Spiraled Into Control

Chapter 1

by GigglingGoblin

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #anal #bimbo #bimbofication #bondage #breast_fixation #cocksucking #corruption #D/s #fantasy #humiliation #hypnosis #lamia #lesbian #mind_control #oral_sex #spiral #spiral_eyes

[pov: girl w/pussy, femsub, femdom, mutual nc (moderate), girl w/cock, sapphic sex, demonic lamia, hypnosis, sub being wrapped up in coils, breast hypnosis, cock hypnosis, spiral eyes, oral fixation, humiliation, anal, cocksucking, bimbofication, corruption elements]
Nicole's Note: In the real world, consensual nonconsent requires deep trust, as well as much more setup than the fantasy we play with here bothers with. Keep in mind that it is a fantasy! You know, in case the demonic snake woman doesn’t tip you off. ;)
Yes! Ooh, please, yes, j-just—just one more kiss, Ma'am! Please, one more! One more for your dumb little slut, oh, please, please, I'll be gooood, just—pleeeEEEEASE!”
Vivi beamed up at the squirming, writhing catgirl she had pinned against the ferry’s taffrail. “One more kiss?” the sorceress asked innocently, twirling one perfect lock of wavy red hair and pouting her luscious sunset-red lips, her big, brilliant blue eyes as wide and innocent as the blue skies above. “Really? But... gosh, you're already, like, sooooo silly! You really want one more?”
One more,” the catgirl whined. Her pretty face was covered in flawless lipstick stains—each one the perfect imprint of Vivi's perfect lips, each one even redder than the russet-brown cheeks they adorned. Her pretty-but-practical uniform of the Northern Reach Ferrymaids was a humiliating shell of what it once was, a fetishistic parody, even, the already-short dun skirt drenched in sweat and bunched up around her upper thighs, her humble matching crop top torn down to expose her modest cleavage, more lewd kiss marks trailing their way between her breasts down from her bare, exposed neck. Even her trembling hands hadn't been spared the onslaught of kisses.
Gosh,” Vivi of the Candied Lips cooed, rising up to meet the eye level of the suddenly very shy sailor, placing a single fingertip underneath the noirette catgirl's chin to force her to meet her gaze, “just look at you, little Lumi! You're, like, totes just giving in to eeev-ery-thing I say~” She batted her thick, dark lashes. “Even though I'm clearly just a dumb little bimbo!”
Yes,” mewled Lumi, panting and squirming as Vivi shoved her back, bending the squirming pussycat backwards over the rail, “y-yes, yes...”
Pleading for just one more kiss,” Vivi said sweetly, blinking with pure naive innocence, “even though the last one seems to have got you, like, sooooo super totes dumb and stuff!”
Yes,” Lumi whined, “yes-yes-yes, one more, one more—"
It sure almost seems,” Vivi remarked, smirking at the catgirl's pathetically horny state, “like you're just a dumb horny little bimbo who'd do aaaaanything just to get one. More. Kiss!” With every word, she tapped the catgirl teasingly on the nose.
Yes!” the catgirl squealed, kicking her legs needily, whining and moaning as the fingers ran up and down her cheek, her eyes filled with pure, brainless need. “I'm just a—just a silly little horny bimbo, Ma'am! Just your dumb little—j-just a dumb little sluuutttt!"
The fact that she had been implying similar of Vivi just a few minutes ago made her eager degradation all the more delicious, and Vivi beamed. Oh, this was almost too much fun to stop~
Gosh, though,” Vivi asked thoughtfully, putting a finger again to those pouty beestung lips, “it kiiinda seems like, gee, a silly little bimbo like you~” she booped Lumi on the nose, making the catgirl squeak, “shouldn't, like, be in charge of a big ferry like this! That's a lotta like responsibility and stuff for a dumb little slutty bimbo!”
Yes,” the catgirl whimpered. “I-I mean, no! I mean... “ She quivered and pouted, staring at Vivi needily. “Yes, Ma'am.”
