Subroutine Manager

What's New Pussycat?

by Etherealust

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #drones #exhibitionism #robots #romantic #scifi

Kay was true to her word. After that first night, I’d half expected to wake up the next morning and be in full control of myself again. But no, I was still curled up in a ball at the foot of the bed, acting like a typical housecat. The only relief was that she’d plugged my charger into my neck overnight, so I wasn’t in danger of getting drained. Although that might’ve been preferable to my new reality.

For the next couple days she treated me very similar to the first. That is, like I was her pet kitty. I got more bellyrubs and ear scratches than all our years of dating. Naturally I was stark naked the whole time. Strangely enough, I found I did have a bit more control than I’d thought at first. If I focused really hard on a simple desire, such as cuddling with Kay or laying on the bed, my body would eventually follow suit. It was somewhat inconsistent, and I couldn’t do anything like stand up properly or give Kay the bird, but it was nice to have a little agency. Although really, it could’ve just been a coincidence. I’d have to ask once I was free again.

It wasn’t until my fourth day living as a cat that things got a bit different. I was laying in the sun, thinking about the make up sex when things were settled back to normal, and all the ways we could make up for lost time. Kay had been walking around in just her underwear, getting me plenty riled up with no way to act on it. Without any control over my body, I spent plenty of time imagining and fantasising about it. That was when my cat brain decided it was time to get up. I was used to going with the flow by now, so it wasn’t as strange when I crawled out the bedroom door towards Kay.

As usual, Kay was sitting at her desk with her laptop. She spun around to look at me as I got closer to her. “Hey you, how’s my adorable little kitty-cat doing? You want another play time?” By now I was used to her teasing, but it didn’t make it less embarrassing. However, this time I ignored her words and went straight for her legs. I began nuzzling her shins, rubbing my head against her and moving forward to press my body in as well. Admittedly it was a strangely comforting feeling. “Aww, it looks like someone’s in need of some more pets.” Kay reached down and began scratching behind my ears, eliciting a deep purr from my vocal box. 

To both of our surprises, however, that wasn’t my full intention. Rather than laying down for an extended scratching session, I turned around, facing away from her. I didn’t move away though. Instead I arched my back and extended my legs, resulting in a pose that lifted my butt way up in the air. It was clearly not a pose meant for normal cats. My cheeks flushed as I realised Kay was getting a clear view of my asshole.

“Oh, I guess you finally triggered it. Honestly I’m surprised it took so long.” Kay swivelled closer in her chair and moved her leg between my thighs, pressing against my slowly hardening cock. “After all, I don’t want you exactly filling the role of a housepet. That would just be a waste of potential. But you’re a smart girl, somewhere in there, so you should be able to figure it out.” My body leaned in, grinding against Kay’s thigh. Even worse, it was impossible to deny how much this was turning me on. My cock had been woefully untouched the past few days, and now all that pent-up arousal was coming out. In almost no time it felt like my entire body was on fire.

That’s when I made the connection. My body temperature was rapidly increasing, and my horniness levels were going through the roof. Kay had implanted a trigger that made me literally go into heat.

“Who’s a good little sex kitten? Is it you? Are your animalistic instincts taking over yet?” I was still unable to respond, instead letting a pathetic yowl escape from my mouth. I pressed my ass further towards her, enthusiastically humping her leg. Kay’s amused laughter rang out from behind me. “Wow, someone’s feeling desperate. Go ahead, let it all out. Not that you could stop if you wanted to.”

She was right. My mind was enveloped in lust, even more so than usual, and every inch of my body was burning with intense desire. I was torn between two sets of thoughts. On the one hand, I wanted to preserve whatever shreds of dignity I had left. This was even worse than if she’d just overwritten my mind so I was incapable of thought. On the other hand, This was a perfect excuse to try and get off. Since I had no way of fighting against her programming, why not just let it happen? Was there anything wrong with being as desperate as a cat in heat for Kay?

As I continued grinding against her, the problem quickly became apparent - I was terrible at getting myself off. Although Kay had stretched her let out between mine and I was riding up and down against her bare skin, it wasn’t nearly enough to let me cum. It felt nice, and I was fully hard by this point, but it was more akin to foreplay. My body simply refused to act with the same urgency that was in my mind. I wanted to go hard and fast, but at this angle, that wasn’t really possible. Since my intelligent brain was locked away from the controls I couldn’t do anything to help myself. 

Thankfully Kay wanted to switch things up as well. “As much as I’d love to see you keep trying for another few hours, I’ve got another job for you.” She gently pushed me away and off her leg. I mewled in protest, still thrusting my rear towards her, my fully erect cock bobbing up and down in place. Kay simply ignored my body’s plea and grabbed the scruff of my neck. She pulled me around to face her, and I helplessly obeyed. “See what you’ve done? This is all your fault.” 

My eyes were drawn to a wet spot on her leg. Sure enough, a small pool of precum was left on her thigh, right where I’d been humping her. But I soon realised that wasn’t what she was referring to. Kay reached down and pulled her panties aside, letting her half hard cock flop out. “Cats are always fond of cream, right? Let’s give you a nice treat then.” 

