Subroutine Manager

Dicking Around

by Etherealust

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #drones #exhibitionism #robots #romantic #scifi

“Lina! It’s time for a change, get your dick out.”

I stared at Kay in surprise. She had a wild grin, and while that wasn’t overly unusual for her, it was usually a sign of trouble to come. I gave her a wary look in response. “Why exactly do you want it? It’s been over a month since I’ve had it equipped.”

Kay nodded. “Exactly my point. Ever since the Subroutine Manager showed up, we’ve only been having fun with your vagina. Isn’t that a little unfair?”

She did have a point. I wasn’t particularly bothered over which set of genitals I used, and swapping between them tended to be more of a hassle than it was worth. Unless either Kay or I were in a specific mood, I just kept whatever I had on. But she was right in that our experiments hadn’t really explored that side yet. “Alright, I’ll get my dick on. I’m guessing you have a specific plan of some sort?”

“You bet your ass I do.” Her face became a bit softer and concerned. “I mean, so long as it’s alright with you. We don’t have to if you aren’t feeling up to it.”

I dismissed her concerns with a hand waving gesture. “Nah, we’re good. And I’ll let you know if something feels wrong.” I grabbed the equipment I needed and tossed it onto the bed.

While I was indifferent between having a penis or a vagina, the actual swapping between them was a different story. It wasn’t a simple thing that you could pop in and pop out. The genitals were fully built into the front of my pelvis, so the entire frontal plate had to be removed. But even that was easy enough for anyone who knew what they were doing. The real problem came from myself.

Detaching the plate meant exposing an inner part of myself to view. A part filled with wires, circuits, and all sorts of mechanical parts. It was a firm reminder that whatever genitals I had weren’t real. Most of the time, I was okay with it. I told myself it was the same as being plugged in at night, or detaching an arm for maintenance. All things I had no problem with. But for whatever reason, opening up my nether regions could set me off like nothing else. If I was feeling fine, it wouldn’t be an issue, especially if I got Kay to do it and just looked away. However, if I was already having a bad day… We’d made that mistake before. Once and only once.

But today I was feeling fine. In fact, ever since my last incident there hadn’t been any real issues. Maybe it was talking to Eisa again, or the comfort day Kay and I spent together. For whatever reason, I was ready to take my vagina off and get something more phallic on. 

After stripping myself down, I lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling while Kay got to work. Contrary to what would be expected, it wasn’t a particularly erotic sensation. Even on days when I was feeling horny to begin with, swapping out my pelvis was too clinical to be part of our play. And since it was such a volatile experience for me, it’s not like we were eager to try things out there. 

There was a strange feeling of emptiness between my legs, and I knew Kay had detached my vagina. If I were to look at my body, I would see an empty cavity with all sorts of wires and connecting parts sticking out. So I didn’t look. Kay knew what she was doing, and it wasn’t even as complicated as it looked. The model of my body was designed as a sex doll, after all, and it was supposed to be versatile enough for anyone’s tastes. That meant the average schmuck would be able to switch genitals with just an instruction booklet. Of course, the manufacturers probably intended for each doll to handle it on their own, but I wasn’t planning to do that anytime soon. I could have, but there was no need.

Finally there was a light snap as my new parts fit into place. Kay pressed down around the ridges and jiggled my cock in her hand. “How does that feel? Everything working?”

I let my body speak for itself. The pink cock in her hand was slowly hardening, something that brought a delightful smile to Kay’s face. I sat up and examined my “new” set of genitals. I was a bit on the small side - around twelve centimetres when fully erect, and nothing special in the way of girth either.

 While my cock worked on a similar system of expanding gels as the rest of my body, the fact that it was supposed to grow and shrink made things a bit different. The maximum and minimum sizes were adjustable, like my chest and my butt. However, when it grew erect it had a much firmer density, replicating the feel of a human dick as well. And of course, I had a nice set of balls hanging beneath it. They didn’t produce anything, but they did have the option of storing a liquid that would be ejaculated. Kay and I used a fairly realistic seminal fluid from the local sex shop. 

I sat up and began stroking it, feeling the skin slide up and down. “Oh yeah, that’s working great. I always forget how nice this feels.” It was nice, but the fact that it had been a few days since my last orgasm was probably the bigger factor. Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal, but Kay’s teasing with the app was almost a daily occurence. I couldn’t help but notice Kay was sharing my eagerness. “So, what exactly did you have in mind?”

