Monstrous Ranch

Chapter 12

by GigglingGoblin

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Dear Senya,

Heya, bum! It's your sister. I got your letter—pretty crazy shit! Who'd have thought our shitty racist uncle was loaded, huh?

I hope the trip there goes okay. To be clear, I have never heard of this ranch. Sounds pretty sketchy to me—esp. since you're, like, traveling with a frikking ex-pirate! What the fuck do they ranch in the middle of a bamboo forest, anyways? Pandas? Dire raccoons?

Anyway, make sure to keep me posted! Your letter took forever to arrive for some reason. Guess they don't have a good postage system? Can't be worse than ours, though.

I'll have your back if you need me, but in the meantime, I thought you might want to know something I found while researching this region. Apparently, there's a shitton of fey in that region, esp. lust sprites. WILD lust sprites, Senya. From what I've read, they're nothing like the ones in the sprite pits back home. I'll transcribe an excerpt. Keep an eye out! Even partially "trained" ones can apparently fuck you up pretty bad.

Anyways, the excerpt:

'In the mind of a lust sprite, there is little to be found that we would recognize as human. Their brains are simpler, more limited. Common parlance would place them alongside beasts and birds, or even vermin—insipid beasts good for only sexual pleasure.

'In truth, this claim is wrong on both counts. They are not insipid beasts. And there is nothing 'good' about them. My research has consistently shown that lust sprites are not stupid: They recognize themselves in mirrors, easily identify the mechanisms behind locks and clothing, and navigate labyrinths even faster than most humans. When in groups of four or more, their "hive intellect" can become potent enough to navigate just about any puzzle or challenge—as long as the end result involves sexual intercourse.

'Lust sprites are not stupid. They are alien. And so is their means of mind control. Aside from a lust sprite's more obvious sympathetic lust auras, prolonged or repeated contact with a lust sprite has the effect of eroding a victim's mental endurance towards them. In essence, a victim's mind becomes locked into regarding the sprites as ideal mates, and steadily becomes incapable of conceiving of worldviews that do not involve regular sex with the lust sprites. The victim's consciousness might even eventually bleed into the hivemind, though more tests would be required to prove this. Evidence thus far is solely anecdotal.

'Lust sprites may feign submissiveness, but unless fully subsumed into a sprite pit—monitored and rotated to avoid steady exposure to the same sprite hive—they will devour their lovers into them. And the process will never be noticed in the victim. Never.

'The victim becomes a part of the pack, and all other forms of willpower and mind control will become fragile and brittle when the rest of the pack is nearby.

'Wild lust sprites are predators, just like most other fey. A man or woman who allows themselves to be caught once will continue to be caught on subsequent hunts. Every time. And woe betide that unlucky mortal, undead or fey who seeks to get between a pack and its quarry.'


Senya was.

He stared deep into the eyes of Miss Scarlet—those gorgeous violet vats of wine—and moaned and screamed as she sucked on his cock, guzzling down his cum as it shot out. He was climaxing nonstop. Her lips were too soft, too sweet and loving. Her eyes were too much, too powerful. Miss Scarlet was too powerful. She sucked his cock and drained his thoughts away with every schlup of her lips against his slick member.


He was.

He shivered, feeling his neck hairs standing on end. Miss Scarlet's wonderful mouth was almost agonizingly perfect, but suddenly, it seemed...

... insufficient.

Kitten was gasping and moaning behind them, and he envied her brainless bliss. Miss Scarlet had given him that, but now it was... it wasn't enough.

He stared at her and whimpered, wide-eyed. He heard her giggle around his shaft at him, and the dryad sped up her ministrations. It was heavenly. She was literally blowing his mind. And still his lust rose. Still it fought, bitter and prickly. He wanted more. Needed more.

Barely conscious of what he was doing, Senya reached down with trembling hands and grabbed her head, fingers tangling in her perfect auburn hair.

Miss Scarlet's own eyes widened, then, as he forcibly moving her head up and down in his lap. Those beautiful eyes screwed up in indignation, and she let out a little squeak, but he paid it no need. More. He needed more, more, more!

Miss Scarlet was struggling, now, but she was also getting red in the face. Her lips continued to work and suck at his shaft. And she was starting to moan. He mindlessly fucked her face, drowning in the bliss, the nonstop ecstasy, and yet...

... her moans of pleasure were lessening, turning to whines. She was sucking harder than ever now. He saw her hands going down to touch herself, stroking her nipples, then plunging between her legs. She stared at him with amazement. "Mm?"

