Monstrous Ranch

Chapter 12

by GigglingGoblin

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cw for flustering/social anxiety-based hypnosis~

Lady Vinifera—or Miss Scarlet, as she preferred to be called—was a most gracious host. She had Kitten, who seemed suddenly quite eager to serve as his catgirl maid, pour them both tall glasses of a rich, almost purplish red wine. Senya's plate bore nothing save a small ceramic bowl full of something like curried eggs. It was delicious, and incredibly spicy. Miss Scarlet ate daintily, a small smile never leaving her ruby lips.

"You are enjoying your meal?" she asked, after a minute or so of eating in silence.

"Y... yeah." Senya lowered his fork and stared at her, wondering if he was being rude. He never understood the terms of formal dinners, and this felt very much like a formal dinner. A small voice at the back of his head told him that it was very strange to have a formal dinner in a wine cellar on a ranch inhabited by lusty fey, but that voice had been very disrespectful of Miss Scarlet the entire time he'd known her, and he was certain it was not a voice to be trusted.

"I only ask because you have gotten a bit..." Miss Scarlet's lips quirked. "... messy."

At that, Senya went bright red, and his face went hot—not just because of the spiciness of the food. He suddenly realized his lips were positively dripping with the dark orange sauce. "O-oh," he managed, looking around for a paper napkin. Was he allowed to use the nice handkerchief Kitten had given him? Was that just for show? "I, um... excuse me!"

Miss Scarlet giggled. "Kitten, why don't you help our guest?"

"Yes, Miss Scarlet," Kitten said happily. And the black-haired catgirl stooped to Senya's level. She was dressed in an incredibly revealing black-and-white maid outfit, complete with corset with highly visible cleavage, short skirt, black tights, lace, and, he saw as she bowed over, a big red ribbon bow on her rear. She retrieved the handkerchief from his lap and gently dabbed at his face, cleaning it.

Senya squirmed. It was uncomfortable having someone else see to him as a child, especially when that someone was so incredibly attractive and giving him a very good view of her smooth, pale breasts.

"Don't squirm, darling," Miss Scarlet said primly. "Are you bothered by Kitten's figure? Would you perhaps like me to take her place cleaning you?"

"N-no!" Senya replied, half out of mortification, half out of fear. Mortification that he was being so rude—and he quickly went still, allowing Kitten to clean him like, well, a doll—and fear because he was naked, and unbearably attracted to Miss Scarlet, and the little annoying rude voice told him that he might not want her to get so close to him, especially given how close Kitten's mouth needed to get to his so she could see where to... where to clean...

"That's enough, Kitten," Miss Scarlet said, sounding pleased. Senya realized with a start that Kitten was licking his face, her rough tongue lapping over his cheeks, his lips, the tip of his nose...

Kitten pulled back, giggling. Senya stared at her, eyes wide.

"My dear." With a start, he turned back to Miss Scarlet. He'd been ignoring his host! He was being so rude. She had a bite of the curried egg dish on her fork, and she twirled it as she talked. The light of the enchanted lamp caught the metal fork just slightly as she spun it. Almost hypnotically. Senya did his best to keep staring into her eyes, hopingto avoid being hypnotized. They were such pretty, purple eyes. "I must say, Kitten and I have longed to have you since the moment you arrive."

"Uh—huh?" Senya nearly dropped his fork. He silently cursed himself. Don't be clumsy, he chided. They'll think you're a dolt!

"Oh, yes. Over for dinner, I mean." Miss Scarlet beamed at him, eyes twinkling mischievously. "I trust you're enjoying our company?"

"Y-yes!" Senya nodded eagerly. "You... you're very kind, Miss Scarlet."

She laughed. It was a lovely musical giggle, reminiscent of water hitting water. "You are very generous. But I'd heard as much." She frowned. "You aren't enjoying your food, though?"

"Wh—oh!" Senya quickly started eating again. He was completely off-balance, and desperate to please Miss Scarlet. She was such a... such a beautiful woman. He carefully kept his eyes on her as she watched him. She was so dignified. Senya had grown up struggling to nail beams together to get food and medication for himself and Anya, and he'd never, ever been in the prolonged presence of anyone so... important.

"You're unused to this sort of intimacy, aren't you?" she asked. "High society dinners, I mean."

He winced. "That obvious, huh?" Oh, that sounded a bit casual. Miss Scarlet would never talk like that. "I-I mean, is it so... transparent?"

She smirked. "My darling, it is charming! You mustn't worry so. One must simply follow the rules of a high society dinner and one need never fear embarrassment."

"But what if... one doesn't know the rules?"

She flashed him a brilliant smile. Before her, in a foreground Senya was desperately trying to tune out, the little fiery woman in the red bottle stroked and squeezed her breasts, wiggling her hips enticingly. "Oh, don't worry about that! It is acceptable to make... the odd mistake. And I can always offer you my help."

"I'd be ever so grateful, Miss Scarlet," he said, managing a smile. "I-I'm sorry, I must seem so..." He shrugged. "I must appear so, um... poor."

She giggled. "Oh, I find you refreshing, darling. Speaking of which..." She pouted slightly. "You haven't touched your drink, darling! That is the first rule: When your host offers you a harvest from one of her finest years, indulge! Be a good guest! I promise, my wine is a particularly... sensual delight."

He nodded, staring uncertainly at the drink. Senya was pretty sure he had an above-average tolerance, but one never knew with the drinks on this Ranch. But Miss Scarlet said it was important, and she'd promised to help him.

He took the glass and took a cautious sip. His eyebrows arched, mirroring Miss Scarlet's—it was wonderful. Tart and tangy, with a strange tropical aftertaste. It left his throat feeling dryer than before, and so it was quite easy to take another sip, and then another.

Before he knew it, Senya was halfway through his glass, and with a gesture from Miss Scarlet, Kitten gently took the glass away from him and set it back onto the table.

