she managed, glaring at those perfect tits as they bounced and squeezed and squished, “no, I-I don't—I won't—I—ahhmm—~!”
Her defiant words cut off as she was forced to close her mouth. The tip of Celeste's tail had darted up from her breasts to gently, delicately, teasingly stroke along her full, plump painted lips. Her eyes widened as the tail played. It’s… it’s trying to get inside me?
“My, my,” Celeste exclaimed with a giggle, “does my cockssscuking bimbo like that? Does that feel nice, ssslut?”
“Mmm...” Vivi shook her head determinedly, even as she shivered at the sensation. Mm! It did feel nice. It felt so, so nice. Her lips were always so sensitive, after all.
So nice and sensitive, and the tail tip was stroking right against them as she was slid back and forth, as her tits were groped, as her ass and thighs were massaged, and it was all so
That'sss right,” Celeste’s voice dripped with amusement, the demoness clearly relishing Vivi’s weakened, vulnerable state, her fumbling hesitation. “It feelsss good, doesn't it? Sssoooo good. Ssssooo natural for a hot little cocksssucking bimbo jussst like you~”
Natural. Cocksucking bimbo slut. Just like her. Vivi moaned softly, shaking her head helplessly. But it sounded... like... really, really good.
She had to keep her mouth closed, though, she told herself firmly. Had to keep her lips from parting as the tip of the tail vibrated and stroked so delicately, so daintily, so... easily…
… Gods, her lips were, like, soooo sensitive, she realized, her cheeks getting even hotter. The thought of getting to suck a cock... or something like a cock… her mouth watered, and she swallowed at the thought.
Unfortunately, Celeste noticed this, and pounced upon it with transparent delight. “Awww! Does that sssound good to you?” she cooed. “Being my little cocksssucking bimbo ssslut?”
No! Vivi moaned and forced her lips to remain pressed tightly together, even as the tail tip prodded, clearly seeking an entrance, prodded and teased along her impossibly plump, unbearably sensitive lips.
Lips that were made for cocksucking, a voice in her head purred. Made for sucking and fucking and obeying and being filled...
She kept her eyes trained on that dangerous tail tip as it darted about, playful, almost. She glared defiantly and shook her head as it poked. It stroked and prodded, but she shook her head again, even more desperately. No, no, no!
As if with a mind of its own, ‘seeing’ her resistance, the tail tip darted beneath. She was initially confused, and wondered if she’d won out.
She felt it tickle right beneath her chin, and gasped reflexively.
And in one fluid motion, the tail tip popped right back up and right past those plump, briefly parted lips. She managed only a muffled squeak of surprise and indignation before she was quite effectively gagged.
She blinked big, stunned eyes, her vision crossed to look down at the smooth, serpentine intruder. She heard Celeste laugh.
Then the tail tip began to vibrate intensely. Celeste's whole form did, the coils pulsing around her—and inside her—with a fell, sinful red light.
Vivi squealed and moaned as the tail began to pulse, began to move, thrusting rhythmically past her ruby-red lips with an unexpected intensity.
At the same time, the coils she straddled continued slipping and sliding between her asscheeks, stroking so, so indulgently over her needy, tight asshole and dripping-wet pussy.
Her eyes were wide. She wriggled and writhed helplessly, moaning, squealing in pleasure.
So… sensitive! The tail was practically fucking her, and her lips felt it as if they were a second pussy, and it was too much
It was heaven.
“Aww, there you go!” Celeste teased, patting her on the head as she moaned and mewled. “Sssee how good it feelsss when even only one hole is being put to proper use?”
Vivi mewled and squirmed, unable to object. The tail hummed and vibrated around her, inside her, immersing her in that crimson haze. She felt it sliding sensuously past her full lips, in and out, in and out, and moaned in pure, hopeless pleasure.
“You were practically begging for it,” Celeste said slyly, squeezing her tits before Vivi’s wide, helplessly captivated eyes. “What a shamelesss little sssluttty doll.”
Vivi moaned her unthinking agreement and found her head bobbing on the tail, sucking eagerly, as if her lips had a mind of their own.
Thisss is what bimbos like you are bessst for,” Celeste husked, licking her lips with many forked tongues. “No need for thoughtsss. Jussst needy ssslutty playthingsss to be toyed with.”
Vivi was slurping and sucking, brainlessly bobbing her head like the cocksucking bimbo slut Celste told her she was... like the cocksucking bimbo slut she clearly wanted to be...
Sssuch a good little ssslut!” Celeste exclaimed in delight. “My, my, taking to it sssooo naturally. It lookssss...” She smirked. “... like this is where you sssecretly planned to end up all along~”
Vivi moaned and sucked and suckled and slurped, almost drooling now, licked and lapped and worshipped and grinded and humped. She wanted to argue, she told herself, she really did, but her mouth was a bit full at the moment, and her moans of protest didn't quite sound so convincing at the moment.
She was so, so humiliated, but the thought of being a degraded, depraved, shamelesss little cocksucking bimbo slut sounded so hot, she couldn't quite feel it in her to complain.
But I, like, totally would, she thought desperately as she wiggled her ass wantonly. If only my mouth weren’t so, like, full right now!
But Celeste’s words nagged at her. Was this really where she’d planned to end up?
Surely not, she thought whimpering, drooling around the vibrating tail. Her lips were awash in ecstasy, and she was melting into the pure sweet sticky melty pleasure of it all, but surely she wasn't... she'd just been… Vivi tried to remember the word.
Hypnotized! Her eyes lit up. Yes, that was it! Hypnotized... into being Celeste's dumb little cocksucking slutty bimbo... captured in these coils so tight, getting her brains melted into sweet nothing with every vibration, every pulse of red light, every stroke between her asscheeks or thrust past her hot cocksucking lips...
She almost came at the thought.
And the tail popped out, leaving a thin trail of saliva from her still parted, still-drooling lips behind. She gazed after it in wanton slutty desire, leaned after it needily just a hair too far to be accidental...
... before she recovered her senses and snapped out of the daze.
And her face went as hot as molten magma as she realized what she'd just done.
What she'd just... just submitted herself to.
And she realized she was totally wrapped up now. The coils had slithered right around her legs, her thighs, her hips, her midriff, her breasts... she was bound up to her neck now.
She gulped. And the coils felt very, very nice and tight.
And Celeste smiled down at her. Vivi stared up, eyes locking once more on those beautiful tits, forcing herself to avoid those beautiful swirling eyes even as they drew her gaze enticingly ever-nearer...
Vivi stared up, almost worshipfully, and belatedly shut her mouth when she realized she was still drooling.
Sssuch a preciousss thing,” the coil fiend murmured, a sly smile playing across those perfect lips. “I don’t know if I’ve ever met a more eager little ssslut!”
Vivi whimpered and squirmed.
“You know,” Celeste cooed, her smile widening as—still mainly suspending her by the tail between Vivi's legs, Vivi's increasingly useless skirt and thong so slick with juices they were more helping Celeste than hindering her at this point—Vivi began to be lifted higher up into the jungle canopy.
"... you remind me,” the coil fiend went on, her voice as sweet as honey, “of an adorable little ssslutty bimbo toy my dear Aphrodesssia used to play with~”
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