Alice, Through the Floret's Glass

Chapter 1 - In which a Plant comes in to say “hey are you okay?”

by ForsakenDreams

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #Human_Domestication_Guide #obligatory_wonderland_references #pov:bottom #hypnosis_I_Guess??? #occasional_haha_funny_moments #petplay #scifi #sub:female #systemic_D/s

So it’s been a while since Capitalism curled up and died. Alice hasn’t really been paying attention, she’s just been going through the days. Browsing the internet, playing video games, staring into oblivion, eating noodles… You know, normal terran things that terrans obviously do, right?

After a long, difficult battle to get out of bed, Alice found herself walking towards her next battle… Fixing her hair. In the bathroom, Alice stared at herself… Scratching at her pale skin, rubbing her crimson eyes… Did she grow shorter? No--She was always a bit on the short side… She picked at her clothes--A comfortable cotton tee with a faded logo of some sorts, and ever-faithful sweatpants. Looking good, Alice. Now, time to do your hair.

With more mumbling, she filled a cup of water in the bathroom sink and dumped it on her hair. White as a lily, but with black streaks on the top of her head to the tips of her hair… All messy, a victim from tossing and turning in bed through countless nights. She continued to pour water into her hair until her hair was dripping. Now for the painful part. She’d grab a brush, taking a deep breath andg h4htg

DUGFHG2a#ghjsdG         mother FUCKER

OH GOD THIS SUCKS this sucks this sucks this sucks this sucks 

Why is the brush stuck WHY IS THE BRUSH STUCK NO NO NO NO oh god she’s gonna have to cut her hair and go bald no hell no she got this.


FUCK!” Alice screamed out, tearing the brush from her tangled hair… Wincing and shedding more than a few tears from the failed attempt at taming the mess you call her hair.

You win this time, hair.

The girl dragged herself away from the bathroom, still cringing at her self-inflicted torture… She didn’t exactly feel hungry at the moment, so she made her way to the living room to crash onto the couch and turn on the TV. What’s on the news? More affini propaganda? ..Plantpaganda? Whatever, it’s good background noise. Alice never really paid attention to the war, the whole.. Terran-Affini whatever… She just knows that now all of humanity is considered to be pets for these pretty plant people…?

Whatever, it’s not like--

Knock knock,

...Wait was that knocking?

Knock Knock.

...Crap, she should answer that, huh? Okay. No, This is fine. You’ve got this, Alice. Deep breaths, try not to make it apparent that you’re an absolute mess.

Alice threw herself off the couch, walking over to her door and letting it open.


On the other side was… No way. It’s an Affini…Looks about right. Hot Plant Lady… All.. Viney and Planty… Leafy? It’s like.. A walking.. Vine.. Bush.. Plant.. Plant. Lady. Cute. She was staring at Alice looking surprised, rustling herself and sharply exhaling. She held a clipboard, wrapped up in a couple of vines.

“Ah, greetings. You must be Alice Lapin--Oh.. Oh dear..”

The Affini softly gasped, some vines covering her mouth, some vines reaching out to brush against Alice’s cheek, causing her to shiver and back away…

“I’m.. So sorry, you look like… An absolute mess.” She admitted, before clearing her throat. “Pardon me, I am Basiya Nach, First Bloom. I’m here on a wellness check as we’ve noticed that this hab was marked as inhabited, and yet… Ah.. We haven’t had any reports of anyone coming in or out.”

Alice responded by staring blankly at the plant alien.

Basiya paused, already writing something down in her clipboard. “May I come in?”

Alice nodded, stepping aside to let the Affini make herself in, watching as she looked around her home cautiously, looking more concerned by the second.

“Oh, dear… Have you really been living like this?” She asked, looking back at the Terran who just… Meekly nodded.

“I’ve been meaning to clean up.” Alice lied. Like a liar. You know, in the way that liars tend to lie. This statement was indeed a lie.

“Just.. You know, haven’t got around to doing it.” She continued, rubbing her arm. (You know, like a liar.)

“So.. Um.. Are.. You.. Going to take me away?”

The Affini paused, cocking her head at Alice.

“No? Although personally, you look like you could absolutely use an owner… I’m just here to ask you a few questions about your wellbeing…” Basiya explained.

“...However, if it turns out that you… Are unable to properly take care of yourself, we may assign you a caretaker… Domestication is also an option as well, you know.” The (cute) Plant-ish Lady smiled gently at Alice, a tendril reaching over to pat her head… Carefully untangling a knot of hair with ease.

“...Yeah.” Alice replied, already screaming at herself for such a crappy response.. “Um… Right, questions.”

“Yes, let’s get to them, shall we!”

What followed was a series of tedious questions that seemed to last for what felt like eons. Sitting on her couch, saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or ‘um, well, uh. Dunno?’ to the questions asked. As time went on, Basiya looked… More concerned, sometimes she’d hum to herself, or frown and write something down on her clip-board.

And all the while, she kept petting Alice’s hair. It felt… Really nice, actually? Well, maybe anything felt nice after the great Hairbrush Tangle Fuck of 1:32 PM. It was as if all those knots were being slowly undone, being brushed… Brush.. Hair. Good, maybe..? Yeah…


“HUH-- Uh… Yes?”

“...Do you need me to repeat the question?”

“..Uh, yeah.”

“Alright… Question 10. Are you satisfied with your living conditions?”


“I need a proper answer, dear.”

` “aghf--Y. Yes???--No, no. no not… No.”

“...I see.”

Yeah this… This goes on for a while. Alice barely paid attention, didn’t put too much thought into the questions. Granted, it was a little hard to think when a cute plant alien was petting your hair… Just.. Feeling comfy. Right? Like everything will be okaygh4gt4h3thfgdg OKAY WAIT NO FOCUS ON THE QUESTIONS ALICE AAAAAAAAAAA

...After a while, the questions finally ceased. The leafy tendrils withdrew from Alice, allowing her to think about something other than ‘hehe headpat good’. She watched as Basiya got up from the couch, bowing her head.

“That concludes the wellness check. I’ll send this to--”

“Wait.” Alice interrupted.


Alice paused for a moment… What was she doing? No, she should be left alone-- She can’t waste time with her… No--Wait--But. GOD SHE’S LONELY SHE JUST-- FUCK.

“...Can you stay with me for a bit longer?” Alice meekly requested, turning her gaze down to the messy floor, unable to see Basiya’s reaction. She was waiting for an excuse and the sound of her door opening and closing.

Alice, all by herself. Alice… Alice… being… Patted on the head?

“...Of course, dear. But I will need to leave eventually.” Basiya replied, her voice taking on a much more comforting tone. “However, I can spend some time with you, little Alice.”

Alice shivered upon the words ‘little Alice’. Why did that hit differently? It’s just her name--Was it the way Basiya said it??? Was it just.. An affini thing? It was probably an Affini thing…

“...Thanks.” Alice replied. “I.. I don’t.. I haven’t really thought this far ahead. Um… I can.. Show you one of my games..?” She asked, looking up, seeing Basiya’s eyes widened in curiosity.

“..Oh..? I’d love to see your games, Alice… If you would be so kind to show me…?” Basiya questioned, her arms locked together, held up to her chest.

“..Sure, sure.. Uhm.”

“Have you ever seen a speedrun before?”

“A… Speed… Run?”

“..Let me show you. ...Um. You can pet me if you want, by the way.”

Oh, you’re absolutely adorable.”

Alice proceeded to speedrun her favorite game in attempts to flex on an Affini with no real knowledge of Terran Video Games. She almost got a PB.

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