Senya stared across numbly at Miss Scarlet. She was suppressing giggles, and seemed quite delighted with him. "Very good!" she said, giving three little claps with just her fingers. "I trust it arouses your palette?"

"Ar... arouses..." Senya blinked. It was strong—stronger than he'd realized while drinking it. He still wanted more, but the room was already getting a bit uneven when he turned his head too fast, like giants were picking up the cellar and shifting it slightly whenever he looked away. He blinked again, trying to clear his vision. "Yes."

She tilted her head. "Darling, the second rule of being a polite guest is that when a beautiful lady does something kind for you, you must thank her. Say 'thank you, Miss Scarlet'."

Senya was having trouble fully parsing her words, but he understood enough to just go along with what she was saying. He barely even thought about it. "Th... thank you, Miss Scarlet."

"And thank Kitten!" Her eyes danced like violet flames in his vision. "She has been such a good maid today."

"Thank you, Kitten," he said to Kitten, who only smiled back at him as she refilled his glass. He stared at the glass a moment, barely comprehending. "I... not sure I should have more," he mumbled. "I mean, one more glass, sure, but after..."

"Why, my dear!" Miss Scarlet's hand flew to her chest, and she looked at him with an expression of parted-lips shock. "Surely you are not refusing one of my finest vintages?"

Senya felt like a cervidame staring into the wisplights. "I... o-of course not!" he said, heart pounding. Major misstep, Senya. Very rude of you. "Sorry, Miss Scarlet. Of course I'll, um, at least finish the bottle?"

She pouted slightly, her expression mellowing. "Well, I'm certain you didn't mean anything by it. My dear boy, the third rule of etiquette is that you must always make amends for a slight. There are two ways to do this: An apology, or a duel."

"But I—" Senya stopped himself, realizing he was interrupting.

"An apology," she continued, giving him a smile and nod to show she saw his near-mistake and appreciated his self-control, "must be presented alongside some sort of gift, as a gesture of goodwill."

Senya nodded. "Of c-course. That makes sense." And it did, sort of. At least when she said it. He was just relieved she was willing to forgive him for nearly insulting her wine.

"Of course it does, darling." She smirked. "Because everything I say makes sense, doesn't it? I know what I'm talking about."

He smiled back, taking a sip of his wine. He barely understood half of what she talked about, which was proof that she knew what she was talking about. "Yes, Miss Scarlet."

"Anyways, it is difficult to arrange a suitable gift under these circumstances..." Miss Scarlet pursed her lips thoughtfully, unknowingly emphasizing to Senya just how perfectly-painted and perfectly-red those lips were. "Considering your, ah, current state."

She flashed him a little smirk, and Senya felt his face heating up again as he remembered his state of dress. Miss Scarlet was so well-dressed, and even Kitten had an outfit, and here he was, naked. It was like a humiliating dream.

"Sorry, Miss Scarlet."

"Oh, no." She laughed, taking a sip of her own wine. "You must rest assured, my darling, I do not mind. I think it shows a real... trust." Her eyes flickered. "You trust me, don't you? Don't just sit there, take a drink, darling. There's a good b... guest."

Senya obediently drank of his wine, a hefty swig that, to his shock, emptied the glass. The world was getting a little hazy, but fortunately, there Kitten was with the refill. He smiled at her. "Thanks, Kitten," he slurred. Kitten just giggled and drew back, watching with her hands clasped in front of her.

"Senya?" he hears Miss Scarlet prompt, and his eyes widened as he realized he'd just track of what she was saying. He turned back, about to apologize, but she was already speaking to him. "Good, good. Now, Senya, do you trust me?"

"I..." Those violet eyes bored into him, and for a moment, it didn't matter how he was dressed—he was naked before her anyway. Senya felt like Miss Scarlet could see every dirty thought, every submission, every erotic dream, and it was humiliating and terrifying. He swallowed down his food. "Yes," he whispered. "Yes, I trust you, Miss Scarlet."

She slowly smiled. "I think it would be a good way to apologize to me if you were to make a... a gesture of trust. Would this be satisfactory to you?"

"Uh, yes," he said. He was having trouble thinking about what she was implying, if she was implying anything. Her eyes were so pretty, but it was taking more and more concentration to look at them, and not the hypnotic sparkle sprite in the lamp. His vision was getting blurrier, and the light was so easy to get lost in. He knew it was very important to focus on those eyes. Focus on the eyes, not the lamp. Stare into her eyes.

"Very good!" Miss Scarlet cooed. Senya immediately felt better. He could tell Miss Scarlet was very pleased. "Place your hand—your right hand, darling—upon your lovely little manhood, my dear."

He started to obey, then did a double-take and stared at her. The world was slowly sinking into warmth and darkness, but something about that... didn't sound like etiquette, exactly.

Miss Scarlet's eyes didn't leave his. "Kitten, help him."

He felt Kitten take his right hand, gently tug it away from his glass, and replace it with his left hand. Her soft set of fingers took his right hand down, off the table, and to his groin. His cock was hard and throbbing, he realized. The way he was seated, it had to be just barely visible to Miss Scarlet. He hoped she wasn't offended.

His hand reflexively wrapped around his manhood. Miss Scarlet's smile widened. "Good," she whispered, seeming, in fact, very much unoffended. "Make it up to me."

Senya began to stroke. They were long, slow strokes. He could tell intuitively that that was how to show he trusted Miss Scarlet. He needed to make sure she knew he trusted her. What better than than to edge himself in front of her, edge himself stupid, edge his brains out, because he trusted she would never, ever take advantage of him?

She was a lady.

"You're doing very well," she said softly, taking a dainty bite from her dish and chewing it slowly. "Just continue like that until I tell you to stop. Understand?"

"Yes, Miss Scarlet."

"Good." She smirked.

"Gooood," echoed a kittenish voice in his ear. "So good!"