So you'll let me have your boat?” Vivi asked sweetly.
Yes, Ma'am!” Lumi's voice was barely a whisper. “Just... just pleeeease...”
Aww.” Vivi beamed up at those pouty, needy lips, so clearly begging for just one more little kiss... “Okay, kitty!”
And with a giggle, she flipped Lumi's skirt up, revealing the source of the cute little tent she'd noticed.
Aah!” Lumi squirmed and writhed. “W-What—"
Just relax, my cute little clitty cat,” the bimbo sorceress purred, licking her lips and beaming up innocently at the suddenly very redfaced, very squirmy catgirl. “I'm just gonna give you...” She leaned in, lips parting, “just one... little... kiss~
And as her lips touched the tip of that cute, twitchy little hen, the catgirl began to make the cutest little bimbo mews.
~ ~ ~ ~
There was a certain bounce to Vivi's step as she left the ferry, leaving behind a dazed, hypnotized catgirl still sprawled on the deck, idly squirming, stroking and sucking a finger and moaning at the new sensations Vivi's spelled lipstick had imbued her with. The catgirl would likely remain as such until someone came for her—perhaps to see why a Northern Reach Ferrymaid had deviated so widely from the standard currents.
The thought of just what little Lumi would get up to without anyone to look after her amused Vivi a great deal. Almost as much as the thought of what the catgirl would say when someone finally found her there on the boat, brainless and entranced and fucking herself silly.
This amusement wasn’t the only source of the bounce in Vivi’s step, of course. She felt a lightening in her heart the second she set foot on the shores of Dembiga, the Jungle Continent. She'd made it. She'd escaped. She felt like she could do a hundred cartwheels and not even tire. It was with a giddy, brazen confidence that Vivi set out from the beach and ventured into the dense forests of Cagaaria.
The skip in her step did lapse somewhat, of course, as the first few minutes plodded into hours, hours of pushing her way through thick jungle, and the sweltering humidity began to take its toll.
The sky was no longer clear, near as she could tell. It was a muddy, foggy gray, and it was beyond humid. She'd already stripped to little more than a comfortable bra, a short skirt and her bare feet—her toes decorated with fashionable neon-pink nail polish—and still, she was a hot, sweaty mess by the time the sun reached its apogee.
But she was also very pleased with herself. She'd escaped. Vivi of the Candied Lips, sorceress and wanted criminal, had escaped the custody of three of the most powerful organizations on Lacra. Now she would be free to make mischief in an all-new continent, free from the prying eyes of the Weaver's Guild and the Toxin Rangers.
Everyone had been so certain of catching her. Everyone had thought she was just a dumb bimbo.
A thought occurred to Vivi. She licked her lips, then, frowning, gave her lips an experimental pop.
She pouted. Oh, the humidity was doing a real number on her makeup, wasn’t it?
Not a moment to waste. Wiping a trail of sweat off her glistening brow, Vivi stopped walking and reached into her purse to retrieve a hand mirror. She ran a quick but thorough inspection.
She liked it when people thought she was just a dumb bimbo, of course. She giggled as she wiped away some smudged product and elegantly reapplied it—returning her lips to a bright ruby glow, her face to its angelic rosy complexion, her lashes to their dark, thick bedroom eyes flutter.
Her enemies assuming she was just a dumb bimbo always made it so much easier to turn every pretty girl she met into her drooling little obedient sex toy.
As she applied the lipstick to her plump, pouty lips, her eyes drifting over the dark jungle with casual interest, she began to hum a soft tune she’d had stuck in her head all week—an insipid “bubblegum ballad” spreading around the Western Plains of late. Her humming joined with the soft chittering soundscape of the jungle, a shifting percussive accompaniment.
She was humming so thoughtlessly, in fact, that she almost didn’t catch the new sound rising over the dead, humid air: A wicked, sultry hiss.