"More," he whimpered. "M-more!"

Senya was horny.

And so, he realized, was Miss Scarlet.

Horny in a way they hadn't been before.

And then he heard Kitten stop moaning. The catgirl gave a confused mew, then whispered, "Oh, f-fuck, not the—"

"Arf!" came the most beautiful, adorable sound in the world. "Ooh, Master found new pets!"

"It's the kitty!" squealed a voice with identical cadence. "Kitty-kitty-kitty!"

And then he realized that the three of them were not alone in this basement.

"P-puppies," he squeaked, "help Master!"

Senya was.

He wasn't sure what he was, but he wasn't nothing.

A lot of things happened at once right then.

Miss Scarlet was taken tumbling off of him, tackled by two eager puppy lust sprites—the redhead and the platinum blonde, each with perky puppy ears, wagging fluffy tails, and red eyes burning with lust.

He heard Kitten let out a yowl and hiss, a crash, and the sound of cracking glass.

A brilliant orange light like sunsets filled the intimately-lit basement, and a squeal of high-pitched delight. The orange-crimson sparkle sprite came into view, dazzling everyone who gazed at her with thousands of brilliant little sparks. For a moment, Senya felt his mind tingling with her familiar control. "Free! FREE! Haha—oh, shi—"

"Pretty light!" bubbled one of the puppy girls, and he saw her spring up and try to grab the sparkle sprite out of the air. The sprite let out indignant shrieks as those soft hands wrapped around her, but those shrieks quickly changed pitch as the puppy sprite fell back to the ground and started licking all over her body with her long tongue.

Senya, for his part, was reeling. Reality was not coming back easily—it was returning in jagged shards, like his mind had been the bottle, like Vinifera had shattered it, and these puppy sprites were not so much fixing it as they were returning the pieces by accident.

And those shards were tinged. He felt then the burning need for his puppies, stronger than ever before. He stared down at the puppy girl who had already begun lapping at his sensitive cock, and cried out as she licked out yet another orgasm. He hadn't even registered her arrival. It felt so... so right to let them take him.

No, it was too much. Even with all the drugged food, all the poisonous wine, his brain could not handle this much pleasure. He was close to passing out again.

"P-puppy," he rasped, staring deep into those pretty red eyes, straight at his chestnut-haired beauty.

Her ears perked up as he addressed her, and her tail wagged behind her. She was on her hands and knees on the bed right now, her ass sticking straight up in the air, an exact copy of one of those absurd poses he'd seen in trashy art pieces back home. Her long tongue lolled for a moment as she panted, beaming at him, eyes wide and happy.

He needed to tell her to stop. He tried to tell her to stop. He opened his mouth and let out...

... a happy sigh.

She giggled and went back to licking.

He couldn't help it. He was fully immersed now—their lust surrounded him, choked him, six potent auras. He heard Miss Scarlet squealing as two sprites tagteamed her, one kissing and licking at the plush lips that had so effortlessly broken him, the other lapping determinedly at her pussy.

He could see the sparkle sprite being held up to Miss Scarlet's eyes, see her being forced to stare at it, as it in turn was mercilessly licked.

He could see Kitten joyously sixty-nining one moaning sprite as the other licked and played with Kitten's breasts. The catgirl had already been effortlessly claimed by the puppies. Valina was not in the building right now, clearly.

Senya lay there for what felt like minutes but, judging by the rate of Miss Scarlet's slow breakdown into submissive whimpering, had probably been closer to an hour. He wasn't really conscious of orgasms anymore—he was experiencing six lust sprites' arousal simultaneously, in addition to his own ecstasy. It was a new kind of pleasure. Or... a nightly kind of pleasure.

It just... felt right to lie there. To just lie still. And let his brunette puppy girl love him.

Luckily, the lust sprites' auras seemed to be mostly focused on Vinifera and Kitten now, breaking down their wills to make them more eager, apologetic lovers. And they were certainly getting eager, from the looks and sounds of it. But as the shards of his mind slowly returned to him, Senya started to notice something very, very strange.

There was a light in this room he hadn't noticed before. It was coming from a vent in the corner of the room, behind the bed and the table. Senya had no idea how he hadn't noticed it before—some trickery of the dryad's, maybe?

"Puppy," he whispered, softly, "I n-need to—"

"Am I a good girl, Master?" she cooed.