"So," Miss Scarlet said slowly, watching him stroke, "assuming you aren't too... diverted, perhaps some conversation would be nice now?"

Senya bit his lip, trying to avoid stroking too fast. Had to edge. Had to edge for... for...

"Darling?" She tilted her head to look at him.

"Oh!" Senya swallowed, realizing he had missed what she'd just said. "Wh-what? Oh, conversation! Yes. Good. Great. Big fan." He realized he was babbling and quickly shut his mouth.

Miss Scarlet toyed with the fork against her lips, smiling slightly. "Oh, Senya, I do enjoy you. So... rustic."

Senya's ears were hot. Rustic. The way she said it sounded so... patronizing. He needed to try harder! But his masturbation made it so hard to think straight.

"Don't you have anything you want to ask me?" she asked, taking a sip from her wine. "Take a bite, dear."

Senya quickly took a bite, then winced, realizing he'd now have to chew before answering. He certainly knew better than to speak with his mouth full, at least. But that was bare minimum stuff. He chewed quickly and swallowed.

"Don't chew so quickly," she said curtly.

"Sorry, Miss Scarlet." He hoped she wouldn't want a full apology for this. He was already stroking; what more could she ask for from him? Thankfully, it seemed his slipup had not been so drastic this time. "Um... you said this was your vintage? You work at the farm? Th-the Ranch, I mean."

She lowered her wine glass, nodding slightly. "Yes, my darling. I have 'worked' at this Ranch for quite a lnog time. Amost as long as Bobbin, in fact!" She paused. "Do remember to eat your dinner, dear."

"Mm." Senya quickly went back to his meal, continuing to masturbate with his left hand.

"Thank you, Senya. Are you enjoying your meal?"

"Mm-hm!" Senya said, nodding eagerly. It was absolutely delicious, though the spiciness meant he had to drink a lot to wash it down. Fortunately, the wine was even better. "It's wonderful, Miss Scarlet!"

She giggled. "I'm so glad. It means ever so much to finally have you as my little guest."


"Oh, yes!"

"Miss Scarletloves having people over for dinner," Kitten purred in his ear. "Isn't she a nice host?"

"Y-yes." Senya nodded, feeling Kitten's warm breath tickle his ear. He saw Miss Scarlet raising an eyebrow, and quickly took another bite. Honestly, he wasn't trying to not eat, he just kept... forgetting. Every time he drank.

"Anyways," Miss Scarlet said, "I happen to be something called a... grape dryad, of sorts." Her eyes sparkled. "A wine dryad, actually. A grape dryad who has... well, found special applications for her fruits."

"Special?" Senya asked. For a moment, her eyes were swimming before him like violet whirlpools to his hazy vision, and he was worried he'd drunk too much. His vision cleared up after a moment. He took another swig.

"Yes, darling." She sighed. "Oh, dear, please do remember to eat, I wouldn't want this to go to waste! You must fill yourself up!" As he obediently kept eating, she continued. "Most fruit dryads can be terribly vacuous, you must understand—no concerns but pleasure and... well, charity. Stroke a little faster, now." She smiled as he obeyed. "A peach dryad will happily go years without sex if the community she serves has no willing partners. It's... horrifying."

"Imagine," Kitten whispered, "a whole year without getting fucked!"

It did sound horrifying, Senya thought, as he rubbed along his tingling member. He imagined a year without any puppies, any lamias or alraunes or Kittens, a year where all he could do was stroke himself. It was maddening. It made him really horny. Or maybe that was the edging. Gods, he was so aroused...

"So some fruit dryads," Miss Scarlet continued, smirking, "learn to make concoctions. Wonderful concoctions. A fruit dryad's fruits are always sensuous, of course, but... well, suffice to say that there are rewards to distillation."

Senya finished drinking his wine. The whole world was getting very blurred and indistinct. He licked his lips, savoring the taste. He frowned at the empty glass, then looked up at Kitten hopefully.

He realized that Kitten was stroking herself. Openly, her skirt pushed up. As he looked at her, though, Miss Scarlet whispered, "Kitten, Senya seems thirsty. Perhaps... no, later. Do refill his drink. Be a good maid."

"Yes, Miss Scarlet!" Kitten said. With one hand she continued to masturbate, but with the other, she refilled Senya's glass. Senya was so eager to keep drinking, he started to drink before she was done, and she accidentally poured a bit on him. "Oopsie!"

"Senya." Miss Scarlet sounded plainly amused. "What a mess. Clean him off, Kitten."

Senya was still stroking himself, and he let out a feeble moan as Kitten grinned and set to work licking his face again. She lapped up the droplets of wine easily, but she seemed to take extra time around his lips. She went downward, licking wine off his chest, kissing his belly, and lapping roughly at his thighs. Senya was trembling all the while, his need battling with the desire to be courteous. It would clearly be rude to cum without permission, but Kitten was... her head wasright by his cock... licking him...

"Good Kitten," Miss Scarlet said, smiling. "Oh, dear, Senya, you really are having trouble, aren't you?"

Senya blinked blearily. He looked up at her, and again felt himself sinking into those violet eyes. Her smile widened as he did so. "You've barely touched your food!"

Senya frowned. "But..." He tried to fork some eggs as Kitten finally pulled away, licking her lips happily, but it was hard with his eyes locked on Miss Scarlet's. And he was so clumsy, it was like moving through molten butter.

"Oh, I see." Her voice turned sympathetic. "Poor darling! You're so... distracted right now."

"Th-the wine..." he mumbled, even as he stroked his head, precum lubricating his shaft.

"You're so distracted," she cooed, "you need some help! Why not let me help you feed yourself, darling?"

"B-but..." That sounded nice. But... no, wasn't that rude? Or... demeaning? He frowned, realizing she'd somehow scooted her chair over next to him without him noticing. "Like a baby?" he slurred.

"Hee. Oh, Senya, you're such atreat." Her felt her hand rest on his thigh, but his eyes were again plummeting deep into hers. "Open wide!"

