Subroutine Manager

Bratting: When To Do It, and When To Do It More

by Etherealust

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #drones #exhibitionism #robots #romantic #scifi

It was a slow day in our apartment. Far too slow for my preference. Kay was working on the app, trying to get it to work on mobile. And as a result we didn’t have any chances to do stuff together. 

I was used to Kay burying herself in projects, and it’s not like I didn’t have shows to catch up on and other people to talk to. But these days I found myself far less interested in my hobbies. Over a week had passed since Kay let me cum, and I was really feeling it. My cock grew hard at the drop of a hat. One time I’d made the mistake of trying to reach an orgasm by myself, using a dildo on my ass to try and enable the trigger, but Kay was still ahead of me. She’d completely disabled my orgasm function, no fancy tricks or conditions to get around it. I’d wound up feeling doubly frustrated and even more desperate. 

The result was that I was left feeling pent up, bitter, and annoyed at everything. And the worst part was it wouldn’t be fair to start pestering Kay. She was the one slaving away at her coding, working to make something that would be a great convenience for our play. It would benefit myself just as much as her, if not more. Only the most petty and ungrateful girlfriend on the planet would even think of doing anything to interrupt her.

So naturally I redirected all of my energy to bothering her as much as possible.

“Kaaaaaaay.” I draped my arms around her shoulders, kissing her neck from behind. “Aren’t you getting bored? You’ve been at this all day, you deserve a break.” It wasn’t the first time I’d distracted her like this, and I didn’t intend for it to be the last.

Kay raised her hand and lightly swatted my face. “No, bad Lina! Get back. I’m on a roll right now, and I don’t want you breaking my focus.” 

She tried to push me away, but I wasn’t so easily repelled. “Come on, you know you want to have some fun with the app. You could always use it to make me listen. Wouldn’t that be fun?” My voice dropped to a more sultry tone. “You can have me do whatever you want. It’s not like I’ll be able to stop you.” If I couldn’t appeal to her logic, I could appeal to her horniness instead.

This time, Kay let out a deep sigh. “That is a rather compelling argument. You are really fucking hot when you’re a brainless lump of horny energy.” She cracked her knuckles, shook her head and began fidgeting her fingers across the keyboard. “Okay, here’s what we’ll do. I’ve been holding onto a fun idea for a little while now. You be a good girl and behave for half an hour, and I’ll get the sexy mind control stuff ready. Deal?”

It was as good of a deal as I was going to get. “Fine, but you’d better come up with something extra special.” I retreated back to our bedroom, pretending not to hear the snicker coming from behind me.

When half an hour had passed, on the dot, I returned to Kay. It felt strange, begging her to control my mind and my body, but there was no playing around how much I enjoyed it. And it was always fun seeing what sort of ideas Kay had as well. If things went well, we might be able to open things up to our wider circle of friends as well.

Back in the living room, Kay was sitting beside her laptop. She had a cocky grin on her face, and gestured for me to take a seat. “I hope you’re ready for this. Since you’ve been awfully antsy and getting in my way, I have a plan for something that should be perfect for you.”

That was promising, to say the least. My cock started to harden in anticipation. “Sounds good to me. What did you have in mind?”

Kay wagged her finger at me. “Not so fast, my dear. That’s not how this game will work. I’m going to start the program and add a new subroutine, then I’ll explain how it works.”

“Subroutine? Is that what you’re calling the-” I stopped myself mid sentence. My cheeks started to flush as I realized how obvious it was. The app was called Subroutine Manager because it managed the subroutines in my system. 

Thankfully, Kay didn’t catch on that I was just now figuring out the basic naming system. “Yeah, the little functions behind the scenes. I’m adding another one, with a special condition attached.” This time I was glad she was too caught up in her work to really hear what I’d said. Otherwise she’d never let me live it down. “I’m going to activate the subroutine, and then before you say anything out loud, I’m going to explain what it does. Capiche?”

I nodded, and Kay hit a button on her laptop. There was no sense of everything changing this time. From what I could tell, there were no changes to my mental state. Not that what I could tell mattered much. My first instinct was to ask what the deal was, but instead I remained silent and waited for her explanation. 