Kay shook her arms in giddy excitement. “Follow me. I want to see what all I can mess with now that you’ve got your other equipment.” She sped out of the room, and I wasn’t far behind. 

Back in the main area, Kay was pouring over the app in her computer, her eyes glued to the screen. “Fascinating. There’s all sorts of new parameters here, all regarding your new dick. It didn’t even need to be updated.”

It was fun to see her slip back into researcher mode. “Let me guess, you want to test all of them out? Go right ahead then, I’m curious to see what happens.”

“Guilty as charged,” Kay responded in a playful tone. “You may want to spread your legs a bit for this one.” I did as she asked, standing with my feet shoulder width apart. It didn’t take long to see what she meant. My cock went from being semi-flaccid to fully erect, far swifter than it normally did. It was strange because there wasn’t any extra pleasure or sensations causing me to get hard. Before I could comment on it, my cock shrank down again, becoming fully flaccid just as fast. 

“Uh, I’m guessing this is your work?” I stared at my own member as it alternated between an erection and a small softy. It only spent a few seconds in each before changing. Although I felt some level of arousal whenever it was erect, it wasn’t like I was suddenly bursting to cum. A part of me worried that might change given how pent up I was getting.”

Kay chuckled while watching my reaction. “I can’t believe how fast the response time is.” She messed around on the laptop some more while keeping her eyes on my cock. “Now all we need is a slide whistle effect.”

I laughed at the absurdity of it, but she wasn’t entirely wrong. It did feel like she could literally adjust my erection with a slider. For all I knew, maybe she was. “I wonder if you can do the same thing with my clit. It doesn’t grow in quite the same way, but I bet it has a similar function.” Kay tapped her chin in contemplation. I was left with a fully sized erection, throbbing intensely and pointing towards Kay. The throbbing was a little ironic given my lack of a heartbeat, but it added to the authenticity.

“That’s a good idea, and I’ll need to test it later. But for now let’s see how the growth function works.” In a pattern I was growing increasingly used to, Kay typed something into her laptop while I sat and waited. After a moment, my cock began growing again. But this time it was different from before. My erection was already full, and it wasn’t like I was getting ‘more’ erect. Instead, it felt as if the overall maximum size of my cock was increasing. It was comparable to when Kay grew out my tits or my butt. My dick continued to grow in size, finally stopping at a length that would rival most porn stars. 

I gave it a hefty stroke, enjoying how I could firmly wrap my hand around it and actually move along the length. “Not bad,” I commented while playing with myself. At this point I was much larger than Kay, and it had been a while since I’d jerked off a dick of this size. “You know I’m not a stickler for penis size, but I have to admit this is nice. No complaints here for once.”

Although I expected Kay to be grateful for my approval, instead she had a pained expression on her face. It was rather uncharacteristic given her usual demeanour with these activities. “Yeah, um, that’s good to hear. Hang on for just a second.” Her melancholy voice was a bit of a concern, but I didn’t interrupt while she went back to the app. After a brief delay, my chest started to expand. They had still been flat from our experiments a few days ago. 

Once they were finished growing, they were around a large B cup, which was pretty close to my typical size. I gave them an experimental squeeze. “I’m glad you enjoy playing with my tits and all, but why so glum? Is something the matter?” It was difficult to get a read on how she was feeling. 

Kay looked down at the floor. “I just wasn’t really thinking. I got caught up in the fun of it and changing you, and I didn’t even think about how it all would fit together. And then I realized I’d forced a pretty masculine body shape on you without even asking.”

Everything started to make sense. Between the flat chest and large cock, Kay had given me a stereotypical manly form. Not that I cared in the slightest. I always felt like a woman no matter what, and if she hadn’t pointed it out, I doubt I would’ve noticed. But this topic was much more important to Kay. 

I walked over and pulled her to her feet, wrapping her in a tight hug. “I love how much you care, and I love how considerate you are to other people's feelings. It doesn’t bother me, but if you’re more comfortable keeping me in a feminine form, then that’s what we’ll do.”

Kay sniffed and wiped a tear from her eye. “I don’t care what you look like either, not really. You’d be the hottest girl I know in any shape or size.” Her body shivered as she buried herself deeper in my arms. “But it’s not right to forcibly make you look like a man. I should’ve been more careful.”

