A collection of shorts

The vampire's prey

by Ellie Lobelia

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #humiliation #hypnosis #multiple_partners #sub:female #bondage #exhibitionism #fantasy #microfiction #mind_control #sadomasochism #urban_fantasy #vampire

CW: Vampire, blood, hunter/prey, hypnosis, light pain

You know she's on your tail. You've seen how fast she can run. It was inhumanely fast. You couldn't help but be in awe. But now wasn't the time for that. She was hunting you, and she thought it fun to give you a head start. That's what she said when she cornered you, near the cabin.

"I would much rather pursue prey than simply have it handed to me. Why don't you be a dear and run. Run as fast as you can, because once I catch you, playtime will be over. And I will...feast!!"

And so, you ran, deep into the forest. You don't know how long you had been running and you didn't want to look back. You could feel your heartbeat inside your head. You blood was pumping fast through your body. That look, those red eyes, the pointy teeth...she had to be a vampire.

While you knew you could be terrified, part of you felt a certain excitement. You were, in a way, this vampire's plaything at the moment. She was chasing you, like a game. And you couldn't help but notice how hot she was. She somehow followed the stereotypes; black leather pants, leather boots, black leather jacket. Wait...this wasn't the time to be distracted by such things! You were being hunted, like the rabbit hunted by the fox.

As you ran, barefoot, into the forest, you could feel scratches on the palm of your feet from all the branches you broke running. The wind was whistling in your ears as you ran as fast as your body could take you. Eventually, you found an opening in the trunk of a large tree. You slid in there to hide, moving foliage in front in an attempt to hide the entrance.

Trying to slow down your breathing, you sit down. You hear footsteps just outside. Tree branches breaking, clearly someone walking over them. You very slowly look through the opening, being careful not to be seen. Just as you look outside, you spot...a rabbit. The little critter made your heart skip a few beats. As you retreat back down inside your hiding spot, you feel something against your back. It felt...soft. As you turn your head around to see what it is, arms wrap themselves around you. Those red eyes capitvate your attention.

"Shhhh...it'll be over in a minute dear. You're safe. Just sink for me..."

A few minutes later, you awaken in your bed, your partner next to you.

"How are you feeling? That was an intense session. I loved it, and you"


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