"I..." He was silenced as she popped a forkful of curried eggs into his mouth.

"Chew," she cooed at him. "Don't be rude. This is, ah, how a good guest is expected to enjoy his delightful host's hospitality!"

"Don't be rude," Kitten mewled in his other ear. "Be good."

He found himself chewing. Miss Scarlet smiled at him, and his spirits lifted slightly. "That's better," she whispered, almost to herself. She scooped up another forkfull, and he opened his mouth obediently for her to pop the curried eggs inside. "Good! Now, where were we?..."

"Mm..." Senya bit his lip as he realized he'd almost spoken with his mouth full. He quickly swallowed, but no sooner had he done so than Miss Scarlet was offering him another bite of the delicious dish. His mouth was on fire, but how could he object? It would be rude. He opened his mouth and reluctantly accepted, smiling his thanks.

"Ah, yes," Miss Scarlet said. "We were talking about my purpose on this Ranch! You must forgive my, ah, silliness." She winked. "As I said, my place here is as brewer and grape keeper, although..." Senya noticed more green tendrils covering his thigh where his hand touched him. "... I am cursed away from most of my plants, tragically."

Senya couldn't speak—she was still feeding him—but he managed a sympathetic frown and nod.

"You see, Senya," Miss Scarlet said, leaning in, "the Ambrosia Ranch is a prison for the very worst of people." She took his chin and gently turned him away from her, gesturing to his drink. "All sorts of... salacious characters. Won't you take another drink, darling? You're so flushed. It doesn't feel hot in here..."

Senya reached forward. The whole world was a haze, but he could just about see the colorful glass, and he fumbled for it—only to have Kitten pluck it up. She giggled at him, gorgeous face swimming before him. "He'd only drop it," she said. "Silly Master."

"Excellent point, Kitten." Miss Scarlet chuckled. "Darling, do you think that a fair assumption?"

"Uh..." Senya stroked up and down his shaft. Every edging stroke seemed to make it harder and harder to worry about anything. Kitten smiled brightly at him, licking her lips, and this scattered most thoughts from his mind. He realized his mouth wasn't full right now, giving him a rare opportunity to speak, but he could only gape.

Miss Scarlet stroked his cheek. "It seems we are in agreement. kitten? Be a good maid, now."

"Yes, Miss Scarlet."

"Senya?" Senya looked back at Miss Scarlet, who smiled at him. "I think it would be better if Kitten helped you from now on. Take my hand."

He numbly obeyed, and she wrapped her arms around him and helped him to his feet. He swayed, supported by her small strength for a moment. For a moment, he was pressed against her body, could feel her warmth, her rapid heartbeat. He could barely breathe. It felt so much better to feel her breathe, to feel her chest heave against him.

Then she set him back down. Only now... something was different. Senya, totally drunk, took a moment to register.

He wasn't sitting on the chair.

He was sitting in Kitten's lap.

"Good," Kitten whispered in his er. "Keep stroking. Such a nice guest! Stroke those cares away..."

"Kitten," Miss Scarlet said, an edge of reprimand to her voice. "Be civil to our guest. We must not give him commands."

"Yes, Miss Scarlet," Kitten said immediately. But Senya felt her nuzzle and kiss his neck in a sneaky way that did not exactly speak of contrition. He could feel her juices soaking her skirt beneath his ass.

"Now, Senya," Miss Scarlet said, and once again he was lost in her violet eyes, "I'm going to help you eat, and Kitten is going to help you drink. Does that sound suitable?"

"Um..." Senya frowned. He wanted to be polite, but... "drink's... strong..." He cringed reflexively. "Sorry."

To his relief, she didn't seem angry. She just smiled "Very well, then. I am an accommodating host, aren't I? You don't have to drink if you don't want to! Open..." She popped some spicy eggs into his mouth.

"Mm." Senya felt relieved as he rubbed his member delicately and stared into those deep, wondrous purple eyes. He'd been worried she would pressure him on this.

"Not to worry," she cooed, offering him another bite of the spicy curry dish. He took it in, ignoring how his tongue burned. "You don't need to try any more of the cool, soothing wine." She popped another bite of eggs into his mouth. He was starting to pant. "Just enjoy the dish, darling. Enjoy the lovely, savory, salty eggs. The tingle of spices as they run down your throat. Your mouth is so dry, but you don't need to drink." Her eyes twinkled with amusement. "Do whatever you should like, my darling."

"Ah!" Senya opened his mouth to ask her to slow down, to ask if she had any water, but she just popped more food inside. Now he was crunching down on peppers. And it was so spicy, so savory, so dry and delicious but spicy

Senya knew he was sweating like a pig by the way Kitten ran her hands over his body. "Master is so hot," she murmured. "Master needs a drink?"

"Mm-hm," he whimpered.

Kitten beamed and brought the glass up to his lips, and he drank. Obediently. His cock was starting to tingle. It was getting harder and harder to hold off. But he knew what Miss Scarlet wanted.

"Good boy," Miss Scarlet whispered. "Good boy!"

He shivered at the praise, and strange alarm bells went off in his head, but he only continued to drink. Kitten kissed his neck softly as she poured more sweet wine down his throat, filling him with a new, nicer heat. Senya felt himself sinking into his drunken stupor, but he didn't care. He was just getting really desperate to cum.

The glass emptied, and he moaned, feeling his throat drying again. Kitten giggled and started refilling the glass. "Master is certainly thirsty," she sang. He dimly saw her bat her eyelashes at Miss Scarlet.

"Indeed he is," Miss Scarlet said, chuckling. "Darling, don't you feel thirsty?"

"Uh-huh," he moaned.

"Isn't Kitten being sweet, refilling for you?"

"Uh-huh." His hips bucked slightly as he felt Kitten's hand caress his testicles from beneath. "Huh! S-sweet..."