Sssilly girl.”
Vivi blinked, but didn’t move from her spot. Slowly, she looked round, head tilting to one side, her tacky colorful earrings jingling with the motion.
There was silence. She couldn't see anything, but the jungle had gotten very gloomy in this area she'd wandered into. Idly, Vivi wondered what kinds of fey were in the Northern Jungles. The same as Lacra? Or was it more...
She thought she caught some movement out of the corner of her eye, and turned to look—but nothing. Nothing as far as she could see.
She shrugged and began reapplying her makeup, humming a distinctly more catchy, bubblegum tune.
Sssuch a little bimbo you are, aren't you?”
Vivi didn't pause this time. Inwardly, though, she smiled.
Oops!” she exclaimed aloud, as her lipstick seemed to leap from her hand. A finger went to her lips as she pouted. “Aww, I'm, like, suuuch a total klutz!”
She bent over to retrieve it. Bent straight over, arching her back at a near-perfect 90-degree angle, aimed right where the voice was coming from. Her short skirt strategically rose, ever-so-slightly revealing the simple pink thong beneath.
She smirked as the voice did not respond, and gave a little wiggle as she grasped about on the jungle debris for the lipstick. “Ooh, there it is!” she cooed. “Teehee! Gosh, there's so much stuff here on the ground, it's almost hard to spot it!"
She gave a little wiggle.
She was content to linger there a moment, then begin to rise. Nobody could ever resist this maneuver. Nobody.
But she didn't expect the sudden sensation between her legs.
She didn't react immediately, either, as the sinuous... length trailed between them, grazing between her thighs and stroking along her ass cheeks, sliding under her skirt and sliding over her thin underwear with graceful, languid ease.
She bit her lip. Oh. That felt... really nice, actually...
The sorceress briefly stood there, fully bent over, presenting her ass to the stranger and... ohh... her eyelids fluttered as the sinuous length seemed to almost thrum, an intoxicating vibration that sent shivers through her whole body and drew a soft gasp from her pretty parting lips.
The whole world seemed to slow down as she enjoyed the sensation, enjoyed feeling that long, sinuous... tail?... tentacle?... graze over her pussy through the sheer thong, toy with her, stroke and vibrate ever-so-delicately...
Then she realized what she was doing.
With a squeak, the sorceress pulled down her skirt, batting away the tail as if she'd been stung. She whirled to face the perpetrator.
And a being beyond all limits of mortal loveliness looked down at her with a wide, condescending smirk.
She was beautiful. Gorgeous. With coral red skin and a big, pretty smile, with massive eyes filled with colors and flowing crimson hair, with tits that could make some holstaurs jealous and just the barest, most flattering strip of fabric to contain their massive expanse, she was a vision out of one of Vivi's wet dreams, a vision of pure temptation. Sharp horns above her head rose in a sort of crown, only serving to further accentuate that gorgeous round face and shimmering red hair.
From the hips down, her form tapered off into a massive, muscular serpentine tail, the scales a gleaming sanguine red, glittering in the faint light of the jungle as they coiled beneath her, coiled around branches and trunks, impossibly long, too long for even a paradise or anaconda lamia to ever hope to match.
Vivi blinked. Oh.
It was a coil fiend.
Sly amusement rose within her, and she withheld her own condescending smirk. She knew coil fiends.
She knew them quite well, as a matter of fact. Why, she'd dispatched one only a few months back—a gorgeous little temptation named Aphrodisia. She couldn't remember exactly how it had gone, how she'd won out—no doubt because it had been so long ago, and Vivi made so many cute little toys her own, it all blurred together as the moons rolled by—but she was sure that Aphrodisia had presented very little challenge. No, there'd definitely been very little challenge at all.
She didn't show any signs of this openly, of course. Her mind was already racing, racing towards a plan to make this breathtaking demoness yet another conquest to gloat over. And so, on the outside, she just gave a squeak and twirled around, pulling down her skirt frantically and blinking up wide-eyed at the coil fiend’s gorgeous, heaving bosom as if she’d never seen a pair of breasts before.
