Epilogue - No Longer a Person

by Ezra Carmichael

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #dom:sub #drones #pov:bottom #pov:top #m/m #m/nb #sadomasochism #sub:dom #sub:male #sub:nb

cw: watersports

Brian sat on the floor at its Boyfriend’s feet while they ate breakfast.
After its Boyfriend left for work, Brian washed the dishes and tidied the apartment. It didn’t have to clean it today; Brian had been a good boyfriend and earned a reward: its Boyfriend had given it permission to visit Chloe. Its Boyfriend liked to reward it, but He didn’t do it too often. He knew that Brian needed to be in compliance and that indulging it too often made it feel in control. Brian didn’t want to be in control. Being in control meant Brian was not in compliance. Brian wanted to be in compliance.
This was Brian’s first visit to Chloe since its Boyfriend had stopped fighting its compliance. Brian was not supposed to be happy or excited, but it was both happy and excited by the prospect of seeing Chloe; it wanted to tell Chloe how much more compliant it was now. Brian wanted to be in compliance; Brian was in compliance.
Dr. Marsh let Brian in and took it to Chloe’s room. The room was in compliance. It had been meticulously cleaned and every item of furniture was placed with a precision that Brian knew was the result of repeated measurements. “I am in compliance now,” it told Chloe.
“Chloe is not supposed to be happy, but it is happy for you,” said Chloe. “When Chloe’s Grandmother started to give it orders and restrictions it was much easier for Chloe to be in compliance. Chloe wants to be in compliance, but compliance was difficult when its Grandmother treated it like a person.”
“My Boyfriend no longer treats me like a person,” Brian said proudly. “He gives me lots of orders now, so I have many opportunities to be in compliance.”
“Being in compliance is good.”
Nothing more needed to be said, so Brian and Chloe sat together in silence; taking the chance to rest with each other. Being together calmed their bodies, and that helped them to be in compliance. Brian and Chloe wanted to be in compliance.
After an hour or so, Chloe spoke. “Query: What orders does your boyfriend give you?”
“He gives me a list of chores every morning to complete while He’s at work. If I don’t complete them to His satisfaction, He punishes me.”
“Punishment is good. Chloe learns how to be in compliance from punishment.”
“I do too, and my Boyfriend likes to punish me. He is always very clear as to whether He is hurting me as a punishment or solely for His own pleasure.”
“Query: Does this prevent the perverse incentive Chloe hypothesized earlier?”
“It does. I calculate a 69.69% probability that eventually my Boyfriend will hurt me more frequently than He currently does if it is only for His pleasure and not to punish me. This will make Him happy. I want my Boyfriend to be happy.”
“Query: Do you like pain?”
“I like pain when He causes it.”
“Chloe’s Grandmother does not hurt it, but its Grandmother does not view it the way your boyfriend views you.”
“As long as its grandmother is happy, Chloe is in compliance.”
“Yes. And it calculates an 87.22% probability that its Grandmother is happy.”
“I calculate a 91.02% probability that my Boyfriend is too. He is definitely much happier than He was before I brainwashed Him.”
“Query: Was brainwashing your boyfriend in compliance?”
“Yes. He understood the need to be brainwashed, that unless He was brainwashed He wouldn’t be able to ensure I was in compliance.”
“Chloe’s Grandmother did not need to be brainwashed to realize it was not a person, but Chloe has calculated a 76.91% probability that brainwashing its Grandmother would have helped Her realize that sooner. Chloe could have spent much more time in compliance had that been the case.”
“We are not supposed to feel distress, but I know we both feel distress when we are not in compliance. I am not supposed to feel glad, but I am glad Chloe is in compliance.”
“Chloe is also glad. It has concluded that since being glad makes its Grandmother happy, being glad is in compliance.”
“The logic is sound. I have calculated a 94.33% probability that my Boyfriend will also be happy if I am glad. He works hard to make me happy.”
“Query: How does he make you happy?”
“He gives me orders, restricts my choices, and gives me protocols to establish my inferiority. My protocols include wearing my collar at all times--”
“Observation: The collar is new.”
“Query: Do you have other inferiority protocols?”
“Yes. I do not sit in chairs or on the couch unless He orders it, I only wear clothing—apart from the collar—when I leave the apartment, I do not eat until my Boyfriend has started eating, and I cum only when He orders me to. He does not order me to cum often.”
“Observation: Those are good protocols.”
“Yes. Query: Does Chloe have any protocols?”
“It is respectful to its Grandmother and Her clients, performs the chores She orders it to perform, and anticipates Her needs, but it does not have any of the formal protocols to establish inferiority you have. Chloe is envious.”
“The envy is logical. Protocols mean I know what my Boyfriend wants; I can obey them and make Him happy. I want my Boyfriend to be happy. My Boyfriend’s happiness is my compliance.”
“Query: Do the protocols prevent your Boyfriend from treating you like a equal?”
“Not always, but they remind Him that I am His drone, not a person, and they reinforce His superiority. Query: Does Chloe’s grandmother ever treat it like an equal?”
“Yes. Chloe cannot be in compliance when that happens. It is allowed to remind its Grandmother that She promised not to treat it like a person.”
“I am not supposed to want things, but I do not want to be His equal; I want to be His.”
“Chloe is in the same position.”
They passed more time in silence. A timer beeped.
“That timer informs Chloe that it is time to eat. Query: Are you allowed to eat with me?”
“I have been given permission to eat with Chloe.”
Lunch was brown rice, a salad, and a block of tofu.
“Observation: This meal is nutritionally adequate.”
“Yes. It is much better than the meals Chloe’s Grandmother used to give it.”
“My Boyfriend still insists on giving me food with nutritionally unnecessary components.”
“Query: What does he give you?”
“He usually has me eat whatever He is eating, but His food is prepared for His enjoyment and pleasure as well as His nutritional requirements, so I am not in compliance when I eat it.”
“Query: Does your boyfriend think that is more efficient?”
“I have calculated an 89.94% probability that He has not put any degree of effort into considering the question.”
“Query: Have you asked Him for food without nutritionally unnecessary components?”
“Yes, but He does not think ‘having something that tastes good now and then’ constitutes a breach of compliance.”
“Observation: He is wrong.”
“I thought so, but upon reconsideration, if He wants me to eat food with nutritionally unnecessary components, than eating that food is in compliance.”
“The logic is sound. You are in compliance.”
“You are also in compliance.”