That phrase sent his mind reeling into the triggered response, but he fought to maintain his purpose. "I—"

"Are we good girls, Master?" The words echoed throughout the room as the lust sprites paused in their loving embrace, eager to press the advantage on their horny Master. "Are we good puppies?"

His lover gave his cock head one long lick. And it was too much.

"Yes!" he cried, unable to help himself. "Good girl! Good puppies!" He reached down and stroked his lover's hair as she moaned and licked at him. She licked slower, now—almost teasingly, like she was testing how much he would put up with. He could only grin adoringly at her audacity. She played him like a fiddle, dragging his mind deep into her love. How could he ever scold her?


He froze mid-pet. His sprite blinked big puppydog eyes at him and whined, and he quickly resumed petting, but something was different. He stared numbly at the glowing vent.

That moan had not come from this room.

It had come from the chute.

Then his puppy let out another low whine, forcing him to pay her more attention, and he smiled as he saw two of her sisters coming to join him, eager to lap at his shaft. He couldn't wait to be reduced to a quivering mess beneath one of their nightly tongue baths.

The glowing vent sank into the depths of his memories, no longer important. All that mattered was petting his puppies. Making sure they knew they were good girls.

Vinifera lay back on the floor, eyes wide, drooling. For all her charisma and class, her gorgeous dress was now a soiled mess, outright torn in places to expedite the puppy's clumsy explorations. She stared up at the ceiling, sucking her thumb with one hand and stroking her cunt with the other. Nearby, Kitten and the sparkle sprite were thoroughly engrossed in one another's company. It was hard to tell who was controlling who, but without permission to cum, Kitten would be mewling for quite a while, Senya guessed.

Senya barely noticed his puppies picking him up—the tongues on his cock drove almost all thought away, save what made him hornier. He was once again lost in lust, but he knew instinctively that it was a good, pure lust this time. His puppies belonged to him. He belonged to them. There was nothing wrong with letting them reduce him to quivering, mindless mess of horny obedience. That was what his puppies were for. What he was for.

And as they carried him out of the basement and back up to his room for several more hours of intoxicating lovemaking, he smiled at the nearest one, a bright-eyed redhead who gripped his right shoulder and was currently occupied lapping at his cheek. "Good girls," he slurred. "G-good puppies..."

The redhead giggled.

"Good Master," they all cooed in unison.


Senya spent several hours like that, lying back on the bed, helpless, as they licked and lapped hungrily at his throbbing cock.

He didn't think of much during this time. Every now and then, he'd cum, and he'd regain just enough breath to praise them, and they'd maybe be distracted enough to let him free so he could try to fuck one of them properly. But mostly, they held him down and made him accept their loving licks. And he loved it that way anyways. His puppies always knew just what he wanted.

As he was recovering from the high of yet another orgasm, Senya heard a call from downstairs. "Master!" called a voice he... vaguely recognized. "Master! Senya! Oh, what the hell?"

He heard banging on the stairs, and then the voice outside his door. "Master? Is that you in there?"

Oh. He realized it was Bobbin.!

"B-Bin!" he managed, just as one of the puppy sprites started kissing him again. He giggled as she paused to lap at his lips, as if she didn't quite know how to kiss and still wanted to lick. He didn't mind. He dimly recalled minding the first night, because he loved kissing his sprites, but they'd made him realize how good it felt to just let them lick.

There was a pause.

The door slowly opened.

Bobbin walked in and looked down at Senya, gripped by six moaning puppy sprites, mindlessly kissing and letting them bathe his cock in five long, wet tongues. Cum shot out of his cock at that exact moment, only to spill back on him for the puppies to clean up. They never missed a drop.

Bobbin rubbed her forehead, a small smile running across his face—a smile that he would later recognize as a mixture of aroused, amused, and relieved. "... How long have you been in here?"

He could only giggle as the puppies planted little ticklish kisses on his glans.


"Where the hell were you?"

Senya could barely drink his tea, he was so jittery. He was wearing only a towel now—his cock was still erect, so he hadn't had time to get dressed. He supposed that the fact that he was thinking about getting dressed was a pretty good sign that he'd gone quite a while without any prisoner fruit.

Or I worked it out of my system, he thought. Can I do that?

Bobbin and Jerrod exchanged looks. Bobbin's lips twisted into an ugly grimace.

"Crow attack," she said.

"We been getting more've 'em of late," Jerrod said, taking a swig of his whiskey. Senya had never seen the stockman drink in Bobbin's presence before, though he had noticed him taking sips of something behind the house yesterday. "Bobbin tells me it's more than what's usual for the Ranch, at last."