Oh! Hi!” Vivi’s voice was high-pitched with brainless fright as she made her pretty blue eyes as big as saucers. “G-Gosh, um, I didn't—"
Sssee me there?” the coil fiend finished innocently, smirking smugly down at her. “No, I didn't think sssoo. Quite the little disspplay for me you were making, though, wasn't it?”
Um...” Vivi allowed a little pretty blush to flood her plump dimpled cheeks. Nobody played the clueless bimbo better than her. “W-Was it? I wasn’t, um... “
Oh, yesss,” the coil fiend hissed, reaching forward to graze a hand over Vivi's cheek. Vivi allowed the touch, playing the shy, flustered bimbo as she squirmed and bounced on her toes—even as inwardly she giggled at how easily-fooled this demoness was. “You ssseem like quite the adorable messss, you know.”
O-Oh?” Vivi asked, biting her lip. “I, um, I didn't… gosh, like, thank you?” She blinked innocently.
The coil fiend giggled. “Aw. Ssso cute.” The tip of her tail—the very appendage that had been so playfully toying with Vivi's sex a moment ago—reached forward to caress Vivi's ass, from behind. “You were putting on sssuch a preciousss little show for me and didn't even know it!”
W-Was I?” Vivi gave a sheepish giggle, half-hiding a shy smile behind a hand. She wiggled as the demoness’s tail advanced on her, and only playfully batted it away. “Umm, thanks! Again! Teehee!”
She kept her eyes firmly fixed on the coil fiend's breasts. It wasn't hard—they were truly massive, flawless and pearlescent, positively glimmering in the dim forest light. The Riverborn harlot would no doubt assume Vivi was just some tit-obsessed bimbo, and that suited Vivi just fine. Vivi had other reasons for her focus. A demoness’s breasts could be a distraction, but a coil fiend's eyes... you had to be very pretty stupid to look into those. Very stupid, indeed.
Oh, my dear,” the demoness purred, “you are mossst welcome.”.
My name's Vivi,” Vivi mumbled, swinging her ass idly from side to side, allowing the movements to accentuate her gorgeous, perfectly-toned hourglass figure. “I'm, like, just passing through. Sorry if I, um, woke you up or something!”
Oh, I'm only passsing through myself.” The coil fiend laughed, reaching up to pet Vivi's hair. “My name is Celessste, my sssweet. Vivi is sssuch a pretty name, you know!”
It is?” Vivi blinked big, oblivious eyes, as if stunned at this.
Oh, yessss!” Celeste cooed, intensifying the headpats. “Sssuch a preciousss name! It's perfect for a little buttssslut like you!”
Aww!” Vivi laughed, but allowed a little nervousness to emerge, as if she didn't know how to react to such degrading compliments. “G-Gosh, a... I dunno about, that, but, like, I'm totes just, like...”
A sssilly bimbo?” Celeste supplied helpfully, her expression beginning to grow sly, calculating, as she took the bait Vivi had so helpfully offered her.
N-Nuh-uh!” Vivi gave a sullen pout, folding her arms over her chest. “Like, if you're gonna make fun of me, I'm just gonna...”
Oh, I'm sssoo sssorry. Where are my manners?” Celeste’s eyes filled once more with sweet affection as her tail darted forward again, this time grazing Vivi's leg lower down, towards the ankle. “It'sss only that I sssaw you showing off that adorable little assss of yours. You ssseemed awfully eager to disssplay it to me earlier.”
Vivi couldn't suppress the tiniest of shivers at that. She couldn't help it—Celeste just had such an... achingly sensuous voice. Had the other coil fiend's voice been so very pretty? Surely not. She would have remembered such a husky, sibilant purr, such an irresistible, dripping-with-lust sonorous symphony of sex and sensuality.