“As I said, what I’ve implanted is an activation code of sorts. You can call it a trigger, if you will. There won’t be anything different at the moment, but the second it gets triggered, BAM!” She smacked her palm for effect. “What exactly happens will be a surprise, so the only way you’ll find out is the hard way. But the beauty of it all is that I don’t control the trigger. You do. Whether or not you get to feel the full brunt of my wrath is entirely up to you. But once it starts, there’s no stopping, no matter how much you regret it.”

I opened my mouth in shock, but stopped myself before any words came out. She hadn’t specified what exactly would activate her subliminal landmine. Thankfully, Kay was quick to explain herself. “The trigger? You either asking me to use the app on you or asking to cum. It’s a problem that solves itself.” She looked utterly pleased at herself, like this was the most brilliant idea of her life. “Either you stop bothering me and I can focus on my work, or you crack and you stop being a problem anymore. And you don’t get the satisfaction of getting your way.”

It was a solid plan, I had to admit. Kay had really thought this one through. But she hadn’t thought it through perfectly. There was still one very significant hole in her logic, one I was all too happy to exploit. “Sounds fine to me, but one quick question. What if I just continue being annoying without, you know, bringing up certain subjects?”

The reaction was immediate. Kay’s gleeful smile became crestfallen, whilst my own grew larger and larger. “Well, um, I guess you could technically still do that.” She looked like she was taken aback by my loophole, but her face quickly shifted to annoyance. “Hang on, I thought the whole reason you wanted to do this was because you wanted me to fuck with you. I figured there was a solid chance you’d give up on purpose. And now you’re going out of your way to avoid engaging with the game?”

The smug grin on my face only grew wider and wider. “Sort of. The action you just described is my second favourite thing to do. But my favourite?” I poked her squarely on the nose. “Winning.” I poked her again, and a light flush began to fill her cheeks. “So now that the rules have been laid out, do you want to do some nondescript activity together? I’m awfully bored after all.”

To say dinner was tense would be an understatement. Kay had made herself a nice pasta dish, which she was absentmindedly stabbing with her fork. I didn’t usually join her for meals, but this time I couldn’t resist. 

Since I didn’t produce my own cum or pussy juices, I had to fill up from another source. And of course the primary intake method was through oral ingestion. In other words, I had to drink a giant bottle of fake cum every once in a while in order to actually produce anything during our fun times.

Most of the time Kay would tease me for needing to drink something so ridiculous, but today the shoe was on the other foot. I had been vindicated in my bratty nature, and it was time for me to reap my reward. When Kay went to take a bite of her meal, I aimed my bottle towards her and squeezed, causing a perfect drop of fake semen to arc through the air towards her. It landed directly on her cheek with a quiet splurt

Kay set her fork down and narrowed her eyes at me. “You know if I wanted I could have you curled up in the fetal position until next week, right?” 

I was unfazed by her threat. “Oh, sure. I know you could do all sorts of things to forcibly get your way.” My eyes met hers and I saw the fire in them I loved so much. “But if you do that, it’ll be like admitting defeat. It would mean conceding that I won this round. And as long as you have the chance to win, you won’t give up, will you.”

Some people said we knew each other too well. I thought it was great knowing all the hidden strengths and weaknesses of your partner. Kay let out a deep sigh, and I knew that she knew I was right. “You know what, you’re right. You’ve outsmarted me this time.” She wiped the fluid off her face before continuing. “I mean, all you wanted was some attention. I guess I can give you some as a reward.”

It was hard to believe what I was hearing. Was she seriously admitting defeat already? This was sweet, and I”d be able to use it as ammo against her for the foreseeable future. But right now, she was talking about a reward. And as much as I loved some good cuddling, what I really wanted was to cum. “I mean, we both know that’s not what I really want. I still have to, you know…” I spread my legs, revealing the stiff bulge in my pants. 

Kay shook her head. “Nah, you’ve still got the orgasm block in place. It’s impossible for you to cum right now, no matter what we got up to.”

I rolled my eyes at her. “Well that’s hardly a problem. Why don’t you just use the app… to fix…” My voice trailed off mid sentence. I tried to continue speaking, but I could barely manage a slurred protest. The room went woozy, and even balancing upright in my chair was difficult.