"Really?" Senya squirmed, thinking about how determined Valina had been to get him alone. She'd spent a whole half-hour pretending to be normal just to pull this off. "Do you suppose... do you suppose they coordinated the attack with the, um... the..."

"They know you're here," Bobbin said curtly. "That's no doubt related to the spike in attacks. But no, Valina didn't talk to the crows about what happened today. We can account for Valina's whereabouts this morning pretty reliably."

Out of the corner of his eye, Senya noticed Jerrod suppressing a smirk. He took another sip of his tea. "What'll happen to Miss Scarlet?" he asked. "V-Vinifera, I mean. And... and Valina."

Jerrod grinned. "Well, Vinifera's been pretty well put in her place by the sprites. There's not much more we can do to her, bein' honest—she's one of the freest of these bitches. Her and the cow whore. And the pussyslut, clearly. Those're our problem whores."

Senya grimaced. Despite everything that had happened, he was starting to find Jerrod's ways of referring to the captives a little grating. Maybe it was the conversation with Valina that was making it feel worse.

The faked conversation, he reminded himself. It had been a ruse. It had to have been.

"The livestock each have their own ways of being handled," Bobbin said with a thin smile, reminding Senya of a way of referring to the fey he disliked even more. "I think I will see to Valina as best I can, but to be honest, the puppy sprites probably did a pretty good job on their own." She smiled wider now. "Our catgirl has been heavily conditioned around the puppies. I almost forgot."


"Oh, yes. Yet another triple-great uncle kink." Her eyes narrowed to a smug catlike squint as she remembered. "Frankly, I'm embarrassed we hadn't used them on her sooner. I just... got used to only seeing them with a Master, I suppose." She gave him a funny look. Her hand skittered over the table and, to Senya's surprise, gave his hand a small squeeze. "You did alright, y'know."

Senya blinked.

She shrugged. "Calling the sprites was a legitimately smart move, and I'm amazed you thought of it in your state."

Senya avoided her eyes. "Well, there's a reason I was in that state."

"Mind the straw boss," Jerrod said, picking his teeth with a very long, slender knife. "She knows what she's talking about. Vinifera's a real old, real nasty piece of work, and she's damn good at... what was the word, Bobbin?"

"Cascade hypnosis, is the technical term." Bobbin leaned back in her chair, clasping her hands together. "It's what we call the technique of overwhelming a victim with sensation, stimulation, hypnotic draws..." She gave a little smirk. "... or, in this case, simple stress and embarrassment to prevent them from thinking out what the hypnotizer is doing and saying. Much like the edging technique Tricin used on you while you were, uh, encoiled, it makes it impossible to muster any resistance; there's just too much. Vin is also a world-class kisser, even by dryad standards."

"Right." Senya felt his cheeks heating up again. "So, um, about that. The... distractions. Her keeping me from noticing things. There's something I wanted to ask you, Bobbin."

Bobbin looked at him askance, then flashed Jerrod a smile. "Jerrod, do me a favor and go check on the fleece sprites. I think they've been feeling neglected lately—everyone's gotten to capture the Master so far except them."

Senya bit his lip.

Jerrod chuckled. "You don't see the spritelion whinin'." He grabbed a coat and made his way to the door, swinging it open grandly, as if the chore was downright insufferable.

Bobbin rolled her eyes as he left. "I keep telling that dumbass. The spritelion is ace as fuck. The only one the old Masters accepted on the Ranch, in fact, and only because they didn't have any other spritelions in the area. Doesn't stop him trying to hit on her, 'course."

Senya blinked. "Wait, there are ambivalent fey? And... is Jerrod going to lie with the fleece sprites? I thought that was a problem. Does the amulet make him immune to the sleep effects?"

"Yes, there are all sorts of fey." Bobbin snorted. "Though the Primal Code doesn't change. Spritelions are still predators—they just seek control for its own sake. Like... how you'd seek out a really tasty meal. And no, he's not going to lie with the weresheep, 'cause it doesn't make him immune. He's just gonna hang out and give them a little... um..." She rubbed the bridge of her nose. "Aw, who are we kidding? Greedy fucker'll get a nice little nap with them. Goddammit."

Senya raised his eyebrows. "I figured that was a given. Is that a problem?"

"Nah." She sighed. "I mean, it's harmless, but still a pain for me to extract him from. I'm not immune, either. Fleece sprites are tricky."