Under normal circumstances, this was where I would’ve started teasing her for making such a ridiculous pun. Instead I followed her as she drew my head in towards her. The effects of my heat were still in full force, and one way or another, I wanted that dick. Kay smacked her fat cock against my cheeks, letting me inhale the scent. “Now, let’s see how good you are with your tongue like this.”

I took Kay’s cock into my mouth with full eagerness, and for once my body and mind acted in sync. Much to my own relief my dick sucking skills weren’t completely gone. I found myself using my tongue a lot more, licking the entirety of her shaft and even managing to give her balls some love. It was almost relaxing to sit back in the passenger seat while I functioned on autopilot to perform oral. 

Now I was still sitting in a cat-like fashion. I was on my haunches, with my hands on the ground in front of me, which left me at perfect waist height for Kay. The problem was that my hands were right in front of my own cock. As fun as it was to give, Right now I wanted more than anything to get some relief of my own. I tried everything to will my hands to move, to begin stroking myself in tandem with Kay. Naturally it didn’t work. Even though they were just centimetres from my cock, I couldn’t get them to pleasure myself. 

“Damn, you’re pretty good at this. I should reduce you to my own personal sex pet more often.” Kay’s taunting only made me shudder internally, as I continued sucking her off. “Although I bet you’re getting pretty worked up in there. You’ll let me know if you want to get off as well, right?” Her comment was doubly frustrating, both because she knew I couldn’t respond and as a reminder of how I wound up losing this bet in the first place.

Evidently Kay was approaching her limit. Her legs began to wobble, and she started thrusting her hips as best as she could while sitting down. “Oh that’s it babe, make sure you don’t spill a drop.” She pushed my head all the way down to the base of her shaft right as she climaxed, blasting my throat with her cum. I remained in place, wrapping my tongue around her to ensure everything was perfectly clean. The whole time I remained frustratingly aroused yet denied.

After a minute, Kay pulled my head back and fixed her underwear. “Ah, that hit the spot. And since I haven’t heard any complaints from you, you must be satisfied as well, right?” Since I was unable to protest, or beg her to fuck me, or yell every swear word I knew, or do any combination thereof, I remained silent. My body was still in heat and begging for pleasure though. I moved myself closer, artificially panting while pressing against Kay. Really I was desperate for her not to leave me like this.

She let out a sigh. “I suppose you have been rather well behaved. Come here kitty, let me give you a treat.” My spirits soared at her comment, grateful that she wasn’t planning to torture me too much. But my victory was short lived as she explained how I’d be able to cum. “It looked like you were enjoying yourself earlier. So here, you can hump yourself on my leg until you spurt.” She extended her leg again, pressing her shin right against my cock. “Go ahead.”

My body needed no further incentive. Although internally I was hesitant to debase myself further, the animalistic instincts were in total control. This time I was facing towards Kay, crouching down on my back feet, raising my hands in a paw-like manner. Then I began humping against her leg as if my life depended on it. 

Kay laughed at my actions, remaining perfectly still while I used her body to get off. A strange mix between a lustful moan and an attempted purr came from my mouth. Somewhere in my mind I wondered if Kay would be able to add new sounds in the future, but that was hardly my priority at the moment. I was thinking much more about how this was by far the most shameful way I’d ever rubbed one out. But that was all a part of what made it so hot. It was impossible to know how much of my lust filled brain was from Kay sending me into heat, but I knew a good amount of it was just my own perverted nature. 

As I humped my cock against her shin as best as I could, Kay began scratching behind my ears. “That’s a good kitty. Go ahead, surrender to your most basic needs, you’ve definitely earned it. Who knows when the next time I’ll let you cum will be?” Her words were both deeply encouraging and somewhat terrifying. As nice as it felt, grinding against her was notably less satisfying than any proper sex. The stimulation was at a total minimum, with my cock awkwardly slipping between her leg and my belly. 

But it was still enough. After all the hardships I’d endured and her countless teasing, I finally managed to reach an orgasm. It was a pitiful few spurts, and under most circumstances, would only get me fired up for another round. It was hardly better than not getting an orgasm at all. My brain was so turned on, and I knew I wanted more, but my body started to slink away. That was hardly the mind-shattering orgasm I’d hoped for.

Judging by Kay’s reaction, she knew I wasn’t fully satisfied. She had an evil grin on her face, one I’d become increasingly familiar with from the past few weeks. “I hope that was good enough for you. Since you can’t talk right now, I won’t make you thank me for it.” She wiped her shin against my face, spreading my own spunk across my cheek. I tried to lick it up as best as I could, but most of it remained there, with me unable to clean it off. 

“Well anyway, I’ve got some more work to do. The app should be ready within a day or two, so you just have to endure it a little longer.” She spun her chair to face the computer again, and I crawled underneath the desk. As much as I wanted to go another round, there was no fighting against my body. Instead I simply lay down to rest at the bottom of her feet, letting my own cum dry on my face while Kay worked out new ways to torment me.

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