"She is," Miss Scarlet breathed. "Well, then, don't you think you should thank her?"

"Mm..." He turned and smiled vacantly at Kitten, his head swimming in nonsense and lust. the stared at her cute face, feeling the lust building with every slow stroke. "Thanks," he slurred. "G-good kitten."

Kitten giggled. But he felt Miss Scarlet delicately petting his thigh. "Oh, don't you think she deserves better than that, darling? She's been such a dear thing, leading you here, helping you eat and drink, cleaning you off." For emphasis, Kitten laid several little licks on his neck, followed by an affectionate nibble.

Senya was shaking. His edging was getting more and more torturous—he desperately needed to cum, but he knew that would be rude. He stroked himself very slowly, drawing out each rub for a full second. Edging himself. Had to edge himself so Miss Scarlet would be sure he trusted her not to mind control him. Back and forth. Back and forth.

Still, overcome with need, he deliberately ate messily. It was humiliating, but a part of him desperately hoped Kitten would decide to lick him again. And she was quite happy to oblige! "I love cleaning you," she cooed, lapping at his lips. "Master tastes so nice!"

"Isn't she a good girl!" Miss Scarlet smirked, reaching over behind Senya. Senya was too lost in pleasure, need and Miss Scarlet's wonderful eyes to see what she was doing with her hand, but he felt Kitten trembling beneath him. Kitten started to purr, her whole body vibrating gently beneath him, lulling him into a state of placidity. "She deserves a proper expression of gratitude, I should think."

"Aren't I a good girl?" Kitten mewled, and she twisted around, lowered down, and started—oh, gods, she was licking his hand. The hand that was stroking his cock. Her flexibility was incredible, but so was how artfully she avoided licking his cock. "A good—mmm—maid?"

"Y-yes!" Senya cried, squirming beneath her touches, beneath Miss Scarlet's relentless stare. He'd almost forgotten what she was telling him, but he knew he needed to do what she said to stay polite, and he was too horny with lust to think for himself, so she knew best. Miss Scarlet always knew best. "Yes, Miss Scarlet! Wh-whatever you say!"

Miss Scarlet's smile widened for a moment before she quickly regained her composure. "You are thirsty," she murmured, popping one last bite of curry into his mouth and setting the dish aside.

Senya chewed mindlessly, but his eyes widened as the spiciness did its work once more. "Mm!"

"Keep stroking," Miss Scarlet said firmly, "but get out of the chair. I believe it is time for a, ah, after-dinner custom. Dessert."

It was the first blatant command she had given. Senya did as instructed, following Kitten's guiding hands until he was kneeling right in front of the chair and facing it.

Facing Kitten.

Facing Kitten's pussy.

It was beautiful, he realized. Slick and pink, shiny, ready. His head was between her knees, now, and it was hot down here. Like she was radiating warmth and love.

"It is time to show your gratitude for Kitten," Miss Scarlet said, her voice dripping with suggestion, "for how good she has been. Don't you agree that she deserves it?"

"Y-yes," Senya whimpered, barely aware of what he was agreeing to. He was too drunk, too horny, too rapt in the catgirl's perfect pussy to think straight., and he heard Kitten give a little happy gasp at this single word. He breathed in deep. Kitten smelled musky, almost minty. The spiciness in his mouth was distracting, though. If only he had more wine...

"Thank her," Miss Scarlet whispered. "Lean in. Taste her." Senya found himself drifting closer to the object of his desire. "If you are so thirsty, drink her. Sate your thirst." He extended his tongue, mind spinning, confused and drunk and horny as he continued to edge himself with long, gentle strokes. "Sate her, darling. Do be polite, though, and ask permission."

Senya was almost crazed with lust, and it was all he could do to avoid cumming all over the basement floor. "M-may I lick you?" he whimpered.

"Yes," he heard Kitten husk, and her thighs locked around his head and pulled him closer. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Licky! Licky now!" Her voice was hoarse and almost squeaky with sheer need.

"Ask her if she's looking forward to this," Miss Scarlet asked.

"O-oh, you... you b-bitch... oh! Mm..." Senya could tell something was happening up above, but his eyes were lost in that slit.

"Are you looking forward to this?" he whispered.

"Mm! Yes! Yes! Get on with it!"

"Ask her if she's sorry she called me a bitch," Miss Scarlet said, with a slight giggle. "That was quite rude of our maid, I think."

The catgirl gave an almost pained whine. "Vinifera—"

"Are y-you sorry?" Senya rasped, barely able to even manage those simple words. He longed to lean in, to lick, but he sensed it would be impolite to start without Miss Scarlet's permission. And it was so, so important to do what she told him. Keep her happy.

"Yes! Yes!"

"Ask her if she loves being my—mm!" Senya felt Kitten suddenly shift, and he heard the sounds of smacking lips up above. Kitten's hands were moving, too, and he heard Miss Scarlet moaning and panting. After about half a minute, he heard Miss Scarlet pant out, "Lick! Lick, my dear!"

Senya leaned forward, extended his tongue, and started to lick.

Instantly, he was rewarded with a burst of semi-bitter, semi-sweet mint flavor on his tongue. He heard Kitten squealing up above and licked carefully, listening for when he'd hit a sensitive area so he could concentrate all his attentions on that spot. Soon, he found the clit.

He started to lick it intently—rapid little kittenish licks, attacking her at her single most weak point.

Kitten's juices trickled into his mouth, and he drank. It felt so, so good. So good to give in, to thank her, to please her. So good on his tongue, sating his spicy thirst. Almost as good as the wine. And he was stroking himself all the while, mind tingling all over with arousal.

Kitten was starting to scream as she came, and he heard Miss Scarlet speaking to her, but none of it fully registered. His mind was getting so hazy, so heady, so... blank.

He lapped at Kitten's clit just as she'd lapped at his skin, and every squeak, every squeal, every shudder and gasp and moan and squeeze from her thighs around his head made his cock pulsate, desperate with sympathetic pleasure and need.

