Chapter VII - Another Brainwashing

by Ezra Carmichael

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #dom:sub #drones #pov:bottom #pov:top #m/m #m/nb #sadomasochism #sub:dom #sub:male #sub:nb

Once more Ira was tied to a chair and blindfolded. But he wasn’t gagged and he knew exactly what was going on. Recordings of Brian’s voice were washing over him but he could only make out a few of the words. Like last time he could pick out “orders,” “command,” “pleasure,” and“control”; but this time there was also “protect,” “cherish,” “possess,” and “yours.” Ira was hard, but there was no mouth on his cock like last time and he wished there were.
“Brian isn’t sucking You because he is choosing not to. This is not good for You or Brian. Brian’s freedom should be limited. Brian should only make choices when he anticipates that You will want something. Brian’s choices must be restricted so that he makes the right ones. Brian wants his freedom and choices restricted.
“Brian is Your property. He is lovable and valuable, but he is also Yours. Yours to cherish and value, but also Yours to use and fuck. The way You cherish Brian is by using him, fucking him, ordering him, and hurting him. That is what loving Brian means. Brian wants you to love him.”
Finally! A mouth on his cock. Ira squirmed and moaned. The voices began to overlap again, creating an unintelligible cacophony. But that was okay. Ira knew the voices were helping Him to be who He really was. Powerful, controlling, Brian’s owner.
“Brian is not a person. Brian does not want to be a person and You do not want Brian to be a person. Brian is happier when he does not pretend to be a person. If You want Brian to be happy You will not think of him as a person, thinking of Brian as a person hurts him.
“Hurting Brian is not wrong. Brian likes pain when You cause it. Brian likes to suffer for Your pleasure. If You want Brian to be happy You will hurt him, let him suffer, make him suffer.”
The voices were telling Him that although this was good for Him, it was even better for Brian. Brian needed to be owned. Brian needed orders, needed to seen as what he was. And what he was was Ira’s. Ira’s to use as He wished. Brian was a possession; a valuable, beautiful, precious possession, one that it made sense Ira would not want to break or lose or sell, but that didn’t make Brian something other than what he was at his core.
The mouth on His cock was skillful, but it was also holding back. It kept pushing Ira right up against the edge, and it would back down.
“What makes Brian what he is as his core is that You exist to own Brian. To command him and be pleasured by him. To objectify and lust over. To grope and touch and fondle. To punish and reward. The more You claim Brian as Yours, the happier You will be. When You are happy Brian is happy. If making Brian happy makes You happy, then Brian wants You to make him happy. And what makes Brian happy is being Yours. What makes Brian happy is giving his freedom and choices to You.”
He was so horny He could barely think. He tried to order Brian to make Him cum, but all that came out of His mouth was an incoherent scream of pleasure, desire, and frustration. Sound faded away from Ira’s ears, He barely felt the rest of His body. His thoughts became nothing more than wordless need. There was only His cock and His need to cum.
And then the mouth stopped. Ira moaned with disappointment, with longing. He couldn’t stand this. He had to cum, He needed to cum. “Brian! Make Me cum!” But nothing happened. “Brian!” Then, softer, “Brian?”

Negotiating this part had been difficult:
“Okay, but if I’m not gagged and I want to cum that badly, I’m going to order you to make me. I know you think I’ll go nonverbal, but what if I don’t?”
“I could gag You, Ira.”
“No, I want to be able to tell you to stop.”
“You won’t though, please? Please don’t tell me to stop.”
“I don’t think I will, but I also don’t want to be gagged. I get why I have to be tied for edging, and I even get the blindfold as sensory deprivation, but no gags.”
Of course, that was fundamentally right. Brian would be in control of this scene, but his Boyfriend was ultimately still in charge, always in charge, forever in charge. After this Brian would never need to control his Boyfriend again. The thought had made Brian so hard, so horny he almost couldn’t focus. He’d pressed down on that desire; it had only been six days since his last orgasm and too much pleasure was bad for him. Pleasure was for his Boyfriend. His Boyfriend’s pleasure was compliance. Brian should only feel pleasure if his Boyfriend wanted him to.
That had been another point of contention:
“Why all this insistence on denial? I don’t want to deny you things.”
“Being in compliance means being controlled, being Your inferior. If You always indulge me I can’t be in compliance. I want to be in compliance, and part of that is suffering for You.”
“So like if I told you you weren’t allowed to cum, you’d like that?”
“I want to be in compliance. That means obeying orders. When You give me orders I can be in compliance. So, yes, I like it when You restrict me. I don’t want freedom, I want You.”
“But what if I want to indulge you?"
“Then You’re indulging me for Yourself and I’m still in compliance. But if You indulge me all the time then it's not really control."
And of course, hardest of all:
“I also need You not to think of me as a person.”
“But you are a person!”
“No, Brian Davies was a person. I am a drone.”
“Okay, but you shouldn’t be. Drones shouldn’t be a thing.”
“You don’t have to think making drones is good to realize that I am one. Right or wrong, I am a drone. The only way I could stop being a drone is if I died. Because whatever I became when I stopped being a drone wouldn’t be me.” Then, more softly, “and he wouldn’t be Brian Davies either.”
Brian did not want to die. That was not in compliance. His life and death were in the hands of his Boyfriend, not his own, but he still wanted to live. He couldn’t serve his Boyfriend, give Him pleasure, suffer for Him, or obey Him if were dead. And he wouldn’t see Chloe again. Wanting to see Chloe shouldn’t be in compliance, but his Boyfriend wanted him to be friends with Chloe. Brian being friends with Chloe made his Boyfriend happy. Brian wanted his Boyfriend to be happy. When Brian’s Boyfriend was happy he was in compliance. Being friends with Chloe was in compliance.