There were a lot of things I wanted to say. I could’ve reminded her that I didn’t care, or that the preconceived notions of what made a body male or female were a pile of bullshit anyway. I could’ve reminded her that we knew women with the same body archetype she’d given me, and we knew men with bigger curves than either of us. And I could’ve pointed out that I’d given my complete permission to mess with my body, and she had every right to twist it however she wanted.

But none of those were things Kay wanted to hear right now. So instead I held her in a tender embrace while she recomposed herself.

Of course, it wasn’t the sweet romantic moment it might’ve looked like from the outside. Despite our sentimental exchange, I was still butt naked, and my giant cock was just as hard as before. At the moment it was pressing up against her thigh. I shifted in place while it rubbed against her clothing. “Hey, so not to be a mood killer, but you kinda left me with a bit of a problem.”

She rubbed her thigh into me, grinding against my member. “Oh I know. Believe me, I can feel it. Let’s do something to help you out then.” Instead of going back to her laptop, Kay pushed me towards the ground in a gentle manner. I followed her lead, laying on my back while she crawled over me. “You just stay there and don’t move. I’ve got something special planned for you.” 

Kay wrapped her hand around my shaft. I remained still as she gave one singular, absolutely perfect pump. One stroke, up and down, covering the entire length. But that was it. She then moved away, leaving me turned on and wanting more. “Kay? I know you’re good at handjobs, but it’ll need a bit more than that to cum.”

Her mischievous look did nothing to comfort me. “Who said anything about letting you cum? I was just setting up the record feature.” She typed something into her laptop, and once again I felt her hand stroking me. This time, however, it was playing on a loop. Even though nothing was touching my cock, my brain was receiving the signals that it was getting stimulated. 

Since I was only feeling her one stroke, I was only feeling the agonisingly slow pace she had initially done. It was impossible to tell whether my firm erection was natural or forced. I tried reaching down with my hand to assist, only for my arms to remain in place. In a mild panic, I attempted to get up, to move my limbs or my torso. Nothing. Kay had me frozen in place on the ground. 

“Wow. This is, um, this is really something.” The phantom hand continued to jerk me off, but the pace was starting to get more frustrating. I wasn’t in the mood for foreplay anymore. And yet the feeling never sped up, never varied in any way. It was the exact same stroke repeated over, and over, and over again. And there was nothing I could do to interfere. 

“Do you trust me?” Kay’s voice broke my reverie. “I’m going to do something that might push your limits, but I want to hear that you’re okay with it first. And I want to reassure you that everything will be fine by the end of it.” The fact that she was asking was a bit alarming. We’d spent so long going over limits and establishing what the potential boundaries were, the fact that she needed to ask meant there was something especially nasty in store.

But I did trust her. That was never in question. And if she was sure I’d ultimately be fine, there was nothing I needed to worry about. “Yeah I trust you,” I replied. Go ahead.”

The next thing I knew, the world went dark. I couldn’t see a thing. I tried to cry out in protest, but no sound came out. My voice was silent and my vision was nonexistent. But I could still feel. My cock still had the loop of Kay’s hand, stroking it over and over, always enough to get me more aroused but never enough to let me cum. 

“Sweet dreams, my dear Lina.” Kay’s voice was strange and distant. “Try not to let your brain melt too much.” After that the sounds of the world fizzled out, and I was left alone, immobile, with nothing but my thoughts. At least I assumed they were still my thoughts. It was entirely possible Kay was messing with my mind even further. I wanted to grab my tits, to hump the air in an attempt to get some amount of stimulation. The slow pace was driving me insane. 

But there was nothing more to be done. I had to lay there and endure it, for however long Kay had planned. My first thought was to try and keep track of time, just as a way to keep my mind occupied. But even that wasn’t working. My internal timekeeping wasn’t working, and I could only guess how long I was trapped there. 

It was like floating in a void. No sights, no sounds, no sensations but my cock growing ever closer to the edge. An old phrase passed through my mind, one that Eisa heard a lot at her old job. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Usually it referred to keeping your head down and pretending not to notice injustices in the world. But at the moment, it happened to be an apt descriptor of my own predicament. I couldn’t see or hear Kay, and at the moment I felt she was very evil. And if I was able to speak I’d be saying some very evil things about her. The repeated feeling of her unchanging stroke was absolutely tortuous. It was an agonizing tease that gave me no reprieve, until I was freed from this prison.