She came again, and again, screaming and squealing with every climax. But he didn't stop. Miss Scarlet had not told him to stop. He just kept licking, kept piling on the pleasure, overwhelming her with his hungry licks. Soon, she was pleading with him to stop, but Miss Scarlet only sounded amused as she told him to keep licking, and then she was talking to Kitten, and he paid it all no heed.

He felt Kitten come to another shuddering orgasm against him, his face slick with her lubricant juices, and he knew only bliss in his mind. Kitten was gasping and whining, but she was still feeling pleasure, and in his blank, empty mind, that was all that mattered.

He longed to be in her place, a slave to her tongue. He brought his tongue up in several long laps over the outer lips, bathing her in the sensuous touch, then returned to her clit. She just kept squealing.

At long last, he felt a hand touch his head. It was Miss Scarlet, petting his hair like he was a favored pet. He smiled happy, leaning into her caress.

"That's enough for her, now, Senya," Miss Scarlet whispered, sounding very pleased indeed. And he pulled back and looked up at her, smiling proudly. Proud that he had been so obedient. He had almost forgotten why his world had become one of pure lust and desire until he stared at her, and remembered he had been edging all along. Like a good, polite guest.

Her eyes held him in a vice-like grip. He stared deep into her, feeling himself drowning in seas of her violet wine, his mind almost totally empty.

"I think we're done with supper," she said, smirking. "Don't you?"


"He's totally ours. The spices did the trick."

"No sense in taking chances. I would prefer to deepen the conditioning before we proceed. Make him totally ours. Wouldn't you like to see him totally mindless?"

"I want this thing off, Vin."

Senya lay back against a soft mattress, smiling, his eyes tightly closed. He was still stroking, slow and easy, and precum now covered his fingers. Every now and then, Kitten would come up to lick the precum off, but she always left his cock alone.

He hoped he wasn't being a rude dinner guest. He just couldn't help but... nod off a little. The arousal and need seemed to be frying any energy he had left, rendering him a horny, sleepy mess.

Their voices were filtering through to him like words through a sponge. Or something. Vaguely, they registered, and that rude, incredibly small part of his brain told him that they were important, that Miss Scarlet didn't mean for him to be overhearing this, that he'd awoken early. The rest of his mind, recognizing the truth in all of this, tried hard to lull him back to sleep.

The trouble was, quite simply, his stomach wasn't handling the exotic food too well. The dull ache was what had awoken him. And it wasn't too easy to get back to sleep on this flimsy, broken-spring mattress. So in spite of his best efforts, the rude voice had a few potent advantages here that kept prickling him out of total trance.

"And you'll get off soon, Kitten."

"It's Val—can't we just get it over with? Master is so horny, he can't even think right now. Believe Kitten, he is very weak-willed. We should have done it right after he finished eating."

"I want to make certain," Miss Scarlet said—oh, it was Miss Scarlet's voice! How wonderful!— "that we've fucked his brains out completely. I would quite like to see Bobbi deal with a Master with conscious mind the size of a thimble and libido the size of a dire panda. Besides, I don't fancy risking those triggers."

Dimly, the rude voice in his head got a little louder, and Senya's smile dropped slightly. Fuck his brains out. It sounded so nice, but... but...

... hadn't someone else threatened to do that to him recently? Someone... bad? Did he really want his brains? He didn't, surely. Right?

"Yes, well..." Oh, it was Kitten's voice! Senya loved Kitten. She tasted so good, and she'd helped him meet Miss Scarlet. She sounded uneasy now, though, which worried him. "Sure, lobotomize him, fine, but can't K-Kitten get my freedom first? Kitten has so many triggers, Miss Scar—Vin—she feels like she will burst!"

"I know. I quite enjoy watching you burst." Mss Scarlet just giggled. "This is my basement, my darling little pussy, and that means my rules. Look at the lamp for a moment."

"No, don't you try that aga—"

"Moths should fear he light."

There was a short silence.

"...aaah... pretty..."

"Yes, watch her a moment, Kitten, and enjoy that trigger, while I enjoy our dear 'Master'."

"... n-no... don't... wanna... he's..."

"Be a good Kitten, and do as she tells you."

Another moment passed. Senya's stomachache began to subside, and sleep slowly trickled back towards him.

Then he felt a long nail gently tap his forehead. "Senya, darling?" crooned the tingle-inducing voice of Miss Scarlet. "Do awaken. You nodded off, you silly thing!"

Senya's eyes fluttered open. He stared up at Miss Scarlet—gorgeous, violet-eyed, crimson-lipped Miss Scarlet. She was now wearing a delicate lacy white nightgown that revealed far more than it concealed. She stroked his cheek. "And you've been sleep-edging for me. Good boy!"

"M-Miss Sc... Scarl..." Senya was shivering all over from her touch. It felt so good to let her touch him. So good to be her good boy.

"Oh, silly thing." She giggled, putting a finger over his lips. "We should shorten that. I fear you're a little bit, well, inebriated."

He giggled, too. "Inbe... inbearinated..."

"Why not..." She smiled down at him. "Mistress?"

Instantly, it clicked in his mind, and he obeyed. "Mistress," he moaned, bucking his hips slightly, "please!"

"Please?" She pouted slightly, eyebrows raising. Her hand crawled down his chest, fingernails skittering like spiders, and she started lightly rubbing the head of his cock, even as he slowly edged himself. "Please what?"

"Please," he cried, "l-let me cum, Mistress!"

She paused a moment, looking at him in surprise. "Why, darling, I didn't think you wanted to cum!" Her finger rubbed a bit faster against his slick glans, causing him to pant.

"Wh..." He could barely breathe.

"Cumming," Mistress said, smirking, "is a very special privilege, reserved only for very good boys and girls. I would love-love-love to make you cum, but... I'm afraid it is not my gift to give."

