Addendum I - High Protocol Roleplay

by Ezra Carmichael

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #dom:sub #drones #pov:bottom #pov:top #m/m #m/nb #sadomasochism #sub:dom #sub:male #sub:nb

I can't let go of my favorite boys so I decided to indulge in at least one short story about them. There will probably be more.

“I’m home,” Ira announced.
In compliance with its directives, brian unlocked and opened the door. it stood at attention with its hands behind its back, feet shoulder-width apart. When Ira crossed the threshold it sank to its knees and brought its forehead to the ground, then returned to an upright position. “This drone thanks its Owner for the opportunity to serve Him in His absence.” it lowered its forehead to the ground a second time, then returned to an upright position. “This drone thanks its Owner for returning home.” it lowered its forehead to the ground a third time, then returned to an upright position. “This drone begs its Owner to let it serve Him this evening.” it looked up at Ira expectantly.
Ira spat in brian’s face. “This drone thanks its Owner for the gift of His saliva.”
Ira smiled. “Good drone. Activity report.”
brian locked its hands behind its back and lowered its eyes. “This drone complied with the directives its Owner set for the day. it vacuumed the carpets; scrubbed the floors, kitchen, and bathroom; dusted the shelves; changed its Owner’s bed; laundered its clothing; and laundered its Owner’s clothing. it reports that, in compliance with its Owner’s superiority, at no time was its clothing intermingled with its Owner’s. This drone thanks its Owner for the opportunity to ensure His living space is in compliance with His wishes. These tasks required approximately three hours, forty-eight minutes, and twelve minutes of its time. Further specificity can be provided on request.
“In compliance with its Owner’s self-care directives, this drone ate a nutritionally adequate meal. it thanks its Owner for the gift of food. Meal preparation, consumption, and subsequent cleaning required approximately nineteen minutes and forty-one seconds of its time. Further specificity can be provided on request.
“Continuing to comply with its Owner’s self-care directives, this drone engaged in recreational activity. As its Owner did not specify an activity, this drone elected to call Chloe. it is pleased to report that Chloe is in compliance. This drone thanks its Owner for His permission for it and Chloe to be friends. Recreation required approximately one hour and fifty-nine seconds of its time. Further specificity can be provided on request.
“In compliance with its Owner’s needs, this drone proactively decided to purchase groceries. it dressed in outfit #7, walked to the store, and proceeded to buy $84.31 worth of food. The receipt is on its Owner’s desk. it returned home and stocked the groceries on the appropriate shelves and in the refrigerator and freezer. This drone thanks its Owner for allowing it to purchase the sustenance He and His drone require. Grocery shopping and related activities required approximately two hours, twenty-two minutes, and eighteen seconds of its time. Further specificity can be provided upon request.
“This drone then undressed and went to the door to await its Owner’s return.”
Ira nodded. “Good drone. What are My options for dinner?”
brian unlocked its hands and brought its forehead to the ground once more.“This drone can prepare macaroni and cheese with a side of steamed broccoli or a roasted vegetable medley with sourdough bread. Fresh fruit will be provided with either meal, along with its Owner’s choice of beverage. Dessert is apple pie.”
“I’ll have the roasted vegetable medley.”
brian returned to an upright position.
“This drone thanks its Owner for the opportunity to prepare His food. May it rise and take its Owner’s coat and bag?”
“Permission granted.” Ira held out His arms and let brian take His coat off. brian hung the coat in the closet, then fetched Ira’s bag and put it on the appropriate shelf. brian took six steps back before turning around and touching its toes.
Ira walked forward and spanked His drone.
“One, thank you Owner.”
“Two, thank you, Owner.”
“Three, thank you Owner. May this drone prepare its Owner’s meal?”
Ira spanked brian one last time for good measure. “Permission granted.”
Ira sat down on the couch and watched a movie while brian prepared His dinner. About halfway through the movie brian put a small table in front of Ira, bowed, walked backwards into the kitchen, then returned with a tray of food. “This drone begs its Owner to accept its offering.”
Ira nodded. “Good drone.” brian sat at Ira’s feet while He ate. “This is really good, brian! Wait, sorry. What was it you wanted me to say? ‘This food exceeds compliance standards’?”
“This drone wants its Owner to say whatever He wishes, but the specified requirement in its directive is to prepare food that exceeds compliance standards.”
Ira ruffled brian’s hair. “I’m finished. Take My tray and table to the kitchen, you can clean up later. Bring your meal in here and eat. Remember, no hands.”
“This drone thanks its Owner.”
Brian stood, and walked backwards into the kitchen carrying the table and tray. it returned with a bowl of soup which it placed on the floor next to Ira’s feet, then knelt directly in front of Ira’s feet and looked up at Him. “This meal will satisfy this drone’s nutritional requirements.” it placed one hand on either side of the bowl, lowered its face, and began lapping.
Ira put His legs up on brian’s back and continued to watch the movie. Eventually brian finished its meal but remained on hands and knees so its Owner could continue to use it as a footstool.
When the movie ended, Ira stood up. “Put your bowl in the kitchen and bring Me My crop.”
brian picked up the bowl and walked backwards into the kitchen. it returned on its hands and knees, Ira’s crop in its mouth. it knelt before Ira and raised the crop above its head. Ira plucked the crop from brian’s hands and held it in His own.
“brian, do you have any infractions to report?”
“No, Owner.”
“Then this beating will be purely for My pleasure. And that means it might actually be worse because I really want to hurt you tonight.”
“Yes, Owner, thank You.”
“Go to the St. Andrew’s cross, back facing Me.”
brian crawled to the cross and stood with its arms and legs along the bars. Ira secured its wrists and ankles. Ira wasn’t gentle as He rained blows on brian’s back, butt, and legs. Nor was He gentle when he ran His hands over brian’s red skin, pulling and pinching at its tender skin as He rutted against it. He stood back and rained another series of blows on His drone. He stripped and returned to rutting against brian, this time letting His hands run over the exposed parts of brian’s chest and stomach, continuing to pinch and slap as He brought Himself to orgasm.
Sated, Ira sank to the ground and lay on His back, looking up at His shaking, sobbing drone. He luxuriated in the power and pain for a moment, then stood and loosened His drone’s fetters. brian sank to its knees, Ira sat back down on the ground, and pulled Brian into His lap. He stroked Brian gently as He murmured softly in Brian’s ear. “You did such a good job today, Brian. All that work to make our apartment clean, getting groceries—which I’d totally forgotten about—and the food was amazing. And I love when you take all that pain for Me, let Me fully unleash everything I keep pent up. You are wonderful and I love you.”
“Thank You, Ira. Am I in compliance?”
Ira kissed His Brian. “Of course you are.”

Brian only spells its name with a lower-case b during roleplay, but it's always Ira's property. Ira's pronouns are always capitalized when he interacts with Brian.

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