On the other hand, Kay had an unbelievably satisfied look on her face. “Really Lina? The first trap and you walked right into it? Come on, I was expecting our game to go on for at least a day before you failed.” Although my body was starting to fail, my mind was as sharp as ever. Her words cut deep as a horrid realization dawned on me. This was all still part of her plan.

“I’m a little disappointed that you thought so little of me. As if I would conveniently leave such a blatant loophole for you to go through.” I fell to the floor, resting on my hands and knees while her monologue continued. I hadn’t even thought about the trigger still in my mind, and like an idiot I’d activated it all on my own. “You can get cocky and arrogant at times, and I love that about you. But sometimes you need to get put in your place. All you had to do to win was stay quiet, but that was never an option for you, was it. You had to gloat despite knowing every word was a chance for you to lose. And now it’s time for you to face the consequences.”

Strangely enough, my body began to move on its own. I was still on all fours, and my fists were bunched up into little balls. It was impossible for me to do anything on my own. But when I started crawling towards Kay, I knew something was wrong. She crouched down, meeting me at close to eye level, and placed her hand behind my head. I instinctively shivered and leaned into it, rubbing against her fingers. Any attempts to move away accomplished nothing.

“Since you’re so needy and desperate for attention, I figured you should have a new role that matches your attitude. And, well, you know how I’ve always wanted a pet cat of my own.” As she finished speaking, she began scratching the back of my head. It didn’t feel any nicer than usual, but I reacted as if it were the best feeling in the world. My body melted in place, and a soft rumbling sound made its way from my voicebox, similar to a cat's purr. 

Kay wasn’t finished with her taunting either. “And you know, the best part is you’re still in there. Sure, I could’ve just made you fully believe you were my pet. And in the future I might just do that. But for now? I’m not giving you the satisfaction of sinking into mindlessness.” That at least explained why I had no control over myself. I was essentially a guest in my own body, fully aware but with no choice in my motor functions. 

After giving me one final scratch, Kay returned to her seat and resumed eating. I was forced to react in a very cat-like manner, by crawling over and rubbing my side against her legs. She laughed at the bizarre display, but didn’t start petting me again. “You see? This isn’t even that different for you. It’s just now you’re a lot less subtle about how much attention you want.” I wanted to crawl under a rock and hide in shame from my humiliating actions. Instead, I flopped over onto my back, presenting my belly towards her in a very obvious fashion.

She stared down at my shameful display. “Belly rubs later. For now, I’m going to finish my dinner, and then I’ve got some work to catch up on. Although I’ll have to get you nude before that. After all, it’s weird to have a pet running around with human clothes.” 

I knew I was going to have a rough evening ahead of me.

Sure enough, things hadn’t gotten any easier after supper. Kay was swift to strip me down, and despite the fact that she’d seen my body more times than I could count, I felt oddly exposed. Cats didn’t feel any shame, and as a result I wasn’t able to cover myself in any way. 

I didn’t know  if it was a good or bad thing when I was finally left alone. My cat-brain had evidently decided it was time for a nap, so I was laying on the bed while Kay got back to her work. Not that I was lying under the covers, of course. I was curled up in a ball on top of the blanket. And since I wasn’t able to move on my own, I was stuck lying in place.

Since I had no other options to pass the time, I began reflecting on some more implications of the existence of the mysterious app. We still didn’t know who made it, or how it was downloaded onto me. Was I the only android with Subroutine Manager running on my system? Or were there others, all with the same secret? I doubted anyone would go public or talk to someone they didn’t fully trust about it. Although Kay and I were having fun, it was scary to know technology existed that could simply erase everything that I ever was. If the same person was responsible for creating it and stealthily installing it on me, they had to be the most technologically gifted person of this generation.

But at the same time, it was hard to think of this mysterious figure as malicious. If the app was designed to control people like myself, there would be very different design functions. Like how it had needed my permission to work in the first place, or how there was an emergency reset button. If they wanted to deal damage, they could have done so in many ways. There was no denying it was terrifying how I’d just gotten the program installed without knowing. It was like coming home to find somebody had broken in, but they didn’t take anything, just left a message. Only in this case the ‘message’ was a technology that could grant absolute control over an already marginalised group.