There was a moment's silence. Senya sat across from Bobbin in the dining room, weighing his words carefully. "Do we..." He rubbed his collar. "I mean, I know Jerrod isn't... why do we need him?" He put up his hands hurriedly as Bobbin looked at him askance. "I mean, I have nothing against him! Well, mostly nothing. But... why an extra human? Why does the Ranch need a human stockman?"

Bobbin eyed him narrowly for a moment. "Drink your tea, Senya. It's not poisoned, I swear." She got up from her seat and sat down next to him as he obliged. "Here's the thing. You are the Master, or you will be, once you... once you sort your issues out, which we will be doing tomorrow, rest assured. But of course we need other humans."


Bobbin rolled her eyes. She flicked her hands for a moment, as if struggling to pluck out the words. "Because... because I can't so much as go into market without getting ambushed by a dozen goddamn fey, that's why. You think this Ranch is popular? "

"I've... kind of gathered it's not."

"Yeah. There are... radical fey out there who would happily use violence to achieve their beliefs." She took Senya's tea and took a sip, then put the mug back in his hand. Senya realized he was going along with her body language without any question, and tried to check himself, but it was hard to argue with what Bobbin wanted—what she wanted, she generally took. "They'll go after you, too, of course. You don't count as mortal." She shot him an annoyed look as he opened his mouth to interject. "Yes, you are mortal. Look, fey of the Wild East have weird taboos. They don't usually go after mortals, and mortals don't go after fey. You don't benefit from that little... truce, on account of your dealing in fey affairs. Some druids are the same way, I'll bet."

"You'll bet?" Senya's mind was abuzz with questions. A lot of this didn't fully square to him, but it was hard to put his finger on all of it. Bobbin talked quickly, and there was so much information to take in. "So wait, Jerrod can still get attacked by the villagers. They tried to kill us earlier! And you came to rescue us, didn't you?"

"The... the villagers have politics to contend with." Bobbin tilted her head from side to side. "Yyyes, there are local mortals who fight us, and they, along with the radical fey, are the Crows." Bobbin looked extremely tired. She leaned against him, resting her chin on his shoulder. She looked like she would very much like to be discussing literally anything else. "I can sneak out, but I can't go delivering trade goods to market. That's high-profile. And... it's complicated. It's complicated."

Senya frowned. Most of what Bobbin said made sense, but the way she said it sounded almost like she was searching for justifications.

Clearly sensing his unease, Bobbin nuzzled his hair, giggling. "Do you really want to get involved in fey politics, Master? Surely there are better parts of fey to get involved in."

Senya was momentarily caught aback. "Um..."

Bobbin's hand crept beneath his towel and started to tug it off. "Tell you what, Master. Why don't I check and see what Vin did to you? Her lips can have all sorts of side effects."

"Um. Okay?" Senya mopped his brow. "Bobbin, listen. When I was downstairs, I saw—it took me a while to see it, but I saw—"

The towel fell from his lap, allowing his long, fully erect cock to spring clear. Bobbin arched an eyebrow. "Wow. You've had a long day, Master."

"Bobbin!" he protested, albeit feebly, as she reached down towards his member.

"Relax, Master." Bobbin chuckled into his ear. "I'm just going to..." Her fingers slowly wrapped around his cock. "... examine it." She kissed his cheek. "Please, continue with your little story."

"B-Bobbin," Senya whispered, feeling strangely familiar pangs of lust sparkling through him with the possessiveness she showed towards him now, "I s-saw a... a shaft."

"Oh, I know."

"You do?"

"Oh, yes. Vin spelled it up something fierce." Bobbin leaned away from his shoulder and gave him a fierce grin. "And I'll bet she enjoyed it."

"Bobbin." Senya's cheeks were burning as she started to climb atop him, but he couldn't make himself fight back. And he knew she knew he couldn't. All he had to do was tell her to stop, command her to stop, beg her to stop, but all that came out when he opened his lips was a pathetic, "I-I'm your boss!"

"For now," Bobbin husked in his ear, and she licked along his cheek and took him in a passionate kiss, "I'm the boss."

Senya was left breathless, staring deep into her gorgeous eyes. He realized she was straddling him now.

She rose up, so she was situated right above his shaft, and winked at him. "And you are livestock, little Senya."


"Hush." Bobbin fixed him with a fierce, almost feral smile. "I've held off for long enough. I want you." In one fluid motion, she shrugged off her shirt, allowing her fluffy, furry breasts to bounce free. "And I know you want me," she whispered, grinning.