Right, as soon as Brian had stopped sucking Him, he would have chained himself to the wall. Ira had bought a time-release lock and had… oh fuck, He’d given Brian a d20 and told him to set it to however many minutes it rolled to.
“How many minutes are on the lock?”
“Nine, but also the drugs You’re on distort Your sense of time. It might feel a lot shorter.”
Or a lot longer.
The hallucinations started out as flickers of colored light flitting in and out of the corners of His vision, but after an unmeasured and immeasurable interval they became images. He saw Brian writhing in a mixture of pain, frustration, lust, and pleasure. He saw Brian prostrate at His feet. He was standing now, or imagined He was, His cock erect and larger than it ever had been. Brian raised its head and took His cock into its mouth. But Ira didn’t feel Brian’s mouth; He saw Brian work His cock, heard Brian choke and gag, saw tears and saliva streaming over Brian’s face, but He felt nothing. Nothing physical, at least. But the emotions! The absolute euphoria of Brian being His, serving Him, existing for Him. His affection for Brian as His favorite possession. His need to control Brian, and the knowledge that Brian needed—that Brian wanted—Him to control it

“I’m just not comfortable with thinking you’re an object.”
“But I am! Your object. To use and…” he winced “dispose of as You wish.”
“I don’t want to dispose of you!”
Brian didn’t want his Boyfriend to dispose of him either. But that was not in compliance. Brian was supposed to accept whatever his Boyfriend did to or with him. He felt guilty that he didn’t and that was also not in compliance; Brian was supposed to be incapable of guilt. Brian wanted to be in compliance.
“You’re valuable and precious, something to be cherished. Not a thing to be thrown out!”
“But still Yours. And being a ‘thing’ isn’t a problem. ‘Thing’ is accurate. I’m a drone, not a person. And… yes, I want You to value me, to cherish me.”

Nine minutes, or maybe nine seconds, or maybe nine years, later Brian’s mouth was on Ira’s cock, pushing Him over the edge. The orgasm ripped through His body, but it left Him even hornier, not sated. “Untie Me, I need to fuck you till you scream.”
Brian complied with His order. They had anticipated that Ira might need to fuck, or hurt, Brian after the orgasm. Dildos, lube, and toys were all close at hand. Ira lubed His fingers and thrust one into Brian’s hole. “So tight! I’m going to make this hole Mine!” He finger-fucked Brian roughly with one, then two, then three fingers, opening Brian just enough that He could get a cock into its hole. He chose His biggest dildo. This was going to hurt Brian, but that was okay. Brian liked it when He hurt it. And Ira liked hurting Brian. There was no guilt this time when Brian cried out in pain. Ira was hard, horny, and supremely confident. Brian was His and He was going to make sure Brian knew it.
“You are Mine,” He whispered into Brian’s ear. “My toy, My drone. I am going to use you until you are spent and exhausted, a puddle of sweat and spit and cum at My feet. I am going to work this hole, and this one,” He put a finger to Brian’s lips, “like the cocksleeves they are.” Brian moaned and opened its mouth. Ira’s finger slid in.
As He fucked Brian’s ass with the dildo, He let Brian suck on His finger and explored its mouth. He added a second finger and Brian sucked at that one just as eagerly. Brian treated His fingers like cocks, like it was trying to bring Ira to orgasm just by sucking His fingers.
“Stroke yourself,” he ordered Brian. “You get to cum today.” He wasn’t sure when Brian would cum again after today. It might not be for a long time, He hadn’t decided. But He wanted Brian to cum today, wanted to smear its cum over its body and face. Ira couldn’t ejaculate, but He was damned if His boyfriend wasn’t going to be drenched with cum by the time this was over.
He continued to piston the dildo with one hand while working Brian’s mouth with the other. When Brian came, He pulled His fingers out of Brian’s mouth, but kept fucking Brian’s ass. Brian had produced a lot of cum and it was hot as fuck. Ira painted Brian’s body with it, then sucked His fingers off, taking a little bit of Brian inside Him. Everything that was Brian’s was His, so Brian’s cum was His cum. Tasting Brian was tasting Himself.
Brian screamed as Ira massaged the head of its overly-sensitive dick. It was softening but Ira wanted to wring another orgasm out of Brian. He stopped fucking Brian’s ass, with His cock still buried deep inside it, and let it breath. “Mine.”
He took Brian’s cock into His mouth and began to suck. Once more He began to move the dildo in and out, hitting Brian’s prostate. This orgasm would be painful; Brian’s cock was still sensitive. Once Brian was hard and near the edge, He took His mouth away and jerked Brian off. Brian didn’t produce nearly as much cum this time, but Ira caught all of it and massaged it into Brian’s hair. Ira pulled the dildo out of Brian’s ass, then kissed it, savoring its mouth. He claimed Brian’s mouth, made it His again. He pulled away, then spat into Brian’s open, eager, waiting mouth. He stood up. “Suck me off again.”
This time Ira’s orgasm did satiate Him. Seeing Brian sweaty, sticky, and exhausted but still eager to please Him was everything to Ira. He pulled Brian up and hauled him to their waiting bed. Ira was soaked with sweat, and Brian was soaked with sweat, spit, and cum. They’d need to change the sheets after this, but Ira was as spent as Brian. He held His boyfriend close to Him. As they drifted off to sleep Ira whispered into Brian’s ear one last time, “Mine.”

With thanks to Simulated Beehive, Time _To_Occur, and Zyzzyva for beta'ing this and previous chapters.

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