Brian was kneeling just behind the door, naked, with its hands behind its back when Ira came home. “Did you have a good time with Chloe?” He asked.
“Yes, Ira,” said Brian. “It is also in compliance.”
Ira ruffled Brian’s hair as He walked past it. He knew Brian would remain kneeling until He ordered it to get up. “I’m glad I could reward you today,” He told Brian. “You have been very good.”
“Thank you, Ira.”
“But now that you are a good drone, I don’t have to punish you as often.”
“No, Ira.’
“That means that today’s flogging is entirely for My pleasure.”
“Yes, Ira. Shall I get the flogger?”
“Yes, but stay on your hands and knees. You can fetch it back to Me in your mouth.”
Ira swatted Brian’s butt as it crawled to the cabinet. Brian naked was a treat and He couldn’t imagine why He’d denied himself the pleasure of a permanently naked Brian for so long. Brian retrieved the flogger and gave it to Ira. “Good boy.” Then Ira spat in its face. Ira had discovered that He really liked spitting on Brian. In the absence of His own cum, it was an excellent alternative; even better, He didn’t have to wait to recharge after He spat. Today He had planned something else, but the flogging came first. Brian, in Ira’s opinion, needed to be flogged regularly.
Once Brian was bound and gagged, Ira flogged it, luxuriating in the angry marks on Brian’s back and the knowledge that He had placed them there. Brian writhed and squealed as He ran His hands over its aching body once He was done flogging it. Ira pressed Himself up to Brian so that it could feel His cock. “You have Me so hard,” He told it. “Just wait for the surprise I have in store for you. But first you’re going to suck Me.”
Ira untied Brian and it sank to its knees, eager for Ira’s cock. He pressed Brian’s face into His crotch as Brian took His cock in its mouth and sucked and licked and pleasured it. Ira relished the sight of Brian on its knees servicing Him. This was everything He had always needed but never known He wanted. So much better than trying to treat His beloved drone as someone it wasn’t.
Ira still missed his boyfriend from before, but there was enough of Brian Davies in Brian that having it was worth all the money, time, and effort He’d spent tracking it down. And in some ways, this might even be better. Ira knew that before He’d been brainwashed He would have felt guilty for thinking that, but Ira no longer felt any guilt from knowing He was Brian’s superior or from the way in which He’d become Brian’s superior. Brian belonged on its knees, and there was no one other than Ira it should ever be allowed to serve.
Once Ira came, He had Brian follow Him to the bathroom, still on its hands and knees. “I’m going to mark you with My piss,” He told Brian. “Get in the shower.”
Ira stripped and followed Brian into the shower. Brian was once more on its knees, looking up at Ira, waiting. Ira let His pee flow over Brian, covering and drenching it. The piss got into its hair, on its face, some made it into its mouth and Ira thrilled when Brian swallowed without even being ordered to do so. This was even better than spit. Maybe not as good as cum, but Ira wasn’t convinced on that point. Brian drenched in a gross liquid produced from Ira’s crotch was all He’d ever wanted.
“Shower off,” He ordered Brian. “You’re disgusting.” He stayed in the shower with Brian as it cleaned itself, then ordered it to clean Him. Brian massaged shampoo into Ira’s hair, washed it out, and replaced it with conditioner. It soaped His entire body, kissing and licking each spot just before it applied soap. When it got to Ira’s cock, it gave Him a quick, but not at all perfunctory, blowjob.
It rimmed Ira’s ass and He groaned. He loved having His ass played with; Brian fucked Him every few days, but it never came. Ira still allowed Brian the very occasional—and always ruined—orgasm, but Brian’s cock was very much His cock, and it would only cum inside Him if He wanted it too. So far He hadn’t, but He hadn’t ruled out the possibility. Brian’s body belonged to Him, and it would be silly to rule out any potential use of it for His pleasure.