However, much to my surprise it didn’t take long for everything to stop. My sight and hearing returned, the phantom hand on my cock went away, and I was able to move again. I blinked in surprise. As much as I hated it, Kay knew I was a tough cookie and could handle some pretty lengthy sessions. 

Kay rushed over to my side, grabbing my back and helping me sit up. “How are you feeling? Please tell me you’re alright.” Her overly doting response was rather confusing, to say the least. I brushed her hand off my shoulder. “Yeah, I’m fine. It was intense, but it wasn’t that brutal. I’m surprised you ended it so quickly.”

Now it was Kay’s turn to look confused. “Wait, did it really not feel that long to you?” She checked the time on her phone. “Tell me how long it felt like you were in there.”

I did my best to focus on the memory, but with my internal clock still messed up, it was hard to say. “I don’t know, a few minutes?” A horrible thought struck my mind. “Wait, don’t tell me I was like that for an hour and I just don’t remember it.”

Kay removed her glasses and rubbed the bridge of her nose. “No, you’ve got it backwards. It was only five minutes in real time. The way I had it set up was that you were supposed to experience an hour of punishment, despite the actual passing of time.” She put her glasses back on and started chewing on her lip. “I was so sure that would work. Was one of my inputs wrong? Maybe, but unlikely. We might just have to chalk this one up to a failure, something the app can’t do.” She let out a deep sigh. “There go my plans of giving you an entire day’s worth of punishment in a minute.”

A couple of emotions were stirring inside of me. Time dilation was a scary concept, and it made sense why Kay was so hesitant in the first place. Any error could lead to a hellish ordeal. I still didn’t mind, and I would’ve agreed to it anyway, but I still felt a bit of relief that we wouldn’t be doing that anymore. “I wonder if it could work the other way,” I pondered absentmindedly. Kay was still feeling down at her failed experiment, so I was eager to try and cheer her up. “Forcibly speeding up someone's brainwaves or processors might be impossible, but slowing them down is a different story. We could always try that instead?”

This gave Kay a moment to pause for thought. “It’s not a bad idea. Obviously you can go into sleep mode for as long as you want, and this isn’t too different. Maybe next time.” Her spirits were rising again now that we were talking about future ways she could screw with me. Kay returned to her laptop, evidently scrolling through the app for new options. “You know, we really need to find an easier way to manage this app. I’m thinking of trying to port a version of it over to my phone.”

That caught me off guard a little. “Wait, seriously? Is that even possible?” I wasn’t the expert on app development, but from what I understood she was taking on a pretty major task. “As nice as that would be, I can’t expect you to commit to something like that.”

She casually brushed off my concerns with an air of disregard. “Nah, it’s not as bad as you think. The last few years have seen some insane progress in the field of porting software between different programs. My theory is that it’s largely thanks to androids getting full legal rights. Now that you guys can actually buy stuff that you want to install on yourselves, there’s an incentive to make every program as adaptable as possible.” Although it sounded weird, her theory did make a bit of sense. It was much easier for me to find an app that would help with data management or trivia questions now than it was a few years ago. “In any case,” Kay continued, “I’ve already delved into the guts of the Subroutine Manager. It shouldn’t take more than a week to get a working mobile version.”

I cocked an eyebrow at her deadline, but I held my tongue. Kay was the expert here, not me. The unfortunate thing was that since she was burying herself in a new project, that would likely mean less time to fool around. And I was starting to feel the lack of orgasms from the last few days. “So, any chance you’ll let me cum then? Since we’re putting these games on pause and all.”

Kay actually burst out laughing at the suggestion. “Ha! Babe, you wish you could have it that easy. Just because I won’t be actively tormenting you doesn’t mean I’ll be going easy.” I pouted in response, doing my best to give her puppy dog eyes. But she didn’t instantly melt into a nice puddle of sympathy like I’d hoped. “Don’t worry, you’ll get to cum again. Eventually. And besides, you don’t need orgasms for sex to be good.”

My face shifted to more of a glower. “Doesn’t mean they aren’t nice though.”

“Orgasms are nice. I’m not. Sounds reasonable enough to me.” 

Her logic was just stupid enough that I couldn’t really argue against it.

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