It didn't help, though, that the words Celeste was choosing were reminding her of just how long she'd lingered, enjoying those wonderful sensations. The tail had felt so good.
Vivi couldn't wait to make Celeste hers. She couldn't wait to make this hot little number her latest conquest. Vivi had to have her.
So she blinked cluelessly, as if flustered, embarrassed, a bit confused. “I-I wasn't... I mean, I was just...” She pouted, this time making sure to show off just how luscious and plump her lips were, such a pretty shade of springtime green, so freshly-painted and forming a painting of pure sexual desire. “Gosh, like…” She put a finger to her lips. “You seem, like, so pretty, though…” She brightened. “It means soooo much for someone like you to be so nice to me!”
Celeste smirked. “Oh? Does being a silly little buttssslut sound like a nice little compliment to you?”
Vivi flushed. “W-Well, I just mean, like...”
Does it sound nice?” Celeste asked, leaning in slightly, only widening her smirk as Vivi again playfully batted the tail away as it threatened to rise towards her thighs. “Does it sound sssooo nice, being a cute, pretty, dumb little ssslut?”
Gosh.” Vivi mumbled, sucking on the tip of her thumb with the very slightest suggestive flair. “Like... you must think I'll, like, kiss any girl who's nice to me!”
Oh?” Celeste smiled disarmingly. “Do I?”
Well, yesah!” Vivi giggled, and batted her eyelashes. “Like, a lot of cute girls think I'll do aaanything for a pretty girl, like I’m some kinda dumb...” She let her plump, plush lips pop. “Bim-bo~”
My, my,” Celeste murmured to herself, “well, you do appear...” Her hand trailed forward, the headpats turning into caresses of Vivi’s cheek, subtle encouragements, Vivi sensed, for her head to rise to meet the demoness’s lovely eyes. Vivi didn't fall for it, of course. She kept watching those breasts. They jiggled whenever Celeste moved, or laughed, and it was honestly quite a lovely view. “... quite kissssable indeed,” Celeste went on, as those fingers trailed ever-so-slightly along Vivi's lips.
Vivi shivered.
The motion wasn’t fully conscious, but she told herself it had been deliberate, on some level, at least. She had to act like a subby, suggestible bimbo, didn't she? Had to act all, like... like, horny, and susceptible, and that sort of thing. She was just a good actress.
All she needed was one little kiss. One little kiss, and she'd be able to start putting this demon on the defensive, start making her into just another good little humiliated bimbo doll. And Celeste seemed quite happy to go along with where Vivi was steering this—which was away from Vivi’s cute butt and towards the idea of ‘making’ Vivi kiss her. All according to plan.
The tail darted forward again. This time, Vivi decided not to make a fuss. They were only heading for her ankles, anyway, grazing along her bare toes. As long as they didn't drift any higher...
Mmm... jussst one kissss,” Celeste whispered, smirking, leaning in a little closer. She was just a couple feet away, now, and Vivi's eyes darted briefly up from her breasts to risk admiring those pretty lips of hers. She had to admit, she had multiple reasons for craving this kiss. “Surely you wouldn't object to that? Jussst... one... kissss....”
Oh...” Vivi bit her lip, squirming, shifting in place slightly as the tail-tip stroked along her ankle. “W-Well...” She looked at those lips, then back down at Celeste's breasts, bouncing so nicely as the demoness leaned in closer and closer. “Well, I've always heard it's, like, bad luck to kiss a demon, y’know?”
Ooh, of course!” Celeste giggled. “But sssuch a sssilly sssuperssstition. Kissssing a demon is wonderfully good luck, you know!”
Ooh, it is?” Vivi blinked, wide-eyed, as if this was brand-new information.
Of courssse,” Celeste purred. The coils snaked forward, and even as the tip-end trailed along Vivi's feet, the middle section coiled forward and began to settle over Vivi's shoulders. Vivi squirmed a little as she was encouraged to lean in closer. It was like a massive feather boa. A very heavy feather boa that made it... a little difficult to stand up straight, actually...