Senya stared at her, stunned. How could Mistress be denied anything? She was so... so powerful, so perfect!

He felt ticklish tendrils start to wrap around his cock from her finger, slowly but steadily overtaking his hand. "You see," she chirped, "cumming is very special. Your cock is where your mind is, after all." She held up a finger, scolding him as he (rudely) tried to object. "For most people, it's in the head, but your brain is in your big. Needy. Cock." As she emphasized each word, her finger performed tiny little spirals, making him moan.

"That's why you can't say no." The tendrils started to wrap around his hand, pulling it away from his cock, stopping him from edging.

"Why you're so needy, so obedient." Her finger sped up a little as he tried to put his hand back, and he went totally limp on the bed amid thunderbolts of pleasure.

"Why you always give in to us, you poor darling!" She smiled sadly as the tendrils totally wrapped around his cock and started to tickle it and his balls. He bucked, helpless in the tiny tendrils.

"Your brain is in your cock," she whispered, leaning close. Her tongue came out, delicately licking along his cheekbone. She kissed him several times, closed mouth, almost more affectionate than sexual. But the things her little finger was doing to him left no doubt within her delightful intentions. "And I'm making your cock feel very good right now. Aren't I, Master?"

"G-good," he whimpered. That rude part of his brain was telling him, begging him to fight back, but how could he fight Mistress? How could he, when his brain was in his throbbing, needy cock, and feeling so good and tingly and tired?

Her eyes sparkled with glee. "That's right. That's why you love me so much: You can't help it! I'm making your cock love me, so your mind loves me, too. And don't worry, Senya..." The tendrils were tickling all over, stimulating every nerve, driving him right into that finger. That tiny, wonderful, teasing finger. "... I love it, too.

"But there's something missing, isn't there?" she cooed. "Something else you want." She put a finger to her lips, and he shook all over as he saw her gently sucking on that finger. "Whatever could it be, my darling peasant boy?"

"I..." His eyes were locked on her lips as she pursed and puckered them, planting little kisses over that finger. He felt her other finger push a little bit on his cock and gasped.

"You remember how good my lips feel, I trust." She smirked, taking one of his hands. "A wine dryad trade secret. Oh, how I would love to share it with you..."

"Mistress, please," he whined.

Her eyebrow arched ever-so-slightly. She held his hand up to her lips, and he felt her hot breath run over his palm. "Please what?" She blinked at him, eyes heavy-lidded. "Please you? Oh, but my darling boy, I am not altogether convinced you could handle it."

He could only whimper beneath the torturous tickling of the vines.

"You see..." She whispered, licking his skin fondly, as though tasting him, "I can tell that my Master is very, very weak for me. She took his hand and kissed it.

His eyes widened, and he let out a loud, tortured moan. His cock throbbed and pulsed as her sensuous, perfect lips sucked and kissed over his palm, stimulating every inch of skin with her sexuality. It was too much,. And yet it was not enough. Fuck, he'd been edging himself all night...

"You see?" she whispered. "Even just a little kiss like this—" She took his thumb in her mouth and gently sucked it for a moment, making his cock tingle simply from the sight alone, "—turns my darling Master into a horny, obedient mess! Imagine if I did this— " She took his pinkie, kissing and lapping over it, making it wet with her spit and covered with lipstick marks, "—to your cock, darling??'

He stared at her, wordless. A minute, "yes," escaped him, barely a breath.

"Oh, why, Master," she enthused, "you'd cum your brains out, wouldn't you?

"C-cum..." It sounded so nice. Her lips felt so wonderful. Her eyes looked so beautiful. He stared up at Miss Scarlet in lost adoration.

"My goodness, Master." She smiled broadly at him. "You are helpless, are you not?" She planted three sweet kisses on his knuckles, causing him to let out heavy breaths. "But do you really want to lose your mind to this?" For emphasis, she let her tongue linger slightly, drawing a wet line of saliva over his finger as she pulled away.

He didn't even think. He pretty much couldn't think. "Yes yes yes yes!"

"Hm." She cocked her head. "You know, darling, I don't think you want to be Master, do you?" She leaned in close, lips parted, eyes boring into his. "A true Master would fight," she breathed. "But you just... give in. Don't you?"

Her lips were so close to his own. Senya was thrashing, but ticklish little vines—the same that were tormenting his needy cock—held his arms and legs back. "Yes!" he cried, his mind plummeting fully into those eyes.

"I think you would rather be known by a different name," she whispered. Her soft, clicking voice send chills down his spine. "'Pet', I think. Do you like that, Pet?"

Senya's eyes were wide, lost in hers. Once again, he dimly realized, he was claimed. He knew he really needed to fight this, but... "Y-yes."

And she kissed him.

Fireworks went off in Senya's mind as her lips touched his, wet, full, plush and pillowy. Her tongue thrust into his mouth and tenderly wrapped around his own. Her fingers entwined—literally—into his hair, holding his face still for the kiss. But her lips.

Senya couldn't have described the sensations passing through him right now even had he been fully lucid and sober. When her lips touched his, it was like an orgasm in its own right. His cock pulsed and twitched against her finger as she kissed him, moaning, devouring him whole. He could only moan and whimper back, rejoicing in her touch.

Time seemed to bleed into sounds and sensations—strokes, tickles, kisses, moans, whimpers, and those wonderful wet sounds. Nothing else mattered. Nothing saved the violet.

When she finally broke away with a faint smacking sound, she was grinning. Her eyes flitted downwards toward his captive member. "Why, Pet!" she exclaimed. "You should have told me you needed this so badly!"

"S-sorry, Mistress," he wheezed.

She descended towards his cock, eyes on his all the while. She took a moment to savor her prize, breathing it in, smelling his arousal. "When I put my lips on your cock," she cooed, "I am going to kiss all your cares away! I will suck your mind away from you, and I will take very good care of it, okay, Pet?" Her eyes glimmered. "It is very important to me that this is what you want."