Senya stared up at the lithe house fey, spellbound by those gleaming orange eyes. "I... I..." Tell her to stop. Tell her to stop.

But she's in charge. How could I tell her anything?

"Good boy." Bobbin's grin turned humiliatingly smug as she came cascading down upon him, impaling herself on his cock.

Her pussy was tight, and the moans she let out as he was driven into her sent chills running up and down his spine. Senya shook in his chair, but Bobbin wrapped her arms around him, holding him still. "Shh," she cooed. "Easy. Easy, there. Good boy."

"B-but..." But Senya couldn't muster any objections, and they both knew it. Bobbin's cunt was too slick, too tight. Her eyes were too gorgeous. She was too gorgeous. And he was too...

... too desperate to give in.

I really am a stud, he thought, his cheeks burning, only half-conscious that he had no idea where the word had come from. And as Bobbin sank all the way onto him, he realized that it felt very, very good to be breeding livestock.

He found himself relaxing back as Bobbin started to rise up and down on his lap, her pussy contracting around his cock. Her eyes were wild with pleasure and desire. "F-fuck!" she cried, grabbing and kissing him with a hunger that practically sucked the air from his lungs. "Y-you—you're just so fucking easy!"

"Bobbin!" he moaned, but he wasn't protesting anymore. His arms were wrapping around her, his hands gripping her pert ass and helping her to rise up and down. He was so horny, so needy, and she was so ready to use him just as he longed to be used. He couldn't resist her.

He'd completely forgotten what he'd been talking about. All he could think about was this lithe, fluffy beauty who had so effortlessly claimed him—with so little hesitation, it was almost like she'd done it before.

"Been fantasizing about this for days," she hissed, gripping him in another hungry kiss that left his lower lip almost raw from her sheer ferocity. "Every since—oh, f-fuck!—you arrived! Always wanted a—a plaything Master!" She slid down around his cock, sending thunderbolts of pleasure rioting through him

"Yes!" he cried, his mind reeling. His orgasm was rising fast, and he knew that when he came, he would give in completely once again. But he didn't mind. He could trust Bobibn, at least, not to brainwash him. There was a strange relief in that.

And... a bit of disappointment?

She bounced up and down, faster and faster. She was panting now, covered in sweat, smelling of sex and musk and pure, raw sensuality. "You're mine!" she managed, as she wriggled her hips around him, drawing out her ascension. She let out a little cry. "Mine, mine, MINE!"

"Yours!" he screamed, and he seized her in a kiss as he came. He felt her screaming into the kiss, and then she was cumming, too, thrashing and bucking atop him. His cock shot its whole load into her, and she poured sweet, sweet pleasure into his emptying mind.

The next thing he knew, she was bearing him down to the floor and mounting him again, bouncing with the speed of a hummingbird. He whimpered and cried out, still sensitive, but Bobbin was merciless. She grinned triumphantly at him. His pleasure was secondary, he realized—Bobbin wanted more. More pleasure from him. More orgasms.

And she gleefully claimed two more from him as he lay there, twitching and thrashing, powerless beneath her.

But he couldn't take much more. He cried out in mixed pleasure and discomfort as he came again, bucking up helplessly into her. He'd been cumming all day, smothered in pleasure, and he couldn't take much more. He trembled and whined in her grasp.

She laughed, slowing in her bounces as she recognized his distress. "Oh, poor baby!" she mocked. And for a moment, he found himself filled with almost absurd relief and gratitude towards her, simply for caring enough about his pain to slow down. He smiled weakly up at her as she reached up to the counter and grabbed something. "Eat! Keep up your strength, Senya!"

Senya found his mouth stuffed with something pink, fleshy, and very sweet. It was a prisoner fruit, he realized numbly, as he started to suck at it. He couldn't help himself. The taste was exquisite, and the more he sucked, the hungrier he felt. He started gnawing at it, and Bobbin held it for him even as she pinned his arms to his sides, letting him eat straight from her hand.

The fruit's effects were, as always, nearly instant. He felt a new vitality trickle into him, accompanied by a newfound sense of freedom. He could no longer remember why his nudity had shamed him, much less why he would be embarrassed to lie here on the floor of the dining room and let his subordinate straddle him, claim orgasm after orgasm from him, and utterly dominate him, body, heart and soul.

"Good boy!" Bobbin cooed down at him. "You're gonna need every ounce of strength for what I'm gonna do to you, my big boy! Would you like that?"

He could only moan as she began to bounce again.

It was going to be another restless night.

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