It's sssuch good luck, in fact,” Celeste went on slyly, “that sssome girls will do aaaaanything... For jusssst. One. Kissss~”
Just one,” Vivi mumbled, blushing brilliantly. She was nearly flush against Celeste, and her eyes kept drifting dangerously close to the demoness’ lips—dangerously because she knew what lay above them. She knew it was very unwise to gaze into the eyes of a coil fiend. Only the dumbest bimbo in the world would do something like that—and still unable to help herself, because those lips were so plump, so juicy... She felt her mouth watering slightly. Just one kiss, and Celeste would be hers. Just one kiss, and this slutty demoness would begin melting into Vivi's cute little obedient toy.
And just one kiss would... would... feel so good...
So good,” Vivi mumbled, trying to keep up appearances. She had to not look too desperate. It wasn't easy. She needed Celeste to think... to think Celeste was in control, to think Vivi was slowly giving in to temptation, and not the other way around... “B-But I.... ooh, I dunno, it kinda seems like... a kiss might be, like, totes the thing someone... really subby and dumb would let you have...”
Oh?” Celeste teased.
The coils settled over Vivi's shoulders, and Vivi nearly stumbled. So heavy... She had to arch her back deliberately to keep standing up straight, thrusting her chest out and her butt back, the very image of a perfect bubblegum bimbo. She had to use every bounce of her willpower to take her eyes off those lips as Celeste drew out her sensuous, hissing purrs even further, as if merely speaking gave her indescribable pleasure⁠—maybe even as much pleasure as Vivi felt from just… listening...
Jussst... one kissss,” Celeste said sweetly, “and that'sss all! It’sss wonderful luck. Don't you think you'd feel sssooo lucky with jussst one kissss from me?”
Mmm...” Vivi moaned softly as the fingers grazed her quivering lips. A little side effect of her lipstick was that her lips could be... awfully sensitive. It was getting harder to maintain her posture, but she absolutely could not afford to slump, to fall, even... all her concentration was on Celeste's words, on her lips, on standing upright despite those heavy coils on her shoulders weighing her down. “Just, like... I mean, m-maybe one kiss...”
Yesssss,” Celeste hissed, leaning in so, so close... “Jussst... one...”
Vivi's heart sang with excitement, her heart racing. She was so close! “I... guess so...” she mumbled, licking her lips in preparation, as her whole world began to center on those luscious lips drawing so, so close to her... “As long as you promise, like... only one...”
She was giggling inside, of course. It was working! She was about to win! Such a gullible creature, a demon. So easy to tempt.
You'd like that, wouldn't you?” Celeste asked curiously, tilting her pretty face to one side as the fingertips continued to graze over Vivi's lips. “A kissss for those sssoft, sssensssitive lipsss of yours...”
Ah?” Vivi squealed as the coils around her ankles started to tighten. “Well… I... I mean, um...” sensitive?”
Oh, yesss,” Celeste said softly. “I can sssee it in those pretty, vacant eyes of yours, little ssslut. You loooove kisssses~”
Oh. Yes.” Vivi pouted as openly as she dared, heart racing. Get on with it. Why won't she kiss me? Just kiss me!
I-I mean... I guess so.... like... whatevs…” Vivi idly kicked her legs, making the gesture appear so thoughtless, so ditzy, it could surely only be an accident that it happened to free her from the coils at her feet.
Mmm...” Celeste giggled at the display. More coils descended around Vivi even as she wriggled her bare feet clear. “Yesss, my sssweeet little ssslutty bimbo, you looove being kissssed, don't you?”
Aaahh...” Vivi whimpered, watching with open need as Celeste’s, luscious lips slowly formed each word with seductive sensuality. “I-I mean, yes, I... please, can't I just...”
Just what?” Celeste asked innocently. “You want a kissss, sssweetie?”