A second opinion would be nice. Kay had pretty much left it to my discretion, since I was the one at risk, not her. And we didn’t keep anything from each other so it was easy to talk openly about it. But what about the rest of our friends? Would it be fair of me to tell Eisa about it, potentially getting her involved as well? For all we knew this program belonged to the government, or worse, one of the megacorps. And then there was the rest of our friend group to consider. If we told Eisa, she would almost certainly tell her partner Nova, and then it wouldn’t feel right to exclude our last friend, Evelynn. There was no doubt if we let anyone in on the secret without telling the whole gang. The question was, would that really be a bad thing?

My introspection was cut short when I started getting up. I was still on autopilot with a cat in the driver's seat, and I stretched out accordingly. My back arched inwards as my arms reached forwards, fingers still bunched up in a paw-like form. The stretches didn’t do anything for me, but I had to admit it was a very cat-like pose. Whatever inputs Kay had gone with, she clearly did her work efficiently. 

I ambled over towards the door, along for the ride in whatever my body decided to do. After gently pushing it open, I crawled out into the main area where Kay was busy with her coding. She had been right about one thing, even as a cat I wanted her attention. She turned to face me as I got closer, evidently happy to torment me further. “Hey you. Did you have a nice little cat nap?” She spoke in a deliberately condescending tone, as if talking to an animal. As embarrassing as it was, I reared up onto my hind legs (which was really just my knees) and tried to climb onto her lap. 

Kay pushed me back, sending me toppling to the floor. “Ah ah, bad kitty. You don’t get to sit on furniture. You stay on the floor.” I kept pawing at her, though really I was trying to swat her much harder. After fighting me off for a minute, she reached across the desk to grab something. I heard a ringing sound from her hand, and my face immediately perked up to stare at the source. 

“I’ll give you something to do. Here, go get it!” She tossed a plastic ball with a jingling bell inside of it, letting it roll across the room. I darted right after it, my cat instincts taking over in the face of a hunt. Kay laughed at my reaction, and more so than ever before I tried to take control of my body. It was beyond humiliating, chasing after a stupid toy. I didn’t want to think about how long ago this had been planned if Kay had it at the ready.

Even worse was after catching it, I began swatting it back and forth. Every time I hit it the toy made a noise, which made me want to do it again. I stared in wide-eyed fascination, though internally I was groaning at myself for being so easily amused. If only I hadn’t fallen for her stupid trick at dinner. But I had, and now I needed to deal with the consequences. 

The noisemaker kept me occupied for far longer than it had any right to. Kay got back to her work, enjoying the sounds of my playtime in the background. Even worse was knowing that if she wanted, Kay could have made this enjoyable for me. She didn’t have to leave my consciousness fully intact and aware. But she did, and as a result I could do nothing but watch myself. I wanted to scream with frustration, to hide in a corner from the shame of being forced into a humiliating state. But neither of those options were within my control.

Finally, after what felt like ages, Kay got up from her chair. She closed her laptop and gave a loud yawn. “Well, I’m ready for bed. Come on Lina, let’s get you ready.” My head perked up at my name, but I was more concerned with her specific choice of words. She’d already put everything away. Why was I still acting like a cat?

“What, you didn’t think this was just a simple evening activity, did you?” My face didn’t show the fear that was steadily growing inside of me. “No, the game was supposed to last until I finished getting the mobile app ready. I didn’t expect you to lose on the first day, but that’s your problem, not mine.” She walked towards the bathroom and I crawled after her, nuzzling her legs as she began brushing her teeth. And though I silently screamed many protests and complaints, they all went unheard. 

“Don’t worry, it shouldn’t take too long. I’ll be finished in a couple days, and then you’ll be back to normal. But until then you’re going to be my adorable kitty-cat.” She gave my ears another scratch, and my body betrayed me by letting out a deep purr. “But then again, you always want me to stop working and play with you instead. Maybe I’ll be taking you up on your offer now. In any case, I hope you get used to being my pet.”

I groaned internally at her words. But on the bright side, at least I was finally getting some quality time with her.

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