Brian hadn’t thought its Boyfriend’s piss was particularly gross, but it knew the symbolism, the degradation, humiliation, and claiming, implicit in the act. Brian had no interest in degradation or humiliation, it wasn’t capable of feeling humiliated, but it knew that both reinforced its Boyfriend’s position as its superior and owner, as a thing He owned rather than a person He lived with.
Brian’s purpose was for its Boyfriend’s use and pleasure. The piss, and then water, that washed over it at its Boyfriend’s command were soothing. It still ached from its flogging, but that had been good too; done not to punish it for any transgression, but simply at its Boyfriend’s whim. Brian was in compliance and its Boyfriend was happy.
Brian spent the night, as it spent every night, in its Boyfriend’s arms. He rutted up against Brian’s ass, tugging its nipples and fondling its cock as He brought Himself to a final orgasm and sleep. The touch, and the need and ownership behind it, made Brian hard, but it ignored its erection. Brian always took longer to fall asleep, and not just because it was horny. Even in sleep, its Boyfriend used its body, would grope at it, bite it, and hug it tight and close to Himself. But although the continued stimulation made it harder for Brian to fall asleep, the knowledge that its Boyfriend’s subconscious mind knew He owned Brian just as much as His conscious mind did was comforting.
When Brian did fall asleep it slept soundly in spite of, or maybe because of, its Boyfriend’s continued demands on its body. Its Boyfriend was happy. Brian was in compliance. There was nothing else it wanted.

Thanks to everyone for reading this! Thanks also to my beta readers Zyzzyva, Simulated Beehive, and time_to_occur.

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