Uh-huh,” Vivi mumbled, blushing furiously. Was Celeste going to make her beg? Gods, demons could be such bitches. “Umm.,.. yes, I would, Celeste, I'd like... just one kiss, please...”
She didn't mind begging, of course. She loved playing the subby bimbo—it made the eventual reveal all the more delicious. But still, something about it felt... awfully embarrassing this time.
Maybe because she was starting to really, really crave that kiss.
But only because she wanted to take control, she reminded herself. She needed to kiss Celeste to win this. That was all. She needed to make Celeste her cute little toy.
She needed that kiss.
She needed that kiss so, so very badly...
My, my, look at you~” Celeste beamed. “And here I thought you were just a hot little buttssslut. But you're a sssexy little cocksssucking bimbo too, aren't you?”
I... I just want a kiss,” Vivi whined, trying to lean in—but the coils stopped her. Celeste wasn't even a foot away now. Her voice surrounded Vivi like a warm shower. “Please, Celeste, just... gosh, I'm sooooo horny, and, like, I bet one kiss would make me... soooo dumb...”
That'sss awfully hard to imagine!” Celeste giggled again. Vivi found herself giggling back and stopped herself. “Sssilly little ssslut. Those lipsss of yours are sssoooo sssensssitive, aren't they?”
The tail-tip grazed along Vivi's lips. Vivi squeaked as it vibrated slightly, the vibration spreading through the coils draped over her shoulders and looped around her ankles. It was like an achingly comfy massage, relaxing her shoulders right to sleep, and she couldn't help but briefly melt into the pleasurable feeling. “Ohhh... yes, Celeste, they’re... like... sooooo sensitive...”
You're just a little bimbo, aren't you?” Celeste cooed. “Jussst a cute little bimbo ssslut!”
Oh, y—" Vivi squeaked as she felt the tip gaze over her lips again, almost prodding, as if... as if trying to slip past them. It felt wonderful. So vibrant, and... pulsing, pulsing with a fell, warm glow... “Oh, y-yes, Celeste! sssooooo sensitive!” She giggled without even thinking about it. She was just getting into the role, she told herself. Had to pretend to be a cute little bimbo slut for Celeste. “Gosh, like, I'm... gosh, I just wanna kiss sooooo bad!”
Of course you do,” Celeste purred as Vivi gave a needy pout. “Aw, I'll bet you're sssoooo pent-up right now, aren't you?”
Vivi gave a meek little nod.
All you want,”' Celeste said silkily, “and all you can even imagine, is just one little kiss. One. Little. Kissss.~” With every word, the tail vibrated, and Vivi whined at the sensation. It was like her lips were... maybe not a second pussy. Sometimes they were even more sensitive. It just felt so, so nice....
Yes, Celeste,” she moaned needily, squirming beneath the coils, starting to realize just how hard it was to actually move... and in turn wonder if this was a problem. But she just needed... “Just one kiss, please, oh, please, your little slut neeeeds it!”
You'd do anything.” Celeste’s voice was like spun silk.
Aaanything!” Vivi gushed, her head bobbing. She stared at those lips as Celeste's voice swept around her, her own lips starting to part—before she caught herself and closed them just in time to avoid the tail tip. “Gosh, like—like—like—"
It was so hard to think of dumb things to say. She just wanted to scream and squeal and demand it, but she had to keep pretending to be a dumb bimbo just a bit longer... She was so close, but it was like Celeste was... teasing her...
Aww, are wordsss getting hard?” Celeste teased. “Just thinking about a kissss from Celessste is getting you aaaalll dumb and needy, isn't it, preciousss?”
Nnnn...” Vivi moaned softly, pouting, and nodded her head.
You want it, don't you? Just one kissss.”
Yes! Vivi wanted to cry out. But she just meekly nodded. Surely now, surely any second now... even as the coils continued to tighten down below...