"I... I..." Every rational bone in Senya's body rebelled against this, but he didn't seem to have many of those left.

She slowly licked her lips. "You want me to fuck your brains out, Pet?"


"Let me kiss it all goodbye," she whispered, her voice soft and melodic, almost like a lullaby. "Let me kiss you into a nice, pliant, obedient stupor, Pet. Let me kiss you to sleeeep."

The way she said that word sent crackles all over his body. He was physically shaking. "I... I..."

Somehow, he tore his gaze away from Mistress and looked over at Kitten, who was still by the table. The catgirl was rubbing that warm red bottle against her sex and whimpering needily. Her eyes were glowing orange, blazing with mindless lust. Mistress had done that to her. Made her pliant. Obedient. She would do it to him, too. Make him a pet. Brainless. Lost.

Poor Valina.

"My darling Pet," Miss Scarlet whispered, and he felt her fingers crawling up his thighs, tickling his sensitive skin, "let me help you. You see, the fifth rule of etiquette is that Mistress is always right, and when Mistress offers to suck your cock, you say yes." She smirked. "When Mistress says anything, you say yes."

His eyes lingered on Kitten, the catgirl sweaty, panting, letting out little mews. The sprite inside wasn't dancing anymore; she was rubbing herself up against the glass closest to Kitten's sex, visibly moaning and masturbating behind the rosy glass.

"Yes, Mistress," he said automatically.

A second later, he registered what he'd said, but by then it was too late.

As Kitten's mews started to get louder and louder, Senya felt Miss Scarlet's lips delicately settle over the very tip of his cock, the tiniest of kisses.

He screamed.

The pleasure surging through him, tingly and toxic, was indescribable. The second kiss was even worse. The third practically made him pass out. And the fourth...

On the fourth kiss, Miss Scarlet's lips slid down his head, her tongue lathering over his sensitive shaft, and she began to suck. Senya struggled to buck, but his body was almost totally constrained. He had nothing. Soon he would have even less.

Miss Scarlet was moaning in delight even as her head bobbed up and down on his shaft. Senya shuddered and shook and cried out, held at the agonizing brink by Miss Scarlet's mighty will alone as her lips devoured him. He was going to cum. He was going to cum his brains out. And then she would have him take Valina, because she would have to do what he said, and she would make Valina just as empty, and they would... would...

Miss Scarlet wrapped both hands around his cock and began to stroke its base as she hungrily lapped and sucked at his shaft head. Senya's mind was reeling beneath the kisses and licks. It was an overwhelming assault.

But, he realized, his hands were free. She wasn't concentrating on binding him anymore. At last, the rude voice had a platform, an outlet, a cause! He could... he could...

He tried to reach towards Miss Scarlet, to shove her off, but his hands fell short. He lunged with all his might, but for some reason, he just couldn't quite reach. Or couldn't force himself to reach. It just felt so... so rude. And she was being so nice to him!

She's brainwashing you! screamed that small voice in Senya's head. But it was still a very small voice. It knew enough now to fear these women of the Ranch, but even in its dying throes, there was only so much it could do. He smiled dimly at Miss Scarlet. She smiled back at him, waggling her eyebrows, and planted another kiss on his head. She was kissing away his cares, his worries, his... his mind.

But it felt so nice to be kissed by her.

He stared down at her, pulled together all his remaining will, and reached down again. This time, he made it, but all he found he was doing was reaching out and stroking her hair, caressing her cheek. He stared at Miss Scarlet with pure love. She stared at him with something similar. He smiled. She smiled.

Her eyes closed and she gave another satisfied moan. She was going deeper and deeper with every suckle, every bob of her head. Every suck was more excruciatingly perfect..

The voice was getting fainter and fainter, but still it screamed, having lost almost everything save its own indignation at extermination. He rubbed his neck. What a nuisance of a...

He stopped.

What was that around his neck?

The pleasure was building and building. He would cum when Miss Scarlet came—it was only polite—but by the sounds of her moans, that couldn't be long now. Kitten's mews were getting higher- and higher-pitched, too.

He procured a small whistle connected to a length of twine.

It was made of a pale wood, and carved with numerous designs of flowers and whirlpools. Pine, he guessed, reflexively applying his expertise to the thing. It was pretty good craftsmanship, too, except for a single drop of amber that was installed in the tone hole. That was odd. It made the whistle useless.

He looked around, about to question it, and saw Kitten once more. The catgirl was bent over on the table, whimpering as she thrust the tip of the bottle in and out of her cunt. As smooth and warm as the bottle had felt, that couldn't be entirely comfortable. The sprite was cackling as she enjoyed the view and masturbated.

It occurred to him that Miss Scarlet had told Kitten to do whatever the sprite told her to do. Miss Scarlet had forced Valina to this latest humiliation. Would she really brainwash her fellow fey? Or was it just another cruel fey game—something permanent for Senya, but only temporary for Valina?

And did it matter?

He looked down at her, and realized that his Mistress was getting very, very close. Her eyes were open again, but half-lidded, and there was a dreamy quality in them that spoke of purest impending bliss. She was about to climax.

Dimly aware of what he was doing, drowning in distilled pleasure, Senya blew on the strange whistle.

No sound came out. None whatsoever.

And then Mistress began to scream. The dryad went berserk. She bucked her ass up and down, gyrating her whole body as she sucked hungrily on him, moaning and screaming into his member with a mindless joy. Her eyes blazed into him with violet fire, burning his thoughts clear, readying him for one final spark before she became the only light he had left. And he, the empty husk for her pleasure.

For his pleasure. Because he suddenly knew that having his mind sucked out of him would feel so, so good.

And as her lips touched the base of his cock, pausing to savor his whole length, he climaxed.

But his final thought before absolute bliss consumed his mind was: Is that barking I hear?


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