Sssuch a needy ssslut,” Celeste murmured, her voice like molten honey, drizzling over Vivi, seeping into her and filling her with helpless need, “to need it sssoo badly she's reduced to pleading~”
Uh-huh,” Vivi whimpered, watching the lips embrace each word like a lover.
Jussst ssstaring at my lipsss,” Celeste went on, “and thinking about how nice it would be to get one kissss, or maybe to wrap your own sssexy cocksssucking lipsss around sssomething more... fulfilling...”
Fulfilling,” Vivi breathed, not fully registering the words. Celeste was leaning in so, so, so close...
Because hot little bimbos,” Celeste hissed, “hot little sssluttsss... need to be filled, don't they? They need every. Hole. Filled.”
Yes, Celeste,” Vivi moaned with a wiggle. She felt her pussy clenching with excitement, watching Celeste’s lips part and purse and pout and plump, curve upwards in a smile that grew smugger by the second... “Yes, I'm just a little... a little slut... who wants to be filled, please, just—" She whined. “Just a kiss, please, please, please!”
Vivi’s own cadence surprised her a little. She sounded... desperate. Helplessly, earnestly desperate. It’s just an act, she assured herself. I’m just… putting on a show to lure her in.
The reminder mollified her ego, but still uncertainty lingered in her gut. If it really was just an act... why was her heart racing like this?
And why were there so many coils gathering around her ankles?
She squeaked in sudden realization and tore her eyes from those lips, squirming and quickly stepping clear of the lasso-in-waiting. “N-No, um, I-I mean...”
She quickly collected herself, managing to shrug away a couple of the heavy coils piling onto her shoulders. She’d gotten a little… distracted just now. That was all. She nodded to herself, suppressing a smirk. No doubt that little hypnotic-lips trick worked perfectly on the kinds of dumb bimbos Celeste was used to dealing with. Celeste had no idea, though, who she was dealing with.
Trying not to give away the game, she cleared her throat. “No, I just—I'm not, like—I’m not—"
Sensing the coils moving beneath her again, she glared, deliberately spreading her legs to a wider stance so she’d be harder to grab. She folded arms with an indignant pout. “I'm not about to be taken in,” she said brattily, unable to keep a hint of genuine affront from her voice, “by these silly little—EEP!”
She squeaked as, without warning, the coils tightened and caught her right between the thighs—and directly between her plump asscheeks.
In the same motion, the coils proceeded to lift her directly into the air, lifting her so her tiptoes barely touched the ground. Her cry broke into a sudden gasp as the vibrations came again, pulsing with sinfully erotic energy right up against her slick thong—now riding up a little thanks to the new assailant.
Sssoooo cute,” Celeste gushed. Almost despite herself, Vivi squirmed with pleasure at the voice pouring into her ears—and at the tail thrumming between her asscheeks, stimulating both her dripping pussy and her... and her...
She bit her lip and squirmed.
Jussst look at you,” the coil fiend whispered, plainly amused, as the coils returned to winding around her ankles, keeping her legs nice and spread to the point that Vivi’s skirt more resembled a frilly belt. “Sssooo easy! Jusst a ssslutty little bimbo who needsss to be filled.”
Ohhh...?” Vivi squirmed and wiggled, then blushed brighter and hotter as she realized she'd started unconsciously grinding against the tail. “No, I'm... like...”
The coils wound up her legs. They massaged her calves, still sore from the boat ride and walk, into a pleasurable, relaxed limpness, and rose up towards her thighs. Vivi swallowed.
So horny and needy,” Celeste purred, “just at the thought of one. More. Kissss.” She leaned in close, and Vivi panted as those luscious lips planted little kisses along Vivi's neck. “Oh, but sssweetie...”
She pulled back, grinning wickedly. Vivi quivered in lust and desire.
Sssoon you're going to be begging,” the coil fiend cooed, and Vivi squeaked as the tail began to slide back and forth between her legs, “for sssoooo much more~”
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